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Alien Kush Feminized Seeds

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Alien Kush benefits both medical and recreational smokers. The high begins with a cerebral buzz and wears off to a true feeling of relaxation in the body.

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Are you ready to find life on another planet? Alien Kush marijuana seeds will get you there. This strain is a slightly indica-dominant hybrid of California origin. It’s a cross between Las Vegas Purple Kush and Alien Dawg with THC levels at around 14%. Alien Kush is especially handy to have around thanks to its medical and recreational benefits. This is one of the only strains that benefit both aspects of marijuana use. At first, you’ll feel the trippy effects in your brain along with sensations of happiness and euphoria. These feelings are common amongst sativa strains.

Part two of this high effects the body, which is true of most indica strains. Gradually, the buzzy cerebral effects wear off and you’ll find yourself in a state of deep bodily relaxation. The high usually lasts around two hours, which means you’ll be able to get on with your day as planned. Consumers looking for a quick high should reach for Alien Kush marijuana seeds. This strain won’t put you on the couch for half the day.

Instead, Alien Kush promotes creativity and activity — great for artists or anyone who feels extra lazy in the mornings. Growers will recognize Alien Kush plants by their green color, sticky buds, and red and orange hair. Alien Kush marijuana seeds grow to a medium height and are considered hardier than other seeds. This means you’ll have success growing both indoors and outdoors. This strain has a citrus aroma with notes of lemon, pine, and herbs.

Additional information


Mendocino Farms

Cannabis Species



40% Sativa/60% Indica

Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 400g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 500 gr

To Treat



Fruity, Herbal, Pine

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






53 reviews for Alien Kush Feminized Seeds

  1. Quantum3Quester (verified owner)

    This strain offers a perfect balance of cerebral and physical effects, leaving you feeling happy, relaxed, and ready to tackle the day. With its medium height and hardy growing nature, it’s a favorite amongst growers. The citrus aroma with hints of lemon and pine is just the cherry on top.

  2. Eternal Phoenix (verified owner)

    I had been searching for a strain that gave me a cerebral buzz and one that gave me the body sensations. I was kinda lost so I contacted customer service and they helped me come across this one. This was the perfect recommendation and met all my needs plus more.

  3. SativaSorcerer (verified owner)

    Starts strong with a high that fills the mind, but once it is done your body will be filled with relaxation. Great for anyone learning to grow, this strain will be perfect for all levels.

  4. SparklingSparrow (verified owner)

    Alien Kush has a really nice cerebral buzz to it that is great for relaxing my body. Probably one of my favorite highs I have had in a while. Seeds also all germinated and another solid product from Pacific Seed Bank.

  5. Wayne Whitaker (verified owner)

    The grow was easy enough but the yields weren’t quite what i was hoping for. The flavors are definitely unique to say the least, not sure its for everyone but i didn’t mind the high. Personal pass for me but I do think its more suited for people that like a shorter high

  6. Aarav Watson (verified owner)

    This hybrid strain is great for waking up and staying focused! It took me about 3 months in total to grow and harvest this plant. It was a magical process. I cared for my plants like they were my own children. I even set up an indoor irrigation and LED system to keep them strong as possible! Very nice looking bud, I am so happy I finally had a chance to try growing with pacific seeds. Easily one of the best sites on the net!!

  7. AstralArcher38 (verified owner)

    Alien Kush had me feeling super relaxed and sleepy, making it perfect for unwinding after a long day. Its ability to relieve my pain and stress was a major plus. The taste had hints of berry and herbal notes with a touch of pine, making it quite pleasant. As a beginner grower, I found this strain easy to grow and had a great yield.

  8. Greatsaxophone21 (verified owner)

    Okay, so, if you like indica hybrids, especially those that induce a heavy state of couch-lock, you’ll probably enjoy Alien Kush. It’s a classic strain, and a surprisingly approachable grow. I have minimal gardening experience, but I do enjoy it as a hobby. Nice that I can buy 5 seeds online and have them shipped to me directly. Big, fresh nugs with a tasty earthy flavor…it’s *wait for it* OUTTA THIS WORLD!

