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9 Pound Hammer Autoflowering Seeds

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The 9 Pound Hammer strain is ideal for those looking for a long-lasting, relaxing high to help them fall asleep.

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Prepare to be struck by the 9 Pound Hammer. As its name suggests, 9 Pound Hammer marijuana seeds hit you hard and fast for long-lasting effects. This is true of most indica-heavy marijuana strains. A few hits of the 9 Pound Hammer will have you soaring above the clouds and all feelings of pain will be gone in a flash. It’s CBD makeup is around 22%, which means you can expect heavy bodily effects that will leave you on the couch feeling relaxed and perhaps too lazy to get up and do anything else.

The THC content in 9 Pound Hammer also makes it an effective painkiller for those suffering from chronic pain. At first, you’ll feel a euphoric rush to the head that will leave you happy for the first half of the high. The second half will leave you deeply relaxed and chilled out. Because of its peaceful and long-lasting effects, the 9 Pound Hammer is somewhat of a lullaby that will gradually help you fall (and stay) asleep throughout the night. 9 Pounds Hammer is definitely more of a nighttime strain.

If you’ve been experiencing symptoms of pain, stress, or insomnia, 9 Pound Hammer marijuana seeds are great to have around the house. Growers will be pleased to know that this 80% indica strain delivers high yields and a flowering time between 50 and 60 days. The smell of this strain is best described as berry-meets-lemon. Very fruity and citrusy.

Description: The 9 Pound Hammer strain is ideal for those looking for a long-lasting, relaxing high to help them fall asleep, ward off worries and stress.

Additional information


Coastal Genetics

Cannabis Species



80% Indica/20% Sativa

Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Relaxed, Sleepy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 350g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 450 gr

To Treat



Berry, Earthy, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex

Auto-flowering Feminized

Flowering Type






95 reviews for 9 Pound Hammer Autoflowering Seeds

  1. Nikki McIntire (verified owner)

    The 9 Pound Hammer strain is a well-established one. There were some weather circumstances that were less than perfect during this season, but it still managed to thrive, which was a huge comfort.

  2. Michele Callahan (verified owner)

    The effects of the 9 Pound Hammer strain were profoundly relaxing and long-lasting. It was perfect for chilling out and finding some peace at the end of a hectic day.

  3. Carl Curtis (verified owner)

    The 9-pound Hammer was a pleasant to harvest. The plants reached their full maturity at the same time, which made the process both effective and satisfying.

  4. Gertrude Carrillo (verified owner)

    9 Pound Hammer grows very quickly for an autoflowering strain. It’s strong and doesn’t seem to be affected much by changes in temperature.

  5. Dave Matthews (verified owner)

    9 Pound Hammer Autoflowering is versatile! Whether I used it day or night, it offered a nice balance of relaxation and alertness, helping me stay focused on any task.

  6. Casey Ballard (verified owner)

    I love how quickly these plants produce food. It’s crazy that this strong strain went from seed to harvest in less than eight weeks.

  7. Nelson Logan (verified owner)

    The 9 Pound Hammer Autoflowering seeds came in plain, well-sealed boxes that kept them safe. I liked how careful you were to make sure the seeds got to their destination safely.

  8. Gerry Patel (verified owner)

    If you have never grown plants before, these seeds are a good pick. After about three weeks, they started to bloom with very little work from me.

  9. Rosario Frazier (verified owner)

    Growing the 9 Pound Hammer strain was stress-free since it’s really tough against pests and diseases. It was comforting to know my plants were resilient and healthy.

  10. Laurie Dyer (verified owner)

    Great strain for people who don’t want to change their nutrients too much. They didn’t need much care to grow well; these plants were picky.

  11. Terrence Yang (verified owner)

    It’s amazing how tough these autoflowers are. I had some pest problems, and while some types did badly, 9 Pound Hammer got through it without much trouble.

  12. Aimee Barton (verified owner)

    The 9 Pound Hammer autoflowers were ideal for the limited space I had available within my home. They maintained their compact size while producing a significant quantity of buds of a high quality.

