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Ace Killer OG Feminized Seeds

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Ace Killer OG is a highly sought-after marijuana strain that boasts a fascinating genetic lineage and known for its powerful effects. Derived from the combination of White Fire OG and King’s Kush, this extremely potent, indica-dominant hybrid cultivar showcases the best qualities of its parent strains.

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The buds of Ace Killer OG are visually captivating, showcasing dense clusters and making a rich coating in a glistening layer of trichomes. When consumed, Ace Killer OG unleashes a wave of euphoria that uplifts the mood, followed by a tranquilizing body high that melts away stress, tension, and sedative properties that will make you curl up on the couch!  Its potent effects make it a favorite choice for a chill night unwinding after a long day, and your daily life in general.

What are the effects of Ace Killer OG marijuana?

This strain is revered for its potent and impactful effects, so experienced users will love the heavy-body feeling it gives off!  Upon consumption, this strain induces a powerful cerebral high that starts with a rush of euphoria and a heightened sense of happiness. It uplifts the mood, promoting a positive and blissful state of mind. As the high progresses, this strain delivers a deeply relaxing and sedating body sensation, melting away tension and stress, where some people may find comfort for their muscle spasms. Its tranquilizing effects can induce a state of calmness, making it an ideal choice for providing relaxation and reducing stress. Additionally, users often experience a surge in creativity and introspection, making Killer OG suitable for artistic endeavors or reflective moments. The high THC content will show up when you feel its heavy traits, so experienced smokers should be able to handle the hard-hitting effects, while novice users should take this one easy!

What do Killer OG marijuana plants look like?

Ace Killer OG marijuana plants are visually captivating, boasting a striking olive-green appearance. They typically exhibit dense and compact buds that are densely coated in a thick layer of resinous trichomes. The buds are often vibrant green in color, accentuated by fiery orange pistils that twist throughout white trichomes. The leaves of Ace Killer OG plants are broad and deep green, showcasing healthy and vigorous growth. Overall, the plants exude a visually appealing and enticing aesthetic, reflecting the potency and quality of the strain.

What does this marijuana strain taste like?

Ace Killer OG marijuana strain offers a delightful aroma and flavor profile, and you’ll recognize it from a distance with its pungent diesel aroma. Its diesel scent is also a mix of a harmonious blend of sweet and earthy notes, with hints of pine and citrus. When consumed, it delivers a smooth and pleasant smoke with a complex taste. The flavor profile combines elements of sweetness, spice, and a touch of herbal undertones. The overall experience is rich and enjoyable, making Ace Killer OG a treat for the senses and enhancing the overall enjoyment of the strain.

How do I grow Ace Killer OG marijuana seeds?

When cultivating Ace Killer OG marijuana seeds, it’s essential to provide optimal growing conditions to maximize their potential. This strain thrives in both indoor and outdoor environments. Indoors, maintaining a controlled temperature of around 70-80°F (21-27°C) and a humidity level between 40-50% during the vegetative stage promotes healthy growth. Providing sufficient light, such as high-quality LED or HPS lamps, for 18-20 hours a day during the vegetative stage and reducing it to 12 hours during flowering is crucial. Outdoors, Ace Killer OG prefers a warm and dry climate. Pruning, proper air circulation, and regular nutrient feeding are vital for robust growth. Consistent care, including watering and pest management, will help achieve the best results.

When to harvest your “killer” marijuana plants

These marijuana plants typically have a flowering time of around 8-9 weeks. As they approach maturity, the buds undergo a transformation, becoming dense and coated in resinous trichomes. The optimal time to harvest is when the trichomes turn milky white or amber, indicating peak cannabinoid production. On average, each plant can yield a moderate to high amount of buds, depending on various factors such as growing conditions and plant health. Once harvested, the growth cycle starts anew, allowing for the cultivation of successive crops.