  9. Isabella O. (verified owner)

    Do you believe it??? I love the idea of aliens living among us, and I hope growing alien kush would be a relaxing and sweet alternative to buying mj at the dispensary. It’s a great way to unwind! I feel like I waited too long to harvest much of my flower. Some of the flower went to seed. I didn’t like that. I learned my lesson the hard way. It’s okay!! But I did lose like 100 G of fresh MJ lol. I like this one but Zkittlez might still be my all-time fave!

  10. Essa Beard (verified owner)

    An easy grow, but not always the biggest yields. I think it’s best for more experienced growers with an indoor space. I like the wonky flavors….really does make me think of outer space. Pretty wild!

  11. Darlene Douglas (verified owner)

    Is it possible that weed is from another planet? Maybe so! This kush strain is so GOOD that it must be gifted by the aliens. Not only that but it’s actually pretty easy to grow…self-sufficient! Gotta have this weed in your life, otherwise you might miss first contact 😉

  12. Harun Klein (verified owner)

    Absolutely GORGEOUS! Beautiful NUGS!! I got 15 seeds and they deliver right to my door, one of my absolutely favorite strains to grow. Gets me high and chills me out. Has a funky smell and some sticky nug. Very flavorful but not too intense. Just right.

  13. Arwel Lozano (verified owner)

    Alien kush has a bright yellow and green color. It looks like it is from Mars! I bought 10 seeds online, got them shipped to my apartment in Georgetown and planted them in the garden bed. NICE vibes, really helps with stress and depression and gets me other-worldly stoned. Hopefully I will buy more, but who knows?

  14. Suman V (verified owner)

    Oh baby! Alien kush is just what the doctor ordered. Not only is it light and fuzzy, it is a creeper strain that comes on nice and slow. You will be happy you purchased this weed. It’s most definitely gonna change your life! Get high people, it’s great!

  15. Coen Cote (verified owner)

    Immediately after smoking this, the high can be a bit overwhelming, like your brain is swimming around in a fish bowl, and it can be tough if you’re trying to work or something. Once the high settles in, it gets a lot better, more relaxing, uplifting, and helps with stress. Just make sure you know what you’re doing!!!

  16. Chandni Patterson (verified owner)

    I used to be an alien myself, and I got pretty stoned and became a human. I missed growing this weed, so I decided to but it online. Pacific makes growing your own MJ EEEEZZZZZZEEEEEEE. It’s pretty nice too, like the nugs are big and fluffy and just smell amazing. This MJ is top quality, and I am not an easy sell. I highly recommend you try it out so you can blast off to outer space!!

  17. Gabrielle Santos (verified owner)

    When the clock strikes midnight you know I am toking up with some alien kush!! Have been a weed grower since the ’80’s and feel like I am finally experienced enough to grow whatever strain I desire. I opted for a classic this time around. I wanted to try Pacific but didn’t know how legit they’d be, and I was pleasantly surprised at how well this all came together!!

  18. Leroy Lam (verified owner)

    You gotta keep your head up. Alien Kush keeps your focus on the stars above. It makes you feel like an alien yourself, walking on the moon. Bought 15 seeds so I can be growing all through the year. They look amazing, smell great too. Like a funky sour smell, and the smoke is suuuuper smooth. Love it!

  19. Zachery Abbott (verified owner)

    Kush strains are always a good time, and honestly they are the easiest to grow. They take no time at all to cultivate and always bring a lot of happiness to my afternoons. I worked pretty hard though making sure these seeds stay well watered and pruned throughout growing to create a masterful flowering period with lots of nug!!! Yay!!!

  20. Aniya Wilder (verified owner)

    I wanna smoke alien kush with some real aliens, not just my own friends LOL. Got a BIG yield from these little plants. Didn’t even take that long to grow, and honestly was a good purchase. VERY relaxing, and a pretty sweet buy. They ship straight to CaNADA and they look the best in my backyard. Feeling like a real country boy.

  21. Igor Ferry (verified owner)

    Alien Kush is RADDDDD. It’s got the best vibes of any strain out there, makes me wanna float down the Oregon rivers in a raft and just laze. Pretty stoked about this weed though, love growing it and Always have a good time. Pacific’s seeds are super reliable, they ship out quickly and I have always had strong germination. Highly recommend it!!!