  13. Shelly Walsh (verified owner)

    I was amazed at how quickly the 9 Pound Hammer Autoflowering seeds grew into full-grown plants. Because this type grew quickly, I was able to enjoy its benefits faster, which was a personal plus for me.

  14. Brandi Norman (verified owner)

    One more thing I want to say is that the 9 Pound Hammer Autoflowering strain surprised me with how strong it was. It gave me a strong high that was both calming and energizing. This made it a great choice for both leisure and medical use.

  15. Juanita Price (verified owner)

    There was a remarkable amount of fruit produced by the autoflower known as 9 Pound Hammer. I had no idea that such a rapid-growing plant would provide such a bountiful harvest.

  16. Joann Watkins (verified owner)

    I noticed that the 9 Pound Hammer plants stayed healthy and vibrant throughout their grow cycle, with very little leaf loss or yellowing

  17. Maria Welch (verified owner)

    I found that 9 Pound Hammer required less nutrient input compared to other strains I’ve grown, which made it more cost-effective and easier to handle.

  18. Spencer Sulivan (verified owner)

    There was a consistent growth pattern throughout all of my 9 Pound Hammer plants, which made it simple to take care of them all. It is a dependable strain to use if you prefer consistency in your cultivation system.

  19. Thomas Gallagher (verified owner)

    I couldn’t believe how bushy these plants got. The plants made good use of the room in my grow tent because they were big. Great for people who don’t have a lot of space.

  20. Constance Best (verified owner)

    I tested with a variety of light configurations, and the 9 Pound Hammer was able to adapt to each one without any issues. It is an autoflower that is extremely adaptable.

  21. Courtney Branch (verified owner)

    Perfect for gathering all the time. By planting at different times, I can now gather every two weeks. Always has what I need!

  22. Dee Hines (verified owner)

    It had great trichome coverage, with crystals that sparkled all over the buds. This not only made the plants look better, but it also showed that the type was very strong.

  23. Irene Malone (verified owner)

    These plants have a lot of trichomes if you like making your own extracts. The last batch of hash I made was great.

  24. Adrienne Richards (verified owner)

    The compact size of the 9 Pound Hammer autoflower made it ideal for growing alongside my other houseplants without taking over the space.

  25. Randall Austin (verified owner)

    This strain had a strong, rich flavor that stayed in the mouth. I could taste the earthy flavors and sweet notes with every draw, making smoking a tasty experience.

  26. Michael Alexander (verified owner)

    9 Pound Hammer is a strain that is known for its durability. Although it was able to endure fluctuations in my grow space like a champ, it still managed to produce some nice buds. The short cycle of 9 Pound Hammer is ideal for quick turnovers. It is an excellent option to go with if you are operating a business that is always on.

  27. Evelyn French (verified owner)

    The 9 Pound strain gave me a high that lasted for hours and was fun to be high on. It was the ideal strain for relaxing after a long day or getting together with friends.

  28. Katy North (verified owner)

    I loved the taste of the 9 Pound Hammer strain. Every hit brought a new layer of flavors—lemony, spicy, and a bit earthy. It’s a unique taste that keeps you coming back for more.

  29. Valerie Colon (verified owner)

    It was the 9 Pound Hammer that stood out in my garden due to the gorgeous and dense buds that it produced. It’s not only about the amount; the quality was also of the highest possible standard.

  30. Freddie Shepard (verified owner)

    The plants grew evenly and didn’t need any special attention to thrive. They were surprisingly resilient to lower temperatures, which is great for my cooler climate. The final yield was more substantial than expected, and the buds were just beautiful—thick and rich with resin. Perfect for a small-scale grower looking for an easy, rewarding cultivation experience.

  31. Cesar Lindsey (verified owner)

    I’ve grown autoflowering plants before, but 9 Pound Hammer might be my new favorite. It’s quick, and the buds are very good. Very thick and sticky.