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  2. King’s Kush is one of Ace Killer OG’s parent strains, and shares some genetic similarities. It delivers a powerful entire body high and has a sweet and earthy flavor profile.
  3. White Fire OG is another parent strain of Ace Killer OG and shares a similar strong aroma.
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Additional information


DNA Crew

Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Moderate (3-10%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Relaxed, Sleepy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 350g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 400 gr

To Treat

Insomnia, Muscle Spasms, Pain


Diesel, Earthy, Sour

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






12 reviews for Ace Killer OG Feminized Seeds

  1. Jimmy Fuentes (verified owner)

    When it comes to killer genetics, Ace Killer OG is all about it because its parents are the renowned King’s Kush and White Fire OG. You get all the best that these two strains have to offer to make up this distinctive strain. You’ll love how powerfully potent it is to offer you the right amount of relaxation.

  2. Hana Kim (verified owner)

    With visually captivating buds coated in resinous trichomes, this strain delivers potent effects that uplift the mood and melt away stress. The plants themselves are a sight to behold, with vibrant green buds and broad leaves. The taste is a delightful blend of diesel, sweetness, spice, and herbal undertones.

  3. mrcbeery@gmail.com (verified owner)

    Great strain my seedling poped up on 11-24-22. I threw it into flower right off and by 2-10-23 I have me a nice oz of bud. Great plant to push From seedling to harvest in three months. Smelled like Juicy Fruit bubble gum. Which was outstanding in itself.

  4. CelestialCn68 (verified owner)

    Ace Killer OG gave me the ultimate relaxation I needed after a long day. The earthy and diesel taste was on point, and the high was perfect for my muscle spasms and pain. I slept like a baby and woke up refreshed the next day. Highly recommend for anyone struggling with insomnia or needing muscle relaxation.

  5. India J. (verified owner)

    You feeling lucky? Ace Killer is your card to play when you’re down and out for cash but still want some super dank weed!
    I love working with Pacific cause they keep the common man in mind. We are not wealthy established growers. This is a community of homegrowers and hobbyists looking for a GREAT online seed bank and tons of great growing advice.
    This hybrid really does the trick, and makes me feel light on my feet!

  6. Rohit Bean (verified owner)

    I like ace killer cause it’s DOPE at its finest! Great weed and super cheap. The way it’s supposed to be. I am thrilled to be smoking this weed and just chilling out, finally, it’s been a wild ride the last few years and this was a great way to unwind. What a LIFE! I am so thrilled to have finally found weed seeds online!

  7. Amira Keller (verified owner)

    No matter the circumstances, Ace Killer’s sweet uplifting high makes it better. Not a newbie when it comes to weed. In fact, I was part of the original GREEN RUSH in California right around time of legalization. Unfortunaetly the red-tape around dispos and growers has gotten out of control, so I’m out of the game and growing now for myself. Having great success with pacific seeds, their product is top notch, and very affordable!!

  8. Samson Rice (verified owner)

    This weed is your ace in the hole, ace killer og is that perfect afternoon strain that creeps up and keeps you deeply relaxed. Very productive plant! Gosh, all I had to do was fertilize it ONCE and it was like a rocket shooting for the sky, FAN-FRIGGIN-TASTIC weed!

  9. Catherine Perez (verified owner)

    Perfect for your afternoon smoke. Usually instills me with a great amount of energy and focus. I no longer fall asleep at my desk, so I guess that’s a positive haha. Burned through my supply so fast I had to buy new seeds right away. The yield itself was pretty good! Nearly 600 grams and a lot of color and flavor.

  10. Lani Kim (verified owner)

    OMG this weed basically makes me catatonic LOL. I smoke too much and I am just GLUED to my couch! Either way, this is well worth the effort. It helps with stress and makes me smile like a freaking villain! Better than I expected and I can never go back to mediocre weed again!!

  11. Bryson Mccallum (verified owner)

    The ace killer is like a secret weapon. You just gotta take one or two hits, and you’re bouncing off the walls in stealth mode, and that’s pretty dope. Pretty fast and easy grow, I like to harvest all of it at once, cure it in my garage for a week or two, then it’s ready to smoke. Funky skunky smell bro, you’re gonna want it again and again!

  12. David Smith (verified owner)

    The product was exactly as described it is good. The high is intense and yes, it is creeper. You can feel the high building slowly until you are stoned. I highly recommend this but if you are a beginner be careful a not smoke too much.

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