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Moby Dick Feminized Seeds

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Moby Dick delivers a cerebral buzz that comes on instantaneously. There’s an immediate boost in cerebral function that makes users energized and uplifted. The sweet smell of vanilla and toffee will keep you coming back for another bite.

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Sometimes, no matter how much caffeine is in your system, it’s just not doing the trick. That’s what Moby Dick marijuana seeds are for. This strain is a cross between the indica-dominant hybrid White Widow and the Haze sativa, which is famed for its powerful cerebral stimulation. We can expect the same from Moby Dick. This strain delivers a charged buzz every single time that could easily replace coffee and energy drinks altogether. On the days when you need an extra pep in your step, turn to Moby Dick.


This strain is every grower’s dream thanks to its short flowering period, mold resistance, and high yield. We recommend Moby Dick to many beginner growers as its relatively easy to grow. As a newbie, you can make a few mistakes along the way. Moby Dick marijuana seeds are resilient to fight against any errors without getting sick. These little seeds can take a beating! That being said, growing Moby Dick plants is a real commitment. It requires a lot of time, care, and energy. Don’t attempt to grow this strain unless you can give it constant attention.


As for the smell, Moby Dick marijuana seeds will lure you in with the aroma of eucalyptus and vanilla. Consumers describe the smell as magical and intoxicating — a little bit sweet, and a little bit refreshing. The sweet scent of vanilla reminds us of caramel and toffee as if we’ve just walked into a chocolate shop. Those with a sweet tooth will love Moby Dick.

Additional information


Dutchman Seeds

Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

60-70 days



CBD Level

Moderate (3-10%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 600g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 1.2 kg

To Treat

Depression, Fatigue, Stress


Citrus, Earthy, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






20 reviews for Moby Dick Feminized Seeds

  1. M. Cooper (verified owner)

    Moby Dick has long been a favorite of mine, so I have to make sure I never run out. I love PSB because they offer these seeds at a great price. Regardless of which size pack I get, I can count on them to germinate, so they have a high germination rate. If they don’t, you can still get peace of mind since PSB has a germination guarantee. You can’t go wrong with this seed bank!

  2. Astral4Adventurer (verified owner)

    Moby Dick Feminized Seeds are a dream come true for both growers and smokers. Not only did all my seeds germinate successfully, but the plants were also resilient and easy to grow. The short flowering period and high yield made it a rewarding experience.

  3. Ben Bush (verified owner)

    Might make you feel like Ishmael, or perhaps like Captain Ahab, either way, stay away from the real white whale, and sit back in your captain’s quarters and smoke some Moby Dick….a good buy for smokers who need some deep muscular relaxation, and a weed that helps open up the 3rd eye….therefore it is great for meditation. Yuhhh.
    Bruh I gotta be growing this weed for the rest of time. It’s the most fulfilling hobby!!

  4. PlowAndPlant (verified owner)

    Fresh and earrthy weed, really tastes like that hippie stuff we were smoking back in the 60s! I never missed a beat. Been growing weed for over 20 years! I live in southern OR and the climate is perfect around Medford! Thankfully these seeds ship all over the USA, and they arrive at my door in about a week. Customer service is also always on my side. They help me navigate the site and have great recommendations!

  5. Kassandra Pollard (verified owner)

    Yo! Love this MJ cause I can grow it in my bedroom window LOL. Yes, you need LED to extend light in the wintertime, but you will get some pretty exceptional results if you stick with it!!! I mean, hey 500 G from 3 plants is pretty amazing, especially for an indoor, bedroom grow. Ships to Canada, yay!

  6. SilverStarlight76 (verified owner)

    Moby Dick by Dutchman Seeds is an incredible sativa strain that offers a euphoric, happy, and relaxed high. I particularly loved the citrus, earthy, and sweet taste of this strain. It’s a great choice for treating depression, fatigue, and stress.

  7. Jonah Khan (verified owner)

    Fresh anf fruity flavor with a green and white nug that looks super exotic! I juuust finished harvesting my latest batch. Being that I am an indoor grower, I can start my seed at any time of the year! This fresh energy is hard to beat, and absolutely nothing I buy from the dispo comes close!

