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Headband Feminized Seeds

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Headband seeds produce a hybrid strain, providing balanced effects to relax and uplift the mind and body. This potent strain features effects that start in the head and work their way through the body.

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It might sound like an accessory for your hair, but headband seeds actually grow into one of the most unique marijuana strains around. Due to its parentage, this holy-grail strain boasts some powerful effects that most other stains can’t even touch. Plus, with a smooth and creamy taste, you’ll never want to put down this deliciously delightful strain!

What is the history of the Headband strain?

What happens when you cross two of the most popular cannabis strains in the world, Sour Diesel and OG Kush? You get one beautiful child — the headband strain! Born in the mid-1990s, the child of these legendary parents is an elite clone with a strong diesel accent and a punch of OG Kush potency. Thanks to its parentage, the headband strain looks like both of its parents and has become a star in its own right!

What are the genetics of Headband feminized seeds?

The headband cannabis strain is such a popular choice because it features the best of its father, OG Kush, a unique hybrid featuring Lemon Thai, Hindu Kush, and Chemdawg. This “Original Gangster” is an intensely potent strain that provides both cerebral effects and full-body impact. The doting mother, Sour Diesel,  is a potent sativa-dominant strain created by combining Super Skunk and Chemdawg. The result is fast-acting energy and plenty of heady effects with a dreamy quality for one elite strain!

Is the Headband strain indica or sativa?

The headband cannabis strain is an indica-dominant strain, being 60% indica and 40% sativa. This means you get hybrid effects for the best of both worlds. The indica part creates the relaxation aspect of these headband cannabis seeds, while sativa provides the right amount of stimulation. Throw in a 23% THC content level, and you can’t ask for anything better!

What is the taste and aroma of Headband seeds?

Headband marijuana seeds feature delicious, sweet, and tart notes of lemon, along with notes of pine and diesel. Mix it all together, and you get the perfect mixture of sweet, earthy, and skunky for one excellent strain with a delicious taste sensation! As if the complex flavor profile wasn’t enough, once you light up, you get citrus aromas that smell as good as it tastes.

What are the effects of Headband feminized seeds?

  • Blissful head feeling
  • Relaxed feeling
  • Euphoric and uplifted

Now, to the million-dollar question: why is it known as the headband strain? That’s because the blissfully stress-soothing effects of this marijuana strain begin at the crown of the head, which feels like the pressure when you wear a headband. How cool is that?! So, as soon as you hit this marijuana, you’ll feel it in your head, which will work its way down to produce soothing body effects. As you get that comforting relaxed feeling, you’ll feel as if you don’t have a care in the world.

As a balanced strain, the headband cannabis strain contributes to providing a euphoric and uplifted mood. These euphoric effects make you feel creative and provide a needed jolt. Between feeling like you’re wrapped in a warm, fuzzy blanket and feeling happy, do you see why this is such an excellent strain?

How do you grow Headband seeds?

While headband seeds offer some impressive effects, it’s not the easiest strain to grow — you need to be a highly experienced grower since these seeds are so demanding. They require a warm Mediterranean climate with optimal temperatures between 68-80 degrees F.

Although you can grow this marijuana plant indoors or outdoors, when you cultivate indoors, it’s best to use the SCROG technique to evenly distribute branches to get an optimal yield. You can expect an average flowering time of 60-70 days and up to 600 grams per plant.

Are you ready to enjoy a headband in a whole new way? You’ve come to the right place because we have the premium headband seeds you’re going to love!

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Additional information


Original Kush

Cannabis Species



60% Indica/40% Sativa

Flowering Time

60-70 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 500g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 600 gr

To Treat

Depression, Headaches, Stress


Citrus, Diesel, Earthy

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






49 reviews for Headband Feminized Seeds

  1. Natalie O. (verified owner)

    Need that cerebral buzz? Need to feel it all in your head? Then what you need is Headband. As soon as you smoke it, you feel the tightening across your forehead like you’re wearing an actual headband. From there, it spreads all through your body to leave you completely at ease and in complete peace. You get the potency, the long-lasting effects, and everything in between.

