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Ogre Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Ogre Ogr

Though the name may suggest this cannabis strain is frightful, the moniker is misleading – Ogre marijuana may “scare” away stress and depression, but this sweet strain will leave you feeling deeply relaxed and euphoric, if not a little peckish!

Ogre marijuana boasts a hard-hitting cerebral high that has been described as psychedelic: some say it leaves them feeling “foggy”, while others report sleepiness. Regardless, a powerful sense of euphoria and happy thoughts (no doubt attributable to its 23% THC content) accompany that head-tingling buzz that gives way into a heavy relaxation.

Sweet and woody with a hint of pine, you’ll notice the same flavors in the smoke, making it a rather enjoyable and subtle medication for patients seeking alternatives to prescription medication. Ogre marijuana is popular among people with chronic aches and pains, and anyone struggling with anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Fatigued? Forget about it. Ogre marijuana will help you unwind in the evening, so you can wake up feeling refreshed.

Considered an easy strain, beginners will enjoy planting Ogre marijuana seeds in their gardens. Though these plants love light, they’ve been found to be better suited to an indoor setup. In general, they only reach about three feet, but Ogre produces dense, dark green buds covered with orange pistils. Try to resist the urge to nickname your trees “Shrek.” With a hydroponic or sea of green set up, you’ll average a moderate yield after about 55-65 days of flowering.

Additional information


Mendocino Farms

Cannabis Species



40% Indica/60% Sativa

Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Happy, Relaxing, Sleepy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 400g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 500 gr

To Treat

Depression, Insomnia, Stress


Herbal, Pine, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






16 reviews for Ogre Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Ashton Q. (verified owner)

    This is a weed you need not be afraid of, the only thing scary about it is how fast you’ll smoke it all! A very easy strain to grow, huge delicious nugs, absolutely stellar smoke as well, gets me super high and makes me want to crash on the couch and watch a movie! Definitely a little strong for beginners so watch yourself before smoking too much!

  2. Muira M. (verified owner)

    Such a pretty little ogre! Growing this outdoors was a breeze – I live in LA where sunlight is not an issue and my ogre loved the California sunshine. The nugs of ogre were fantastic; dark green like a spinach color laced with beautiful orange hairs. And as for flavor … it’s like a sweet herbal bath for the senses. This was a good buy from PSB, can’t believe it took me so long to find this outfit. Telling all my friends to buy from PSB!

  3. Latisha L. (verified owner)

    I have chronic pain problems and have been taking prescription drugs for years, that is until I found this strain of mj. I never thought I’d grow my own, but I thought what the hey and bought myself a pack of seeds from PSB. Online ordering was simple and fast and this weed was actually quite easy to grow! I smoke usually in the evenings when my symptoms are at their worst, and it has sincerely helped calm my aching bones and joints, not to mention it has helped tremendously with sleep. Blessed!

  4. Russell S. (verified owner)

    Gosh I’m so glad cannabis seeds just come fully-feminized now. I started out growing weed in my crawl space (before it was legal) and I would usually end up with only about half the harvest I was planning due to male plants. Now that weed is legal in my state (and hopefully soon the whole USA) I am amazed at how far the process has come. Feminized seeds that germinate with no problem. Now is the future folks!

  5. Amy B. (verified owner)

    If you want happy, hippy-dippy thoughts, then give the Ogre MJ strain a try. Smells a bit like pine and will calm you down. This was my second time growing from seeds, and this strain was very easy. And the plant didn’t get very big, less than four feet, and was well-suited to my tiny indoor greenhouse. Great starter plant, will buy again.

  6. Max S. (verified owner)

    The trichomes on this bud is mesmerizing! Such pretty nugs! I just started growing weed, so I guess I’m still just super proud of my achievement here. Does that ever go away? I hope not! Growing your own mj has to be the most satisfying hobby you can take up. It’s cost effective and confidence building, and you get to marvel at your own handiwork. Like when you get a crop of gorgeous bud that you get to smoke. High fives!

