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Obama Kush Feminized Seeds

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With a reputation for inducing a cerebral high and calming physical relaxation, this Indica-dominant hybrid of Obama Kush embodies tranquility amidst political turbulence, reflecting a sense of hope and progress. Regardless of your politics, you are sure to experience a relaxed evening.

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Obama Kush, a unique strain of marijuana, is steeped in American history, sharing its name with the 44th President, Barack Obama. Its creation is a result of merging two distinct strains – ‘Afghani’ and ‘OG Kush’. The name ‘Obama Kush’ became an emblem of its symbolic parentage and gained popularity due to its potent effects and sophisticated breeding. Its adoption in the cannabis community is a nod to the progressive societal views on marijuana, coinciding with Obama’s presidency.

What are the effects of Obama Kush marijuana seeds?

Obama Kush is renowned in the cannabis community for its distinctive, balanced effects that are both cerebral and physical. Onset typically begins with a slight euphoric rush that gently elevates the mind, promoting creativity, concentration, and a pleasantly introspective mood. This is followed by a slow roll of relaxation that calms the body without the sedating effects typically associated with Indica-dominant strains, making Obama Kush an ideal option for evening use. Despite these calming effects, mental clarity usually remains, fostering engaging conversations and creative endeavors. It’s a strain that offers tranquility and introspection while maintaining an active, functional high.

What is the flavor and scent profile of Obama Kush marijuana?

Obama Kush marijuana offers quite the aromatic profile and is as complex as its effects. The strain’s scent profile is predominantly earthy, layered with sweet grape and berry undertones, lending an aroma reminiscent of a ripe vineyard. Upon consumption, the robust flavors of Obama Kush shine through, intertwining a rich taste of pine with subtle hints of wood and citrus. A banknote of spicy, fruity flavors lingers after exhaling, a testament to its Afghani lineage. This cannabis strain has an intriguing blend of tastes and smells that enhances the overall experience, making Obama Kush truly unforgettable.

How do I grow Obama Kush cannabis seeds?

Obama Kush cannabis seeds can be grown both indoors and outdoors, however, these bushy plants particularly thrive when cultivated indoors, where environmental conditions can be controlled. The strain prefers a cooler, regulated climate, as it mimics its Afghani lineage. Greenhouse cultivation can also be highly effective. Using a hydroponic system further enhances growth by providing optimal nutrient delivery. Proper pruning encourages bushier growth and better yields. When grown outdoors, it requires a consistent, mild climate. In any setting, patience is key, as Obama Kush has a slightly longer flowering period, but its quality yield makes the wait worthwhile. Feminized seeds are always a great choice to ensure the most of your purchase!

What do Obama Kush marijuana plants look like?

Obama Kush seeds can grow to a plant medium in height, sporting a bushy, robust structure. The dense, compact buds are covered in a lavish coat of crystalline trichomes, glittering with potent cannabinoids. Its leaves display a deep, rich green hue, while some phenotypes exhibit stunning purple shades. The striking contrast of fiery orange hairs against the colorful foliage creates an appealing visual blend. Its unique appearance further elevates Obama Kush’s distinctive charm in the cannabis world.

When to harvest your Obama Kush marijuana plants?

Obama Kush marijuana plants have an 8-9 week flowering time when grown indoors, with an average yield of 14-16 ounces per square meter. Outdoor growers can expect to harvest in mid-October, yielding approximately 16 ounces per plant. Feminized seeds tend to produce higher yields and offer the advantage of nearly all-female crops, reducing the risk of pollination. Regardless of growth method or seed type, harvesting should ideally occur when trichomes are at their peak resin production, ensuring optimal potency and flavor.

Similar potent strains to Obama Kush seeds

  1. Granddaddy Purple is similar in its purple hues and potent relaxing effects, this strain also offers a complex flavor profile of sweet, grape-like aroma.
  2. Platinum Purple Kush is another Indica-dominant strain and delivers a long-lasting, relaxing high with hints of berry and grape flavors.
  3. Pre-98 Bubba Kush is also known for its potent tranquilizing effects and complex flavor profile.
  4. Afghan Kush is Obama Kush’s partial Afghani lineage,  and also provides similar effects, along with an earthy, sweet aroma.
  5. Platinum OG also has its roots in the Kush family and has high THC levels.