  32. Donnie Holt (verified owner)

    I was surprised by the speed with which the 9 Pound Hammer bushes produced their first flowers. It was wonderful to see results so quickly, which is something that a grower would always find thrilling.

  33. Owen Conrad (verified owner)

    The 9 Pound Hammer Autoflowering strain made buds that were thick and compact, and they had a good weight to them. Since the buds burned slowly and evenly, this made for a rich and tasty smoke.

  34. Christy Koch (verified owner)

    It was a easy to cultivate the 9-pound Hammer. These plants were sturdy and didn’t require a lot of attention, making them ideal for someone like myself who just gardened occasionally.

  35. Terri Carr (verified owner)

    I was thrilled to see that the 9 Pound Hammer Autoflowering seeds had a high germination rate. It was easy and successful to grow because almost all of the seeds bloomed quickly and turned into healthy plants.

  36. Theodore Frank (verified owner)

    9-pound Hammer is great if you don’t have a lot of room to grow tall plants.” The plants stay small, but they still make a good crop.

  37. Jamie Santos (verified owner)

    The 9 Pound Hammer Autoflowering strain has a beautiful smell. Every time I opened the jar, the sweet and fruity smell filled the room and made me happy. It made using this tool more enjoyable as a whole.

  38. Margaret Warren (verified owner)

    I made the decision to provide my 9 Pound Hammer plants with LST, and they responded quite well to the treatment. It allowed me to optimize my production without negatively impacting the plants in any way.

  39. Paige Hammond (verified owner)

    Relaxation The autoflowering strain made me feel very relaxed, and it took away all my stress and anxiety. It was the perfect strain for relaxing at the end of the day and taking in some peace and quiet.

  40. Marjorie Rosales (verified owner)

    LST (Low Stress Training) worked well for 9 Pound Hammer autoflowers. They stayed healthy and busy even though they had to bend and work out.

  41. Fernando Banks (verified owner)

    The plants that grow from these seeds are great for a small grow. They don’t take up much space, and the output is still more than enough

  42. Terry Hebert (verified owner)

    A basic experience was had by 9 Pound Hammer when he was growing up. Because of its modest maintenance requirements and its resistance to damage, it is an excellent strain for novices.

  43. Marty Ryan (verified owner)

    It’s easy to grow with these 9 Pound Hammer seeds. Because they don’t need to be fussed with much, autoflowers are my favorite type of plant.

  44. Solar5Songbird (verified owner)

    Perfect for those seeking relief from pain, stress, or insomnia, this indica-heavy strain hits hard and fast, inducing a euphoric rush followed by deep relaxation. With a fruity and citrusy aroma, it’s like a heavenly mix of berries and lemons. Don’t miss out on this potent strain that offers effective pain relief and aids in falling asleep.

  45. Tammie Wolfe (verified owner)

    I liked how even the growth was with these seeds. It was easy to take care of all of my plants together because they looked so much alike.

  46. J. Anderson (verified owner)

    Having trouble sleeping? Try smoking a few hits of the 9lb hammer and expect the best sleep of your life. This pot is CRAZY good, and it is one of the more powerful indicas on the market. Thankful every day for Pacific, their selection is top notch, their customer service really cares, and I am finally self sufficient in growing my own weed. It’s a win-win-win!!

  47. Ivan Greer (verified owner)

    9 Pound Hammer Autoflowering really delivered with its yield. The buds were thick and resinous, and there was plenty of them! Definitely a top pick for anyone needing a strain that produces a lot.

  48. Cameron Goldstein (verified owner)

    The buds from the 9 Pound Hammer plants were stunning. With their vivid purple and orange hues, they were not only a joy to harvest but also beautified my garden.

  49. Yvette Boyer (verified owner)

    How dense the bud formation was on my 9 Pound Hammer plants was something that I really enjoyed. In addition to having a very striking appearance, they were covered in trichomes.

  50. Alberto Powers (verified owner)

    There is no better strain for someone who does not have a lot of time to devote to the care of plants than this one. In spite of my erratic watering schedule, the 9 Pound Hammer was understanding and accommodating.