  7. Owen H. (verified owner)

    Best weed for medical use. I have PTSD but I didn’t like the pills my doc had me on – they made me feel numb. I tried ogre mj and it’s done wonders for me. The high THC content gives me a euphoric sense of joy and the indica content eases me into a comfortable relaxation. I plan to grow this to always have on hand.

  8. Norman P. (verified owner)

    The only ogre like quality about this weed is that it’s big and bright green! I got some really big green dank orange hair covered buds using an indoor hydro set up and after germination it was pretty smooth sailing from there. I thought about growing these babies outdoors but I read that they do better indoors so I chose to go that route and I’m not disappointed. Pretty even balance between sativa and indica I think and it leaves me sleepy and smiling at the end of the session which helps me get to bed like a big ol’ sleepy ogre myself.

  9. Jace I. (verified owner)

    Actually a very NOT scary strain of weed lol. On the contrary this weed is hella relaxing, has great indica properties that help me with my stress and anxiety problems. A lot of fun to gorw, pretty pungent like Shrek himself, but pretty enjoyable overall. Nice yield and a pretty reliable growing schedule, plus I got a 100% germ rate which was super stellar. I’ll definitely be back for more!

  10. Ricky Q. (verified owner)

    I’ve been experiementing with where to buy cannabis and online is the way to go. No hassle, no muss, just place an order and before you know it, your seeds have arrived. I’ve been pleased with the seeds from Pacific Seed Bank, and ogre is the only one I haven’t really loved. I just didn’t dig the feeling that much – it left me feeling discombobulated and thirsty. Anyway, I’ll grow a different strain once ogre is gone from my garden.

  11. David Smith (verified owner)

    There’s nothing scary about this weed, it’s actually a great grow for beginners. It’s also an excellent hybrid strain that will give you just the right buzz every time. It’s got a nice earthy smell and fits well in a backyard garden box. The buzz usually gets me feeling a little sleepy but also very happy and the munchies are definitely there too haha!

  12. Barney Carnell (verified owner)

    The title of this weed is a bit of a misnomer, much like Shrek, it is misunderstood haha! Very nice weed, great indica blend that really helps with pain, anxiety and stress, even helps me sleep at night and puts me in a decent mood even if I’ve had a bad day. Loved growing this outdoors too, very receptive to my backyard soil and yielded a bunch of weed. Great stuff!

  13. Hybrids (verified owner)

    This weed isn’t big or scary, in fact it’s quite relaxing and has a wonderful aroma to it as well. I love the way this helps me relax at night, especially after a long day at work, dealing with meetings and my horrible boss grrrrrr. Either way, this weed eliminates the ogre in me. I feel more in control of my breathing and overall state of mind. It’s been pretty fun growing my own weed too. This was my first time , and I have to say I am pretty impressed by my ability to get stuff done. Definitely worth the grow!

  14. irisvande45 (verified owner)

    I’d be lying if I didn’t say shrek was my favorite stoner movie. I love this stuff and am really glad I decided to grow it. I got an excellent yield, probably better than all my other grows in the past, maybe it’s the amazing genetics on these seeds? Either way, this stuff is NOT scary , but it is quite green and impressive, I love the amazing flavor, very earthy and kinda sour, and the buzz is absolutely chill AF! I love just kicking it with my buddies and smoking this weed with a movie on in the back!

  15. gotjokes (verified owner)

    Ahhhhh so scary! Run!!!

    I’m just kidding, this ogre is quite friendly and gets me very, very high 🙂 I was so happy when I opened my seed packet and started growing here at home. Such a fulfilling hobby and so much to learn from it.

    I got maybe 300 grams? Who knows why…I am new. But it’s okay, it’s good weed, I like it. I’ll buy more!

  16. Purple Grower (verified owner)

    I usually have terrible headaches when I get home from work, and I smoke ogre to pound it right outta my head, give me clear thinking, and put me in a better place mentally. I enjoy the smell and taste of this weed, it’s very earthy and woodsy and good for stress and anxiety. I ordered it online and had it delivered to my door. Very fast and reliable delivery!

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