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Plushberry Feminized Seeds

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Plushberry is a 80% indica-dominant hybrid that offers deep relaxation of the mind and body, as well as an aroused feeling that may boost intimacy.

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The name Plushberry just sounds so delicious and drool-worthy! Plusberry marijuana seeds are a cross between Black Cherry Soda (yum!) and Space Queen. With an 80% indica chemical makeup, this strain is going to take your relaxation and zen to the next level. Since this strain a cross between two popular parent strains, let’s learn a little bit more about them

Black Cherry Soda has an aromatic berry scent, similar to the cherry cola drink, while Space Queen genetics promote heavy resin production. Plushberry is the ultimate strain for unwinding and shaking off your day after work. It provides deep relaxation of the mind and body so all those busy thoughts running through your head can quiet down for hours. Stressed about meeting a deadline? Worried about the feedback on a project? Get ride of all those negative thoughts with Plushberry! While your mind is clearing up, all of your muscles will want to melt into the couch or in a bathtub. You’ll start to notice all of your stress melt away.

Also, there are two main phenotypes of Plushberry of different appearances. One that grows smaller with pink-tinted leaves, and another one that grows bigger and bulkier with a signature indica look. If you ever wanted to test the effects of marijuana use on your sex life, this is the strain to choose! Rumor has it that Plushberry marijuana seeds can make you feel slightly more aroused. Imagine feeling relaxed and aroused inside the bedroom. Doesn’t that sound like a dream combination?

Additional information


Original Kush

Cannabis Species



50% Sativa/50% Indica

Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Aroused, Relaxed, Sleepy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 200g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 250 gr

To Treat

Depression, Pain, worries


Earthy, Fruity, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






47 reviews for Plushberry Feminized Seeds

  1. StormBlade (verified owner)

    The Plushberry plants are some of the finest I’ve ever seen because they’re so sturdy and resilient. I live in an area where the weather can be a bit wild, but these plants stood up to the elements so well. They produced big, beautiful nuggets that were so tasty and aromatic. The berry flavor was outta this world.

  2. Jaida Cook (verified owner)

    These fluffy nugs are some of the best! They are sticky and light and BEGGING to be rolled into a fat blunt!
    Takes about 10 weeks to grow. Seeds arrive quickly and look FRESH!
    Thanks for the reliable shipping, great price, and amazing selection!

  3. Nicholas G (verified owner)

    Hard-hitting and fast-acting, this was a good strain to finish the night on and fall to sleep with. Pacific Seed Bank was excellent with this transaction, as they gave quick shipping, excellent packaging, and quality seeds with a full germination!

  4. Galatea Shaw (verified owner)

    Hello! I ordered 10 seeds online (at the suggestion of a friend) and was pleasantly surprised at their success! The price was right and the shipping was pretty quick, nice to have them at home so quickly. Made for an early start to the season, and put into the ground late May (it’s been a hot season) and they took to the ground immediately! Great purchase, very fresh! I always crumble my weed into a nice bowl, this weed crumbles so nice and makes a gorgeous bowl. Happy smoking!

  5. T Almeida (verified owner)

    Plushberry is a fantastic strain that I had the pleasure of growing. The high it provides is incredibly relaxing and calming, perfect for unwinding after a long day. The plants themselves were a joy to cultivate, with sturdy and resilient characteristics. I particularly enjoyed the fruity and sweet taste when smoking.

  6. Jaeden Rose (verified owner)

    A big favorite in my household. I liked buying online, it made things much easier for me. I never liked traveling for miles to find weed seeds. Fresno is literally a desert for MJ resources so places like Pacific who stock these great products make it MUCH eaiser to grow and smoke here in East Cali. Fresno sucks.

  7. Hairy Hobbit (verified owner)

    Really liked this strain for its body high and excellent taste, had my worries and stress just melt away in its strong long-lasting effects. Took some work to grow but was well worth the efforts with these great buds.