  2. Wesley Buckley (verified owner)

    Fresh and funky ….great for creativity.
    Bought 10 seeds online as a trial and grew them in my greenhouse outdoors.
    I do small-scale agriculture for a living, and am happy with the results. The seeds germinated nicely and the buds are looking healthy.
    Lots of pruning and trimming involved of course, but the quality is off the charts, gives me a great buzz!

  3. Emma Johansson (verified owner)

    Headband seeds offer a unique experience with their potent effects and creamy taste. This strain is a child of Sour Diesel and OG Kush, resulting in a hybrid with both indica and sativa effects. With a THC content of 23%, Headband seeds provide uplifting and euphoric effects, along with soothing body sensations. Growing these seeds requires expertise, but the reward is worth it.

  4. Destinee Livingston (verified owner)

    The high is simply euphoric, leaving me feeling happy and relaxed. The citrus, diesel, and earthy taste adds to the overall experience. With a THC level of 23%, it’s the perfect strain to treat depression, headaches, and stress.

  5. Joseph Martinez (verified owner)

    Pacific Seed Bank’s customer service was very helpful, and their blogs really helped with my learning process. Got these seeds and got all 3 of them germinated. Now growing and so far everything looks great!

  6. Orlando Steele (verified owner)

    Fresh and funky, headband is a great strain for dealing with stress and anxiety. I purchased 20 seeds online, maybe a little much but they’ve lasted me a few seasons and are looking really good so far. Very pleased with the results, especially with how quickly they grew. Only took about 10 weeks for maturity and flower. Delicious energies and a fresh buzz that helps with stress and depression. In the end of the day, it makes me happy.

  7. Jett Dudley (verified owner)

    Fresh headband MJ is pretty much the greatest thing on earth. I LOVE buying online, love their pricing and lightning quick shipping.
    Helps me stay outfdoors and active during the summer and helps me stay wicked stoned in the winter LOL AS IT SHOULD BE!

  8. BoldBlossom (verified owner)

    With the right gardeners touch this strain can reward you with an hefty amount of buds. Ended up flowering and harvesting these plants in 10 weeks and I was greatly happy with my amount. This strain has a nice high to it and some great citrus taste, just a good time all around when smoking.

  9. Kelsie Richard (verified owner)

    Just loving my headband weed! My plant produces a ton of tiny, fuzzy little nugs that look and smell just great! Buying online is definitely the way to go. It saves me money and time, and I get some really impressive results. This past season, I got over 500 G from just 3 plants. It’s as fresh as can be and helps with stress!

  10. GreenGrenadier82 (verified owner)

    Headband was quite difficult to grow but gave a great amount of weed from it. I really liked the citrus taste and the body high with a hint of a head buzz to it. This strain was extremely worth growing even with the higher skill threshold for growing it.

  11. Farzana Cooper (verified owner)

    You know, I have been smoking weed for a long time, and most weeds don’t get me blazed anymore….except for headband!! Great weed for our times. WE ALL need to forget how difficult life is these days, and if you like working outdoors, Headband is a treat to grow in the garden.

    Been growing mj since I was in my 20s. It’s always been a great hobby, now I can finally master my skills for the right price!

  12. Taybah Castillo (verified owner)

    A nice fruity flavor. Some dank, sour nugs that hit reaaaaal slow. I like taking deep long bong rips. Makes a HUGE diff in my day! I will happily buy this weed again and again. It’s all about SOIL. If you grow with that black gold, you’re gonna get some FIIIINE looking marijuana. Do not wait! Jump on these dope deals right away!

  13. Raja Cruz (verified owner)

    Headband is a great strain with a lot of flavor! The best for smoking with your friends and loved ones. Makes any night into a laugh fest. We are always joking and smoking 🙂 It’s not even difficult to cultivate. Any gardener with mild experience can do it!

  14. Kean Key (verified owner)

    Get your headband on and go for a loooong walk. This weed produces potent psychedelic effects that make your world feel like a kaleidoscope! Try growing this pot indoors for a higher yield, and give yourself at least 6 months for the bud to fully form. Some of my buds got so big that they broke their own branches!

  15. Cloe Dotson (verified owner)

    Headband is just what you need to get through the day. It’s a highlight of my weekends too cause it’s a great companion when you are snowboarding. Love smoking dope and having myself a good old time. Gonna buy some more weed when I get done w this review Hahaaaa!

