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Obama Kush Autoflowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Inspired by Obama’s messages of change, Obama Kush will awaken your mind to new chapters and possibilities while keeping you uplifted.

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Obama Kush

Are you ready to meet the President of marijuana? Obama Kush marijuana seeds were inspired by Barack Obama’s messages of change. If you’re ever feeling stuck in a rut, these are the seeds to reach for. Obama Kush will open up your mind and offer a new insight on whatever you’re going through. It expands the mind and allows you to think clearly while still being imaginative and dreamy. This strain is the daughter of indica Afghani and the mostly-sativa hybrid OG Kush, one of the most popular strains on the west coast.

Obama Kush is unlike any other indica strain. Not only does it offer deep relaxation, it also provides cerebral stimulation and a euphoric rush. You’ll feel a wave on inspiration and magic take over your body, and any ideas of change will not seem to scary or intimidating as you’ll be completely relaxed. Change is good, but we have a knack for fearing the unknown. Obama Kush will gently take you by the hand and lead you into the next chapter in a peaceful and calming manner. Now is the time to open up about your hopes and dreams.

Another bonus to Obama Kush marijuana seeds is that they do not stimulate appetite. The munchies are a very real part of smoking marijuana, and we often feel guilty for indulging in those feelings after unwrapping a candy bar of finishing a box of donuts. Obama Kush marijuana seeds will keep your diet and health goals on track.

Description: Inspired by Obama’s messages of change, Obama Kush will awaken your mind to new chapters and possibilities while keeping you uplifted.

Additional information


Coastal Genetics

Cannabis Species



70% Indica / 30% Sativa

Flowering Time

45-50 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Energetic, Happy, Relaxing

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 300g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 300 gr

To Treat

Anxiety, Insomnia, Pain


Berry, Earthy, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex

Auto-flowering Feminized

Flowering Type






18 reviews for Obama Kush Autoflowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Harry R. (verified owner)

    A great buzz that’s not too heady not too heavy. Kind of floats you in the middle, a very “functional” high with a lot of potential for good times and creative inspiration, so it lives up to its name I guess lol. Yeah, I had some of the bud get moldy kind of quick which is a downside so try for a dry growing spot outdoors or controlled climate indoors. If you’ve got the patience this is a great grow and a great buzz. Highly recommend!

  2. Antoine E. (verified owner)

    You know, I totally agree — Obama should have his name attached to one of the greatest, most legendary weed varieties around. Like can you imagine an Obama Haze? I think not. Something about his calm relaxed nature that just seems to lend itself to a kush variety. Smoke this weed and you can be like him — a relaxed mofo that gets the job DONE.

  3. Karl C. (verified owner)

    This is the change I hoped for during the previous presidency. I grew it both indoors and outdoors and I experienced a pretty similar yield in both environments so it’s a good mj strain for all grows in terms of consistency. Trim carefully though. 70/30 indica sativa is right on the money, it’s nice and mellow and relaxing without knocking me out. Pretty steeped in euphoria too.

  4. Elaine C. (verified owner)

    This strain’ll make you feel all sorts of good, just like Obama did when he was president. Man, do I miss that guy. But thank goodness I can just sit down and smoke this weed and forget about all my problems. Makes me feel relaxed and cool with the world. I like the taste, too. Smoke is smooth and tastes like berries. Smells good to!

  5. Carlos T (verified owner)

    Some of the most amazing looking bud I’ve grown so far. This is got to be in my top 10 for its awesome high and gorgeous purple and green colors. Definitely have to make sure you don’t have any extra moisture while growing these beautiful girls. They’ll mold in a hurry. For sure grow them if you in a dry climate. Otherwise not sure how this strain will work out. You’d have to do some extra work to keep them from molding. Really great weed that is worth trying. Great yield and flowered in abotu 8 weeks.

  6. Shiela T. (verified owner)

    Saw plenty of postive buzz (so to speak) about this strain online, so I thought I’d order. I’m a believer. THE perfect mix of mind and body high (for me anyway). Not too mellow, not too euphoric. The Goldilocks of weed.

  7. Clarence T. (verified owner)

    Bought these seeds cuz I love Pres. Obama and thought “Damn would love to smoke a J with that guy!” Not disappointing, this bud is super duper relaxing, but offers juuuust enough buzz to keep me awake and watching Netflix. Hilarious stuff man. New to PSB and love how quickly the seeds arrived. I was smoking herb on my back porch in just 3 months. Gonna get back and hit it. 2 Thumbs Up!

