Who doesn’t love a good kush strain? They’re chill, they’re groovy, they’re totally relaxed and ready for anything. This is a pretty fair description of Original Kush Seeds, yet another of our awesome west coast breeders. While they don’t sell exclusively kush strains (that’s body-stone indicas, if you were wondering), this group of super-savvy growers has long catered to the folks looking for something calming and deep. If you’re one of those types — or even if you’re not, but want something to take the edge off — Original Kush Seeds is a great pick.

Photoperiod Vs. Automatic Marijuana Seeds

Photoperiod cannabis strains, which are annuals, require a consistent light and dark cycle to properly grow. Essentially, the flowering stage of a photoperiod strain is dictated by the seasons, wherein nature starts to flower and produce buds in the fall when days (light) start to shorten, and nights (dark) lengthen. When photoperiods are cultivated indoors, they require this same light cycle, albeit in a human-controlled environment where light cycles, pruning, and trimming, have to be carefully monitored and carried out by the grower.

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