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Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Seeds

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For a hybrid with style, try Girl Scout Cookies marijuana seeds. Flowering in around nine weeks, with a moderate THC level of 20%, GSC will beat stress back out the door while leaving you feeling creative and euphoric.

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As the name might suggest, you’re going to want to stock up on Girl Scout Cookies (aka GSC), an OG Kush/Durban Poison hybrid out of the Golden State of California.

Nearly balanced with a ration of 60:40, favoring sativa, award-winning Girl Scout Cookies expresses its high levels of THC with a happy, euphoric, creative high that can get you going.

Ready for harvest after about 9 or 10 weeks of flowering, GSC feminized marijuana gives off a tantalizingly sweet and earthy aroma. Coupled with its unique visage (she develops with a splash of bright green, purple and fiery orange), at least you’ll enjoy watching her grow.

Order Girl Scout Cookies feminized marijuana seeds – your sweet tooth will thank you!

Additional information


Original Harvest Seeds

Cannabis Species



60% Sativa / 40% Indica

Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Creative, Euphoric, Happy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 550g/m²

Yield Outdoors

600-700 g/plant

To Treat

Depression, Pain, Stress


Earthy, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






50 reviews for Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Seeds

  1. ShadowShade (verified owner)

    Oohh wee, this is one of the tastiest strains I’ve ever come across. It’s sweet and delicious because this is one delectable strain that has one of the best flavors I’ve ever had. Between the taste and aroma alone, GSC is one MJ strain that you’re sure to love.

  2. Bessie Stevens (verified owner)

    Dang, I have been looking for this strain for ages. I fell in love with it when I started smoking it years ago….and I am not really a professional grower…and I really love just how easy it is to work with cause there’s great growing advice here online, especially on the blog sections. If you have any ideas how to grow better pot, post them here cause I am all ears. Still though, 250 G is pretty good for a start.

  3. Hailey S. (verified owner)

    Tasty and delicious, this is the perfect dessert strain. It reminds me of some of your favorite cookies. This isn’t just a playful strain because it’s pretty potent to make it good for medical purposes.

  4. Pierce Odom (verified owner)

    This strain is like a delicious treat that lifts you up and enhances your creativity. The taste is earthy with a hint of sweetness. It’s an easy strain to grow, so even beginners can enjoy the benefits of Girl Scout Cookies.

  5. PotProfessor (verified owner)

    This head high is really nice to build creative energy from, I find I get some of my best work done from smoking this strain. With the quick grow time and large yield amount I found this strain provided a great value.

  6. Jan Crane (verified owner)

    Fresh and sour with a minty exhale, Girl scout cookies offers the best of both worlds. Indica in the evening, sativa in the afternoon. GSC adapts to how YOU’RE feeling and doesn’t impose itself on you. I am thankful for the wonderful MJ. It’s such a blessing to have access to this amazing weed. Pacific ships all over the country, and I would have never known if my friend hadn’t recommended it.

    I ordered 5 seeds (I am just growing for myself) and I planted them outdoors, in the sunniest part of my garden. Great investment. Just wish I had LED for indoor cultivation as well.

  7. NebulaEnch4nter (verified owner)

    One of life’s greatest pleasures.
    Took 5 seeds about 10 weeks to reach maturity…
    Has a lot of help from the internet, and from reading these blogs
    Customer service was super helpful.
    Grew indoors using LED and a 10×10 Bud Box Tent in the basement.
    No mold, no pesticides….just good, clean weed.

  8. DragonWarrior (verified owner)

    Girl Scout Cookies, the supreme strain among strains! I am so happy I learned to grow to get this strain easily available to me. These seeds from the Pacific have always come to me in excellent condition, with no damage, and perfect germination!

  9. Johnny Gregory (verified owner)

    Girl Scout Cookies is a top OG hybrid. Big fan of the OG hybrids so I’m at a strong bias here. Girl Scout Cookies maintains that quality we all know and love. What’s even better the grow time is fast and easy. My harvest was massive and I’ll be smoking for a long time to come thanks to these seeds.

  10. Cassian Stone (verified owner)

    One of the all-time classic strains of weed…..if you have any experience with weed at all, you’ll likely appreciate this strain! Vibes on VIBES friends, this GSC weed is packed with a TON of sativa-driven energy….stuff that gets you feeling loosey-goosey and makes your body all light and tingly. Plus it gives me some super mad munchies. I am ALWAYS ordering pizza and Chinese when I smoke this reefer LOL. Thanks for the awesome seeds and great opportunity!

