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I’m Growing Marijuana at Home…Help?

You’re considering growing your own marijuana: congratulations!  With the legalization of pot spreading further across the United States every year, it’s never been a better time to throw your hat into the pot-growing ring. However, you may be intimidated and even perplexed about how to grow marijuana and what issues you’ll need to consider beforehand. […]

Germinate Marijuana

How to Germinate Marijuana Seeds for Beginners

If you live in a place where growing marijuana is legal and you’re wanting to start cultivating your own plants from seed, the first step will be to germinate marijuana seeds. While it might, understandably, sound like a daunting task–especially if you don’t consider yourself as having a green thumb–the truth is once you find […]

Easiest Marijuana

The Easiest Marijuana Strains to Grow for Spring

Have you recently started your gardening journey? As we begin to see signs of spring after what felt like the longest winter in history, many of us are itching to enjoy the great outdoors again. Now’s a perfect time to get your grow on! Check out our list of the five easiest marijuana strains to […]


How to Germinate Your Marijuana Seeds

Isn’t it wild to think that life starts with a single seed? Growing your own marijuana at home has a plethora of health and financial benefits, as one plant can produce up to $200 worth of weed. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We must walk before we can run, so let’s start with […]

Marijuana Pests

Marijuana Pests – How to Keep Them Away From Your Plants

If you’re hashtag #blessed enough to live in a part of the country where you have the right to grow marijuana, go you! You’re one step closer to being steps away from homegrown medication. Growing marijuana is one thing but keeping your plants healthy is another, especially when it comes to marijuana pests.