Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers! Before you shoot us an email with your question or concern, you may want to check out the list below of a few of the questions we regularly answer for our customers.

How do I order cannabis seeds from Pacific Seed Bank?

Ordering cannabis seeds used to be risky business, but at Pacific Seed Bank you’re guaranteed top quality service and top-quality seeds with every purchase. From start to finish, we’ve done our best to ensure the process is as smooth and simple as possible for you.

When it comes to ordering cannabis seed strains from Pacific Seed Bank, you’ve got two options:

  1. Buy your seeds online – navigate our easy-to-use website, add your preferred items to your shopping cart, and checkout using your credit card or on of our other payment methods. It’s so simple a kid could do it (although a kid wouldn’t do it, because – by law – you must be at least 18 years or older, depending on your jurisdiction, to purchase cannabis seeds).
  2. Place an order over the phone – we get it, not everyone is comfortable putting their credit card or personal information on the Internet, which is why we offer a telephone option. Simply call our 1 800 number and speak with one of our friendly customer service reps – we’re happy to help process your order or answer any question you might have.

How do I pay for my seeds on your site?

We’re committed to providing a seamless experience, and for our customer’s convenience we offer many methods of payment:

  1. Credit Card Pay securely with your Mastercard, VISA, American Express or Discover card. We also accept bank cards with the Mastercard or VISA logo.
  2. Payment by Mail When you pay using cashier’s or certified check or money order, we’ll throw in an extra 3-seed pack when we ship your order! We do not accept cash or personal checks.
  3. Zelle (U.S. only) If you choose to use Zelle to send your payment, you don’t pay any transaction fees!
  4. BitCoin Pay securely and anonymously using cryptocurrency.

What do you do with my personal information?

We’re in the business of selling cannabis seeds, not your private information, and any information you provide to us during the ordering or communication process is going to be kept completely confidential.

We won’t be sharing your identity, banking info, address, or any other information with a third party. Credit card transactions are automatically encrypted to ensure the safety of your data. Be sure to check out our Privacy Policy for more detailed information and, as always, speak with one of our team members if you require further clarification.

Can you deliver seeds to my country?

It is the pleasure of Pacific Seed Bank to ship our superior genetics to almost every country, worldwide! Every region takes a different stance on the possession and use of cannabis and cannabis seeds, however, and it’s up to each customer to do their due diligence and understand the cannabis legislation in their area. We love you, but Pacific Seed Bank will not be held responsible for any legal issue related to your purchase. We go into more detail in our Legal Disclaimer.

Do you offer discreet shipping?

Proud of your purchase or not, we know not every customer wants to advertise the content of the packages they have delivered. We routinely use discreet packaging, and various shipping options to best suit your specific needs. Your package is unbranded, with only your name, address, and our return address listed on the front.

Read all about our policies on our Shipping and Delivery page.

How long will it take my order to ship?

Discounting extenuating circumstances*, we can generally guarantee the below noted shipping times:

United States
5-7 business days plus tracking

7-14 business days.
Please note: Delivery to remote areas may take up to 14 business days, however, your local postal service should be able to provide an approximate shipping time to your location.

7-25 business days, express registered mail {includes tracking, no signature required)

Europe and Other Countries
7-25 business days, express registered mail {includes tracking, no signature required)

For more info, make sure to check out our Shipping and Delivery page. Haven’t received your order? See “Why hasn’t my order arrived?” for common shipping delays.

*During peak growing season and over the holidays our orders increase and, as much as we’d like, we can’t guarantee delivery times. Additionally, as we cannot ship your order until we have processed your payment, paying with a credit card or cryptocurrency prolongs the shipping time.

Know that we’re working our green thumbs off to get your order out to you ask quickly as possible!

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping costs will vary depending on your area, but in general:

United States
$9.95, flat rate shipping

$30, Express Registered mail

Europe and Other Countries
$30, Express Registered mail

What currency will I be charged in?

Since we’re based in the United States, the prices listed on the website are in US dollars.

