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Critical Kush Feminized Seeds

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If you’re in critical need of some relaxation, try this happy-making strain. Indica-dominant Critical Kush marijuana seeds have an earthy, pungent taste, and will leave you floating of a stressless cloud with 21% THC.

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What do you get when you blend two infamous strains like Critical Mass and OG Kush? The stuff of legends. Meet Critical Kush, an indica-dominant hybrid boasting a whopping 21% THC. But it gets better – Critical Kush marijuana seeds also contain a moderate level of CBD, making this strain perfectly suited for both recreational and medical cannabis lovers.

Critical Kush marijuana seeds comibine aromatic notes from its parent strains, for an earthy, spicy, pungent scent that is unique unto itself. It may be smooth, but that THC can hit hard – a few tokes is all you need to benefit from the cannabinoids in this blend.

Known to grow tall with dense, fat buds, Critical Kush feminized marijuana seeds are relatively easy to grow, though we consider them to be at the intermediate level, as they require a little more TLC to get them through their sometimes 60-day flowering stage. Indoors or out, you can end up with a yield of about 550 grams per plant, especially if you start with our simple germination guide.

Is it time to get Critical? Shop for Critical Kush marijuana seeds now.

Additional information


Original Harvest Seeds

Cannabis Species



80% Indica / 20% Sativa

Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Moderate (3-10%)

Feels Like

Happy, Relaxing, Sleepy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 550g/m²

Yield Outdoors

450-550 g/plant

To Treat

Depression, Pain, Stress


Earthy, Pungent

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






45 reviews for Critical Kush Feminized Seeds

  1. ThunderBlade (verified owner)

    It is critical that you get your hands on some Critical Kush. Part of the legendary Kush family, you already know what to expect. Big effects and high potency to give you that long-lasting relaxation that you need. Plus, you get to enjoy the spiciness and earthiness that makes this strain unique!

  2. Yara Saliba (verified owner)

    Critical Kush Feminized Seeds are a must-try for cannabis enthusiasts seeking relaxation. With an earthy, pungent taste and a THC level of 21%, this indica-dominant hybrid delivers a stress-free experience. The blend of Critical Mass and OG Kush creates a legendary strain with moderate CBD levels, making it suitable for both recreational and medical use.

  3. Philip Foley (verified owner)

    Critical Kush is a great strain for relaxation and pain relief. The earthy and pungent taste is unique and satisfying. The plants are easy to care for and yield a decent amount of buds. Overall, a solid choice for intermediate growers looking for a potent indica strain.

  4. Laila Jordan (verified owner)

    Heck yes! this mj was hard to come by, but I know I can always trust Pacific seeds for the best quality seeds in town. I got 10 seeds online for an unbelievable price (less than $200 with shipping) and they came in the mail in less than 7 days. Super helpful to live in California, and have Paciifc based in my home state! Get your seeds right here…they’re the best you’ll find anywhere online. For such a low price! Did mention how nice the buds look? Super tight and fresh and crumbly. YUmmmm!

  5. Jeanette W. (verified owner)

    Critical Kush is absolutely critical in managing my pain stress and anxiety. I also used to suffer from an eating disorder. Smoking some mj before cooking or eating helps stimulate and regulate my appetite, so I guess you could say I grow and smoke weed for medical purposes, though it doesn’t feel that way. Buy your seeds here and expect great results!

  6. Matylda Mcneil (verified owner)

    I love critical kush cause it’s easy growing with huge harvests. Whenever I grow this weed, I am always sending it off to friends and family. WE all like fresh grown mj, but mine is always the best! Critical kush is a brilliant indica with a low-key earthy flavor. Yum!

  7. Carley Munro (verified owner)

    One sweet and delicious type strain that’s great for back pain and insomnia. I grew up in a household where weed was strictly forbidden, but now things are looking good, and I can finally grow my own pot! I love living in a country with legal weed (Canada) and now I have all the tips and tricks to successful yields just from scanning over this website. A great buy!

  8. Suleman Ingram (verified owner)

    You have found it! This weed is both dank and delicious! Makes me extremely happy. The smooth indica buzz is mellow in just the right way! I have never attempted to grow weed before this, but WOW! Turns out I have a natural talent for weed. The growing advice here is pretty useful. Learned a few tips and tricks I didn’t know before!