  51. Louise Gentry (verified owner)

    These plants have an amazing smell—you could smell it before they even bloomed. I can’t wait to see the buds grow!

  52. Anna Collins (verified owner)

    These plants have a great mix of leaves to buds. There isn’t much green waste after harvest, which makes cutting much easier.

  53. GrowGreenMagic (verified owner)

    I appreciate this weed cause it’s so strong. It’s hard to find a weed that will really knock my socks off, I tend to be a very high tolerance stoner and used to smoke wax before getting into homegrowing. I find it hard to get high cause my tolerance is so high. Luckily 9lb hammer usually scores between 25-30% THC, and gives me a great couch-lock indica buzz. Loving the selection here on Pacific seed Bank. They ship all their seeds within a week and usually I am getting 100% germination every time!

  54. Gael Montes (verified owner)

    I had a friend recommend me this site. I live in Alaska and the seeds actually ship here too. Ketchikan has a very short growing season, but we do well with over 16 hours of sunlight every day in the summer. 9 pound hammer is what you need out here to dull the loneliness, and gives me an extra restful sleep.

  55. Frances H (verified owner)

    9 Pound is a fantastic strain that offers a euphoric and relaxed body high. The earthy and sweet flavor makes it enjoyable to smoke, and it’s also easy to grow. Overall, I highly recommend it to both novice and experienced growers alike!

  56. Eryk White (verified owner)

    Hey now! Bought 10 seeds online, they were fast to ship and at a VERY affordable rate. Can’t wait for the next grow….but it’s winter time now and it is basically smoking season! I just smoke my stash like a friend. With 9 pound though it’s better to wait till nighttime. Otherwise, just watch yourself fall right to sleep.

  57. Konrad Randall (verified owner)

    Nothing quite like growing your own weed. It’s easy and fun, and it gets you outdoors, which we all need once in a while. Takes basic gardening skills to make this happen, but nothing crazy. Just soak your seeds and plant them in 48 hrs. You’ll be amazed at the results, especially when you’re growing with Pacific!

  58. Garry Vazquez (verified owner)

    If you need a powerful indica that will put you right to sleep, then give yourself the time to grow this mj and witness the magic! Buying online is EASY! The selection is HUGE! The fast shipping will blow your mind, and when you are harvesting your first batch, you’ll literally cry with happiness and think “I am in weed heaven!” Pacific knows its clientele, we are all amateurs just tryna get high. That’s why auto-flowering seeds are the best!!

  59. Annabel Franklin (verified owner)

    If you’re anything like me, I sometimes find it difficult to slow my mind down, the 9 pound hammer might just make your sleep a little deeper and dreams a little sweeter! Great vibes and a delicious blend of flavors! Hopefully you will have all the success that I did cultivating these seeds!

  60. 13804carlsonroad@gmail.com (verified owner)

    im on day 71 of flower, im thinking ive got 2 weeks minimum left. Im in door,just wondering if other folks run long on flowering?i seem to run longer then usual. Ive had 99 to 100 % success with all my seeds from pacific. I did have a order arrive in -40 blow weather , they kinda germinated lol ,,they didnt grow!! watch ur cold temps when ordering folks. BTW Pacific replaced some of my order,, they didnt have too !! thank you pacific fred

  61. Lori Lyons (verified owner)

    An absolutely brilliant indica strain! The flower is HUGE, bigger than my friggin hand! I smoke everyday! I am just ready for summer 2022! I am totally gonna buy this weed again and grow indoors. The greenhouse is the PERFECT place to grow marijuana. It loves the heat and plenty of moisture. Be sure to watch your flower for mold!!

  62. Jamel Ponce (verified owner)

    Works great as a pain reliever, often chills out my headaches, migraines, or body aches. Have been a weed grower for many years, but first time ordering online, or having my seeds shipped to Canada. So happy this weed is legal here!!!