Additional information


Original Kush

Cannabis Species



70% Indica/30% Sativa

Flowering Time

60-70 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 400g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 450 gr

To Treat

Depression, Pain, worries


Earthy, Pine, Spicy

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






48 reviews for Obama Kush Feminized Seeds

  1. A. Thompson (verified owner)

    Presidential at its finest, how can you even think about passing up some Obama Kush? This had been on my wish list for so long, and I found it at PSB at a great price, so of course, I had to go ahead and add it to the cart lol The ordering process was super simple, and I had my seeds in about a week. The packaging was secure and discreet. Can’t ask for more than that!!

  2. Rosa Jimenez (verified owner)

    The high it gave me was perfect – I felt happy, relaxed, and uplifted. It was just what I needed to unwind after a long day. The plants I grew were beautiful and sturdy, making the growing process enjoyable. The taste of the buds was earthy, piney, and slightly spicy, which added to the overall experience.

  3. Azarius Barker (verified owner)

    This is a pretty straightforward indica. I don’t necessarily think it’s any more special than what you’ll find as a pre-roll in the dispensary but the cost is much lower. I’m thankful for that reason. I save a lot of dough ordering online and growing at home. The shipping rates are fast (supply chain be damned) and the seeds are fresh and easy to germinate, especially if you have the time to soak them. It’s a great little trick honestly, I learned it from the blog on this site even.

  4. Ryan Medina (verified owner)

    An Indica-Dominant hybrid that gifts you amazing relaxed uplifted high and spicy pine aromas. Would recommend to any intermediate growers that have an indoor setup that prefers housing short plants. Grow time took me about 10 weeks and well worth the wait with its hefty yields.

  5. IndicaInsight (verified owner)

    I was pleased with the fast growth of Obama Kush and how easy it was to grow. The high is great, with a nice euphoric and relaxed feeling that lasts for a long time. The taste is very sweet and berry-like, with a hint of earthiness. Overall, a very satisfying strain.

  6. HeavenlyHaven (verified owner)

    A mentally engaging and uplifting high, found myself very well stimulated with this strain. Growing this was relatively simple and quite well yielding, I would say very well worth growing and easy to care for.

  7. Shadow6Shaman (verified owner)

    The complex flavor profile of pine, wood, citrus, and spice was truly unforgettable, and the balanced effects provided a creative and calming high. I highly recommend Obama Kush seeds for both experienced and novice growers looking for a potent and flavorful strain.

  8. Henry Parrish (verified owner)

    Driven by the power of Hope and Change, this marijuana is a true legend in my household. Everyone here pitches in for the weed seeds and we collectively take care of them. The results are usually pretty great. We have a BIG harvest day and get messy harvesting all these fresh sticky nugs. Then after 1 week of curing, we have a HUGE smoke sesh and bonfire. What an awesome tradition!

  9. Piotr Kemp (verified owner)

    Yo dawg! Missing obama and had to grow some weed, thought I’d combine the two…..Obama Kush. Coolest president EVER! We all miss his sensible and direct rhetoric….things were hard but not THAT hard under Obama, and when I smoke my homegrown pot, well, it feels like were back in 2010. The world has changed just so much. I am very tired of it all. But at least I can buy and grow weed for myself. Exciting!

  10. Danyaal L. (verified owner)

    Uhhh I am going to give this 4 stars cause, although all my seeds germinated, not all of them reached maturity. I believe I raised them right, so I was surprised to see a few of them underperform and eventually die. The ones that did make it….they were pretty nice. Good looking MJ, and a fresh batch….just an hobbyist so this will do for me 🙂

  11. Darryl Valdez (verified owner)

    I tell you what…we all need hope and change in this time of great loss and despair. Marijuana is our friend in this battle. I feel like growing my own weed has helped me manage my stress, anxiety, depression and keep a focused mind for the sake of social activism. Great buy for a very worthy price. The seeds are little tiny marbles that sprout and grow in the sun. They are very friendly plants with good smells. I love working with them and they seem to like me alright as well.

  12. Lynsey Mcdermott (verified owner)

    Smooth and sultry, kind of like listening to Obama give a speech about National Parks. Yesss, give me that deep sonorous voice….

    Ahem, anyway, Obama kush was a great strain. Indoor growing made this process much easier and I believe also improved the quality of the weed. I think indoor growing is really the way to go. The results have never let me down. Great products with Pacific Seed Bank.

  13. Lachlan Lake (verified owner)

    This world is in dire need indeed. WE ALL need marijuana in our lives to take the edge off. I was fortunate enough to inherit my grandfather’s land, and on it I am growing copious amounts of weed! It’s never been easier to order online and grow at home.