  8. Katie Meyer (verified owner)

    I was really impressed with the balance high that Plushberry gave me, leaving me feeling relaxed and sleepy. The taste was amazing, giving off an earthy, fruity, sweet flavor. I would definitely recommend this strain to anyone who wants a smooth and pleasant experience.

  9. Killian Bradford (verified owner)

    This earthy, sweet weed makes my fingers tingle….and my eyes pop outta my head. It’s a WOW kind of strain for me, and it has BITE!

    Never had a problem with Pacific seeds. Their MJ is unparalleled elsewhere online, plus they ship anywhere in the USA or Canada. Freaking intense!!!

  10. Berat Merrill (verified owner)

    How PLUSH is plushberry? Pretty darn plush baby! I bought 10 of these seeds online and had them shipped right to my front door. They are gorgeous and they grow so well in the ground. I am so BLESSED!! I LOVE weed! This site is a weed lover’s dream. The selection alone will have you spinning. Now that I know how easy it is to buy online and grow at home, I doubt I’ll be returning to the dispo. It’s been a real game changer. I am blessed!

  11. Mabel Simons (verified owner)

    So much to say about Plushberry, from it’s delightful green and purple colors, to the sweet flavor that hangs around in your brain.

    I smoked it almost every night for a month and found that I am sleeping better now than every before. Plushberry isn’t really about socializing as much as it is about just relaxing and putting the day on a shelf. Better than most store-bought weed I have tried. Never seems to let me down.

  12. Dillon Gomez (verified owner)

    Smokeable fun. This weed makes just about any mundane day feel like an adventure. When it comes time to smoke marijuana, I pack up a HUGE bong and just take rip after rip. I LOVE how fresh, sticky, and dank this weed really is. Help yourself to this weed and get baked like a true stoner.

  13. Campbell Cote (verified owner)

    This plushberry weed the best! I smoked it allll day the other day and I gotta say I am thrilled! I bought 5 seeds online and had them shipped right to my apartment! Helps me manage my stress and depression and is really the way to go!! I can’t wait to smoke more pot with my friends, homegrown and everything!!

  14. Jaylen Rutledge (verified owner)

    PLush is the perfect way to describe this nice relaxing indica mj strain from PSB….The flower is light and fluffy, gives me a great sense of calm and well-being when I smoke it. Has a lovely subtle berry flavor, and always makes a night in feel like a staycation 🙂

  15. Johan Rawlings (verified owner)

    If you are a fan of heavy indicas with berry flavor then you will want the sweet tastes of plushberry floating around your brain. Best damn weed I ever bought. Online ordering is simple and fast and the seeds showed up ready to germinate haha. They grew fast sometimes I felt like I could barely keep up, but now I am swimming in my own homegrown weed. How amazing!!!

  16. Nicolle Valdez (verified owner)

    Smooth….and a little heavy handed. Helps me with sleep, gives me a great sense of calm, kills stress.

    Fast delivery and strong germination. Only took about 5 months to grow….and I harvested a whole bucket’s worth of fresh mj.

    Pretty exciting stuff, don’t miss out!!

  17. Darryl Ahmad (verified owner)

    Mmmm Plushberry is like so OMG amazing I can’t even…..I like totally grew my own pot for the very first time with Pacific and OMG their seeds are like so dope haha. My girlfriend Tish and I love just getting baked and going for jogs, we are so weird LOL! So much fun and so much weed y’all!

  18. Kaidan Mata (verified owner)

    I love these strong berry-flavored strains, they give me such a nice and smooth body buzz that keeps me from feeling pretty easygoing throughout the day. Never had an issue with growth or germination, and I plan to keep getting seeds from Pacific, cause it’s just the best seeds around, especially for Canada!

  19. Aleksandra Delarosa (verified owner)

    Plush is the way I would describe this stuff, it’s really light and fluffy and makes me smile every time. I break it down with my fingers and roll a fat joint. Nothing more rewarding than smoking your own homegrown ganja, and with Pacific, it’s never been easier!

