So, you want to cultivate your own marijuana?

Pacific Seed Bank has got your back. Not only do we carry the superior genetics that ensure your pot is top-notch every harvest, we also proudly offer one of the highest germination guarantees in the industry. Our promise? At least 90% of your marijuana seeds will germinate. If you have less than a 90% success rate, we’ll replace your duds free of charge*.

marijuana seed germination

Order from Pacific Seed Bank and rest assured you’re going to get the highest quality seeds on the market, tested to give you your best shot at a germination rate of at least 90% (two-seed minimum). Sure, the trained eye can recognize visual markers that might predict a seeds’ viability beforehand, but the proof is in the pudding. We recommend you try to germinate every seed you order from us, regardless the size, color, or density.

Although we back every order with our 90% Germination Promise, in order to be eligible for the program we insist you follow our detailed Germination Method below.

*We like to do what we can for our valued customers but we cannot replace single failed seeds – our Germination Guarantee pertains to two (2) or more non-viable marijuana seeds that still meet the less than 90% germination requirement (i.e. if only 8/10 seeds germinate, that’s an 80% success rate and is eligible for our guarantee; if 23/25 germinate, that’s a 92% success rate and technically not eligible for the guarantee). Pacific Seed Bank will cover the cost of the replacement seed(s), but shopping costs are the responsibility of the customer – contact us for more information. Additionally, marijuana seeds that have been purchased more than 60 days prior to germination will not be eligible for our promise. The seed replacement program is a one-time offer and cannot be applied to the same order more than once*.

Quick Reference Water Glass/Paper Towel Germination Method

It might be true that you could throw a seed onto some soil and away you go, but this devil-may-care attitude doesn’t always garner the results you’re looking for. Out of the several tried-and-true methods to germinate your marijuana seeds, we’ve found a clear favorite, the no-muss-no-fuss Water Glass/Paper Towel method:

  1. Drop your marijuana seeds into a glass of pure water (we recommend using distilled, rain, or spring over tap) and let soak for 14 to 18 hours. Your seeds should sink to the bottom of the glass within the first few hours, but if they don’t you can give them a gentle tap to get them moving.
  2. After the soaking period is up, line a plate with a layer or two of paper towel, taking care to drain any excess water (without losing your little seeds in the process).
  3. Fold the now wet paper towel over the seeds like you’re tucking them into bed at night. They should be completely covered, and then the whole plate placed in a warm, dark place.
    Like growing grass, you’re going to want to make sure your germination medium remains well-saturated, so keep an eye on the paper towel and check your little seeds regularly for signs of a taproot.
  4. When you’ve got a taproot that’s about ¼-3/4 of an inch long, you’re ready to transfer to your growing medium! Getting to this length can take anywhere between three and seven days, and sometimes up to two weeks.

Heads up! Our Germination Promise extends only to marijuana seed germination. We believe in our seeds, but because of human error and the wide range of external influences that might impact cultivation, we cannot cover any issues associated with plant growth following the germination process.

marijuana seedling

Pacific Seed Bank Germination Method

Outside of shelling out for superior quality seeds (which you’ll find shopping our selection), successful germination is the first step in the process of cultivating potent and popular plants.

The easiest step in the process, germination requires three things:


When the taproot breaks free from the seed shell it must have immediate and easy access to water in order to develop


In nature, plant roots bury themselves in the soil, the delicate material rarely if ever exposed to the harsh light of day. The same must go for your little taproot in order to ensure its growth.


Marijuana roots will develop best when they are kept warm, generally around 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

To Scuff or Not to Scuff

For those not in the know, scuffing is a process that allows your marijuana seed to absorb water through the shell more easily, to kickstart germination. Form a tube with a fine grit sandpaper (60-200 grit), textured surface on the inside, cover one end of the tube and drop the seeds in. Cover the other end and shake the tube at least 20 times.

4 Steps to Germinate Your Marijuana Seeds

Expert tested and approved, the “Water Glass/Paper Towel” marijuana Seed Germination Method is probably the easiest you’ll come across, and why we recommend it to all of our customers.

