Learn to Grow Marijuana

Picture this: a friend invites you into their home to visit their grow op and ushers you into a room, brightly lit, where you find a virtual sea of lush, green marijuana plants. You start to sweat a bit as you walk through the stalks, the aroma of potent pot hanging heavily in the air.

The process of successfully growing the best marijuana doesn’t have to be this involved – even the most amateur gardener can easily achieve fantastic results with a few simple plants and high-quality lighting.

growing marijuana from home

Start with the Right Marijuana Seeds

A strong foundation is key to guaranteeing a great crop, and you’re going to want to start your marijuana garden with high quality marijuana seeds. Don’t rely on seeds from friends and well wishers to produce healthy and strong plants with heavy buds. For superior genetics guaranteed to germinate, the masters know where to buy the best cannabis seeds: they turn to the experts – online weed seed retailers like Pacific Seed Bank (we offer delivery of our top-quality cannabis seeds across the United States).

We highly recommend shopping for your cannabis seeds online, since Internet-based vendors can offer a wider selection of high quality seeds at significantly better prices. Of course, it’s nearly impossible for even the most avid ganja gardener to determine whether a seed is going to produce a super healthy plant, but you can run through a simple checklist to figure out if it will at least germinate.

– Is the seed a dark color with a waxy coat? It may also feature brown spots or stripes.
– Is the seed easily crushed when you press it between your fingers?
– Does the seed sink when you drop it in a glass of water?

Make sure to check out our article on how to choose the right marijuana seed for more tips and advice.

growing ganja garden at home

How does Your Ganja Garden Grow?

Once you’ve chosen your favorite seeds, the next step is to decide how you’re going to plant them, and where. From indoors to outdoor spaces, or popping your seedling into a pot in a window sill to organizing a hydroponic set-up, when it comes to growing marijuana, you’ve got quite a few options:

  • Indoor vs Outdoor Growing
  • Indica vs Sativa
  • Set Up the Ideal Grow Room
  • How to Grow with Hydroponics
  • How to Grow with Soil
  • Sea of Green/Screen of Green
how to germinate marijuana seeds

Germinating Your Seeds FTW

Seeds selected? Check.
Grow room setup? Check.
The next step is to germinate your little seeds, which is the process that unlocks your little seed’s potential.

The PSB Simple Germination Guide

Empty seeds into a glass of filtered or distilled water. If they don’t sink, tap them so they go to the bottom of the glass.

After 14-18 hours, tip your seeds out of the glass onto a plate lined with a paper towel. Drain excess water from the plate, but make sure the paper towels are relatively moist.

Place the plate in a warm, dark place where the conditions will remain constant for 5-7 days, which is about as long as it will take for your seeds to germinate. Make sure you check them periodically to ensure the paper towel is damp.

4 Once your seed has developed a taproot that’s at least ¼ inch long, you can remove them from the plate, careful not to touch the taproot with your bare hands, and transfer to your grow medium.

For more information on how to germinate your marijuana seeds, check out our detailed article on Germination, and learn about the comprehensive Pacific Seed Bank Germination Guarantee, one of the best in the industry.

grow cannabis at home

Grow Marijuana Like the Pros

Maybe you can’t keep a cactus alive, but even the blackest thumb can have success growing cannabis at home for personal use. From the first little sprout breaking the surface of the soil to trimming your buds for medicinal use, a little education will take you all the way to harvest.

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Maximize Your Marijuana Harvest

The Next Steps

Your plants have reached their peak of growth, the buds are fat and covered in resin, and you’ve harvested your flowers. Yes, it’s possible to benefit from plant material, but preservation is key to longevity. Your next steps:

Drying & Curing Your Marijuana
Preserving Marijuana for Medical Use
How to Use Marijuana in the Kitchen
Preserving Ungerminated Marijuana Seeds

See, growing the best marijuana from the seed isn’t as hard as you thought, is it? The hardest part is going to be picking the right strain, and you’ll find a host of exciting indica, sativa, and hybrid strains when you peruse the selection of seeds available on Pacific Seed Bank. Make your selection, place your order, and your top-quality weed seeds will be delivered from our facility to your door.

  • Auto-flowering Marijuana Seeds
  • Feminized Marijuana Seeds
  • Medical Marijuana Seeds
  • Kush Marijuana Seeds
  • Haze Marijuana Seeds

Popular Marijuana Seed Strains