  63. Blade Betts (verified owner)

    9 lb hammer is what happens when unstoppable force meets an immoveable object. This is an absolutely stellar strain, it looks and smells wonderful, and it keeps me feeling pretty chill all night long. I like indica strains cause they make me smile. I definitely am gonna buy more online cause that’s the beauty of Pacific Seeds!

  64. Abubakr Holt (verified owner)

    The 9 pound hammer is a heavy indica with highly relaxing effects that keep me feeling good for the whole night. I buy 5 seeds at a time, and they are always germinating in my backyard, looks amazing so far, like as tall as me and starting to flower. It’s a small gesture but it makes a huge difference in your weed smoking life.

  65. Jarrad Hoover (verified owner)

    Took about 50 – 60 days to mature, but was a lot of fun growing in the garden, especially when it was the heat of summer. Love getting this weed online, I never knew so many kinds of weed existed in this world! The shipping times were especially fast, and the results really speak for themselves. I will buy some more!

  66. Sara Stephenson (verified owner)

    Covid has made it hard to regulate my sleep schedule. I have found weed growing to be a great hobby during lockdown. It’s a very fulfilling use of time, getting better and better at growing these magic plants. 9 lb hammer is what I need to sleep through the night now. This heavy indica really does the trick, gonna totally buy more.

  67. Tonya Whitley (verified owner)

    When the day’s over and all my projects are finished, then it’s time to light up the bowl and read all kinds of books and drink tea!! I love letting my mind wander as I smoke these sweet nugs. I grew this flower right in the backyard and I gotta say I am very pleased with how it’s working out!!!

  68. Alanah Senior (verified owner)

    9 pound hammer is pretty alright by me. I like the way it hits me over the head at night when I wanna just relax and take a breather from life. I burned through my supply so fast I barely had time to enjoy it! That’s why I am back, buying more weed LOL cause I just can’t get enough of this fine indica mj.

  69. Damien Mcculloch (verified owner)

    9 Pound Hammer is some kind of wonderful, it helps me deal with stress and it keeps my limbs all light and active and it’s pretty fun if you ask me. I am very pleased with the outcome of my grow, averaging between 4-600 grams of pot and all of it really fresh and tasting like pine trees. Such an awesome grow and a good time!

  70. Tymon Cullen (verified owner)

    When I pick up a hammer I think Now I know….it gets you hella stoned. Gotz to buy me some more marijuana seeds. Such good stuff! Makes an old stoner like me proud. Grow in my nice suburban backyard. My STUPID DOG eats the weed! He sooooo stoned. Luv my stoned lil pup. Makes me not want to be a reverend anymore.

  71. Grace Lester (verified owner)

    A very “by the book” indica that helps me relax and treat my sore shoulders and back. I like that it gives me the munchies and offers me a very nice experience otherwise. It is a pretty easy grow, and I gotta be honest, I am definitely gonna buy more cause these feminized seeds grow great!

  72. Rupert Moody (verified owner)

    the 9 pound hammer strain is like hella awesome, Idk I am not much of a writer or whatev just wanted to say DOPE WEED!!! Love Pacific and ordering online, best mj in USa LOL.

  73. jon mars (verified owner)

    This is one heck of a strain, it helps me deal with stress and anxiety like nothing else. It’s definitely an indica, and it hits HARD, but I don’t mind, I happen to love the sweet heavy body-stone high that keeps me plastered to my couch eating pizza and playing video games. I am sorry but that is good stuff, and I like it!!

  74. deerhunter808 (verified owner)

    A powerful and cloudy indica…. it’s basically sleeping medicine for insomniacs lol. I have benefitted from this strain tremendously…I smoke it usually by myself at night, while watching TV or whatever. It’s nice and relaxing….helps with stress, and it also relieves pain. You’ll enjoy it too, just be patient with it in the garden!

  75. Witchaven (verified owner)

    I have had terrible insomnia in the past…and I really wanted something to relax with that would also help me sleep. The 9 pound hammer is the indica to end all indicas….it hits super smooth but then comes the hammer and you are fast asleep. Easy growing and great yield from this stuff, makes for an excellent strain for stress and depression too!