This method doesn’t require any fancy equipment or extravagant expenses. In fact, we pretty much guarantee you already have everything you need lying around the house:

– Thick paper towel, preferably unbleached, without dyes or perfumes.
– Distilled or spring water (bottled), or rain water (We don’t guarantee successful germination in tap water as we cannot verify the chemical content of the water in your area. If you have to use tap water, pour it a few days early and allow it to sit out before you tip your seeds into the container.
– A glass or cup, at least 8 oz in size
– A glass or plastic dinner plate
– Tweezers (you never want to touch the seeds with your bare hands)

Step One

Fill a glass container with room temperature water – roughly 20-25 degrees Celsius. Being careful not to touch them with your bare hands, remove your marijuana seeds from their medical-grade glass vial and empty them into the water.

Hey! Remember – no more than 5 seeds per glass, and use a separate glass/paper towel for every 5 seeds you germinate.

After a few hours, your seeds should sink to the bottom of the glass but if they don’t feel free to give them a gentle tap to send them on their way. If any of the seeds don’t sink, give them another hour or so before trying again. Once they’ve all settled nicely at the bottom of the container, leave them in a warm, dark place for up to 18 hours (but never longer than that or they will become water-logged).

marijuana seeds in glass

Step Two

Line a glass or plastic plate with a folded paper towel and out the entire contents of the glass on to the plate so your seeds fall on to the towel. Your towel should be saturated and you can drain off any excess liquid. Again, being careful not to touch with bare hands (tweezers come in handy at this point), spread the seeds out across the middle of the towel, about one inch apart. Fold the paper towel over the seeds so they’re completely covered. DO NOT press down on the paper towel!

cannabis seeds paper towel germinating

Step Three

Take the whole shebang and place it in a dark spot that will remain at room temperature (warm). Check it regularly to make sure the paper towel is wet (moisten as needed) and the seeds are germinating. You don’t want the paper towel to dry out.

marijuana seeds germinating

Step Four

It can take a marijuana seed anywhere from two days to two weeks to develop a healthy, strong taproot. Your seeds will be ready to be nestled into their growing medium once the taproot has reached between ¼ and ¾ inches in length. You’ll want to check your germinating seeds a few times a day to monitor length, but don’t touch the delicate root.

IMPORTANT: Your order will not be eligible for the Pacific Seed Bank Germination Guarantee if you do not follow the above-outlined method exactly.

Our crack team of marijuana cultivators have had nothing but success with the above method of germination, but we’re realists and we understand that there may be a number of factors that can affect the germination of your marijuana seeds – regardless how closely you follow our instructions. Since marijuana seeds are a 100% all-natural (and in some cases unpredictable) product, it’s impossible for us to guarantee that every seed will germinate and produce the healthy, resin-covered colas you’re craving.

marijuana seeds taproot germination

Next Steps

Your seeds have sprouted taproots. What comes next? To learn more about planting your marijuana seeds, different cultivation techniques, and the life-cycle of your plant, make sure to check out these articles:

Common causes of marijuana seeds failing to germinate:

– The environment is either too warm or too cold
– The paper towel was either too dry or too wet
– The seeds weren’t allowed to soak for long enough
– There are too many additives in the water affecting the pH level
– Your seeds are no longer viable (if purchased months or years prior to attempting germination, and they were not stored correctly)

You say you tried everything and still no joy? You’ve got one last trick up your sleeve: place your seed(s) back into a cup of water and let them soak until the seeds crack and a taproot is visible. If this happens you can continue on from Step Two.

*Pacific Seed Bank will cover the cost of your replacement seed(s) but shipping costs will be the responsibility of the customer. Please feel free to get in touch with our helpful customer service department for shipping estimates. marijuana seeds that are purchased more than 60 days prior to complaint are not eligible for the Pacific Seed Bank Germination Promise.

How To Submit A Claim?

In order to submit a claim, please make sure all of the following requirements are met. We want to ensure you are satisfied with your purchase, but we are not able to assist customers who are not able to provide proper documentation of their germination attempt from start to finish:

  1. Followed the Germination Guide exactly.
  2. The allotted time for germination (two weeks/14 days) has elapsed.
  3. Photo documentation is required to be eligible for seed replacements.

*Claims will not be processed without photo documentation.

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