  22. Madeeha Cox (verified owner)

    Alien kush might be my new favorite strain, especially when I am trying to get out and about on a Saturday night. Very excited for the prospect of growing marijuana, and I love that my basement has all these grow lights involved. Very pleased with the bounty of my harvest, and it’s all cause Pacific made it happen. Online seed ordering is truly the way to go!

  23. Alayna Lloyd (verified owner)

    The kush strain is pretty intense, gets me nice and stoned and it helps me relax. I know I am old school, but I smoke out of a bong, and I get HUGE rips LOL. I ordered my seeds online and had them delivered to my place here in Oregon. They look just fantastic in my backyard, and I am thrilled to have this weed in my life!!

  24. Dustin Acevedo (verified owner)

    Alien Kush is a powerful strain…it’s gonna drive you wild…get you nice and stoned and not break the bank….I get real stoned every time though, and sometimes it’s too much and I just need to chill out and sleep for a looooong time, has been great for my insomnia. These yellow nugs are seriously rad, and they smell good too 🙂

  25. Clementine Tran (verified owner)

    I was pretty stoked to buy this weed and I was even happier to harvest it. It came out REALLY nicely, and gave me a very agreeable buzz. Pretty happy that I worked this hard for my own pot, just cause it’s way more rewarding (and cheaper) than always buying seeds from the dispensary. I’ll absolutely keep buying this weed!

  26. pterodactyl5 (verified owner)

    Kush strains are always the bomb, and this one is no exception…you might even say it’s outta this world! haha jk. I was very pleased with this strain, it makes for a great buy if you’re short on cash and long on time, which seems to be all the time lol. Either way Pacific has a great selection and a fast delivery time, well worth the effort!

  27. Madeeha Foley (verified owner)

    Get fired up for some alien kush! This weed really take the cake when it comes to getting stoned with your buddies and watching some stupid movies on Netflix. Great growing this in the backyard, makes for an excellent crop and a BIG yield too, if you know what you’re doing. It’s an easy buy and fast delivery.

  28. Spiderweb (verified owner)

    I really want to get into growing weed and I heard kush strains were a good place to start! I ordered just on a whim and got some seriously nice bud….definitely a good buy for the price too and the grow guide on this site was a huge help!!! I will need some help for the next few grows then I think I have got it! Can’t wait for more weed in ma life!!!

  29. the Creator (verified owner)

    I was always buying kush strains, I used to buy them from the dispensary and then I totally lost my job and now I need to grow my own to save some money and it TOTES works KIDZ! I get myself a big old yield of fat sticky bud and it’s great for dealing with your freaking out mind, so nice to have this arrround! Great success!

  30. Gangstas Delight (verified owner)

    You gotta love a good kush strain, it’s the most classic buzz you can get from weed. It makes you super stoned and also helps with stress and anxiety…gives me the munchies hardcore, so I never really fail to order a pizza lol. Smoking this stuff on the daily…can you blame me? Loved how easy it was to grow too, actually ended up saving me money at the dispensary…highly recommend.

  31. Memories (verified owner)

    If you are looking for a truly unique strain I’d go for this alien kush. It’s a kush strain so you KNOW it’s gonna be good. Easy to grow, high yielding and very fresh and pungent. Ahhh now that’s the smell of a good harvest! I got my 3 seeds from PSB and they were a real treat to care for in my backyard. Fun to prune and water and watch it grow! I know you’re gonna love it, cause I certainly do! It helps with my depression and anger issues too, cools the flames and puts a smile on my face.

  32. Merele (verified owner)

    The kush is boss yo! I love growing this mj, it’s super easy and straightforward with some excellent yield after only like 4 months in the ground. Wow though, it’s pretty fun to watch this stuff grow big and bushy and amazing. I feel so fortunate to have found Pacific, their online catalog can’t be beat, and their amazing customer service is helpful every time! I love the indica vibes from this mj, helps me chill out and sleep. and makes for great convos late at night!

