buy marijuana during COVID-19

Where To Buy Marijuana During COVID-19

At this very moment, we’re experiencing history. President Donald Trump signed the biggest stimulus package in American history ($2 trillion), New York City hospitals received more medical calls during the outbreak than on 9/11, and the US Stock Market plummeted lower than The Great Depression era. Who the hell ticked off 2020 so badly?! That’s what I want to know. In any case, here’s how you can buy marijuana during COVID-19 to calm those anxieties. Read more

benefits of growing marijuana

5 Surprising Benefits Of Growing Marijuana

Just in case you needed a little convincing, the Pacific Seed Bank team put together this blog on why you should grow your own marijuana. We wouldn’t be in the weed seed business if we didn’t believe in the medical and healing powers on marijuana for both body and mind. If you’re still on the fence about buying weed seeds, let us try and convince you of all the benefits of growing marijuana.

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marijuana newbie

Marijuana For Newbies

I remember my first time—the first time I smoked weed, that is. I fumbled joints and blunts in high school but didn’t get the full experience until I started dating a Southern California stoner dude in college. With my low tolerance, I mostly “greened out” on the couch while he played video games with his roommates. It was fun, crazy, and overwhelming all at the same time. This is education for the marijuana newbie. In this blog, you’ll learn which strains Pacific Seed Bank has to offer that are either easy to grow, easy to consume, or both. Read more

Marijuana Terpenes

How To Pair Marijuana Terpenes With Food & Drink

Food was meant to be paired and shared. Think about your favorite combinations—peanut butter and jelly, spaghetti and meatballs, eggs and bacon, beans and rice. Some people even dunk their French fries into a milkshake. That last one sounds weird to me, personally, but no hate. You like what you like. Read more


The Best YouTube Channels For Learning About Weed

TV? Who watches TV anymore? Boomers, maybe. With our attention spans divided in half, most of us prefer short-and-sweet content in the form on YouTube where 20-minute videos reign supreme. Seriously, none of us have the time or the patience to sit still for over two hours (hello, Avengers movies.) Read more


How To Introduce The Parents To Marijuana

Back in the summer, my mom came to visit me in Portland, Oregon for the first time. She summarized Stumptown in three short words: coffee, beer, and weed. I added in tattoos, bicycles, and Subarus parked back-to-back. Yep, that’s Portland in a nutshell. Oh, and rain. During her trip, she asked about Oregon’s marijuana laws and whether or not I partake. I answered honestly with a resounding “Yes!” Much to my surprise, she asked for my help to pick out some light-weight, beginner strains to combat her routine migraines. That’s what sparked my inspiration for this blog — how to introduce parents to marijuana and CBD. Read more

Marijuana tattoos

These People Love Marijuana So Much They Got It Tattooed

Tattoos have become somewhat of a milestone in recent generations. First come the ear piercings, then the facial piercings, followed by a subtle ankle tattooed, followed by bigger and bolder pieces. It happens to the best of us, including myself. What started as an adolescent act of rebellion has turned into a full-fledged hobby—and investment, I might add. Let’s talk about marijuana tattoos for a minute and see which artists are slaying the game.
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right marijuana strain

How To Find The Right Marijuana Strain For You

There are two types of people in the world—those who think all marijuana strains behave the same, and those who notice key differences in each. At Pacific Seed Bank, we firmly believe that there’s a marijuana strain for everybody, regardless of personal wants, needs, and medical history. But with so many choices at your disposal at Pacific Seed Bank, how are you supposed to know which is the right marijuana strain? Where to begin? We’re here to help.
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Marijuana and Your Period

For many years, people have used marijuana for all sorts of conditions, including those related to fertility and the reproductive system. With the increases in cannabis legalization taking place across the USA and in other countries around the world, scientists are making even more discoveries about the importance of the endocannabinoid system in the reproductive process. Here we will explore the latest findings on whether or not cannabis affects the menstrual cycle and a woman’s period. Read more


Cannabis And Anorexia

Sorry to get heavy-hearted on you, but we must talk about this relatively common condition that affects approximately 200,000 Americans every year. It’s called anorexia—an eating disorder that causes people to obsess over their weight and what they eat. Anorexia can lead to extreme weight loss to the point of hospitalization or even death. Read more