Guide To High-Quality Marijuana

Your Ultimate Guide To High-Quality Marijuana

We continue to stand by this verdict time and time again: the marijuana industry should prioritize quality over quantity. Why waste your precious, hard-earned dollars on weed that feels like second place? To ensure you get the most bang for your buck, we created the only guide you’ll ever need to high-quality marijuana. With the help of this guide, you can walk into any dispensary and pick out the best flower. Please keep in mind that what defines marijuana as “the best” is subjective to a certain extent. Read more

Unexpected Celebrities Who Smoke Weed

Unexpected Celebrities Who Smoke Weed

It goes without saying that marijuana and pop culture are intertwined. Think of all the stoner culture that surrounds us on the TV and radio from movies like Pineapple Express to Willie Nelson to Snoop Dogg. Besides the obvious stoners, like Miley Cyrus (who frequently lit up on stage) and the late Bob Marley, we wanted to list off additional celebrities who smoke weed. The ones that may surprise you.
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facts about marijuana

7 Strange Facts About Marijuana You Probably Never Knew

Raise your hand if you consider yourself a marijuana expert? You know all the Pacific Seed Bank strains by name, their CBD/THC profile, and currently grow them in your backyard. Well, just when you thought there wasn’t more to learn about this magical plant, we’re about to hit you with some knowledge. We rounded up the seven strangest facts about marijuana the internet has to offer. Read more

Dispensaries per capita

The States With The Most Marijuana Dispensaries Per Capita

Who here feels like they need a new chapter? A fresh start? An opportunity to reset? We feel you on that. Once airports rev up again, we have a few places in mind where you can begin anew—and yes, you’ll be able to find marijuana dispensaries there. Our sheer curiosity led us down a rabbit hole of research to find the states with the most marijuana dispensaries per capita. Read more

mental health benefits of marijuana

Mental Health Benefits Of Marijuana For Tough Times

Only in America is every other commercial on TV an advertisement for prescription drugs. Seriously, I’ve vacationed from Thailand to Germany to Canada and no other country sells drugs like the US. Only in America do we say, “Ask your doctor if BLANK is right for you!” I have a feeling that this stirs up trouble for our mental health. Read more

marijuana prevent coronavirus

New Study: Could Marijuana Prevent Coronavirus?

In the news this morning, we read about a possible breakthrough in the marijuana community. We remain skeptical about this, but according to the New York Post, Canadian researchers claim certain strains of marijuana could prevent coronavirus infections. What do you think about that?

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coffee-flavored strains

Coffee-Flavored Strains To Start Your Mornings On The Right Foot

How many of you feel like quarantine has been a Spring Break from hell? Suddenly, you have too much time on your hands and any sort of routine has flown out the window. It only took a couple of weeks to realize that there’s a fine line between free time and extreme boredom. But as we slowly inch closer to a sense of normalcy, it’s back to the office grind for many of us. It’s time to dust off that morning routine and get into the swing of things again. Break out the coffee! Or, better yet, one of these coffee-flavored strains! Read more

Donald Trump and Joe Biden

The Weed Battle Between Donald Trump & Joe Biden

Alas, we’re down to the final two 2020 Presidential candidates: Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Along the way, we lost big names like Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Mike Bloomberg. Once again, it’s a final face-off between one Democrat (Biden) and one Republican (Trump). While you may not agree with our political views, we feel it necessary to review each candidate’s final stance on marijuana before the election wraps up. Read more

Marijuana Cocktails: Their History & Your Burning Questions

Marijuana Cocktails: How To Drink Your Weed

Jeez, we can’t even remember the last time we stepped into a bar. Definitely sometimes before the worldwide quarantine. But as countries begin to open their economies, we can once again begin to dream of hanging out with friends during happy hour with marijuana cocktails. Read more