  33. Rainbows (verified owner)

    It’s a wicked relaxing strain and it helps with depression, nuff said really. I mean if you have experience growing weed, then you’ll definitely dig this stuff in your garden. It’s not hard to grow, these plants practically care for themselves and not to mention they have a really amazing appearance that catches the stoner’s eye! Very green and covered in colorful pistils. It could be a lot worse you know? Happy as I can be really with this stuff, I got nothing to complain about!

  34. rose (verified owner)

    Helps a lot with some minor aches and pains, great for after work or on the weekends. Wanted to order some pot seeds online and came across Pacific and got my seeds delivered right to my door. Easy to germinate and all 3 grew well in the garden, beautiful buds, very dense and fragrant, kinda fruity and a little sour smelling. Good for my stressed out days, helps me sleep too!

  35. Caleb Sheppard (verified owner)

    This is some excellent weed, some of my favorite I have grown so far. I am so impressed by how easy it was to order online with Pacific and have these seeds shipped right to my door. It’s been great for my stress levels and even helps me with social anxiety. It;s got this wild tangy flavor to it, I can barely describe it! So powerful yet relaxing, truly outta this world!!!

  36. kris salters (verified owner)

    This has to be my new favorite strain! I usually grow kush strains because they are easy and usually yield a lot! I was really pleased by how this one turned out. It gave me a lot of weed, as usual, but this on is unique with it’s sticky dank delicious sweet smell and it’s incredible high. It’s great for my stress and anxiety, and also takes my mind to a really trippy place, wow! I am really impressed and will be back for more!!!

  37. Mia Fae (verified owner)

    This is some powerful stuff. It’s incredibly relaxing and it doesn’t quit on ya, it just keeps giving! It’s really easy to order from this site, and the seeds arrive in no time, it’s simple as that. Germination was simple as pie and the plants grew super tall and healthy, great genetics! Got a huge yield, at least for me, and it offers a fine buzz for those who love to sit back and kick it!

  38. Carter U. (verified owner)

    Alien kush will kick your butt into outer space and make you never want to come back down. It’s a very relaxing strain, great for daydreaming even for sleeping at night. A very easy grow with no real issues on my end. Love PSB great company to order seeds from and I will definitely be back for more!

  39. Milton J. (verified owner)

    Fantastic outdoor grow! I don’t have the space to grow weed indoors – there’s a lot of us living in the house – so I look for strains that can handle the rain and wind of western Oregon. Alien Kush can take a hit and won’t quit! (I did have to construct a shield for my ladies though, when a windstorm was coming through.) I love that I could grow this outside, get a good yield and, most importantly, get a very nice, euphoric high! Great daytime strain. Alien kush is here to stay.

  40. Carina O. (verified owner)

    If its an out of this world buzz you’re looking for, then look no further than this strain of mj! It’s super easy to grow and looks amazing! Smells and tastes kind of sour and the nugs are huge and delicious! I usually just smoke in the evening to help me relax and have a little fun before work starts the next morning at 8 am blech! It’s a lovely strain to have around the house and PSB has the best seeds in town!

  41. Garisson W. (verified owner)

    Very trippy. It’s good for headaches, sore muscles after a workout or when I just want to space out. Pacific always has high quality pot, delivered fast and this strain is a great balance between head and body. Always makes me feel nice and calm.

  42. Marcel S. (verified owner)

    Out of this world weed for sure! Easy outdoor grow. I chose outdoors because of the slightly higher yield, what looked like around 100g more per plant. My backyard is pretty secluded so I didn’t have issues with the smell but the strain is pretty aromatic so be careful. The high is really heady for an indica dominant hybrid but I think that’s a good thing – good body high without couch lock.

  43. Jin L. (verified owner)

    Pleasant to grow and pleasant to smoke. First time in my garden but not first time ordering from Pacific. Shipping is always incredibly fast and this time was no exception. Great packing, great labeling. Every seed popped and every plant looked great. Best ever bud is right here. Alien Kush is a lovely smoke that I never get tired of. Just makes you happy. I plan to grow this strain again.