  9. Anderson Talbot (verified owner)

    Get your priorities in order and start a weed growing operation. Nothing else really matters, and it’ll for SURE make you a happier, more fulfilled human. I love smoking POT!

  10. Murat Holding (verified owner)

    So when I smoke critical kush, it gives me an amazing body high that makes me feel all nice and floaty all day long. Yes, it is an indica but it doesn’t make you TIRED like all the other strains out there. This stuff is HIGH QUALITY!!

  11. Katerina Prince (verified owner)

    Gotta love critical kush, it’s some delicious stuff, never lets me down. Very relaxing, perfect smoked out of a bong. Definitely the right buy for the right price. Got this weed delivered right to my front door. And it’s RAWSOME! Grew like gangbusters out in the backyard. No regrets here baby!!

  12. Yassin Grainger (verified owner)

    Gorgeous and colorful weed with an amazing flavor smells pretty exciting and has a deep purple color. Insanely relaxing, I have had some of this weed every day before class for months and feel like I am doing way better in Geometry and Statistics. Very exciting weed, good buy, easy grow, fast shipping woot!

  13. Miriam Wiggins (verified owner)

    This critical kush is sure to keep you feeling mellow and chill all night long. I smoke a few huge bong rips from it and I am nearly asleep instantly. I love ordering online, it ships so fast and always looks good in my garden. Definitely gonna keep growing this stuff, it’s been a real dream come true.

  14. Juan Villa (verified owner)

    Gotta be smoking this dope, cause otherwise I’ll be just filled with jealous rage about my ex. She broke up with me and said I was stealing all her weed, like wtf??? I think she even used this site, but whatever. I’ll buy this weed again and again. It’s my pride and joy now. It’s my baby, but not a real baby, and that’s a good thing.

  15. Conor Bates (verified owner)

    Critical kush is pretty relaxing and also uplifting…makes a lot of sense to me out here on the west coast, where the whole world shows up to chill out for a week or two. But some of us stay here and grow our own weed and live the coastal life. I am pretty excited for the next few weeks, gonna have my next harvest coming up. Looks HUGE!

  16. Hugo Leal (verified owner)

    It’s hard to put into words just how beautiful my weed plant turned out, and I only grew it in a large pot. I find that PSB seeds are well suited for both indoor and outdoor grows, and always produce the nicest nugs totally covered in green crystals! I will absolutely buy more of this stuff once I get through my FIRST massive harvest LOL.

  17. Daisie Mcneil (verified owner)

    Okay so… ordered these seeds online, and I got a very nice little selection going at my house. The seeds are beautiful colors and they look just amazing. I grew them out in my backyard, I love watching them grow into something beautiful, and something very precious. The colors alone will make you smile.

  18. Simone Long (verified owner)

    Yummmyyyy I am totally in love with this weed, it’s been a dream come true to FINALLY be able to grow my own pot, right in my own backyard WOW! Ordering online is truly the way of the future. Super excited for my next batch, which is sure to be a winner. I feel like I get better every time I grow!

  19. Chandler Kane (verified owner)

    I was pretty stoked when my seeds arrived in the mail, they only took a few days from when I ordered them online for them to show up and that was pretty amazing….I have a small greenhouse on the land out back, and I gotta say, I am pretty darn happy with the way it turned out. Very reliable plants, and the weed is fresh as can be!

  20. rick koman (verified owner)

    This is one of the better strains out there, smells great, looks great, and has some beautiful colors! Who doesn’t love their own homegrown weed like a little baby? I am such a fan of this critical kush, and I highly recommend it for late-night video game sessions with your buddies, good times!

  21. spysyspy (verified owner)

    Get psyched about this critical kush strain…it’s seriously chilled out and relaxing and it helps with all kinda bad moments like traffic jam or like eating alone at a restaurant lol. Got myself a new batch of seeds today and just planted them in the ground, very happy about my grow, so nice to have, so relaxing!!

  22. Bye – stress (verified owner)

    Have you ever seen weed flower this big? I haven’t! The colors are really interesting and seriously beautiful…all those reds and greens and purples…it’s very eye-catching! I ordered online and had it delivered to my home here in Western WA and the growing results have been fantastic, I use it at night to manage stress!