  14. Milton Bateman (verified owner)

    So what if you dont like Obama? You definitely will like this weed!!! It’s a strong indica strain that hits pretty smooth and is just right for kicking my feet up! I am not even a professional grower!!

  15. Hebe Valenzuela (verified owner)

    Mmm Fuzzy and Friendly, this weed is my new best friend! I bought 5 seeds online, they showed up within 2 weeks! They’re like the size of small marbles, and they instantly germinate after I soak them overnight. This weed is great for indoor growing, and almost always comes up with a fat yield, and some tasty indica bud.

  16. Diane Tucker (verified owner)

    Even if you weren’t a fan of Obama I reckon you will enjoy this marijuana. It’s a delightful strain that helps with stress, depression, anxiety….you name it. Very earthy, can taste a bit dry and give you cottonmouth but nothing a little water won’t help. Gonna totally buy 5 seeds next time and grow indoors to expand my yield and capabilities!

  17. Lilly-May Christensen (verified owner)

    FAT NUGS!!!!!

  18. Nora Huff (verified owner)

    Get excited about 44th president again with this hopeful and relaxing strain. LOoooove me some strong indica obama kush. Easy to order and has that dope early veg smell. Great buy from an experienced grower 😉

  19. Ralphie O’Gallagher (verified owner)

    When I smoke Obama Kush, it feels like I am back in the Obama era, and I am finally able to breathe again. Donald Trump ruined this country and I have no respect for him. I ordered 10 seeds at once and am germinating them in successions for a better grow. Spray with Neem oil to avoid pest damage, has been well worth the effort.

  20. Joanne Ashton (verified owner)

    Obama kush is where all the magic happens….its got all the hope and change you can handle and it’s only one bud, so slow your roll Peeps! This weed stops for no one, and it gets me baked as a baking sheet at 400 degrees celsius. So get your new seeds delivered TO YOUR DOOR today, and it’s fast and sexy as all heck. Don’t delay!

  21. Dulcie Rubio (verified owner)

    If you are still riding the wave of hope and change, then you’ll probably LOVE smoking this excellent strain. It’s a joy to grow it in the backyard, watch it sprout into all the wonderful colors that it does, like greens and oranges and yellows. Smells absolutely brilliant. It’s like an entire Pine forest in your own home. Gooooooo vibes man, ride the wave!!

  22. Humaira Oneal (verified owner)

    This weed has all that extra sparkle that’s gonna make your day shine bright like a diamond. We miss Obama, and we miss the beautiful things he did for healthcare. That is why we must buy marijuana from PSB to grow in our backyards to feed his spirit and keep things going. Love me some beautiful Obama mj. Yumm.

  23. Tea Finch (verified owner)

    Obama kush is a nice earthy strain that keeps me feeling nice and smooth all day long, I feel like I could make a speech all day long to congress, it’s a very social strain, great for doing your chores or riding bikes or whatever really. Times are good, seriously, and I am very pleased with the results. Will buy more pot seeds 🙂

  24. Lily Devlin (verified owner)

    I wish Obama was the President again….but you can’t always get what you ask for…it’s been such a great experience growing this weed, I feel very relaxed and uplifted every time I smoke it. It’s subtle and earthy, and it makes me wanna take long walks on the beach. Nothing better than living in Cali for all this fun 🙂

  25. Kieran Hamilton (verified owner)

    I love my president Obama, he was a great leader during difficult times. I honor him by smoking his dope and getting real stoned. Maybe he would like it himself? Do you think Obama smokes this weed? I mean, if I got my own strain I’d totally be ordering it online with Pacific and growing it at home and smoking it myself!!

  26. wallacedon (verified owner)

    Get ready to be stoned and just filled with hope! There’s so much to be happy about when you’re totally blazed on this weed, Like I am absolutely thrilled about my new strain cause it came out great!!! Pacific has the best seeds on the internet, and fast delivery every time. What a score! I am loving these feminized pot seeds!

  27. @nojusticenopeace (verified owner)

    Obama….feels like a lifetime ago he was president. I miss him dearly. I smoke this weed to honor him and to dis DJ Trump, a traitor to this country. I am a huge proponent of growing your own mj, it’s very fulfilling, and it makes for a great hobby. Pacific delivers on time every time. Be sure to order from them in bulk!!