Where do Pacific Seed Bank seeds come from?

Our mission at Pacific Seed Bank is to provide our customers with a superior product. That’s why we’ve put in the leg work to source the best possible cannabis seed strains from different in-house breeders across Europe, Canada, and the United States.

Where is Pacific Seed Bank located?

Pacific Seed Bank is located in Northern California.
The Pacific Seed Bank corporate headquarters is in Barcelona, Spain, but we maintain marketing offices in the United States.

Why hasn’t my order arrived?

In general, if the maximum delivery time (we say 21 days for urban areas, 28 days for rural) has elapsed and your seeds haven’t shown up at your door, we recommend you first contact your postal service with your tracking number handy. There’s a good chance they’ll be able to help you locate your missing package. If your parcel cannot be located by your postal service, feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to find that AWOL package for you.

How does my purchase show up on my credit card bill or bank statement?

Your payment will show up under a discreet name, with no description suggesting that we are a cannabis seed company.

Can I use a P.O. Box for my order?

Sure! Just make sure that your address information is correct before you complete your order, since we are unable to make amends to address info once your purchase has been processed.

How long can cannabis seeds last before they have to be planted?

Depending on the strain, your little Pacific Seed Bank cannabis seeds can last upwards of two years if you preserve them correctly. This involves storing them inside an air-tight container (our medical-grade glass vials are an excellent option) in a cool, dark place where the humidity and exposure to light remain limited.

Granted, your seeds may remain viable for longer than the above stated period if kept under the right conditions, but generally after the two-year mark, the germination rate of older seeds tends to drop. Make sure to read up on seed preservation here.

How can I trust that Pacific Seed Bank is above the board, and my order is going to arrive?

We’ve been there – spent our hard-earned money on cannabis seeds online only to be stiffed come delivery time. That’s why we started Pacific Seed Bank, to provide customers with high-quality cannabis seeds and high-quality service every time. If you’re concerned about the legitimacy of our company, feel free to give us a call and have a chat with one of our customer service reps. We’re happy to spend some time answering your questions if it means we can put your mind at ease.

As for delivery, we honor every order placed by our customers. Outside of offering the best cannabis seeds on the market, we truly value the relationship we develop with our customers and we want to guarantee your medical garden is healthy and robust. If we consistently meet these high standards, we know our customers will be happy, provide us with great reviews, and hopefully, keep you coming back for more!

Can I order cannabis seeds legally?

When cannabis seeds are ungerminated, they are usually considered a collector’s item, or adult novelty item, for customers over the age of 21, and therefore relatively innocuous. Pacific Seed Bank cannabis seeds must not be used in conflict with national laws, and we hold no liability for the misuse of the product. It is the responsibility of each customer to know the laws in their jurisdiction. In some countries and states, the cultivation of cannabis seeds is illegal.

Can I get a discount if I order cannabis seeds in bulk?

We have a wholesale program in place for customers looking to order cannabis seeds in bulk from Pacific Seed Bank. Get in touch with our Wholesale Division to discuss pricing with one of our staff.

What’s the Pacific Seed Bank Germination Guarantee?

Hand picked, inspected, and tested for your satisfaction, we put a lot of TLC and time into providing our customers with the highest quality cannabis seeds on the market.

Pacific Seed Bank offers one of the highest germination guarantees in the industry, which ensures a 90% germination rate on our seeds. Seeds from your order that don’t germinate will be replaced at no charge to the customer* (single seed replacement is not included in this offer).

*The cost of the replacement cannabis seed(s) is covered by Pacific Seed Bank, but shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. Contact us for exact shipping costs. Seeds purchased more than 60 days prior to complaint are not eligible for the Pacific Seed Bank Germination Promise.

Didn’t find the answer your question?

No problem! Pacific Seed Bank is always available to sort out any concern or answer any question you might have regarding our products and services, the ordering or shipping process, or questions about our company or cannabis in general. Reach out, we’re glad to help!

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