About Our Company

Welcome to Pacific Seed Bank, home of the finest selection of super awesome marijuana seeds you’re likely to find in the country.

Wondering why we’re so self-assured? Well, let us tell you a bit about PSB:

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We Know Our Stuff

We’re a group of seed-savvy horticulturists, medical professionals, and business aficionados who’ve spent more than 20 years concocting and hunting down the best strains in the biz. We weren’t born yesterday, which means we’re not fooled by big talkers in the weed industry – we know how to spot the good stuff, and we work our fingers to the bone to bring it to you.

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Our Selection is Outta This World

We’ve got marijuana seeds. Like, lots — and lots — of marijuana seeds. It doesn’t matter to us whether you’re a new growing looking for three seeds just to get your feet wet, or the owner of a major growing operation (a legal one, of course) who needs thousands of seeds, well, yesterday. We can hook you up. Our library of more than 150 strains is always growing. We’re always adding new breeders, new varieties, new ways to experience all the amazing benefits of marijuana. Because, since you’re here, we know you believe in the benefits of marijuana.

Feminized? Don’t Mind If We Do

We only sell 100% feminized marijuana seeds, so if you noticed our prices are a few cents higher than the last company you looked at, that could be why. But we hope you’ll try our products to find out how very worth it our feminized seeds are. We’re not saying that the way home stores try to convince you that 600-thread-count is worth $150 more than 300-thread-count (is it, really?). You will honestly benefit from buying feminized cannabis seeds, both in the efforts it takes to grow your own weed, and financially. By removing male plants from the equation, you’ll make more of your growing space (of which there’s never enough, am I right?) and get more bud in the end — considerably more.

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Did we answer your burning questions?

Hopefully, this gives you a bit of insight into just why Pacific Seed Bank is a place you’ll really want to hang your hat. We’re proud to supply seeds to everyone, including:

  1. New and experienced home growers,
  2. Affiliates and influencers,
  3. Dispensary owners, and
  4. Nursery gardeners.

You’ve discovered the best place to buy marijuana seeds, so, what are you waiting for? Get your grow on!

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