  11. Demetrius Gates (verified owner)

    Great feelings come with this weed. It’s a light, easy smoke with sativa energy, and a sour/sweet taste. It’s like candy!
    Buying 10 seeds online right now. I usually plant in succession and have had excellent results. Beautiful, fresh herb makes this a fantastic buy for those who love Marijuana!!

  12. jim graham (verified owner)

    Hearty outside grow. 4 footer, 6 oz. of brown buds on a heavily pinched bush. Moderate trichomes. No mold issues.

  13. Jiya Mann (verified owner)

    If you are a lover of sativa-heavy weed, and really enjoy a nice relaxing afternoon buzz, then Girl Scout Cookies is the perfect choice! Great vibes! If you smoke this weed, you will feel instantly lighter, happier, and more relaxed! Can you believe this weed ships all over the USA? It’s hard to believe but it’s something special that’s for sure! Get your seeds today, and consider starting with 5 or 10, it’s the perfect amount!

  14. Ocean Castillo (verified owner)

    Soooo much love for Girl Scout Cookies. There’s nothing I love more than ordering mj seeds online….it’s literally saved me hundreds of dollars and is easy as anything off Amazon. Been a grower since I was darn near 21. I was just doing space bucket growing in college but since have expanded my reach to much more exotic strains in a full-blown hydroponic setting. Excellent yields and a very delightful flavor. Gives me HOPE!

  15. Fiza Foster (verified owner)

    Everytime I start to get a migraine, I reach for the GSC bowl and feel a little better. Takes 6months to grow, so if you’re not a patient person, well, maybe weed isn;t your thing? If you can take the wait, then you’ll love sativas like Girl Scout Cookies!

  16. Kirstin Phan (verified owner)

    Looking for a potent high that won’t make you tired? Girl Scout Cookies is a classic strain and a very accessible grow. Mmm It smells like lemons, and it is the BEST afternoon smoke I can think of! Gives me a POTENT high, makes me jittery and excited and even helps with creativity!!

  17. Beulah Salgado (verified owner)

    One of a kind. Great smell and flavor. Lasts a long time. The buzz is easy living. Take a few puffs and share that mj with your buddies. Life is good y’all.

  18. Kurt Trujillo (verified owner)

    I used to BE an actual girl scout growing up…then I turned into a mega stoner when I turned into an adult LOL. Girl scout cookies is light, bright and sour. It’s sticky as all heck, and it rolls into a beautiful joint, if you do it right. Felt pretty good when I harvested my dope, I scored nearly 600 grams of pot.

  19. Reema Sanchez (verified owner)

    I love this strain cause it lets me go about my day regularly without feeling tired or anxious. I smoke it in the morning along with breakfast, and I gotta say it’s going really well. The harvest was top tier, and very bountiful, scoring nearly 800 grams, all of it fresh and sticky. You really cant go wrong with these sticky nugs!

  20. Sheldon (verified owner)

    Nice and even keeled sativa that makes me SMILE! Ordered 15 seeds, great pricing on this site, and such an amazing online selection with fast shipping and helpful customer service. Gonna buy another round of seeds once this stash runs low. Pretty excited about this buy, and know I got more girl scout cookies strain in my future!

  21. Blossom Graves (verified owner)

    I used to sell girl scout cookies, and I loved it when I was a kid. Now I am much older and have a job and am an adult so I grow girl scout cookies marijuana and eat some thin mints in my hot tub. Really couldn’t ask for anything better and I highly recommend you try it for yourself, awesome stuff truly!!!

  22. Nuala Pham (verified owner)

    I wanna have this weed like every day of my life. I wanna smoke till I am blue in the face. It’s a habit, AND it’s a lifestyle. It’s a dream and a reality, it’s a vibe and it’s a relaxing flavor. TREAT yourself to this bud. It will not let you down. Plus it tastes like marijuana cookies. So friggin light and tasty. Please try it !!!

  23. Jaimee Vincent (verified owner)

    I am pretty into this strain, not JUST cause it smells like a lemon grove, but because it tastes suuuuper sour and gives me the best high I have ever experienced! I’m definitely stoked about growing this strain again. I like Pacific cause their seeds are always reliable, and they produce a whole ton of bud for minimal effort. Truly living the dream!!

  24. Ann-Marie Talbot (verified owner)

    This was some Grade A weed, looks amazing and smells great too! Helps me deal with pain and stress and wakes me up if I am feeling down or tired. Ordered online and it shipped out really quickly…I will always buy from Pacific from now on cause it’s a good strain for the day-to-day. Very excited!!!

  25. Micheal Chung (verified owner)

    I worked day and night to afford an indoor grow setup. When my seeds arrived in the mail I nearly jumped for joy! Got a very nice little grow station going on, loved pruning my plant and watering it, and watching the dank sticky flower grow! I feel like I am rich in weed, and the flower itself is very high quality!