  20. Don Hays (verified owner)

    PLUUUUUUSSSHHHBERRRRYYYYY such an epic and awesome strain, it’s got all the chill indica vibes that you want from your daily smoking session, and it honestly just keeps me feeling really good throughout the day. Purchasing this online was the best decision I have made in years! It’s upped my weed game TO THE NEXT LEVEL!!! Very awesome feeling, definitely gonna buy more again!

  21. Anastazja Donnelly (verified owner)

    They say this weed boosts intimacy and I am here to confirm, it actually does. This strain not only helps with stress and anxiety but kind of puts me and my partner in the mood, and it’s been great for our sex life. Pretty fun to grow it as well, got a great yield, definitely a worthy buy!

  22. bun4getable (verified owner)

    First ever grow but long time gardener.
    Production over excceded expectations. Outdoor grow was 6′ High x 6′ wide. Two out of three seeds popped and each produced 50% more than expectations at 18 oz’s a piece! The colas were as big as beef sandwiches. If I could upload pics I would. I did not use any nutrients aside from collecting my own rain water and I bossted the veg stage by way of molasses. Needless to say all my friends enjoyed their Christmas gifts this year.
    As far as the smoke, I honestly use it medicinally 95% of the time. I have anxiety so I keep a perfectly clean bowl that has never had any herb in it and put in an amount about the size of a fennel seed or smaller. I don’t really taste it and there is no smoke at exhale. But my anxiety is gone in less than 5 minutes. Now, on the other hand, when I do indulge (about every 5-6 weeks) in alcohol w/friends, I roll up a real nice fatty w/thin rice papers and ease everybody into some Little Feat like Sailin shoes moods. It does not geek you out even when that hooter makes it’s way around the bar several times.
    My wife surprised me with some AG seeds and Black 84’s for Christmas. Could be another great holliday for me friends!
    I’m 56 the last time I had gold bud I was 17-18 years old. It blew my head off. And I used to smoke a QP a week. But that is what I like about Plushberry, it is so friggin mellow!

  23. Madiha Allan (verified owner)

    Plushberry is a pretty awesome strain, gets me nice and stoned and also makes my brain feel like it is being massaged. Ordered online and had my stuff delivered and it came super fast, very exciting buy, cause these seeds started sprouting right away, very fast growers these guys!!! Great yield too, definitely worth the effort!

  24. blake cox (verified owner)

    Plushberry is one of my favorite strains, used to grow this stuff when I lived back in Oregon with my brother. We’re both new to living alone, but I kept my weed growing tradition alive. Got myself 5 seeds from Pacific, and then grew them all in the backyard. Gotta be super vigilant with this one, it can get away from you, but the yield was strong and I get very stoned from this marijuana!

  25. Grace Miller (verified owner)

    You are definitely gonna love this strain. It’s hella relaxing, and it helps me deal with my stress like nothing else. It’s like cheap therapy, something you can rely on to feel better about life. I am absolutely thrilled by this purchase, easy growing for even an inexperienced gardener, and lemme tell ya, definitely worth it!

  26. @fancypants (verified owner)

    True decadence…this weed is a marvel, it smells so nice and it makes me feel really relaxed and happy. I smoke it to relieve stress, to manage pain, and to just have a good time. I ordered online and had it delivered to my place here in Oregon. Easy growing out there, and definitely nice weather. Had a great harvest!

  27. Wyatt Smith (verified owner)

    Plushberry is super delicious and it helps me with pain and stress. I really like the dense colorful flowers and how nicely they break up into smokeable little bits. I smoke usually in the evening when my mind can be a little lazy, so it’s a nice change of pace after a hectic day. Returning home to my garden is always a treat!

  28. Rattler (verified owner)

    Plush and delux. I love this weed for it’s strong earthy flavor, harsh smoke, and sweet buzz! Nobody is gonna complain when you bring this weed to the party. Always makes me wanna get my groove on…but when it settles down, I just fall right to sleep. Zzzzz. Has been great for insomnia actually, and I definitely will grow more in my little backyard!