  76. Garrett Glenne (verified owner)

    I wanted something that would really knock me upside the head and give me a reason to just relax and take it easy for the night….I was feeling really depressed and decided to grow some weed to keep my mind occupied during the quarantine. GREAT decision….made for some amazing pot…well worth the effort and the results were fantastic….highly recommend this strain!

  77. whatcha watchin (verified owner)

    Wanna get hammered over the head with flavor and delicious relaxing vibes? Try out this weed and you will see why it’s so nice to have around the house! I smoke mostly for relaxation purposes and enjoy myself a little THC in evenings to take the edge off. This takes more than just the edge off, it just plops me down on the couch for some chilled out TV viewing. Good times!

  78. River (verified owner)

    With the world the way it is today, you are gonna want to hammer yourself with the 9 lb hammer to deal with all the craziness. Stress got you down? Coronavirus scaring you? Election news a disappointment? Just smoke the hammer and you’ll be really to forget all the worldly problems that you have. Trust me it really works! But really, the grow is pretty easy and fun. Ordering online is fast and simple. The yield, too, is excellent!

  79. Jo-Berg (verified owner)

    It definitely hits you hard, and it makes me wanna just stay home and read a book. I can’t get ANY work done on this weed, it either makes me hella hungry, or hella tired, so it’s best reserved for the evenings. It’s got this great earthy sweet taste to it, and the buds are incredibly dense and a bright green color, very fresh and high quality. I can’t ask for anything better than this, and it’s very worthy of the time it takes to grow. You definitely make your money back in weed!

  80. Bananna (verified owner)

    Oh I find it hard to sleep at night. The anxiety keeps me up for days at a time, and it’s pretty brutal to live this way. I really need something to take my mind off the days stressors and this weed has been a huge help. I enjoy gardening that reduces the stress as well, so this was a fun project for me, but not overwhelming. Produces nice, dense flower that’s great for smoking after work is over, or right before bed. Basically this stuff knocks me over the head like a hammer and puts me in a good space for sleep. Good job Pacific!

  81. Amelia (verified owner)

    This one will knock you right over the head. I love it’s powerful skunky smell and it’s deep green leaves with white tips! So electrifying! Got my seeds delivered from PSB and put them right in the ground. They took off and did super well! I am really happy with how things turned out, very few complications, and the yield was really great! Love smoking a bowl of this before bed with my GF. Good vibes!

  82. Brian Phillips (verified owner)

    Delicious resinous buds, coated in snow! This stuff really does hit you pretty hard. It’s delicious and has a sour earthy taste. I happen to enjoy the delicious vibes of this stuff, it’s so nice to smoke when I had a really hard day, and makes me fall asleep almost instantly. It’s an incredible weed for relaxation, but doesn’t make me social at all haha! I just wanna curl up and watch a movie. No if ands or buts about it!

  83. Tyson Barr (verified owner)

    If you’re looking to get bonked on the head by your weed strain, I guess you found it! Its an amazing strain to grow by yourself, I had never grown weed personally but this was a good experience for me. I love the sour taste and smell and the strong vibes this stuff produces in my brain and the harsh green color of the plant. I am happy overall!

  84. Gerald E. (verified owner)

    I have a lot of joint pain and as a result have difficulty sleeping. This weed has helped on both fronts. It’s very potent and very strong, I only need one or two hits and I am good for a while. I usually just smoke in the evenings before bed, sometimes I watch a movie and sometimes I just fall asleep! Either way I’d definitely buy again!

  85. Dan W. (verified owner)

    Yup, this strain definitely lives up to its name! I smoked this for the first time the other day and I was OUT! Very powerful indica and CBD properties, so all my aches and pains just melted away…as did my motivation to do anything else besides watch a movie and fall asleep LOL! Definitely not a middle of the day strain, reserve this only for when you’re ready to chillllll. I grew in the basement, cause I have a nice space down there, and had some pretty stellar success. I’ll definitely be back for more seeds!

