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Durban Poison Feminized Seeds

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Often referred to as the “espresso of marijuana strains,” Durban Poison is a 100% sativa that may lift your spirits and energy level. This is a daytime strain that growers use to “wake and bake” to start their day on the right foot.

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What are the effects of Durban Poison?

While Durban Poison cannabis, which is a 100% pure sativa strain, is not an “ancient strain,” it is definitely an old-school, hard-hitting African sativa landrace strain that has been around in the U.S. since the 1970s that is beloved by at-home and commercial growers everywhere, due in large part to its energizing effects.

This uplifting landrace variety, which has a THC level of about 20%, is a true cult classic that’s sure to rouse and stimulate users both mentally and physically, without any negative psychedelic effects. As such, as a pure sativa plant, this African strain makes for a fabulous wake-and-bake sans the caffeinated jitters, with some dubbing it the “coffee of cannabis” strain or even the “espresso of strains.”

Finally, its sedative effects are close to zero due to Durban Poison’s pure sativa heritage, which is all about providing users with big energetic effects.

What are the Therapeutic Benefits of Durban Poison?

This upbeat and dynamic weed strain also has quite the following amongst medical users, thanks to how it can lift your spirits. As such, it has to potential to alleviate stress and mood swings. In addition, for those who are not already prone to paranoia, Durban Poison is said to also help to alleviate nervousness.

On the physical end of the spectrum, Durban Poison has gained a solid reputation as a strain that may serve to help relax from migraines, and stomach sickness–the latter of which may be especially useful to patients who are undergoing chemotherapy and radiation.

What are the Adverse Side Effects of Durban Poison?

This is a powerful strain that’s sure to leave you in stitches–fortunately, of the laughter variety as opposed to the medical suture kind. Perhaps the biggest adverse side effects of this sativa variety are that sometimes users experience cottonmouth and itchy eyes. In addition, some users, particularly those who already have a tendency to struggle with nerves, have reported experiencing paranoia.

What is Durban Poison’s Terpene Profile?

Terpenes in weed are chemical compounds that occur naturally and are what give marijuana its aromas, flavors, and even colors. They are also believed to have various anecdotal therapeutic effects both recreationally and medically.

Durban Poison’s terpene content mainly consists of terpinolene (herbaceous and floral), myrcene (clover), limonene (lemon citrus), as well as ocimene (herbal, woody, and sweet), pinene (pine), linalool (lavender and rose), caryophyllene (spicy, cinnamon, clover), and humulene (hops).

How do I grow Durban Poison cannabis seeds?

Growing Durban Poison marijuana seeds is a pretty easy feat, as it’s resistant to common molds and pests, which makes it an ideal strain for beginner growers to try their hands at. In addition, since Pacific Seed Bank’s entire seed collection is comprised solely of feminized seeds, there’s about a 90% chance of ending up with all female plants.

While Durban Poison can be grown in an indoor environment, it’s more of an outdoor variety where its large-sized plants can have ample space to grow and is able to provide its largest yields.

Grown in an outdoor environment, this hardy plant requires a sunny climate and semi-humid weather conditions for its tall plants to fully thrive. If you do decide to grow the Durban Poison strain inside, it’s best to use hydroponics. In addition, indoor growers will need to bend and prune their plants early on in their vegetative growth stage as a form of height management, unless you happen to have a large indoor growing space where height restrictions aren’t an issue.

What do Durban Poison cannabis plants look like?

When fully mature, Durban Poison plants generally have a maximum height of 12 feet tall, which is another reason that this is a perfect strain for outdoor cultivation.

Durban Poison, which gives off a strong aroma of sweet dank pine and hints of licorice-like spice, has a bud structure that is quite dense, which is actually an indica trait, and has long, slim sativa-style leaves. Its forest green nuggets, which are threaded through with vibrant orange pistil, are covered in white crystal trichomes.

When to harvest your Durban Poison cannabis plant

This quality marijuana strain produces above-average yields both indoors and out, with its outdoor harvest being significantly larger.