  29. not neutral (verified owner)

    The plushest of the berries, lol. I love this stuff, has a great earthy-sweet flavor and is a great indica for those long nights when you need some help sleeping. Is stress making it hard to relax, definitely get yourself some of this weed then, it kicks stress to the curb and it’s as mellow as can be. Definitely happy about this buy, makes for a great afternoon mood boost!

  30. amberlynn (verified owner)

    If you’re a ban of berry-flavored weed, then you’ll absolutely love this down-to-earth strain of marijuana. I smoke this most nights before settling down in front of the TV to watch my favorite shows. It gives me a renewed sense of comfort and relaxation, also it offers me some deep peace and introspection. Not to mention I LOVE that berry flavor, it just chills in the air for hours and you feel like you’re really living the dream. Plushberry is where it’s at for a long-lasting high and deep relaxation!

  31. Pika (verified owner)

    I have always loved the berry flavored weeds, they’re pretty relaxing and chill and the flavor just can’t be beat! I grew this out back, and it was almost as rewarding as having my very own berry patch, but at least you can smoke this and it gets me HIGHhhhhhh! I smoke it and just wanna chill out, it’s not much of a productive strain you know? Wouldn’t smoke it at work or anything, but on the weekends, look out!

  32. chem102 (verified owner)

    Yummmm this stuff is sooo tasty! It tastes like summer in the PNW with all the fresh berries and wonderful sunshine and rainbows. It’s a great grow, super easy and pretty fast too. Gave me a ton of nug to smoke and I barely had to do any work. Ordered online with PSB and the seeds showed up in no time! Great customer service too! Hope I can grow indoors next time to increase my yield, but for now life is good!

  33. C (verified owner)

    If you like the sweet taste of fresh berries, then I highly recommend giving this one a shot. It’s not difficult to grow, a heck of a lot easier than I suspected, and the yield is really impressive and delicious too. Super happy with how this all turned out, the nugs are dense and green with a few streaks of red and purple, yum yum!!! Happy as can be, and you know I’ll be coming back for more 🙂

  34. minnie (verified owner)

    I enjoyed growing this weed. I have a nice indoor grow space, perfect for smaller plants, and this weed was excellent for that reason. It gives off a nice yield, and gives me a ton of weed to smoke, almost 500 g per plant! I enjoy the sweet and sour berry flavors, they’re very relaxing and enjoyable. I usually smoke this in the evenings to take the edge off.

  35. Gavin H. (verified owner)

    If you’re looking for some killer relaxation and a taste you’ll be coming back for, this is the strain for you! I suffer from chronic pain and use mj to help with my symptoms. I like the taste too, it’s so much like berries and fresh berries from the garden. Helps me unwind at the end of the day, but mostly just need it for pain and sleep. Thanks!

  36. Joy L. (verified owner)

    Powerfully relaxing, an absolute gem. Easy to grow in the basement, definitely likes a consistent watering and lighting schedule, can be a bit fickle at times. The plant looks great with bright green nugs and orange pistils, sticky with resin also. Tastes just like a bowl of fresh berries and makes me feel sleepy and happy. Perfect for after work!

  37. Annie T. (verified owner)

    Living a very busy life, so had my boyfriend do the growing for me. I ordered the seeds from PSB myself, online selection was out of this world, and I didn’t exactly know which one to choose. Went with the Plushberry cause I was excited for the house to smell like berries in summer and wasn’t disappointed. BF said the growing wasn’t too hard but only got around 200 G 🙁 next time will grow outdoors maybe? Love the buzz, it’s such a lovely way to unwind at the end of the day, and really helps me sleep at night. Good stuff!

  38. Jordon A. (verified owner)

    When I learned that the parents of plushberry cannabis were Black Cherry Soda and Space Queen I was like, I have to try me some plushberry mj!! I have to say that I think plushberry is even better than her parents. This weed lets me relax and focus at the same time, which is a good head space to be in, let me tell you! When people now ask me where to get cannabis seeds from, I always mention Pacific. I love being able to browse their huge seed selection online, maybe I’ll come across another winner like plusherry!

