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Pez Feminized Seeds

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Pez isn’t just a candy, anymore. This feel-good strain is all you need to get a good night’s rest.

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Wait a minute, isn’t Pez a type of candy? 90s kids will remember Pez dispensers for the rest of their lives, and in fact, the candy is not much different from the marijuana strain. Pez marijuana seeds deliver that same kind of sweetness that immediately transports you back to your childhood. It’s sweet, frosty, and taste of blissful sugar — but without the calories and toothaches. If you have a sweet tooth, Pez marijuana seeds are the perfect fit!

Piz is an indica cross of Afghani and Pakistani strains. Afghani is a heavy indica strain named after its geographic origin and is cherished around the world for its sleep-inducing effects, sedating relaxation, and euphoric sensations. After smoking this stuff, you’ll be able to drift off the sleep with the happiest dreams. You’ll wake up feeling well-rested with no grogginess.

Based on that information, we can expect similar properties from Pez, which is also a strong indica. Pez marijuana seeds offer the typical relaxation of indicas, minus the grogginess that occasionally arises after a deep sleep. You’ll never need to sip a glass of warm milk before bed ever again! Pez is all you need to ensure you’ll have a good night’s rest and wake up feeling refreshed and as good as new. See just how sweet your dreams can be with Pez marijuana seeds!

Additional information

Cannabis Species



100% Indica

Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Hungry, Relaxed, Sleepy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 500g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 600 gr

To Treat

Depression, Insomnia


Earthy, Fruity, Tropical

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






51 reviews for Pez Feminized Seeds

  1. Rodrigo Moraes (verified owner)

    Pez Feminized Seeds are a sweet treat for both growers and smokers. With a cross of Afghani and Pakistani strains, this indica-dominant strain offers deep relaxation without the grogginess.

  2. Braylon Stuart (verified owner)

    Super sweet and sour, packs a punch and sets the senses ablazing! Good for smoking in the evenings or afternoons. Usually produces happy uplifting thoughts and a really vibrant body buzz.

    The flower itself is nice and fresh, colorful too.

  3. Rachel T. (verified owner)

    Oooh, if you grew up in the 90s, you’ll know it tastes just like those lil Pez candies!! It’s sweet and full of flavor. Anytime I purchase these seeds, I know they’re going to have a high germination rate and start to sprout only after a few days. Once I plant them, they produce big yields that smell like heaven as they start sprouting. Plus, PSB ships your seeds quick, so they’ll be in your hands before you know it.

  4. Arjun Fernandez (verified owner)

    Tasty Tasty PEZ weed! My go-to wake and bake strain. Easily one of the best online purchases I have made in a loooong time! Fresh bud all around, extremely easy to cultivate, brilliant color and texture, and a bountiful yield. Has saved me a ton of $$, and since I live so remote, the MJ ships to me DIRECTLY! It’s a dream come true. USA all the way.

  5. Samantha Lucas (verified owner)

    This strain is very effective for relaxation and getting a good night’s sleep. The combination of fruity and tropical flavors along with an earthy undertone makes for a very enjoyable smoking experience. It’s the perfect strain to combat depression and insomnia, and the strong Indica body high helps to melt away any stress or tension.

  6. Haley Hawkins (verified owner)

    Every day is Halloween when you smoke Pez weed….it’s very sour and tastes just like candy. It’s super easy to grow! I am a total newbie when it comes to working with this strain, but I follwed the tons of online videos telling me what to do. I learned a whole lot! I am getting really good at this too! Is 300 very good for a first harvest?

  7. Hiroko T (verified owner)

    Pez is a fantastic strain that I thoroughly enjoyed. The smoking experience provided a good high, with a nice balance of relaxation and euphoria. The indica genetics gave me a pleasant body high that helped me unwind and sleep.