    If I were you, I’d start with a 5 seed order. It’s the perfect amount for a single home grower and usually produces 400-500 G of pot, more than enough to last you between harvests.

  8. GanjaGladiator (verified owner)

    Moby Dick Feminized Seeds was a great strain to grow, with a large yield of buds that were energetic and uplifting. It was easy to care for and grew well outdoors. The strain was perfect for combating depression, stress, and fatigue, leaving me feeling euphoric and uplifted. Definitely recommend this strain for anyone looking for a potent and enjoyable high.

  9. Ramiro Barnett (verified owner)

    Definitely a win for my backayrd garden! Those beds have never looked so alive! My mj plants have hit their growth spurt, and their stride. I water them every other day or so, giving them tons of love. They smell amazing, a little earthy and bitter. Flower is beginning to form at the top of the plant. It is quite tall I’ll need a stool to get up there. Very fresh!

  10. Frost Phoenix (verified owner)

    Intensely calm indica Moby Dick is great for smoking after work and really chills me out. Never had a bad experience working with Pacific, their seeds are always quality and they always ship within a week. Reliable customer service and a great community of growers on this site. You’re never alone when you buy Pacific!

  11. SerpentHunt3r (verified owner)

    Makes me want to burst into a 20 minute drum solo…..but more often than not, It makes me wanna chill out and play video games lol.
    I love growing pot, have been doing so for many years. I have a dedicated grow space in my yard, and I ALWAYS use it to grow weed! Pacific has some of my favorite seed farms, all based out of Northern Cali, where I was born!

  12. Johnson93 (verified owner)

    This is a great investment if you’re at all into weed. The sweet smell and flavors of moby dick is great for soothing a sore throat, or easing some back pain. I smoke it right when I am feeling a cold coming on. A worthy investment, and very reliable. You gotta have this weed in your yard to truly understand. Great energy and very relaxing!

  13. Jai Wallis (verified owner)

    Moby dick….one of my least favorite novels, but one of my all-time favorite weeds. Great for smoking with friends or at home with the dog. Can’t be happier than this. Fresh, homegrown weed is an absolute godsend. I love working with plants, especially outdoors. Big yields, fresh flower, and plenty of great smoking sessions at night. Indica for sure. Good for the body.

  14. Sami Simpson (verified owner)

    Baked as hell! I freaking love my homegrown mj. Heavy indica vibes. My eyelids are heavy…I am fading. ZZzzzz

  15. Keeva Heaton (verified owner)

    Dang, I like love waking up in the morning and smoking this pot. Awesome weed for a surprisingly low low price! I think the next generation of weed growers will start right here on this site. I LOVE the way weed feels, it makes my arms and legs so tingly and my head feels so much lighter and brighter. It’s done nothing but remain a positive force in my life.

  16. Gene Hartley (verified owner)

    If you’re someone who has difficulty managing pain or stress, then you’ll probably appreciate this strain. I took a few weed growing courses online and this was a great opportunity to put my skills to the test! I am so happy with my harvest!!!

  17. Rafael Burn (verified owner)

    Gargantuan-sized flower with white tips and some deep green leaves. Cures beautifully and usually stays fresh for months on end. Have been able to bake cookies with this weed, and also enjoy making tinctures!

  18. Moses Bradford (verified owner)

    Even if you hadn’t read the book, you’ll enjoy your experience with Moby dick. It hits nice and slow, mostly a body high. Tastes earthy and almost savory…like the sea! I had 10 seeds shipped out to my place in Washington. Grew them over the summer and I am here to confirm I had a great experience!

  19. Malia Ratcliffe (verified owner)

    I am used to the CBD version of this strain, one that makes my body feel like jello. I think the THC version is just as good, but it does come with a heavier head buzz and does have the ability to make me feel tired and lethargic. That’s why it’s best to smoke at night when the day’s responsibilities have ended. Loving life!

  20. Om Rush (verified owner)

    Used to the CBD version of this strain, but the sativa THC version is much brighter and happier and actually quite easy to grow. Never seems to let me down. I have ordered seeds from Pacific online 5 or 6 times now, and have had nothing but good luck! Great germination rates and fast shipping. Gives me an excellent yield every time!! I never realized how easy it was to buy and grow my own Marijuana seeds. Get ready to smile!!

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