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There’s more to starting your own marijuana seeds than water and love. We mean — not much more, but some, so it’s good to have at least a rudimentary understanding of how marijuana growing works when you buy your first package of seeds, to up your chances of a successful grow and harvest, and a yield you can hang your hat on.

Here at Pacific Seed Bank, we have no interest in simply shooting some marijuana seeds your way with a “heads up!” and leaving you scrambling in the dark. We’re way too much the helicopter seed parents for that. No, we plan to hover over you for the duration of your grow (digitally speaking, of course), to make sure you really knock this one out of the park.

Here in our Marijuana Education section, you’ll find tons of super helpful information about everything from storing your marijuana seeds, to germinating them, to cultivation, harvest, and curing. Did you know a single marijuana plant can produce as much as a pound of bud? How about that you can get different leaf growth, height, and bud quantity (and quality) just from the type of lighting you choose? There is so much to learn about marijuana, and we’ve only just scratched the surface here, but our detailed articles will get you well on your way to mastering the world of cannabis. And then once you’ve become the master, consider our wholesale for scaling up! What are you waiting for? Dive right in!


Your Marijuana Experience

Our marijuana experience section will give you insight and tips that we learned from. Find out how regular people deal with and handle marijuana on a daily basis.

beginner cannabis grower


In our beginner’s section, learn about the basic tenets of plant management, including germination, grow room setup, and the different stages of plant growth. Impress your not-so-weedy friends with your knowledge of flowering phases and pistil appearance!

intermediate cannabis grower


Been around the cultivation classroom for awhile? Then you might be interested in some of our articles that can help take you out of your comfort zone, and maybe result in some pretty rad new growing experiences. Finetune your grow room, choose the best lighting for your ultimate green goals, and learn about low-stress training methods.

master cannabis grower


What are you doing here in the reading room? You really ought to get in touch with us and start writing for our other sections. But, since you’ve dropped by, why not take a look at our in-depth exploration on improving your yield, and dig into our articles about how marijuana can affect or improve different parts of your life. And also, seriously, come write for us.

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