When cultivated indoors, Durban Poison should enter complete its vegetative stage in 8-9 weeks and enter its flowering stage. Come harvest time it should provide cultivators with an impressive yield of about 450 grams per square meter.

Grown outside in Mother Nature, in a setting that’s similar to a Mediterranean climate, this particular weed strain should produce a relatively abundant yield of around 600 grams per plant sometime around late September to early October after completing its flowering period.

Similar cannabis strains to Durban Poison

  1. Super Green Crack is a pure sativa hybrid known for putting that extra pep in your step and a big ol’ smile on your face. It’s also well-suited for first-time to expert growers.
  2. Red Congolese another 100% pure sativa that’s of the old-school quality cannabis variety makes for a classic wake-and-bake option.
  3. Girl Scout Cookies (GSC): this stress-relieving sativa-dominant strain is able to claim Durban Poison as one of its parent strains.
  4. Pure OG on the opposite end of the spectrum this is a pure indica that’s as uplifting as it is calming.

Additional information


Original Harvest Seeds

Cannabis Species



100% Sativa

Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Moderate (3-10%)

Feels Like

Energetic, Focused, Uplifting

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 450g/m²

Yield Outdoors

500-600 g/plant

To Treat

Depression, Fatigue, Stress


Earthy, Pine, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






42 reviews for Durban Poison Feminized Seeds

  1. Evie W. (verified owner)

    Instead of a cup of coffee, friend, you need to grab some Durban Poison cuz this stuff is no joke. It awakens your senses and livens you up so much that you’ll feel like you can get anything done. I love how energized and focused I feel every time I pick it up. This is definitely the way you want to start your day!

  2. Kingston Phillips (verified owner)

    This funky fresh strain is a real treat. They grow so quickly, I could barely keep up! Great looking MJ, very fresh, sticky, and tight. Perfect for grtinding into joints or smoking out of a bowl. It’s so smooth you can barely tell you’re breathing in smoke. Great vibe!

  3. Zippy Zipper (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed Durban Poison for its great yield size and amazing tastes, a great hit of sweet pine to it, and really good CBD content for medicinal purposes too. The high is not too powerful or overly potent, so you will not feel overwhelmed.

  4. Alejandro Vega (verified owner)

    Durban Poison Seeds | Durban Poison Strain Seeds: Get ready to experience the energizing effects of Durban Poison with these high-quality seeds. This 100% pure sativa strain has been a favorite among growers since the 1970s. With its uplifting effects and therapeutic benefits, it’s no wonder why Durban Poison is often called the “coffee of cannabis.”

  5. ConsoleCowgirl (verified owner)

    Durban Poison from Original Harvest Seeds is a fantastic strain for those looking for an energetic and focused high. The earthy and pine flavors are delicious and the moderate CBD levels make it great for treating stress. With a short flowering time and medium size, this strain is perfect for beginner growers.

  6. dheinsen@reagan.com (verified owner)

    Two of the three seeds grew in 2022. My goodness what a fun plant to grow, they were 96″ tall in early November. I heavily prune, the end result was a few Buds as large as champagne bottles! No joke, Great soil and lots of heat in Central Calif as well as daily attention.

  7. Sam Bates (verified owner)

    Out of my four plants this summer two were Durban and this strain is currently my favorite. It did not replicate my expectations of Durban Poison, but definetly is dank.

    Very sticky, with a hashy, earthy flavor. Cured very easily. Mild, smooth smoke.
    Very stoney. I’ve taken a few morning naps already.

    I have limited direct sunglight and fed a mild nutrient regimen, but produced over a QP of tasty nugs per plant, though I expect a larger harvest is not difficult.
    These buds and colas aren’t rock hard dense like another strain grown right beside these was, as I prefer, allowing complete trichome coverage.
    Would grow again.

