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Strawberry Cheesecake Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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If the name hasn’t already won you over, indica-dominant hybrid Strawberry Cheesecake brings on a chill yet motivating high that’s great for daytime use. It can help alleviate anxiety and depression.

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First things first, we just need to say YUM to this marijuana strain! The Cheesecake family, in general, is a delicious choice filled with fruitiness and sweetness. But if you’re looking for a strain that eases anxiety, depression, and fatigue, Strawberry Cheesecake marijuana seeds might be your best bet. If the name hasn’t already won you over, this daytime strain is an indica-dominant hybrid (70/30) that goes down smooth.


The high of Strawberry Cheesecake hits users right away, but not in an alarming or overwhelming sense. Sensations of happiness and relaxation come immediately to alleviate symptoms of pain, stress, and paranoia. Strawberry Cheesecake brings on a delicious daytime high that’s both chill and motivating. If there’s any work to be done during the day, now’s the time to take advantage of Strawberry Cheesecake.


Even though this strain is classified as an indica, it’s best-suited for daytime activities when your brain and body are most active. With a little Strawberry Cheesecake in your system, you’ll likely be motivated to move around, focus on work, or try out a new hobby. The aroma of Strawberry Cheesecake tastes and exhales exactly as you’d imagine, with berry notes and a syrupy aftertaste.

Additional information


Advanced Genetics

Cannabis Species



70% Indica/30% Sativa

Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Moderate (3-10%)

Feels Like

Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 500g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 900 gr

To Treat

Lack of Appetite, Nausea, Stress


Berry, Cheese, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






8 reviews for Strawberry Cheesecake Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Archie Hernandez (verified owner)

    Help yourself to a size of strawberry cheesecake. Not only does this weed help keep depression and anxiety at bay, it offers a buzz that gives me a great sense of relief and creativity 🙂 When I ordered my seeds online, I was happy to see them arrive quickly, and when I planted I had some pretty nice-looking germination.

  2. Waqas Schultz (verified owner)

    Soothing weed, great buy when you got some time on your hands to dedicate a few months to your grow. It’s well worth the effort, and saves a lot of time, and money, in the long-run. Bought 5 seeds online, took me a few hours to decide. Fast shipping times, and a great sense of CHILL, plus I love that sweet strawberry flavor, yum!

  3. Asma Crouch (verified owner)

    A lovely fruity and creamy taste fits its namesake. I am a HUGE fan of growing my own pot. It’s been a relaxing, uplifting, and really good time overall. It may be an indica strain but it doesn’t really make me tired or anything. Just relaxed. I feel like I am saving a lot of money by growing my own marijuana. Has been a great investment of time!

  4. Habib Childs (verified owner)

    Delightful and bright, perfect for depression and mood disorders like PTSD. I grow marijuana as a therapeutic exercise.I find pruning the plants, watering them, weeding around them, to be very fulfilling and rewarding. It has opened my eyes to the medicinal benefits of mj. I will forever be changed.

  5. Gia Redfern (verified owner)

    Mmm I love strawberry cheesecake, and nothing gives me the munchies quite like this mj from the pacific seed bank. I usually grow my own weed as a summer project. It’s a great opportunity to get busy in the garden. Helps with stress, depression, anxiety. All of the above. I buy my seeds online cause it’s cheaper and faster than finding them in the real world. Online seed banks are the way of future.

  6. Orlaith Parry (verified owner)

    Stank and dank, this weed has ALL the right flavors and hits all the right spots. Great energy for when you’re looking to chill and have a smile on your face. Great growing for backyard, low-budget growers…like me 🙂 I just have to burn through this weed fast enough for the next harvest. Things are looking beautiful and very vibrant, ALMOST ready to harvest. Wish I could take pictures!!!

  7. Lynden Maguire (verified owner)

    Beautiful strawberry cheesecake weed. This nug is fantastic, easy to grow, with some solid results! Fresh to DEATH!

  8. Nevitt2018 (verified owner)

    Nothing like a fresh bowl of strawberry cheesecake. This fresh, delightful grow has a LOT of beautiful flower that smells sweet and earthy and YEP it actually tastes like cheesecake. I am VERY excited for my new and improved garden!! Gonna love growing this weed at home and definitely gonna buy sommore from the good folks at Pacific. Lovely FRESHHHHH and fun 😉

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