  16. Ioana Estrada (verified owner)

    Headband is a great way to end the day. It’s sweet and creamy flavor is not one to miss. It’s decadent, and the smoke is nice and smooth. Perfect for taking a few BIG bong hits and then chilling hardcore on the couch. This weed is an easy grow, doesn’t take too much time, skill, or effort. Basically cares for itself, after a certain amount of time!! You are gonna miss out if you don’t snag this weed online while it’s around 🙂

  17. Frazer Khan (verified owner)

    Headband is pretty righteous! An indica leaning hybrid, this stuff really keeps your head on straight! Bought 10 seeds from Pacific, was amazed how quickly they arrived after online ordering. Faster than amaZon!! Nearly 600 grams later, I am swimming in my sweet sweet pot pool, and excited for the next harvest of homegrown herb.

  18. Ruqayyah Thorne (verified owner)

    This is one headband you are definitely going to want to wear. It’s got some flavors like you’d never believe and it helps me deal with stress and depression. it’s gort these fat juicy nugs that make my mouth water, and it smells like grapefruit!!

  19. Quinn Elliott (verified owner)

    Let the indica strains rule the world, and let it rule your soul, and absolute gem of a strain that keeps me feeling real jazzy when the night is young. I bring my new weed seeds home and just stuff em in the ground like a turkey in the oven on Tgiving Brooooo. Get my new life outta this weed, and gonna smell it for days cause it’s just full of all that antioxidant shit.

  20. Nicola Lugo (verified owner)

    One of the better strains on the internet. Can’t believe Pacific has such an awesome selection, makes me smile every time. Helps me manage my appetite so I am eating at least twice a day now, and trying to eat healthy. It’s been a good investment and the seeds deliver fast. No complaints 🙂

  21. Kyan Shea (verified owner)

    Awesome sauce! This weed is amazing and helps with stress. It’s a great earthy flavor and the weed just looks fantastic. I am very relaxed when I smoke this and I plan to keep growing with Pacific seeds. They ship all the way to Canada where I live, and they help me manage my stress. Great to be in the garden!!

  22. Lennox Mccormack (verified owner)

    I smoke this weed like a chimney, can’t get enough of it…it’s the perfect strain for California living, and it is remarkably chill and laid back, never overwhelming and doesn’t get me too faded. I order online, have it shipped to Los Angeles and just grow on my porch (with a permit of course), and it is looking pretty great gotta say!

  23. Jarrad Markham (verified owner)

    A very underrated strain, keeps the demons away LOL. I have never seen nicer flower in my life. These nugs formed perfectly and are encased in some gorgeous crystals that make it look almost magical. Have had nothing but a good time when I smoke it, and it’ll definitely keep me coming back to pacific for more pot seeds!

  24. Clark Aguilar (verified owner)

    Powerful yet very smooth on the tongue and throat. A very flavorful strain, tastes kinda like fruity pebbles, and it gives you the best buzz imagineable. A very happy strain, and a great buy especially for the price. Fast delivery and very useful growing instructions online. Blessed!!

  25. Alfie Greaves (verified owner)

    I work hard every day, and I like having something to look forward to at the end of a long day, and I gotta say, this is it! I didn’t have to work TOO hard though to grow this weed, it’s pretty amazing stuff and it helps me with headaches, but mostly it gives me a great head buzz and makes TV watching so much fun!!

  26. 5SY5 (verified owner)

    Smooth, creamy and delicious….this weed is a real top notch sell if you ask me. I will absolutely keep buying this weed from pacific. They ship out soooooo fast, like how does that work? Either way, things are really looking up, and I am very pleased with my yield, nearly 500 grams, all very good stuff with lots to offer my tired 2020 brain!

  27. John J. (verified owner)

    Headband is a worthy strain of your time. I grew it out in my yard this year, right next to the blown out 1985 chevy, and hoowee this stuff took right off, absolutely incredible. I got a BIG old bag of weed from this grow, smells like hell and gets me really high, relaxing as I can imagine!