  8. Giacomo Willis (verified owner)

    If durban posion is on your grow list, join the club. This weed, relatively unknown, or with a strange reputation, is a high-yielding success. Usually garners around 150-200 G per plant, generally very tiny BB-sized flower, dense and sticky and fresh, great for a bowl or a blunt…whatever suits your fancy. Helpful to have this weed for social situations, it brightens my mood and removes any anxiety I might have.

  9. Kendra Nash (verified owner)

    My name is Simon. I am a first time buyer with Pacific seed bank. I ordered 10 seeds online. Was happy to see them in my mailbox just a few days later. It helps to be in Northern Cali where this company is based. I am confident that my product is the highest quality since they source their seeds from some of the most beautiful and well-run weed farms in the state. Just great!

  10. Mehreen Aguirre (verified owner)

    This is truly the definition of DANKNESSSSSS! I bought 10 seeds online, got them shipped to my apartment and grow in my sunny little window. It’s such a dream! I am so happy with my seeds that I purchased online. The smell alone is like a shot of caffeine to the brain. It’s been a great effort, sowing the seeds and getting them up and running. I am winning here, like a champ!

  11. Jayda Greene (verified owner)

    The poison really runs through your veins. This hybrid strain is great for stress and anxiety. It helps me relax and keeps me sharp! The tight green buds have that classic skunky smell. Makes me real excited! I love packing a bowl and smoking with my girlfriend!

  12. Sullivan Bates (verified owner)

    GREAT marijuana strain for those of you looking for a sweet and grounded high with a funky taste and smell that will last in your memory for days!!! I am always ripping bongs with this weed, and I am getting stoned like every night!!! Buy yourself this weed and TRUST me you’ll be feeling light and breezy in no time!

  13. Cyrus Lister (verified owner)

    Sweet and earthy and filled with a strange magic that suddenly makes movies and music a whole lot better. Don’t waste time smoking bad weed, just trust in Pacific. They have great weed.

  14. Lucie Snow (verified owner)

    Got my durban poison delivered in a nicely sealed package, it arrived within a week of ordering. Awesome purchase! All my seeds germinated, so was pretty happy when I yielded 600 grams across 3 plants. My secret? Fish emulsion!

  15. Kien Rahman (verified owner)

    Durban poison is no joke! This sultry earthy indica breed has everything you want out of fresh, homegrown marijuana! Gets me nice and baked. I buy 5 seeds at a time, usually get about 4/5 seeds to germ and grow to maturity. The bounty is excellent, nearing 800 grams, all very fresh and delicious. An excellent score!

  16. Hermione Fry (verified owner)

    Have a blast when you smoke durban poison.

    Love ordering online. Such fast delivery bro!

    Great smell.

  17. Taine Mcdaniel (verified owner)

    Get your durban poison seeds online with Pacific seed bank. This stuff is rad and delicious and helps with stress. I ordered it online and had it shipped to my place and it was there in 72 hrs!!! Faster than amazon and the greatest part is that you can grow it yourself. High quality bud with an unforgettable smell and flavor, you’l fall in love with this poison 🙂

  18. Steve Briggs (verified owner)

    The poison is what’s in my veins. I love mixing this weed with other strains to get MAXIMUM STONED. Good times are had by all when it’s time to smoke this dope. Really like the fine herbs just growing in the side yard, hope the raccoons don’t get to em. But whatever, never felt like I was missing out before.

  19. jacobwallace31 (verified owner)

    Beautiful so far my favorite and iv run like 10 different strains of psb

  20. Joan Joseph (verified owner)

    Durban poison is a rocking good time. Makes me smile and also gives me a head rush that just CANT be beat!!! I urge everyone to go out and buy some of these quality marijuana seeds. They look and smell fantastic, and BOY do they just get you stoned. I am very thrilled about this, you’ll never see me cry in public again.

  21. mayouwanna (verified owner)

    My buddies and I went in on a few seeds together since we all moved in to the same place. The yard is great over here, and Portland is the perfect place to just let it all hang out and have a great time. I love that I could order this stuff online, and that it was in our mailbox just a few days later! Smells great once it sprouts, and it’s a fast grower too!

