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OG Kush Autoflowering Seeds

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Who doesn’t love a good mystery? Though the origins of OG Kush are lost to legend, its therapeutic qualities are well-recorded. OG Kush Autoflowering marijuana seeds are great for indoor gardeners.

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Few other marijuana strains are as popular with breeders and cannabis growers as OG Kush. Propagated in Florida, eventually arriving in Los Angeles in 1995, the exact origins of OG Kush are as shrouded in mystery as its name. What does “OG” stand for? Some believe “Original Gangster” a cheeky poke at marijuana magnets of the time, while others insist on “Ocean Grown”, a nod to the indica-dominant strain’s California roots.

OG Kush plants range in color from yellowish to dark green, with some even featuring a purple tint. In general, they will reach up to four feet in height (an average for indicas). On the nose and taste buds, you’ll experience an earthy scent with hints of pine, sour lemon, and woody undertones that some say are reminiscent of a summer BBQ.  

Sitting in the mid to high 20s, OG Kush features higher levels of THC than most strains, offering a heavy euphoria from the sativa genetics, plus a physical and mental high that can lead to intensified sensations and a boost in mood which can leave you feeling relaxed, happy, and completely laid out. We’d say these kinds of results leave OG Kush use best suited to a night spent in.

In growing OG Kush, we recommend the screen of green method, which allows plants to receive light during the grow period by coaxing plants through a screen and fastening the stalks along the screen to offer light to a maximum number of budding sites, making it ideal for small-space gardens. With lots of tender loving care and the right soil mixture/lighting, you can expect your OG Kush plants to flower within eight to nine weeks.


Additional information


Original Harvest Seeds

Cannabis Species



50% Sativa / 40% Indica / 10% Ruderalis

Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Happy, Relaxing

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 400g/m²

Yield Outdoors


To Treat

Depression, Pain, Stress


Earthy, Pine, Woody

Skill Level


Plant Sex

Auto-flowering Feminized

Flowering Type






47 reviews for OG Kush Autoflowering Seeds

  1. CrimsonMage (verified owner)

    How can you ever go wrong with OG Kush? OG KUSH for the win every time!! It’s a classic for a reason, so there’s no doubt that it’s always a favorite. It’s definitely earned a reputation as a top strain that relaxes you and makes you feel euphoric. It has some of the best genetics in the game, so that’s why some of your other favorite strains are derived from it.

  2. B. Murphy (verified owner)

    The original and at its very best. Never had OG Kush THIS fresh in my entire life. Been a hobby grower for over 30 years. Great choice FINALLY moving to an online space, and having my seeds delivered. Beautiful color and flavor, a force to be reckoned with in the garden, and some of the freshest pot you’ll ever smoke, trust me I’ve been doing it for over 30 years!!

  3. Ngoc B (verified owner)

    OG Kush is an amazing strain that provides a good high and a euphoric experience. It’s a hybrid with a balanced mix of indica and sativa, making it a great choice for both body and head highs. The plants were easy to grow and yielded a decent amount of buds.

  4. Cheyenne Christensen (verified owner)

    Quick to flower and usually stays fresh for months!!

  5. GanjaGladiator (verified owner)

    The hybrid strain of OG Kush was so easy to grow, and the high was so balanced and enjoyable. The euphoric and happy feeling really hit me hard, but I also felt a sense of relaxation that was perfect for unwinding after a long day. Definitely recommend this to others who want a potent and pleasurable high.

  6. GreenGardeningGuru (verified owner)

    Makes my whole body feel like jelly. It’s super fresh, clean, and easy smoking. It’s a classic strain with an incredible flavor and generally a really good yield too! I will absolutely recommend this site to my friends. It has saved me countless dollars just working with these plants. I don’t wish to use the dispensary again, I don’t like their prices.

  7. Everett Shannon (verified owner)

    Love this classic strain for its beautiful flower and reliable yield. Easily one of my favorites, and one of the best deals you can get on this site.
    Expect fast delivery and reliable germination, and remember customer service is always there to help if you run into any issues!

  8. Tatiana Parra (verified owner)

    SO much dankness in this weed. I love the OG kush for it’s delightful smell, very lucrative harvests, and amazing buzz! It’s a classic for a reason! I really appreciate the help and the advice that comes from this website. The brilliant selection has been pivotal in getting my homegrown weed game off the ground. Excellent flavor and powerful buzz. Just as good as the stuff you buy in stores!

  9. Kelsey Knights (verified owner)

    Makes me feel like a literal superhero. I bought 10 seeds online, a little pricey but worth the cost and definitely a fun experiment. I took time, pruned the branches, gave it a LOT of love and ended up with 500 grams of beautiful amazing fresh clean POT!!!