  8. GardenGrowth (verified owner)

    A sour flavor really permeates this MJ. I enjoy smoking it at lunch actually, it’s a relaxing smoke but does tend to make me feel a bit paranoid or jittery. I am wondering if I over-cured my pot, and it’s a little dry now, making me more anxious? I did enjoy growing it however. I did pretty well if I do say so myself. I got my plants up to 6′ tall, and I gave them lots of love. Thanks Pacific. Always a reliable company with great seeds.

  9. Aine Atherton (verified owner)

    You may be surprised at just how easy it is to order online and have mj seeds at your door in a matter of days! Fresh, tasty, weed is something to be excited about, it makes a huge difference in your life, your mood, your day.

  10. Shani Salt (verified owner)

    A sweet sour and bitter flavor that brings a bright high that helps with depression and anxiety. Definitely give it a go if this is your first time! I LOVE buying weed online it’s super convenient and the shipping is always fast and reliable!

  11. Erin Short (verified owner)

    Pez is JUST right!!! I am happy to buy my weed online, there is no better way to get your pot delivered….I think Pacific is a great way to grow your own ganja, and trust me your friends will appreciate it. It’s always a win to break out the homegrown at the next party. I also just enjoy working outside!

  12. Maariya Hatfield (verified owner)

    My favorite candy from childhood, this weed makes me happy as can be! Bought 10 seeds online, had them shipped to my apartment in Washington, and now I am swimming in fresh nug. Very affordable price, especially for such high quality seeds. 9/10 germination and 8/10 reached harvest!

  13. Lina Carey (verified owner)

    Never was a fan of the candy but I sure do like the Pez weed. Good flavor, good energy, and a LOT of good times with friends!!

  14. Ishika Ashley (verified owner)

    Some weed is so powerful that you have a hangover the next morning. Pez is the perfect indica for insomnia and aches and pains. Helps me sleep every night and I wake up feeling clear-minded and well-rested!

  15. Hettie Shannon (verified owner)

    Pez is like going to the candy store, picking up your favorite candy, and then chilling out at home, and wait? Does this weed get you HIGH??? Yep, it’s a powerful strain that gets you really baked and makes you smile. I bought my seeds online, had em shipped to my place here in Washington and grew them outdoors like a true Northwesterner!!

  16. Kaan Maddox (verified owner)

    Pez is nice and sour, gives me a great head buzz, sativa dominant for SURE! I am really happy I finally found a site that ships to Canada, and fast! Bought 5 seeds and all of them germinated! Gets me baked like nobody’s business, and helps me stay focused during the work week. I am not an expert but I still got like 300 Gs!!!

  17. Daniyal O’Neill (verified owner)

    This pez weed is like super awesome. I Looooove the way it feels when you smoke it. It’s sweet and sour and it’s tasty. Gives me tingles, and makes me feel really good in my brain. I feel like soaring high above the clouds. I can’t believe I can just order it right online, like how cool is that???

  18. Leia Storey (verified owner)

    Mmmmm this weed is so sour!!! #1 in my book tho. haha I got 5 seeds and planted them in my backyard and didn’t rly do anything until they got big and then I pruned them a bit. Idk I don’t like gardening but I still got some good weed LOL. Gonna smoke this tonight and get sooooo high!!

  19. Bethaney Duarte (verified owner)

    This sour fruity strain of mj is sure to put a smile on your face. Been feeling really good about this weed. It hits nicely every time, the smoke is soooo sweet and I like to breathe in and hold it in my lungs for a loooooong time! Really makes a difference! Ordered online and it shipped directly to my doorstep, very convenient and also a great use of my free time!

  20. Gillian Winter (verified owner)

    Pez is some real-deal sativa goodness. It’s got a sweet and sour flavor that really sticks around. I totally VIBE with this strain, and I like growing it too. Only took about 5 months from seeding through harvest and looked wonderful in my backyard. I smoke it every day, and I get really high every time. Recommended!!

  21. Juanita Vo (verified owner)

    Pez is sweet and sour and hits like a sativa and ends in an indica…like it energizes my brain and then ends up with me curled up on the couch reading my favorite book or playing a dope video game. Pretty excited for the price point on this site, very high quality stuff for a pretty reasonable margin. Will absolutely buy more, can’t wait!!!