  28. Brandon Lee (verified owner)

    We didn’t know how good we had it when Obama was president, and now those days seem like a distant and sparkling past. I am very happy there is a weed named after our 44th president and I believe he would enjoy it himself. It’s a great smelling, great tasting strain that helps with stress and anxiety and makes you wanna just chill out and remember the good ol days!

  29. Purple Thumb (verified owner)

    Even if you like trump…and I really hope you do not….you will enjoy obama kush. It’s some sweet skunky weed with a whole lotta hope attached to it. Got myself 3 seeds from pacific, they shipped out in record time. Beautiful grow in my basement, very fast! I smoke it to help me with stress, and I recommend everybody do the same!

  30. tiger stripes (verified owner)

    We all need a little hope and change right now, and this weed really helps me get there. I ordered 3 seeds online with Pacific and had em shipped to my place here in SoCal. I love the taste and smell of this stuff, very earthy and fresh and it helps a lot at night when I am feeling stressed about work or life or anything in between. It was easy to grow and produced a ton of nug in about 4 months. Even better if you can grow indoors!

  31. blazee607 (verified owner)

    If you need some deep chill, then reach for the Obama Kush to help you with de-stressing and taking it easy for the rest of the day. I smoke this after work, light up these golden buds in my big old pipe and kick it. Great for smoking out back on the porch after dinner and even right before bed. My work troubles just disappear and I feel remarkably better about my life. It was remarkably easy to grow as well, makes for a good backyard gardening project. Highly recommend!

  32. Hana Hou (verified owner)

    OBAMA!!!!! I wish I could get this guy back and running our country, but for now I will settle for this delicious weed. It;s a wicked easy grow, but I recommend doing it indoors, your yield will be so much higher, it’s kinda rocking awesome! I got my seeds delivered from PSB got them as a gift actually, my brother bought them online and the pot seeds just showed up at my place! Great fun really, and the nug is colorful and amazing!

  33. dogluvr232322 (verified owner)

    Who knew there was a weed out there that could make you feel just so hopeful and happy! I love this stuff, is an amazing basement grow, gives off a ton of weed, has bright green and orange trichomes and smells like the forest. Plus it’s named after my favorite President! Gets me super stoned off just a few puffs, and now I am floating on cloud 9. Very relaxing, great for stress and depression, highly recommend!

  34. frankie a (verified owner)

    Obama wasn’t a perfect president, but he was a heck of a lot better than who we’ve got now. Let’s all smoke a bowl with this guy and buy yourself some of this delicious herb. It’s suuuuper smooth, and hella relaxing, gives me that tingly feeling under my skin and makes everything feel all bright and shimmery. I’m super impressed by how easy this all was, ordering and growing and even harvesting, excellent buy, and super good to have around the house!

  35. Stacie Chang (verified owner)

    It must be pretty cool to have a weed named after you, but I really think Obama deserves it. He’s a badass and this weed is super excellent as well. It’s remarkably relaxing, gives me a great body buzz and helps me with anxiety and stress. I ordered my seeds online through PSB and got them delivered in no time at all. I smoke this every day!

  36. Arianna G. (verified owner)

    Get ready to chillax with #44! I love this weed and feel like I am on top of the world when I smoke it! It’s a killer strain for managing pain and headaches and helps me relax at the end of the day too. I have been feeling better than ever about work and my life in general. Had a good time growing this weed and would do it again!

  37. Allan K. (verified owner)

    Obama knows how to chill, so this was the perfect choice for smoking in the evening and watching the TV! Yes, ti’s a very hopeful strain, all your worries and anxieties will just melt away and you’ll be feeling fine until bedtime. I grew in my basement, and I think indoor is the way to go. Got a decent yield of around 350 g and I smoke it on the daily. Smoke weed everyday y’all!

  38. Wally B. (verified owner)

    Damn dude, this weed is super presidential, makes you wanna smoke a J with Obama himself, who wouldn’t enjoy that? I grew in the basement under a grow lamp and got a pretty solid yield with a lot of delicious aromas filling the air, like tropical fruit and an earthy spice. Mellow high that puts you in a great head space, all you wanna do is reflect on what you can do better and it turns you into a very productive thinker, just like Obama himself. God I sure do miss him. Thanks, Obama!!