  10. Homer Rice (verified owner)

    The original and absolute best!! I purchased my mj online. It was fast to deliver. Made my day when it arrived in my mailbox! The smell was intoxicating once it started growing. I love my weed. It’s truly a passion project for me and Pacific makes it easy!

  11. Hussain Henson (verified owner)

    oh BABY! OG Kush is one of the best weeds out there. I get high, I ride my bike, I shower, sleep, repeat. OG Kush gives me life energy, keeps my mind light and clear, plus it tastes great. Great to have a wife that loves growing marijuana!

  12. Arvin O’Moore (verified owner)

    OG Kush is widely considered “the best” strain around! It gives me chills running up my spine. Makes my eyes pop wide out of my head, and makes me feel all good and jittery, just like I just had a cup of coffee. Seriously, I had GREAT luck with Pacific Seeds, they shipped quickly and germinted well too. Good times!!

  13. Rhiana Halliday (verified owner)

    If you like mellow highs with a great tasting smoke, then you’ll probably love growing OG Kush. I know I did….

    Makes for a great buy, especially online when the seeds ship right to your door within days.

    Harvested nearly 800 grams! All very fresh and clean pot, can’t wait to buy more of it!

  14. Star Gilliam (verified owner)

    A classic strain, one that never gets old with time. I bought myself this weed online, had it shipped right to my place here in Ballard, and am now growing homegrown ganja in the backyard, all cause I wanted to! It’s a crazy time to be alive, but the marijuana industry is booming an I need a new hobby lol.

  15. Rafi Donaldson (verified owner)

    OG Kush is pretty fire….Man this stuff just grew and grew. I was thrilled at how beautiful it became. I won’t hold back next time. I think I am gonna get a greenhouse and everything. Supa kewl.

  16. Cherise Howard (verified owner)

    OG is the way to be. It’s very earthy and it grounds you nicely. Gives you a LOT, LOTS of energy and makes you wanna run around the block and then fall asleep kinda fast LOL. I mean look, I am not a perfect grower here, and I very much rely on my instinct to get my weed plants going, so I will absolutely get mixed results, but this plant has been looking GREAT!

  17. Teddy Ferreira (verified owner)

    Classic and always enjoyable….makes for a great investment if you have any growing space at all out back. I like to grow 3 plants at once, have a BIG old harvest and share equally with my friends. Definitely excited to keep this process going, cause I think I am actually getting better at this! The online growing advice is REALLY helpful.

  18. Evelyn Graham (verified owner)

    OG kush is gonna make your head just spin like crazy….it’s definitely my favorite of the “classic” strains of mj, not only cause it clears my head, BUT also cause it helps my body relax. I am so physcially tense from sitting at my desk all day, I need to stretch for an HOUR after I finish working to get back to normal. Don’t be judging me son, and buy yourself some!!!

  19. Daanish Leon (verified owner)

    OG kush was a great buy for the price, it smells really nice in the garden, a great purchase always cause GCS seeds tend to grow beautifully and never let me down. I got nearly 500 grams from my grow, which is pretty impressive if you ask me. Very excited though cause I am definitely planning on buying more and growing more this spring!

  20. Freddy Sweet (verified owner)

    The master of disaster, the true king of marijuana, this stuff is a complete masterpiece of marijuana in my mind…I am high as I have ever been, writing poetry, giving myself back massages, going on hikes, it’s all so new and exciting with this new strain of weed. Got myself a BIG FAT NASTY yield and am totally gonna keep smoking this dope!!!

  21. getting high00 (verified owner)

    OG kush is a wild time, really relaxing but also super uplifiting. Makes for a great smell and taste, and offers up a serious yield every time you grow. I mean, I am not an expert when it comes to growing marijuana, but I am very pleased with this strain and all it offers me. I will always grow more weed from pacific, it never gets old!

  22. @circleoffriends (verified owner)

    Dont’ waste your time with other strains….go straight for the best…OG Kush! I love this weed cause it smells like heaven and it looks so colorful that it hurts your eyes. Easy growing, especially in the summertime, and the buzz is just fantastic. I LOOOOOVE smoking this weed at night, when the moon is low in the sky. Very trippy and happy!!

  23. Cibo Matto (verified owner)

    OG kush is a strong and powerful strain that keeps the mind feeling fresh and sharp. I always hit this weed before I hit the club…chilling out and feeling like a baller! Even if I am not rich, this weed makes me feel like I am rolling in dough! I got all kinds of ladies who want to smoke this with me, and I can’t complain it’s the best weed ever!

  24. NOTNEEDY (verified owner)

    OG Kush is a really exciting strain…it helps me make things beautiful and intense in my artwork…I smoke it to keep a calm, focused mind…to manage my stress levels and to really dig into my painting. I love growing outdoors it’s so relaxing…can’t complain cause this is going so well and the seeds shipped out fast…definitely a worthy buy!