  22. Hamzah Park (verified owner)

    This weed is so sour it makes your mouth pucker, like you’ve just eaten a nice sour candy! Definitely puts me in a good mood, I am very buzzy and happy and get very stoned off this weed. I like the taste and smell especially, and the relaxing smoking experience makes this a 10/10 for me. I’ll definitely be back to Pacific.

  23. June Snow (verified owner)

    This weed is sweet and then it’s sour…or maybe it’s the other way around…pretty happy with what I got from this website…made for a great purchase and smells pretty awesome too, very chill strain with a lot to offer the brain, I get real high and then just chill out on the couch and watch the news…Biden 2021!!!

  24. Mason Turner (verified owner)

    This weed may be feminized but it’s sure got a quick time to flowering, without pollination and everything, and the yield was seriously nice and the bud was extra fresh! Can’t be disappointed by this, it’s a really really good strain and it’s sour like the candy and helps with anxiety!

  25. Ashley Lo (verified owner)

    Sticky, sweet and sour…a truly magnificent sativa and I could not believe the size of my yield! It was absolutely incredible, and filled with all kinds of flavor and makes me really hella stoned. I love smoking this and then walking around downtown, making all kinds of friends with everyone I pass. Can’t deny I am as lucky as can be!

  26. Sarah Connolly (verified owner)

    We all remember pez dispensers from when we were kids. I used to love those sour candies and all their amazing magical flavor. I ordered this out of nostalgia, super easy to do online, and when they arrived, I soaked them in a paper towel and had them in the ground in no time! What a great grow, with such a delicious harvest!

  27. August (verified owner)

    It’s just like the candy! It’s sour and sweet and gives you a nice head rush! Makes me wanna go out on the town and be social, beautiful flower, very colorful, loves the hot, hot sun, such a great time to be alive!

  28. @watch&learn (verified owner)

    I wish the classic pez dispensers just doled out weed instead of candy lol. I am happy I bought this strain cause it really does taste like sour candy. It’s so good for smoking when you got the afternoon off and wanna chill…excellent taste and smell and always a good buy for the price. Give it a try!

  29. Halloween (verified owner)

    Just like the candy, sour and sweet and a real treat for when you’re looking to get stoned. I like this strain a lot. I used to order it from the dispensary down the block, but since they’ve closed, I’ve been at a loss! Super glad my friend recommended Pacific, got myself 3 seeds and started growing at home. WOW I never knew how easy this was, and soooo much cheaper, plus the weed I harvested is even better than what I can get in the store!

  30. finefellow (verified owner)

    Everyone remembers Pez dispensers…well this weed kinda tastes like those nostalgic hard candies that we all enjoyed as kids. It’s nice and sour, makes you pucker your lips, but then it’s sweet when you exhale. Sweet and sour just like the candy. This buzz always puts a smile on my face, and offers up some wonderful creative thoughts that make me want to write and paint. Never a dull moment when I smoke this weed, and I highly recommend!

  31. Tall Grass (verified owner)

    I never did care for the candy, but the weed? That’s a whole different story. i got my seeds delivered from Pacific, ordering online was fast and simple, plus their customer service crew was really helpful! I germinated these seeds using the paper towel method, which worked like a charm, and then after only about 4 months of growing, I got myself a really nice yield, probably nearing 500 grams per plant, and it’s all super fresh and delicious! I smoke on the weekends to help me chill out, definitely worth the buy!

  32. Paris (verified owner)

    Definitely a sweet treat right before bed. It’s got a nice sweet and sour flavor that never quits, and always taste as fresh as the day it was harvested. Gives an unforgettable high, very relaxing and mellow but also euphoric, perfect for depression and for dealing with work related stress. Either way, pretty easy to grow, my wife did a lot of the growing herself, but I definitely helped, at least with germination. Great buy for what you get!