  8. Yun L. (verified owner)

    Simply superb marijuana. I got a medical card in 2016 and have tried probably a couple dozen different strains. This kush is at or near the top of my list for its relief of pain/anxiety combined with mood elevation. It was easy to grow and the flowers came in pretty quick. Thank you, Pacific.

  9. Jose N. (verified owner)

    I ordered these seeds and am in no way shape or form disappointed. This weed is so beautiful. With deep purple leaves and a fantastic crystal coating, this weed is euphoric both to smoke and to grow. I tried my hand at growing this plant indoors – I chose it for it’s pretty short height – and it finished flowering a lot faster than I thought it would at around 7 weeks. Super relaxing high because of the heavy lean towards indica.

  10. Adya H. (verified owner)

    I depend on indica strains for both medical reasons and to relax in general. Obama cannabis never disappoints me – its the best for pain management in my book. The effects come on gently and make my whole body feel at peace. Love Pacific’s germination guarantee … I know where to buy my mj seeds from going forward!

  11. Shelley I. (verified owner)

    Seriously unique indica, like it has all the telltale signs, relaxation and a nice body high, but it also has the amazing head rush that can only be described as…hopeful? Obama was one of my favorite presidents, so happy to grow this weed in his honor haha. Online ordering was simple as could be and my growing experience was excellent. I got a solid 400 g which will definitely last me a while, and the smell is just intoxicating . Great suff!

  12. Tyriq D. (verified owner)

    This mj name makes me laugh – who thought to name a strain of cannabis after a U.S. president?? (I’m from Canada and don’t vote in the US, so to me this is just another zany thing Americans do.) After growing it and smoking it, however, I can see why some call this the best cannabis: it’s a high where you can still think clearly (super clearly) but you feel lifted and happy. Glad this was easy to grow and love the autoflowering varieties, they make growing so easy! I want to order more autoflower mj from Pacific, I’m happy with my orders from them so far.

  13. Juliet B. (verified owner)

    Was looking for a good indica that didn’t have associated munchies, and I think I found the BEST indica that doesn’t give me munchies! Nice and clear and open-minded feeling high if that makes sense but nice and sleepy and dreamlike because of the indica. This mj was as easy to grow as it is to smoke, no problem at all just needed a little bit of tlc and trimming to get the yield I was hoping for!

  14. August H. (verified owner)

    Dang my plants are lookin so good! When I go into my grow room to feed em I like to hang out with em for a while. Haha, I’m silly I know, but I like to pretend Obama is in there with me, just giving me advice about what I should do with my plants. I feel like he’d be super chill and would always know just what my plants need and would maybe give me some good life advice to. Good seeds as always and can’t wait to put in my next order. Thanks!

  15. Alden M. (verified owner)

    Bought this strain in honor of #44. We miss you buddy! A great strain for beginner growers, fun to grow indoors and produces a nice sized yield with dense orange buds! Indica heavy so you know this jazz is gonna be relaxing, and it sure does give you a nice feeling of inner peace as well. Perfect for sharing with friends for a chill hang. Not bad for headaches and stress as well! Definitely a good buy!

  16. Julie M. (verified owner)

    Feeling hopeless? This is the strain for you! I love this stuff, easy to grow, has ana amazing smell and color, big plant with huge trichomes the length of my arm holy cow!!! Got like 600 grams in total and smoke this in the evening to help me deal with stress and anxiety. I think it’s the most relaxing weed I’ve ever smoked, and it’s nice to share with friends as well. Miss you Obama!

  17. Sidney Lopez (verified owner)

    Maybe I ordered this because I miss Obama….who knows? Either way, it’s a great strain. It was an easy indoor grow, gave off a nice yield, and the flowers were…orange? Yup, super orange in color and really quite delicious to smoke. I love grinding a J and just chilling on the back porch. I smoke every day to help me relax after work, helps me unwind you know? Plus this weed has a nice euphoria too, so it keeps me in a good mood!

  18. Susan (verified owner)

    We all miss President Obama, and this weed really encapsulates that feeling. Just like the days when we had hope as a country, this weed actually really lifts my spirits in these dark times. It’s a nice indica blend and helps me relax and unwind at the end of a long day. Pretty easy grow, especially indoors and the yield is quite solid. I smoke this weed and think “yes we can!”

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