  25. Subsidize Me (verified owner)

    I am very familiar with this strain. I have been growing and smoking it for years, but I feel like these seeds have made the best batch I have come across so far. Maybe it’s the genetics? Either way, they are a joy to grow, make some amazing weed that’s great for smoking at night with your friends. I love the earthy taste and the sweet aroma…it’s very intoxicating and makes me wanna buy more!

  26. Ranger (verified owner)

    Pass this stuff around at a party and everyone will love you, guaranteed! I love the amazing taste and smell of this bud. It’s so strong and earthy and pungent and makes for a great after-work smoke. I instantly feel like I am in a better mood and I can’t help but get a creative burst of energy. Such a trip to grow my own MJ, I feel so amazing about my progress as a gardener. This site really helped me along and got me an 800 gram harvest!

  27. willow (verified owner)

    These buds look like they’re encased in crystal, so sticky and fresh and I’ve never seen colors so bright! It’s an amazing grow, especially indoors where you can dramatically increase your yield! Got a great little space set up in the basement, and as soon as my seeds arrived, I got to work germinating them. Used the paper towel method and they sprung right up…and 4 months later I have a nice yield of marijuana. So excited for how this played out. Can’t wait to smoke this all day every day!

  28. KimK (verified owner)

    It must be the genetics! This strain grows fast and reliably each and every time. I got my seeds delivered from PSB and they show up at my house in just under a week each and every time! Amazing stuff! It’s got that classic OG Kush buzz, very euphoric and lightheaded, very dreamy and giggly and definitely gives me the munchies. I will definitely keep growing this strain, especially indoors. Can beat this flavor!

  29. Caitlyn G. (verified owner)

    If you’ve got the time to dedicate to this weed, you’ll not regret it. It’s some of the freshest, dankest herb I have ever smoked in my life! I love getting stoned on this stuff then going out on the town. I swear I feel like a million bucks and can party all night long. It makes me feel like I am floating on cloud 9 and just enjoying the flow of life. Great grow!

  30. garcia (verified owner)

    This is a powerful weed, and probably everybody’s favorite OG strain! It’s a killer grow, super easy and fast and rewarding. I love this stuff, excellent for my stress and anxiety, helps me with back pain and also helps me sleep. Great for after work when I am feeling stressed and just want to sit on the couch and watch TV. Life improved for sure!

  31. Jasmine Garza (verified owner)

    This classic strain never loses its charm. I have been growing it for many years, and this is my first time with PSB. Was very impressed by how easily the seeds germinated, they grew so tall and bushy and offered me a nice medium sized yield. I have a greenhouse out back with helps a lot with lighting and soil moisture, so this was an excellent buy for me. I usually smoke most of my weed, but sometimes the dispensary down the street will buy some off me as well. It’s been a great seller 🙂

  32. Kara Q. (verified owner)

    You can’t go wrong with OG Kush, this weed will really cure what ails you, and is a great companion on long hikes in the woods, or when you go camping. Anyone with a backyard and some decent soil can grow this strain, it’s really easy! Plus the yield is great and the bud, of course, is top knotch! Highly addictive stuff, I’ll definitely be back for more!

  33. Crystal Q. (verified owner)

    Since this is such a highly sought after strain I knew I needed to try my hand at growing. This was my first time with PSB and I really enjoyed how massive their online selection is! Seeds shipped out really fast and all 3 seeds germinated! WOW I love this weed, it’s amazing how balanced it is, very relaxing but doesn’t give you a foggy brain either. It’s perfect for chilling with friends and for small parties. It even helps me with my stress!

  34. Stefan L. (verified owner)

    I don’t know of a strain better than OG Kush. It’s so well known, that every time I grow it my customers buy me out of it. I have a small commercial mj farm in the northwest, and this is one of those strains that I always order a packet of. It’s easy to grow and it has a high THC percentage. Really good high when you smoke it to. This is a classic strain and if you haven’t grown it before I would highly recommend.

  35. Paris G. (verified owner)

    OG Kush was a bit beyond my growing expertise, I had my work cut out for me! A friend helped me get the lighting figured out because these buds need a lot of light when they are just starting out. Water and nutrients were not so much of an issue. Considering that I didn’t give these plants an ideal start, I can’t really be upset of the 300 grams of yield I received. I’m hopeful about growing OG next time around because now I know what to do! And I will likely buy these seeds and grow them again because the OG Kush’s high is euphoric and very happy-making. Gimme more OG Kush!

  36. Luna M. (verified owner)

    Ordered seeds online thru Pacific and had a good experience with delivery. Have a small grow operation in Oregon and wanted to include a nice hybrid into my rotation. Generally focus on heavy CBD strains but find there is consistent demand for the OGs as well. This can be a tricky grow in the wrong conditions, my operation is hydroponics so I can control my growing conditions. Tried a bit of this product once harvested and enjoyed the high, felt relaxed but alert. Happy to buy again.