  33. Janet Yang (verified owner)

    Sweet and sour just like the candy, with a great euphoric buzz that makes you feel like a kid again. I love how easy this was to grow, espeically since I got my shiny new grow space set up in the garage. My husband isn’t all for it, but it’s okay, he’ll come around 😉 Anyway, got these seeds growing in no time and soon was harvesting my own bud, excellent stuff, very high quality and fresh. Definitely worth a go!

  34. Andrea Harris (verified owner)

    This is like a candy store in your mouth, some delicious stuff for sure and great for anxiety and depression. I have really enjoyed the way this stuff lifts my spirits and keeps me in a good mood for most of the day. It’s actually a great strain in the AM along with breakfast. It’s been super helpful getting me on my feet and going to work. I’ll definitely be back for more!

  35. Monty Bennett (verified owner)

    This has been suuuuuper helpful for my insomnia, I mean really it’s nearly eliminated the problem after just a few puffs! I used to take all kinds of pills to help me get to sleep and now those are all out the window. It’s been great getting to grow this weed in my backyard and it’s such a beautiful plant, like tall and bushy and amazing with these bright green nugs. How cool!

  36. Daisy W. (verified owner)

    Better than sleeping pills! I’ve been taking pills for insomnia for so long I can’t even remember now. It’s a total drag. I grew this weed in my backyard, the nugs are like bright white and have this lovely sweet and sour smell. It tastes just like the candy, and it gets me very relaxed before bedtime. I would recommend for anyone who is having sleeping problems!

  37. taco420guy (verified owner)

    I’ve come to believe there is a strain of marijuana for every condition. If you’re sad, there’s something for that. Stessed? MJ’s got ya. I’ve been having sleep problems for the last 6 months (due to a new baby that is cute but likes to cry at night) and pez gets me to sleep when I’m done calming her down. What I love best tho is there’s no grogginess in the morning, no hangover, feel like shit feeling, which I do get from sleeping pills usually. Pez is sweet (like the candy!) but in my opinion more fun because I’ve gotten to the point in my life where sleep is fun.

  38. Milton H. (verified owner)

    Better than dessert, Pez mj is a seriously relaxing and sweet strain that will keep you chilled out and put you to sleep (if that’s what you want). I grew this stuff in m,y basement, an excellent indoor grow, strong smell but not unpleasant, very powerful stuff, so one or 2 hits and you’ll be good for the night. Tastes sweet like the candy, and is fun to pass around with my girlfriend. I usually smoke after dinner and watch a movie, then I’m ready for bed. Will be back for more!

  39. Billy J. (verified owner)

    Holy hell I wish I had a Pez dispenser for this weed like I had for the candy when I was a kid! I could definitely consume with the same frequency if left to my own devices. Really crystalline and beautiful nugs cover the plant so much that it looks like it’s coated in sugar! Indoor grow and it needed some trimming to keep it manageable for my grow room but other than that it wasn’t problematic. Can definitely see the Afghani parentage in the indica qualities of this weed, very euphoric and sleepy.

  40. Becky D. (verified owner)

    Definitely a night time smoke, and not for the faint of heart. It’s pretty strong stuff, so take it slow!!!! I personally loved growing this stuff, plants grew really well indoors and produced a solid yield, the smell is amazing and the taste is pleasantly tangy, just like the candy! I would recommend for those who have trouble unwinding, cause this sweet stuff will def do the trick.

  41. Dante O. (verified owner)

    The ultimate chill out weed! I used to suffer chronic insomnia, but ever since i’ve been smoking this stuff I pass out and sleep like a baby all through the night! I seriously couldn’t ask for a more perfect strain. Like I def would NOT smoke this stuff before parties, cause it’ll just put me right to bed, but for a night at home in front of the TV this is just what the doctor ordered! I grew this in my basement and had some solid success, def gonna buy from Pacific again!!