  28. @chillweed (verified owner)

    I wear the headband every night after I get home from work. It’s super relaxing and very good for my mental state. Work is so damned stressful, at least I am working from home now that the pandemic is on. I am still just swamped with work though…but I definitely wanna keep active in the garden and headband was my project, super rewarding and good evening weed!

  29. Palmoil (verified owner)

    I wanted to smoke this weed with my cousins and I thought it was time to smoke weed all for myself. I got 3 seeds delivered to my door, and they were truly magical, and they grew beautifully in the ground and made for a nice crop in the summer, and when I harvested it, it was all green and sticky and stayed fresh for months!

  30. washyourmask (verified owner)

    Strap on your headband and get stoned! This stuff makes me feel like Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock. I am playing my electric guitar an everything just feels amazing! I love the super heavy smell and the awesome buzzy rush you get when you smoke it! I can’t wait to buy more of this stuff, maybe even grow indoors!

  31. lily liver (verified owner)

    It’s a real nice and mellow strain. Helps with the stress and anxiety of my day to day life, and I really like it’s big green nugs. I am not an expert grower, but Pacific made it easier with their online grow guide. Got myself some serious growth off these seeds, very tall and bushy plants after about 4 months of growing. Pretty happy overall, and love the indica buzz!

  32. rock UR world (verified owner)

    Headband has got me in its grips! Smoke this weed each and every day after work, gives me a nce boost of energy and I am all smiles. Nothing is better than walking around sunny LA when I am stoned on the headband, my eyes are all red and bloodshot, and the air is super nice off the ocean! I grew it on my patio, didn’t take too long, and the yield was really something special. I ordered 3 seeds online and got them shipped super fast. Definitely worth the buy!

  33. Nextdoor (verified owner)

    So smooth, so creamy, so light on the brain, this weed is a godsend and it never lets up its amazing flavor and feeling! I totally dig the way this stuff makes me feel. I smoke it all day long, and all night long too, and there’s literally no downside, it always puts me in a good mood. My wife does most of the gardening at home, and we love to share this weed at home at night together and just talk about the good ol days. I am very happy with this marijuana!

  34. italianstallion (verified owner)

    This weed is smooooooth. I love smoking this after work to help me relax and all it takes is just one or two puffs and I feel better than ever. Great for de-stressing and taking a load off at the end of a long day. It’s very easy to grow and gives off a wonderful yield as well. I like the brightly colored trichomes and the earthy smell and taste. You’ll probably love it too!

  35. devila (verified owner)

    Oh man, this is super powerful stuff! One or two hits of this and you’ll be good for the day! It’s kind of a difficult grow, not gonna lie, so I don’t recommend this to anyone who needs a little help with plants. I have been growing for years and this one was actually pretty hard for me too haha! I got a NICE yield though, so now I feel MUCH better and can function throughout the day!

  36. Samantha Wilks (verified owner)

    This is one heck of a marijuana strain! I love the way this stuff tastes and smells, very sour and earthy, and the buzz is hella relaxing! It’s perfect for smoking at the beach or on a hike, and it’s been great for my general mood as well. It was a decent grow, but I was a little overwhelmed at times, I guess I am not much of a grower, but I really enjoyed the process and still got a nice yield. Will definitely be back for more!

  37. Kody M. (verified owner)

    Oh man you’re gonna love this weed! It’s so strong and relaxing and actually very easy to smoke! It’s super creamy and delicious on the tongue, and has this great buzz that’ll keep you feeling chill for hours on end, wow what an amazing weed it makes for a great time every time. You’ll love smoking this at night and feel great right up until you go to sleep!

  38. Josh N. (verified owner)

    I feel like this weed is what they smoke at the cafes over in Amsterdam, it’s very high quality stuff, makes you feel extremely relaxed and happy at the same time, relieves stress and headaches and definitely gives you the munchies! Have been growing weed for years, and this stuff can be a bit challenging if you don’t have the skills, so treat it well and you might just get yourself a 600 g yield!

  39. Edith O. (verified owner)

    Holy THC, Batman! When I saw that this strain was the same as Sour Kush I ordered right away. I used to smoke it all the time when I lived in Denver, but now I’m in St. Louis, so I can’t bop down to my local dispensary.