  37. Maya O. (verified owner)

    Don’t know what people are talking about when they say this strain is hard to grow. Maybe they’ve got some version of seed that isn’t autoflowering? maybe they ordered em someplace else? Either way, I had an EASY time growing this weed from seed to plant to harvest. As ALWAYS, Pacific’s shipping was tidy and perfect. Love the packaging. All my seeds popped right on time. Everything went well and I’ll for sure be ordering again. Great job guys!

  38. Polly C. (verified owner)

    What can I say about this strain that hasn’t already been said? Might be the most famous strain of weed there is. Though this was my best grow of it by far. Don’t normally get all my seeds to germinate but did this time. Maybe I’m getting better at this? Thanks to the autoflowering my crop was very simple to grow. Didn’t hardly have to do anything. Which is good cuz I’m lazy and sometimes lose my plants if they require too much attnetion. Good high. Love it.

  39. Lawrence O. (verified owner)

    I conjecture that “OG” stands for “Overwhelmingly Good”! 🙂 I LOOOVE this strain!! I just smoked it about 20 minutes ago and MAN am I feeling it! I feel like I can feel everything, like the world is bright and wonderful and I’m part of it and everything is good. 🙂 Man, I’m not going out after smoking this, just going to chill and think and relax at home. What a great high, ima going to buy these seeds again. Overwhelmingly pleased with this OG!

  40. Margaret Z. (verified owner)

    I’ve been a gardener since I was little. My mom used to grow tomatoes and string beans and such. Growing marijuana isn’t that different from growing flowers or vegetables. If you believe in a natural, organic lifestyle, it makes sense to grow your cannabis instead of buying it. The seeds we get from Pacific Seed Bank are the best we’ve found. Fresh, easy to germinate, high quality, high yield. Get growing!

  41. George (verified owner)

    I ordered this immediately when I saw it. Have some fond memories of smoking this strain when I was in college. Didn’t expect it to be so helpful with some issues I have with PTSD. I recommend that everyone smoke this strain immediately! However, I would not recommend this seed to beginners. If you’re new with growing MJ, consider a different one to order. But if you know what you’re doing and can handle a strain that requires a little more work, the payoff with OG Kush is worth the effort. The yield was high, and the high was good!

  42. Antonia B. (verified owner)

    I’m currently battling cancer and OG Kush has been an absolute godsend. What a blessing to be able to grow my own medicine legally in the USA. From calming my topsy-turvy stomach to reducing stress, OG Kush has enabled me to get through a rigorous cancer treatment. I don’t feel very well most of the time, and this strain gives me some much needed relief. Many thanks to Pacific’s stellar customer service reps who helped me pick out this strain.

  43. Brent K. (verified owner)

    Probably my favorite of all the classic weed strains out there. Was surprised how compact and cute these plants are Haha. Had no trouble growing them in my basement, they smell amazing and strong and make me want to just sit around and get stoned all day every day! Super chilled out weed, but doesn’t knock me off my feet, I am floating on cloud 9, super awake and alert and ready for action! I smoke before class or before going to work, helps me keep my mind clean and clear. Thanks!

  44. Misha M. (verified owner)

    OG Kush is one of my favorite hybrids out there. I have a pretty dialed in indoor setup so growing for me was nothing new and I was left with a sizeable harvest of some excellent weed. Keep the grow room sterile though, as this plant is pretty picky regarding changes in environment. Moderate CBD for muscle aches is something that I truly appreciate, especially found in a well rounded hybrid such as this one.

  45. Juan J. (verified owner)

    Oh, OG Kush, what beautiful nugs you have: big and dark and coated in thick orange hairs and shiny crystals. I prefer pot from the USA and these seeds in particular are spectacular: beautiful taste of earthy dank woodsiness that brings me and my friends to an intense physical and mental high. Ahhh! OG Kush is where it’s at, I will buy this and grow it again.

  46. Mica T. (verified owner)

    Talk about a strain that does everything I need! I had an accident on the job a few years ago and ever since I’ve struggled with back pain. It keeps me up all night making it hard for me to sleep because I’m so uncomfortable. Long story short, I’ve seen a lot of doctors and have taken a lot of different drugs. This has to be my favorite strain of medical mj I’ve tried so far. It helps me with my back pain and helps me sleep. Love it!

  47. Lance N. (verified owner)

    The autoflowering varietal of OG Kush may be a little easier to grow than it’s feminized counterpart but it certainly took a little bit of finesse, so if it’s your first time growing you may want to consider purchasing other seeds. That being said, this (like other kush strains) is fantastic for combatting anxiety and depression – it’s a serious mood booster that leaves you feeling relaxed but not docile and on couch-lock. Physical comfort is also a huge bonus with this strain. Very happy with this order.

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