  26. Cain Wharton (verified owner)

    Yummmm. I bought this weed online and started smoking it right away….I mean, growing it was fun and all, but I just hate being patient when I wanna smoke my homegrown bud. You understand. gCS has a GREAT selection though, and their seeds ALWAYS sprout. Best weed seeds on the internet.

  27. Jaime Wilkinson (verified owner)

    One of my favorite strains on the market, and absolute gem. Beautiful colors, flavor is outta this world, and it gets me stone AF! I love growing my own weed, but my mom doesn’t like it LOLz. WOWEE There’s nothing I like better than smoking this dope and watching my favorite TV show, Golden Girls, SO MUCH FUN!!!

  28. boooommb (verified owner)

    Get your girl scout cookies right here, this stuff is a real gem and helps with all kinds of pain and stress and makes you wanna be real stoned. I am excited, I am nervous, I am just overall thrilled that I can get baked off my own homegrown weed, and it only took me like 5 months of effort and it’s not even that bad! This stuff is super sativa strong and makes me feel bubbly and alert!

  29. Bantom (verified owner)

    I watched like 10 hours of TV yesterday lol….this weed makes me wanna do that….I smoke it then I just chill out hardcore….I feel so LAZY but that’s good cause I get really stressed out a lot of the time….I feel much better though really happy and funny….I smoke FAT blunts….my GF did most of the growing and I do the smoking lol.

  30. Thom Treeless (verified owner)

    You want to smoke some dank herb and feel like you’re the center of attention. GSC is where you’ll find it. It makes me a monster at parties, all I wanna do is drink, socialize and dance and have a great time. Ordered online and got it delivered super fast. Great growth on these plants, better than expected!

  31. HEART2HEART (verified owner)

    It’s my favorite strain of all time, and finally I can grow it all on my own! I got 5 beautiful seeds from Pacific and they showed up right at my front door in days! I am so happy to finally have a grow space in the basement and will definitely keep buying more from these guys cause the yield is great and life is amazing! So relaxing and fun!

  32. work & play (verified owner)

    I am literally in love with this weed. Nothing gives me a boost of positive energy quite like this strain. It’s helpful in stressful situations, helpful in the AM too when I am feeling too tired to go to work, and is a real winner out in the backyard.

    Got my 3 seeds from pacific, and I was super excited about their vast online selection, and I am very excited to grow this again next season. Y’all just made a customer!

  33. Lennon (verified owner)

    The girl scout cookies are back and they are better than ever this time! I ordered online and had the pot seeds shipped to my place here in Canada, and WOW they showed up super fast. I am amazed! I germinated them in the backyard and got a beautiful yield in about 4 months of growing, all very high quality, fresh nug that I happen to love and enjoy on the daily. It’s very fresh and very uplifting, always puts me in a good mood when I am down and out. Give it a try!

  34. tysen (verified owner)

    It’s not quite like a girl scout cookies, but it sure does make you giddy. I smoke this and just start cracking jokes with my buddies, we laugh for hours and get hella munchies. Super fun to grow this stuff, haven’t had any troubles!!! Germination was super quick, and delivery was even quicker! Pacific really gets the job done, and their online catalog is really amazing! I feel super lucky to gave my own weed now, it smells just like pine!

  35. Jeremy Sayer (verified owner)

    This is some excellent stuff, It has been one of my favorite strains for years! I love growing this in my greenhouse out back and finally got the yield I was hoping for! The buds look beautiful and delicious. They smell great too, and when I smoke this stuff the world gets all shimmery and exciting. I have a lot of love for this strain, and now for PSB too!

  36. Kayla (verified owner)

    Such a lovely strain of mj. Just like a fresh box of girl scout cookies. Yum! It’s a real easy grow, had no issues on my end of things. I ordered my seeds online with PSB and they arrived at my door in no time. I followed the paper towel method and got these babies to pop! Next I put em in the ground and they grew so tall and healthy. I love this weed! Will buy again!

  37. Walter C. (verified owner)

    Yum yummm, this weed is truly delicious stuff. Has a sweet and sour taste and the bud is bright green and yellow in color. I would grow this indoors next time, it’s a bit better off that way, and probably gives a better yield! I was very happy with the nugs though, and they get me super high and offer a very relaxing mood boost!

  38. Kaila W. (verified owner)

    I was a girl scout for years so I laughed when I found out there was a marijuana strain with that name. I knew I had to try it. I’m so glad I did: this strain offers a good, creative high that won’t leave you jittery or paranoid. The taste is a bit sweet, but not so much that you’ll get dry mouth or anything. I grew it indoor and got a great yield, so I’ll be enjoying these “cookies” for awhile. I am one happy customer!

