Gateway Drug

Is Marijuana *Really* a Gateway Drug?

Whether from parents, teachers, or peers, surely you’ve heard the claim that marijuana is a gateway drug. And yet, so few people have the evidence to back it up. It’s become one of those phrases people say to try to veer you away from weed without providing the whole truth with the utmost accuracy. So, we took matters into our own hands and did some research on the matter. Is it true — is marijuana a gateway drug? Let’s see what the experts have to say. Read more

Feel Higher

These Foods May Help You Feel Higher

Sometimes, you need a little extra something to bring your cannabis high to the next level. The same goes for alcohol, coffee, CBD—anything that alters your natural state. There are many external and internal influences at play when consuming marijuana, such as your diet, age, and tolerance. While some factors are out of your control, we found these all-natural ways to help you feel higher. Keep reading to find out more! Read more

History of Marijuana

The History of Marijuana and Its Origin Story

It all started with a single seed. That seed grew into a plant and eventually made its way around the world, growing in popularity as decades went by. Researchers say the history of marijuana has been around since the Viking and Ancient China days—but where exactly did it come from? And how did it spread like wildfire around the world? Read more

Marijuana Industry

The Marijuana Industry: an Inside Look at the Booming Business

Over the last decade, the United States has experienced a massive societal shift in regards to cannabis. A drug that was once deemed dangerous in pop culture and politics is now legal in many states. Some have recreational cannabis, others medical, and others with much room for improvement. The rapid incline of popularity and usage also invites further jobs in the marijuana industry. Read more

Marijuana Cafes

Check Out These Marijuana Cafes Across the Country

For the longest time, The Netherlands, specifically Amsterdam, reigned supreme with marijuana cafes on every corner. A place where locals and tourists alike could gather to smoke or fill their stomachs with weed-induced treats. It only took like, one hundred years, but North America is finally catching up! There’s competition in the air now for the world’s best marijuana cafes. Let’s find out where some of the best marijuana cafes are and the do’s and dont’s of each one. Read more

Global Warming

Global Warming: the Impact on the Marijuana Industry

As a result of global warming, humankind may be in for some tough times ahead. No more polar bears. No more koalas. No more marijuana. It’s a scary thought that we could eventually run out of resources that keep us alive, everything from clean water to oxygen produced by plant life. In theory, this shortage would also affect marijuana plants. Read more

Detox Kits

The Best Detox Kits to Get Weed Out of Your System

Here’s a true story from one of our team’s writers that we think will crack you up. For privacy reasons, we’ll call her Mary Jane—how fitting, right? Mary Jane was just wrapping up a stellar job interview that she felt perfect for. At the very last minute, though, her employer informed her that she would need to pass a drug (marijuana) beforehand. Mary Jane needed a way to flush the weed of her system ASAP. Detox kits are a quick and efficient way to flush THC out of your body. Read more

Marijuana Legalization

The Future of Marijuana Legalization in the US

There are many factors that contribute to the timeline of federal marijuana legalization. We must take into account politics, the economy, government, as well as any other pressing cultural issues occurring at the same time. Here’s what we know so far regarding marijuana’s legal status in the United States. There have definitely been some noteworthy changes in recent months. Read more

Smoke Kratom

Can You Smoke Kratom the Same as Marijuana?

You can chew it, drink it, swallow it in pill form, even convert it into topicals like soap – what more could you ask from such a potent and versatile herbal remedy as kratom? Inevitably, there will be those whose curiosity is piqued enough to ask the question, “Can you smoke kratom, too?” Read more