    Enter Pacific Seed Bank. I’m not a green-thumb type gardener but I did manage to get a decent yield from my five seeds, all of which germinated. If you’re worried about whether you can grow weed or not, maybe start with one of the “easy” strains. But I gotta say…Headband for the win if you can grow it.

  40. Alice P. (verified owner)

    This one did take some effort to get the plants happy. Humidity is definitely the key. That said, I got a really nice yield of fragrant, kushy buds. Excellent cannabis. These are high-quality seeds. A “best buy” for this grower.

  41. Dorothy Y. (verified owner)

    I wanted to challenge myself to grow a more complicated seed of cannabis so I decided to try this one. Well worth the effort! Once I got the humidity right, it really flourished … nice and bushy. Headband is powerful, you only need a little bit to feel the effect. (I didn’t feel the pressure on my head like a headband but whatevs.) And the taste is lemony and smooth. I’m gonna order this mj again, really turned out well.

  42. Andrew T (verified owner)

    Such a classic strain. Really love headband for its potent head high. I like to low dose it before work and I’m a super focused super sharp highly functioning machine for hours. Do not smoke if you’re just gonna sit on the couch. Might get stuck on a treadmill of thoughts. Definitely recommend this one for an active day or repetitive motions. Awesome creamy smoke that is super smooth. Kind of a technical grow, so only giving 4 stars

  43. Liam J. (verified owner)

    My friend insisted I try Headband pot, but I don’t know. I prefer marijuana that makes my whole body tingle and this was too focused on the head area for me. It was like only half of my body was affected by the high.

    But, I will say that I had a good experience with Pacific Seeds. The delivery to where I am in Canada was fast and ordering was simple. I think I’ll buy Lemon Haze seeds next time. ?

  44. Ava T. (verified owner)

    Definitely the child of OG Kush and Sour Diesel! The best of both worlds. I grew it inside and I’m not the most experienced gardner but I had a successful crop overall. I kept the humidity down adn the plant seemed to thrive, I got approximately 550 grams per plant which I’m really happy with. I really like the way Pacific Seed Bank boxes its packages too, really discreet and quick shipping.

  45. Layla S. (verified owner)

    I’ve bought this strain in bud form from the dispensary a ton of times and I really love it. So now that I’m growing my own weed I decided to give it a try. It was kind of difficult and I felt a little bit in over my head at times. But I managed to still get a great crop and I’m super happy with the results! Not sure I’ll try to grow this one again, but it was a good experience and I learned a lot!

  46. Travis P. (verified owner)

    This is HANDS DOWN my favorite strain for daytime smoking. Can’t beat the productivity, the happy mood, the focus, the energy! So good! This is an awesome hybrid if you don’t like getting couch-locked. Not Headband. You’ll be up and buzzing around with just a couple vape hits. This is a well-known strain around here in California. Never heard a bad word about it. Best weed ever.

  47. Nicholas G. (verified owner)

    Commercial grower in SE Washington with a knack for indica-heavy strains, ordered wholesale online from Pacific and delivery was fast and smooth. Cultivating around 80 Sq/ft of this strain Can be difficult at times, as humidity levels definitely impact overall yield, but seeds were great, germination great, and with a little TLC, a reliable yield. Will return for more seeds!

  48. Marvin E. (verified owner)

    I feel like I’ve “arrived” as a marijuana grower being able to grow the formidable headband mj! It’s true that humidity levels were a little tricky with this lady (she likes it pretty warm!) but my own human lady loves headband so what am I supposed to do? I must serve the lady of the house. We both like headband for the creamy taste and the tingle on my haead after ingesting is pretty trippy! In a cool way, I mean though. I’ll probably order more of these seeds now that I’ve got the secret to headband mj cultivation figured out.

  49. Guy J. (verified owner)

    I may have been a little over my head with this grow. Headband does require a very specific environment in order to thrive, and I don’t think I portend to have the skills necessary to achieve said environment, so yeah my plant did just so-so, and I got around 250 G, so while I am disappointed about that, I enjoy the weed very much, it’s very powerful stuff and can really wrap you up in it’s delightful and warm buzz, great for anxiety and stress problems!

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