  42. Cole T. (verified owner)

    Sweet fruity flavor! I first tried this strain from my local dispensary. When I noticed it on Pacific’s site I immediately remembered how much I liked the buzz and decided to give it a try. And wow, I got a HEAVY yield. It was intense! So much weed! Haha, love it! The high is off the charts euphoric and relaxing. Gets rid of all of my stress which to me is magic. 🙂

  43. Jay R. (verified owner)

    Pez is the shizzit. Most def a relaxer. Stress melts away. Best not to make plans to go out though. You’ll be too mellow. I’m happy I found Pez. If you like your herb strong and sweet, try this one.

  44. Leslie T. (verified owner)

    Smells AMAZING. Really loved this one for its pain relief. Pain hits me the worst at night after I’ve been working all day. Thought Pez really hit the spot for making my body feel better. Smoked this right after dinner and just relaxed after that. Also had a great night’s sleep. Not too couch-locked. Just nicely relaxed without feeling too crazy. This is a really good strain to smoke if you still want to have conversation and be in the world. Makes everything rosey and sweet.

  45. Frank T (verified owner)

    Didn’t know it was possible. An indica that doesn’t make you drowsy? Signed myself up with Pez and was pleasantly surprised. Plants produced dense nugs that tasted quite fruity with a hint of earthiness. The high was mellow and alright for daytime use. But also good before bed. What can I see this is the indica to rule over all indicas. Had a great day lounging around with the wife and was able to have decent conversation without being too stoned. Also good pain relieiving qualities. Definitely a good buy.

  46. Tia P. (verified owner)

    Over the years, I have tried everything to try to get me to sleep. I have tried so many medications, it’s not even funny. A friend mentioned trying medical marijuana and at first I was skeptical. I am skeptical no more. Pez is such a sweet euphoric high but the best part is that it lulls me into a wonderful, restful sleep. I’m honestly so thankful that I found pez marijuana, it has changed my life. Awesome job with this PSB.

  47. Veronica A. (verified owner)

    I have tried a variety of cannabis strains to address my anxiety, which can be severe. Without access to medical marijuana where I live, I’d previously had to buy from dealers and settle for whatever they had. Sometimes it made the anxiety worse. Having read up on the subject, I learned that an indica strain was more likely to give me the effects I was after. I grow my marijuana indoors; cultivating this one was not too difficult, and ordering seeds online from Pacific was also easy. For anxiety like mine, Pez is a good choice. I also recommend one called “Snoop’s Dream,” which is a hybrid (not strictly indica) but also served me well.

  48. Ray K. (verified owner)

    Good seeds always with Pacific. If you’re looking for a trusted source to buy seeds online from this is it. Shipping is discreet and fast and their customer service is awesome. Purchased three of Pez and they all popped and I’m good to go. Plants look strong and healthy and I can’t wait to pick some bud. I’ve grown Pez before and its a great strain if you want results for hardly any effort. But then any seed you get on this site is gonna be great.

  49. Gilly J. (verified owner)

    I try not to eat hella candy but I think I’ve found the best alternative! Pez! Tastes great and doesn’t have the side effects of too much sugar lol instead it just puts me to sleep. This stuff is sweet but also kind earthy which is real nice. I grew it indoors and had a pretty easy time for how much pot I got. Overall, relaxing, easy to grow, no morning after feeling, and real quick shipping from psb!

  50. Tamara P. (verified owner)

    Everyone in my circle of friends and family are wild about Pez right now. I grew a bunch last year and it was such a big hit I couldn’t keep it around. So this last time I ordered 10 seeds from Pacific — 9 germinated and turned into some healthy plants. Stoked on a bigger yield so I can satisfy everyone’s needs! If you haven’t tried Pez yet and you’re looking for something to put you to bed at night this is the stuff right here.

  51. Darien O. (verified owner)

    Sign me up for some more of this super sticky weed! I got a massively heavy yield, would of been smoking this bud forever, but I shared a bunch amongst friends. Good vibes all around! I got requests to grow some more of this good shit so I’m definitely putting another order in with the good folks here at Pacific. They always got the best seeds and theyre shipping is fast!

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