You consider yourself a Master marijuana gardener . . .

You’ve been around the proverbial block a few times, graduated from single seed master-marijuana-seeds-educationexperiments to more complex arrangements featuring different strains, discovered your favorite tried-and-true growing techniques and invested in high-quality equipment for a near professional grow set-up. You can differentiate between an indica and a sativa with one glance, and you know where to go to get the best quality seeds around (Pacific Seed Bank, of course).

You may be up there with the best of them when it comes to growing marijuana, but there’s always room for improvement – be it your cultivation skills or your knowledge on the history and uses of the plant itself. We’re dedicated to your advancement as a cultivator of cannabis, so we have taken advantage of the collective experience of our team of gardeners and partners to compile a knowledge base of articles that are designed to help you build on your own.


Is it possible to increase the cannabinoid content of your plants? How do you make the most out of a single crop? Ever considered transforming your valuable marijuana into more than just a combustible product? You’ll find the answers to questions like these and more in our Master Marijuana Education section. 

Want more? Read up on how marijuana can affect your sex life, your creativity, or how cannabis can improve your game on and off the court.

The marijuana community would be nothing if it weren’t for dedicated cannabis cultivators like you – join our forum and share your wisdom and experience with those who are just entering the wonderful world of weed. They’re eager to learn!

At Pacific Seed Bank, we don’t just sell marijuana seeds, we grow them. Why don’t you come join our family? Let’s get growing!

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