  44. Cameron H. (verified owner)

    Another kush that’s f’ing excellent. Exceptional easy grow. Had an intense psychedelic experience smoking this weed. Saw colors so vibrant, I’m still tripping. Tastes very skunky and earthy. I just love growing mj, and alien kush is one of the best. It’s pretty resistant to mold and disease, which makes it a no brainer. Very uplifting and cerebral high that’s a hit for pretty much anyone. You can’t go wrong with any kind of kush, least of all this one.

  45. Hallie P. (verified owner)

    This is a hardy sucker! I grew it outside and it lasted through wind and a few storms. It takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’ I would say … turned out great, full buds and hardy stock. Smoking this weed was cool … it was a far-out high. Very psychedelic. Very good. Everything around me just felt more ALIVE. Recommend this strain.

  46. Marie P. (verified owner)

    This is one of those tried and true favorites that’s practically a guarantee to be good. And with Pacific’s amazing dependability, you can’t go wrong. I don’t usually gush about a retailer, but I’ve been around the block a couple times with other seed delivery services and they just don’t compare. If you haven’t ordered from Pacific yet I highly recommend giving them a try!

  47. P.J. (verified owner)

    As someone with an artistic job, mornings just aren’t my thing. The citrusy smell and the buzz from this strain gave me a great morning lift and it wore off just in time for me to feel awake and ready to get on with my day. I felt totally relaxed and was also able to get stuff done during my day! I was pleasantly surprised because I’ve noticed that other strains leave me feeling lethargic, but not Alien Kush! This product is truly amazing!

  48. Jaxon S. (verified owner)

    Fruity, slightly piney taste with Alien Kush. Really mellow and happy. I felt inspired while smoking this weed and could see it as a good choice for people who like to get creative while high. Growing notes: 9 out of 10 seeds germinated and grew up into healthy strong plants. Cultivated indoors and got an equally strong yield. Flowered in about 8 1/2 weeks.

  49. Sarah D. (verified owner)

    I use cannabis for medical reasons (chronic pain and headaches) and alien kush is one of my faves. It starts with a shimmery, brain-happy high and then bends into a blue sea of relaxation. Such awesome pot, and the seeds I got from PSB are the best. They grew so well – I grew mine outdoors and they only needed mild trimming and normal fertilization. I’ll love Alien Kush always – thanks, PSB!

  50. Hailey N. (verified owner)

    Slightly indica heavy, but actually hits a lot like a sativa, I smoke this to help me wake up and get on with my day. I usually suffer from depression, but I feel fortunate that this weed helps me with my symptoms, like lack of motivation, and helps me keep a positive attitude throughout the day. It’s honestly been extremely positive for my overall well-being, and the process of growing this weed was exciting and fulfilling as well, I was so surprised to see my dense yellow nugs form on the plant I’d been nursing for weeks. Highly recommend!

  51. leon0932 (verified owner)

    I think this weed was beamed down from aliens above cause it’s out of this world delicious! This is my everyday go-to, grew it right in my backyard and got nearly 400 G and that’s a lotta weed for a newbie like myself. Well anyway, I smoke this in the morning AND at night cause it makes you alert but also relaxed so you’re never passed out or super hyper. It’s just a great pick me up and it tastes like a bowl of fruit. So refreshing!!

  52. Rylan J. (verified owner)

    You know that System of Down song about getting ‘stuck in the sky when you’re high?’ Yeah, I know that feel, and I hate it. Alien Kush is a good strain to grow if you *don’t* want to be super high all day. The effects are short lived, which is exactly what I was looking for. I didn’t want to sift through every single strain on Pacific’s site to find something like this, which is why I just asked one of their reps to point me in the right direction. Gotta thank whoever that was because this weed is absolutely perfect!

  53. Jordi K. (verified owner)

    So me and my partner decided to grow weed for the first time and didn’t know where to buy seeds but a friend recommended PSB so we ordered from here. Really fast and easy shipping. Since this is our first grow we have a pretty basic indoor setup just some lights on a timer and ventilation, but everything went really well with this strain. Ended up harvesting a pretty good amount after about 8 weeks of flowering. It’s a really nice do-everything smoke, it has all the good qualities of sativa and indica and we both really like it. If its your first time growing give this a shot!

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