  39. Nate K. (verified owner)

    I’m a 3rd year college student and have a ton of papers to write. I hate the stress of meeting a deadline so thought I’d give this weed a try. I’m a space bucket grower so love to cultivate indoors and was really impressed with just how easy it was to produce! Now that finals are on the horizon, I’ve got no fear! Love taking smoke breaks with my buddies then hitting the books. The 50/50 indica sativa mix really hits the spot, keeping me planted in my chair with my mind focused on the work.

  40. Wayde Torrish (verified owner)

    Great smoke before the hot tub. Settled in and felt relaxed all over and happy too. Took tension away from my neck and shoulders where I usually feel it. I would also smoke this before a massage. Really mellow taste, not overly sweet or anything. The nugs came out beautiful. Very happy with the grow. Had some deeply stimulating talks with this one, so I’d say smoke this if you wanna have like a deep political convo or something. Great weed for a great price!

  41. Aliza J. (verified owner)

    These plushberries taste like plushberry! Lol. Love this weed. I know it doesn’t produce the biggest harvest in the world, but I still like to grow it because it might be one of my favorite hybrids out there. The taste is sweet, kind of fruity and really pleasant. This is also one of my favorite websites to order seeds from, and would recommend it to anyone looking to buy seeds online.

  42. Megan A. (verified owner)

    I feel like I am working like all the time these days, and it’s a drag I’m not gonna lie. I seriously look forward to smoking this weed when I get home in the evening and just chilling out. It’s like dessert after dinner. That’s how my boyfriend describes it at least Haha. I mean the plant didn’t produce a TON of weed, which was kind of a bummer but overall I’m really very happy to have this in my life. It’s the ultimate de-stress weed and helps me sleep all through the night. I’ll be back!

  43. Dariane K. (verified owner)

    I love Space Queen and thought this would be more or less like that. I was wrong—it’s better. Not super-high THC levels, but don’t let that fool you. This weed will mess. You. Up. (In a good way.) It’s pretty much a full-body high (for me anyway). But there’s enough head involvement that I don’t completely veg out.

    Not a very big yield, so I gotta take a star away for that. Super-happy buzz though, so I added it back. And five stars for PSB—great quality, fast delivery!

  44. Brennan Q. (verified owner)

    My girlfriend presented some of this pot to me for Valentine’s Day, which I thought was so sweet and nice! Then we baked brownies with it and after eating them, we had a REALLY good time! It’s true that plushberry puts you in the mood, who would have thought?? I think there is seriously a strain of marijuana for everything now! She mentioned the the yield from this strain was not big, but it is a special strain, definitely. I hope we grow it again!

  45. Joshua N. (verified owner)

    My favorite thing right now is to take a couple tokes of Plushberry and then go soak in my hot tub. Its pretty much what I think about all day at work. My job requires a lot of physical work so I need something that’ll get me relaxed and calm at the end of my day. Plushberry really hits the spot. Didn’t get the highest yield ever from this strain but I like it, so next time I might try it outside and see if I get a better harvest.

  46. Rana R. (verified owner)

    This brings up the mood as well as, um, some ‘other’ things. Definitely great for my boyfriend and I before we hit the bedroom. Don’t expect a lot out of these plants though, we got about 200g/plant which is pretty small even as far as smaller yields go but we just grow for ourselves so it isn’t a problem for us. We grew it indoors in soil (some sites say to use hydro for this) which worked just fine and they stayed pretty small and smelled really nice.

  47. Jack S. (verified owner)

    Moderate yield for an indoor grow, but overall worth it, especially with a pretty quick flowering time of less than 8 weeks. Definitely the aphrodisiac of cannabis – i tried this with my partner and it definitely brought up the mood quite a bit. It has a really sweet and flowery aroma which makes it great for sharing with somebody since it doesn’t leave the room with a really heavy smoky odor. Great balance of indica and sativa that leaves you relaxed but awake, and not too body-heavy or head-high.

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