  22. Tianna Davenport (verified owner)

    Well well well, I just had to stop by and leave a review. I opened up my seeds and was very surprised to see an extra one slipped in. So now I have 4 pot seeds, which I am pretty happy about 🙂 Got myself a BIG yield from my grow, truly makes me happy and will definitely add to my collection!

  23. Theo Bruce (verified owner)

    I got myself 3 seeds of Durban to start out and I am already ordering more. This weed was a great buy, made my winter far more entertaining, and it helped me with stress and depression from being locked inside all the time. Got a VERY nice yield, definitely better than expected, and it looks just amazing. I got very high and rode my bike the other day!!

  24. Benjamin Steffes (verified owner)

    Website- A
    Selection- A
    Customer service- A
    Packaging- A
    Finals results- A+

    Amazing strain! A must try for every grower. Very easy to grow. Great experience, especially when shared with friends.

  25. Lily-Ann Maddox (verified owner)

    It’s definitely the kind of weed you wanna share with your buddies….trust me, this is some seriously nice bud, gets me hella baked, and keeps me coming back for more. I really recommend you try this out and keep it goin. I am soooo thrilled about this marijuana and wanna keep going. Yay I am a grower now!!!

  26. FarmRogue (verified owner)

    This weed is literally so relaxing I can barely type! I feel like I am swimming in a pool of jello! Either way, things are better than ever before. I smoke this weed to just feel like myself and put my worries behind me. First time grower though, and I had some difficulties getting started. Once they took off though, things are good!

  27. ismdi99 (verified owner)

    Durban poison is worth the effort. It may be a LITTLE hard to grow, but ultimately it just gets super tasty and gets me soooo high. I am very excited for this weed to be in my life…it’s like the way my friends and I like to hang out…it’s got all the relaxing indica qualities you want for a fun night with your homies, and it doesn’t make you groggy!

  28. watch carefully (verified owner)

    Durban poison is the truth it is the light and the way and I just totally LOVE IT!!!! Got myself a nice harvest about 600 grams and now I am totally swimming in dank weed which I like to smoke every night. Goodbye stress! Goodnight anxiety! Hello pizza and video games 🙂

  29. Pat Brown (verified owner)

    Durban Posion is the weed I like to share with my friends. I am very excited for this strain to be ready to harvest. The flowers are forming and the buds are looking beautiful. It’s so nice to have this weed in my backyard, I mean the colors are great and the vibes are just fantastic. I will totally buy more of this weed!

  30. Jewel C. (verified owner)

    This is a classic strain with a great buzz, will get you super high and keep you stoned for hours, will definitely make you happy and probably hungry too. Definitely a good grow, a little challenging but not bad overall, you’ll probably mess something up but it’s not really a big deal, it’s a good harvest and you’ll enjoy the smell too. Good for what ails you.

  31. Lina L. (verified owner)

    I feel like I could dance for days when I smoke this weed! My friends and I all pass around a joint of this stuff before we go out for the night. It gives your whole body and nice buzz and if you’re clubbing or something you feel like you’re one with the music. Would also recommend if you’re going to Coachella or any other kind of music festival.

  32. Fiona H. (verified owner)

    Holy smokes, this is a holy smoke. A good indoor grow because the plant stays pretty small but still has an incredible yield. I’m not sure if I’ve ever tried a 100% sativa strain before, but this one is better than all the coffee I could imagine. It’s great for smoking before work or going on a hike or getting creative in any capacity. It smells really nice and sweet and doesn’t overpower the space around the growing area. Definitely my favorite new cannabis strain.

  33. Louis E (verified owner)

    I heard rumors this was a great wake-and-bake strain and boy it’s true. Felt energized and focused throughout the day. Nugs came out dense and smelled really good. Kind of piney. Do not smoke this unless you intend to be uber lazer focused. It’s like the Ritalin of weed. The high is kind of heady, definitely had that out-of-body floaty feeling. Once again, a really nice time ordering from Pacific. Seeds were delivered in a timely fashion and excellently packed.