  86. Araceli I. (verified owner)

    So glad my friend introduced me to the 9 Pound Hammer strain. I have a fear of flying but I travel often for work. I smoke this just before going to the airport, and by the time we’re taking off I’ve already “taken off in my head” if you catch my drift. This calms me significantly and doesn’t leave me feeling jittery. I recommend this if you have any type of anxiety or nausea issues.

  87. Garrison M. (verified owner)

    New to mj but wanted to grow some in the backyard cause my husband says he thinks it will help me with my chronic pain and trouble sleeping and I’m happy I did! The name was rather aggressive but the effects were actually rather pleasant. When I smoked the weed my aches and pains in my neck were significantly less and I slept soundly all through the night. This is new to me so I don’t really know how to compare it to other marijuana on the market, but Pacific seems to have good product. Thank you for reading!!!

  88. Drey L. (verified owner)

    Ummmm, so I see how this weed got its name? Just grew it for the first time. Couldn’t wait to try this strain. Man, it is POTENT! Beware of too many hits. I can also see how this strain is good for medical use. Very effective at relieving pain from sore joints, that much I can tell you. V. short flowering time and v. high yield. Exactly what you want when you’re an impatient gardener like myself.

  89. Marshall T. (verified owner)

    I mostly smoke indica when I can get it (and whatever else when I can’t.) First time trying this kind. It’s some powerful shizzit for real. Best buy I’ve made since moving to Canada. Muchas gracias.

  90. Sean B. (verified owner)

    Order this weed and get yourself POUNDED. It’s completely worth it. For the price of a package of seeds, you get plants that are easy to grow and strong bud. I think it’s even more worth the money because you don’t need that many tokes to get high so your weed lasts longer. For that reason I think this strain is the best buy when it comes to seeds. Get it and see for yourself!

  91. Angus M. (verified owner)

    Ahhhh, the jokes you can make about 9 pound hammer. Lol, it’ll hit you hard! Not to be taken lightly! It’ll knock you out! A hard hitter! I could go on all day! This weed is not for the lighthearted, but if you’re looking for something STRONG that’ll make you unconscious, this shit is for you. Easy grow with some quality seeds. Delighted with my end product and will be putting another order for this one soon!

  92. Jose C. (verified owner)

    Pretty hard-hitting stuff, which I guess makes sense given its name. Nice, easy grow in the basement, no real problems along the way, and a solid yield of around 300 G. You really only need one or two hits of this stuff, cause it’s super potent and strong. Just smoke it at night when you’re done with errands and chores and responsibilities LOL. It’s there for helping with your aches and pains (High CBD) and will really help if you have trouble falling asleep. Great for experienced stoners!!!!

  93. Alvaro R. (verified owner)

    Was a bit of a challenge for me to grow, new to mj, smoking and growing, so this was a bit of a challenge! I got my seeds to grow fairly well but I didn’t do too great pruning and whatnot haha. Still it was a good experience and I got around 400 grams total. I love smoking this weed right before bed, it’s very strong stuff and it puts me right to sleep. A great help to my insomnia!

  94. Davion O. (verified owner)

    It truly doesn’t take many hits of this hammer to get the job done. I’m a medical cannabis user and I’ve tried dozens of strains in the past 3 years. When my pain reaches a certain level, this is the strain I reach for first. The phrase “prompt, temporary relief” describes the effects perfectly.

    Seed delivery was fast and the growing process was fun and easy (and mercifully brief). I’ll probably be a PSB customer for life. Now pass me that hammer!

  95. Rohan O. (verified owner)

    So much resin! Very nice buds, tightly packed and sticky as hell. Tastes great to smoke. Kind of an earthy flavor with a grape aftertaste. Best of all this strain helped me immensely with pain. I’m getting a full knee replacement next month, but until then I have to walk around with a cain and it hurts to go down stairs. After smoking 9 pound hammer I can get around with significantly less pain. Awesome strain and it actually works!

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