  39. Darnell R. (verified owner)

    I’m all about using weed for creativity, and this weed is prime for that kind of thing. I smoke it when I’m about to paint or write some poetry. Gets me a nice buzz and I can fall into the flow of my work. Easy to grow and the seeds shipped fast too! Def be back for more.

  40. Sarai B. (verified owner)

    This was Attempt Number One for my BF and me to grow our own cannabis. Spoiler alert: It worked! Plants grew just as expected and the buds we harvested were gorgeous. Maybe not the strongest pot I’ve ever smoked but it’s a good buzz for sure. For the next one we’re gonna try one of the Intermediate strains.

  41. Darin Y. (verified owner)

    I wish this was sold on stands outside of supermarkets but I’ll take ordering seeds if that’s my only choice! Almost balanced but kind of sativa heavy this is a great midday strain! Pretty easy indoor grow but it took a little time to finish flowering and harvest, no big deal. Real pretty weed though really bright nice nugs!

  42. Ian Y. (verified owner)

    I had smoked and loved this strain for years before I got the chance to grow it. For some reason its better somehow. Really casual grow which is +++++. Plants weren’t too picky and with a little training they produced awesome buds! Seeds germinated 10 for 10, too! This is a great strain of mj to just clear your day with. Take everything off your calendar and just settle in. Nice rainy day weed. 🙂

  43. Janine K. (verified owner)

    Where to buy your mj from can be tricky: online or in a store? Now that it is becoming legal in more places in the USA, you really have a choice where to buy. I’m very glad I went with Pacific Seeds: easy ordering, good quality, great experience. I’ll order from them again. And Girl Scouts made me feel happy and content – yay!

  44. Sergio K. (verified owner)

    Harvested A TON of weed after about 9 weeks. Great grow experience! Used a sea of green for the first time with great success. I’m getting the hang of growing I think. Finally. Also did some light pruning and training with the help of a weed guru friend. Also was generous with nutrients. Just keep your eye out for deficiencies and give your ladies what they want and need!

  45. Bryce A. (verified owner)

    The best thing to happen to me since Thin Mints. Especially since I can’t grow my own Thin Mints! All of my seeds germinated in record time. Pretty short and sturdy mj strain that took about 9 weeks to finish flowering indoors. I got a better yield than I thought I would and I’m stoked – I read that this strain tends to have a little bit of a lighter harvest. I’d recommend keeping both Girl Scout Cookies (weed) and Girl Scout Cookies (cookies) on hand as one seems to lead to the other, this is a great strain for inducing appetite.

  46. Hailei T. (verified owner)

    Love me some GSC!! First time customer with Pacific and has Great success! Delivery was fast and I grew them all myself in the side yard where the sun hits. First time mj grower, so was pretty surprised at just how well these little seeds did in the ground. They popped up in no time at all! Now I am smoking my very own herb, a nice balanced high that’s as creative as it is relaxing. I usually just chill on the couch with my dog, but sometimes I’m like “let’s go hiking!” and this weed is good for that too! Tastes like sweet pine, delicious stuff.

  47. bikesnbudz43 (verified owner)

    I’m undergoing a medical treatment that affects my appetite and I’m thankful for girl scout cookies mj to bring it back. I’m also very sensitive to taste but I love the sweet taste of girl scouts. I also appreciate that this weed doesn’t knock me out; instead it makes me want to eat and gives me an uplifting and creative high. Be sure to try this if you want a good medical cannabis, I do recommend it.

  48. Reese F. (verified owner)

    Who hasn’t heard of girl scout cookies? This is easily one of the most popular strains out there. I’ve ordered it several times from a whole bunch of different seed sites. This has to be my best order so far. All of my seeds were fresh af, delivered FAST to my door, with no frills and no specific labeling on the package. If you’re ordering seeds in Canada I think this is the best place to buy from.

  49. Tiara Z. (verified owner)

    I am so SO creative when I smoke this weed! It’s kind of incredible. It’s like it unlocks some inner treasure trove of ideas that I didn’t know I had. I should go into business giving ideas to people, haha. I’ll just smoke some GSC and be a muse. 🙂 This is good mj for feeling happy, creative and all-around upbeat. Obv there is a reason it’s so popular! Love how it’s always in stock at Pacific. You guys are awesome!

  50. Jim B. (verified owner)

    Something of a lengthy grow, but well worth the wait. This weed is a classic and is absolutely delightful. The perfect blend at any time of day, wont knock you off your feet, wont keep you up all night either, great for creativity and also great for getting in the mood to cook dinner, cause you’ll definitely have the munchies. Beautiful bud, ya’ll!

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