  23. 6PACK (verified owner)

    I have a really stressful and high-intensity job downtown. I work my 40 hours and come home and am just flipping out when I get home, can barely sleep, eat, you understand. I got this weed to give myself a little R&R. It’s sooooo nice to have this around. I smoke it before I get on the train back home. I feel way more relaxed and am sleeping better now!

  24. Night Crawler (verified owner)

    Critical kush is a classic strain, one that is very easy to grow and almost always makes a substantial yield. I am not the best gardener, and even I had success with this strain. I love its frilly green leaves and tight neon green and orange flowers. It’s a real treat being able to grow this thing well and have a lot of nug in your home. I am very satisfied!

  25. IASIP (verified owner)

    OMG this weed is sooooo beautiful! It has all the colors of the rainbow and is covered with sugary crystals. I am such a fan and will recommend this site to all my friends. Their prices are solid and customer service was really helpful. I got nearly 800 grams from my 3 little plants, I can’t believe how rich in weed I am! A very relaxing indica, great for those stressful days that never seem to end!

  26. World Peace (verified owner)

    I never knew I loved indica strains so much…I always thought they just made me groggy, but this stuff makes me really relaxed and mellow without feeling overly tired! It’s an easy grow, especially indoors, and the yield is very wholesome and gratifying. I love the earthy oranges and purple and greens the show up towards the end of the grow, but even the early stages are pretty remarkable. Love me some of this as a joint in the evening and let me tell ya it really works!

  27. HeavyD (verified owner)

    The critical kush is one of those strains that never leaves your memory. Once you start smoking it, you’re hooked for life! It’s wicked relaxing, uplifting, and helps with stress and depression. I am very underemployed at the moment, finding it hard to make ends meet, but I smoke this and I immediately feel inspired to keep searching for jobs. It’s super worth your time to grow it, it’s not that long to flowering and the bud is HELLA fresh. Definitely try it out!

  28. Myer Cole (verified owner)

    Nothing puts a smile on my face like critical kush. This easy to grow strain is great for those of us with anxiety and depression and need help relaxing and feeling good at the end of the day. I ordered my seeds online with PSB, never had a bad experience with this site, and their selection is hard to beat! Got my seeds growing out back like I do every year, and this time around I think was my best batch. Getting better and better!

  29. Brian Stiller (verified owner)

    This is of course a classic strain with some really great mind benefits, like increased focus and creative intuition, but yes it also definitely gets you stoned, so you’re not about to accomplish any great tasks lol. I love the smell though, super earthy and sour, and man these buds look amazing! So many shades of green. It’s inspiring stuff for sure.

  30. ZackAttack (verified owner)

    This has been great for my depression and stress. I honestly think it works better than some medications. I enjoy the ease of growing this weed, it’s been a real treat having this in my backyard, it is such a pretty plant with bright green and purple leaves. I smoke usually in the evenings, the indica properties are strong so you’ll want to crash after smoking it. Definitely give it a go!

  31. Jay O. (verified owner)

    This weed is critically delicious! I love the kush strains and am a big fan of indica hybrids overall. I enjoyed the grow, thought it was fairly easy and straightforward. I enjoyed the look of the weed, with deep purple and green nugs and a whole lotta BUD! I smoke this usually in the evening to help with pain and work-related stress. Happy as a clam!

  32. Daphne K. (verified owner)

    The best seeds deliver the best buds! I was so excited when I started to see critical kush grow those heavy, dense nugs – honestly, my mouth kind of started to water! THis has a smell like no other – spicy and pungent, kind of like the way Indian food smells, actually. Anyway, the high was fantastic: clear, beautiful, stress-less. I expect something awesome with two awesome parents for this strain, and that is what I got. What a fantastic weed!

  33. Breanne L. (verified owner)

    CRITICALLY FREAKIN AWESOME! Grew these seeds outdoors and even though PSB says it’s between 450 and 550 grams I definitely got a little bit more. This weed is super potent too a little bit goes a really long way and I don’t need much to keep me blasted all day. No problems seeing the indica dominant here, this lulls me to sleep like a damn baby.

  34. Aden Z. (verified owner)

    This was my second time growing my own marijuana and it went well. I like most kush strains but this one gives me a little different buzz than others I’ve tried. A little more stimulating mentally. Maybe its the sativa action, who knows. Really happy with the amount of flowers that appeared. I’m set for pot for a while! Right now my only problem is where to buy Fritos at midnight in Tulsa.