  34. Mikala O. (verified owner)

    Grew it outdoors this time for a bigger yield and I’m not disappointed. Got pretty damn tall outside so just be aware that if you’ve got short fences it may peek over them haha! I really like the moderate THC with pure sativa for the purposes of not being so blasted but still having that energizing get up and go that we all know and love in sativa! No need for coffee with this weed!

  35. Jon K. (verified owner)

    I really REALLY dig the taste of this weed. Sweet and earth at the same time? Is that even possible? I grew outdoors — first time in a long time but I heard Durban Poison did well outside so I figured why not? Wow, did they grow tall! I gave my ladies lots of pruning and training and made sure I didn’t feed them too much. Very happy with my yield!

  36. Denzel Y. (verified owner)

    Yowsa! I don’t think I’ve ever seen marijuana buds with this much resin. I’m pretty new to growing but I’ve been smoking on and off since I was 16. Growing Durban Poison was on the easier side. All my seeds germinated in a couple days and in under eight weeks I was smoking this excellent, excellent weed. I wouldn’t hesitate to order from Pacific Seed Bank again. Thanks guys (and gals).

  37. Mariah E. (verified owner)

    Oh my goodness, this is the pure sativa I was looking for. The weed is beautiful beautiful beautiful and was almost fun to grow it was so easy outdoors. The plants got really tall and it was borderline magical forest walking through the grow, and I got around a 600g/plant yield. I love the balance of 100% sativa plus a little bit of CBD to take away aches and pains but keep me up and active and focused. One of the best strains I’ve ever gotten my hands on.

  38. Sydney L. (verified owner)

    Who needs coffee when you’ve got durban poison weed around? ? This weed strain provides a clearheaded, motivating high that won’t leave you feeling stoned at all. You can continue through your day as normal and most likely nobody will know you’re high. Love the fast delivery from Pacific to me here in Cananda. Tops experience!

  39. Liz P. (verified owner)

    Forget 7am, I wake up at 4am!!! I won’t lie to you, I do not like it and am not a morning person. Thank goodness I decided to grow this strain because OMG coffee just doesn’t cut it that early in the AM! So I smoke a little bit of this stuff throughout the day to perk me up and keep me going. It’s a classic after all, and I have always been a sativa guy so this is exactly the kind of weed I need to make my workday bearable. I enjoyed the growing process, did it indoors in my little greenhouse (pretty dope) and had some gorgeous greenish orange crystals. Life saver!!!!

  40. Maia D. (verified owner)

    Love Pacific Seeds germination guarantee! You basically can’t go wrong ordering from them because they ensure all the seeds you buy will be good quality seeds. For me, 4 out of the 5 seeds I bought flowered and they’re still growing and looking good! I’ve used durban poison before and love how it gets me through a stressful work day with so much shit to do. Hooray for sativa, amiright?! I’m naturally a bit lazy so this really helps me succeed. Lovin watching the thick nugs start to develop. Really looking forward to harvest time!

  41. Russel B. (verified owner)

    Spicy spicy buds! Awesome flavor! Felt very focused and motivated! For sure a daytime smoke! Seeds were shipped FAST and labeled discreetly which I so appreciate. They all germinated with no problems. Raised my plants in the backyard garden where they got plenty of sun and they grew up nice. Were pretty resilient but we had pretty good weather anyway so there wasn’t much to stress them out. Medium-sized yield for hardly any effort. Wouldn’t mind ordering this strain again and giving it a go with a little bit larger crop. I enjoy smoking it so I probably will.

  42. Mel C. (verified owner)

    Hard to find a pure sativa out there, but durban poison is my jam! Ordered online thru Pacific, had the seeds shipped straight to my door, they popped up out of the soul right away and grew into lovely beautiful plants with a distinct sweet smell to them. I got a TON of weed!!! I smoke this literally every afternoon after my lunch break and it makes the day fly by so fast!!! I will definitely be back to buy more!

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