  39. Jon R. (verified owner)

    I love trying marijuana strains that come from a good heritage and when I learned Obama Kush comes from the indica Afghani mj and the sativa-heavy hybrid OG Kush mj, I was very excited to try it indeed. OG Kush is one of my favorites of all time – I love the classic pot strains from the USA. Obama Kush met my expectations in a big way. It is an indica, but it also offers a bit of a euphoric high that one would expect from a sativa. The high doesn’t interrupt the relaxation though, it just adds a little oomph to it. Great seeds from PSB, great order and great delivery, too!

  40. rtrow32 (verified owner)

    After a stressful day at the office, nothing hits the spot like a fat joint of Obama Kush! This stuff lives up to its name, and is so darn relaxing I can’t hardly wait to kick back on the couch and watch a movie. Definitely an after-work bud, cause this weed is waaay too relaxing to smoke during the daily grind. Plus I don’t get the munchies, which is good for a guy like me cause I need to watch my weight. Anyway, some great pot and super easy to grow indoors! Definitely coming back for more.

  41. Amelia P (verified owner)

    So. Relaxing. I. Can. Barely. Type. You stressed out? Get this. Have migraines? Get it. I feel so calm right now I can’t even explain to you. This weed is dope. Just give it a toke and settle into the couch and don’t worry about a thing. Absolutely a must try. Get good sleep too. Everything’s better with this strain. Don’t worry about the name. Even if you don’t like Obama the person you’ll like this weed. And if you do like Obama., you know this will be good. Gonna go take a nap now.

  42. Eileen I. (verified owner)

    When I’m upset with the state of the world, I just turn to Obama and it makes everything okay. Super relaxing and happy making, this is the stuff if you’re feeling blue or stressed out. I wouldn’t recommend this strain for beginner growers, but if you’ve been at it awhile and know about nutrients, spacing and pruning techniques you should be fine.

  43. Montel E. (verified owner)

    This plant is as short as I wish Obama’s presidency was long. It’s a breeze to grow indoors because of how little height it needs vs the pretty decent yield it gives of quality medical grade purps. Took about eight weeks to flower too, so, pretty short. Relaxing as hell, happy as hell, hell, it’s just good weed and I love it.

  44. Andrea X. (verified owner)

    Ummm great president and amazing weed! I feel like this mj really embodies #44 in that it’s super uplifting and hopeful…but also super chill! Like how perfect am I right? I grew it in my basement, and yes I’ve been doing this for a while now so the grow was pretty par for the course. Decent yield but nothing outrageous. But seriously the buzz is where it’s at, like the perfect after dinner weed, makes you wanna stay up for like 2 hrs, watch a movie, or read a book, then crash hard. I’m really amped on this weed, can’t say enough good things about it!

  45. Quincy J. (verified owner)

    I wonder how Barry O’ feels about having this pot named after him. I doubt he minds. My feeling is that this is some top-shelf weed and he should be honored. Maybe that’s just me.

    I’m not an expert grower—had a few problems with this one, but in the end my gf and I harvested some nice, fat flowers.

    The high is very mellow. A little more mellow than I can take during the day. I don’t exactly fall asleep on this pot, but wouldn’t trust myself to drive, for example. Evenings though, it’s ON! Great service from PSB—fast shipping, discreet packaging. Will order again!

  46. Ashton P. (verified owner)

    I moved to Canada to get away from the crazy politics in the USA and yet I don’t mind at all the “politics” of Obama Kush mj! What a wonderful marijuana strain! Short enough to grow indoor, and they are hardy specimens that don’t demand a lot of special care. Also really love the convenience of simply ordering these seeds online and having them show up on my doorstep seven days later. The high of Obama is special: eye-opening but with no risk of paranoia or other bad trippiness. I’m for sure growing these again … this is at least one thing the USA got right!

  47. Rin M. (verified owner)

    Of course there is an obama kush. I wouldn’t have it any other way. My favorite type of weed mashed up with my fav prez? Gimme some! The high from this bud is deeply relaxing and perfect for a few evening puffs on the back deck. Just kick back with a beer and take it easy. Nothing will stress you out when you’re blitzed out on Obama!

  48. Nancy S. (verified owner)

    Thanks Obama. For this fantastic, lovely marijuana. A great strain for indoor growing because of its height, this plant has a lovely purple hue and beautiful frosty buds. Definitely doesn’t increase appetite as described, this is great for people who have a habit of indulging in munchies when smoking. A little bit of extra pruning went a long way in getting a slightly higher yield, and I made sure my ventilation system was working properly because I read that this strain is susceptible to mold when humidity levels are high. The only thing that’s high now is me, though, and I’m stoked.

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