  35. Evan R. (verified owner)

    Uh yeah this is definitely a clear-your-calendar type of weed right here so if you wanna just go ahead and cancel your plans for the afternoon that’d be great, mmmkay? Can’t think of anything Critical to say about this Kush. Just order.

  36. Nora N. (verified owner)

    I’m wary of mj with high THC amounts, these have made me anxious in the past. Critical Cush has a good amount of CBD too though and it turns out to be a wonderful mix, just right in my book. I get that cerebral high but also that nice relaxation feeling. Not too hard to grow and good germination. I’ll order from PSB again!

  37. chronic4lyfe22 (verified owner)

    It’s been really fun growing critical kush mj. The seeds germinated quickly and it’s rewarding seeing this weed grow into nice tall stalks. Nice color, too, kind of a green and purple mix. The best part has been seeing the dense buds grow fat and full. I’m excited to try it as I hear critical kush both relaxes and makes you happy, which sounds like the best feeling to me.

  38. Colin E (verified owner)

    Wow. This strain for sure packs a punch. Fast delivery. Fast germination. All good things in my book. Critical Kush helped me immensely with pain control. Left me feeling really good after a giant hit off the bong. Wouldn’t recommend if you’re a lightweight. Grow was textbook with fat, dense nugs with a nice aroma. Verry happy, mellow high. Ordering was also easy and seeds shipped quickly.

  39. Steve T. (verified owner)

    Critical Kush is really where it’s at! This weed is really easy to grow, even in your own backyard, and even if you’re brand new to mj like me! Ordered my seeds online from PSB and they shipped out super fast. The germination was simple with the paper towel method, and my plants grew super tall and bushy in no time, their leaves were deep green and purple and the nug smelled like fruit! Perfect for relaxing at the end of a long day, can even help with headaches and sleep!

  40. Tasha V. (verified owner)

    Gave these babies some love and look now — I gots so much weed I’m afraid it’ll all mold before I can smoke it all! Really love the high from this bud. Gets me relaxed and almost a little bit giggle. I like strains that are indica dominant, so no surprise that I’m so content with this strain. Great grow that yielded a ton of weed. Awesome strain.

  41. Trinity U. (verified owner)

    Easy indoor grow for the yield. About 550 per plant which is excellent for how little work this needed. Took about 9 weeks to flower. Earthy and spicy fragrance. Nice and high thc with some cbd thrown in and since it’s indica dominant this is an excellent end of the day mj that eases and soothes aches and pains and basically obliterates insomnia in its tracks.

  42. Savannah C. (verified owner)

    Super delicious weed. OMG I love this stuff!!!!! A pretty easy grow overall, but needing a little more TLC than your average weed. The payoff is SOOOooo worth it though, cause I got almost 500 G of weed. There is no end to my stash now, and I am smoking this every single day. Well, more at night tbh, it’s so relaxing you just kind of want to kick up your feet and chill out in front of the TV. I broke my arm a couple of months back and still recovering, this weed helps me chill out, unwind, and numbs the pain. It’s a great strain from a great company!

  43. Sabrina B. (verified owner)

    The reactor is critical!!!! Just kidding, this weed is super dope. Happy I grew it in my backyard, pretty tall and with these really cool purple leaves and dense sticky nugs, an all around winner. Definitely not a daytime strain, just smoke this when you’re done with work and ready to crash, helps with stress and sleep and tastes like the freaking woods! Best seeds in town!

  44. Lindsey E. (verified owner)

    Can’t go wrong the kush seeds! Always get a great yield and they fit well into my tiny grow space. I only order like 3 seeds at a time, so I appreciate that Pacific’s seeds are always high quality and I can count on them to germinate. Just another happy customer. Thanks Pacific

  45. Guillermo L. (verified owner)

    While I don’t necessarily love the taste of this weed, it is one of my favorites for the really mellow relaxing high and the fact that I always get a ton of mj from my plants. I guess that’s why I grow my own weed. I don’t really love gardening, but I also don’t love spending a bunch of money on weed at a store when it’s not really that hard to grow. Seriously if you smoke a lot and you have a limited budget you should give growing it a try.

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