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Godfather OG Feminized Seeds

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Godfather OG Feminized Seeds are a potent, indica-dominant hybrid known for their relaxation and calming effects. Users typically notice a sweet berry and woodsy aroma in addition to an elevated spirit thanks to this strain’s 40% sativa profile.

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Godfather OG, a powerful indica-dominant hybrid strain, originates from southern California and is renowned for its potency. It’s considered “The Don” of all OG strains, boasting THC levels of up to 34%. Godfather OG Feminized seeds ensure growers have female plants, optimizing bud production. Godfather OG offers complex flavors, combining earthy pine with sweet berry undertones. The strain’s effect is profoundly relaxing, providing intense sedation and tranquility, often used for stress relief and insomnia. Although its indica side comes out strong, it has a 40% sativa ratio that compliments its calming effects.

What are the effects of Godfather OG?

Godfather OG marijuana strain, is a popular strain notable for its potent effects. This heavy-handed indica-dominant strain provides an intense euphoria that can be felt almost instantly, beginning with a cerebral rush that leads to enhanced mood and uplifted spirits. Over time, these effects transform into profound body relaxation, and the cannabis community often seeks Godfather OG’s results for relief. Users often report feeling sedated and completely at ease, with a sense of calm that permeates through the entire body, making it a popular choice for those seeking relief from stress, anxiety, and insomnia. Godfather OG is also used by medical cannabis users for its relieving qualities for muscle spasms and even migraines. Despite its powerful effects, it also stimulates appetite, making it useful for those dealing with a lack of appetite or nausea. A word of caution for recreational users: It’s a potent strain that is best suited for experienced smokers because novice growers attempting this strain might experience negative effects.

Why Godfather OG Cannabis Strain is so Popular

Godfather OG’s popularity stems from its high potency, often touting THC levels up to 34%, making it appealing to experienced users. This Indica-dominant strain comes from XXX OG and Alpha OG X, making these sought-after feminized cannabis seeds.  It also stimulates appetite, aiding those with eating disorders, and has an impressive terpene profile. The unique blend of earthy and sweet flavors, coupled with the potency of its effects, solidifies Godfather OG as a revered choice for cannabis enthusiasts. In short, this is a strain for relaxation!

What is Godfather OG’s flavor profile?

Godfather OG possesses a unique flavor profile, presenting a delicious mix of sweet and earthy notes. Upon inhalation, it greets you with a dominant pine taste, followed by subtle hints of grape and citrus. The aroma complements its taste, exuding an earthy scent with undertones of spicy herbs, intermixed with a sweet berry fragrance. This combination of complex flavors and enticing aromas significantly enhances the overall experience of smoking Godfather OG.

How to Grow Godfather OG Feminized Seeds

Growing Godfather OG marijuana requires some experience due to its specific needs, so beginner growers must research.  It thrives both indoors and outdoors, given the right conditions. Indoor cultivation allows more environmental control, but it can also flourish outdoors in a Mediterranean-like climate.  If growing outdoors, the outdoor plant prefers warm, dry conditions, as humidity can invite mold and mildew. While it’s not particularly mold-resistant, proper care can mitigate this issue. Godfather OG is a bushy, strong plant that benefits from regular trimming to allow light penetration and air circulation, improving its health and yield. It flowers in 8-9 weeks indoors, with outdoor harvests ready around mid-October.

What do Godfather OG Plants Look Like?

Godfather OG is a beautiful cannabis strain that typically grows to a medium height, well-suited for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. Its appearance is quite striking with large, dense buds that feature a rich green color, often speckled with hints of purple. Contrasting beautifully against this backdrop are orange to rust-colored pistils, some growers will often get purple pistils. The plants have a generous coating of crystal trichomes, signifying their high THC content. The presence of terpenes such as limonene, myrcene, and caryophyllene contributes to Godfather OG’s unique aroma and flavor, blending sweet, earthy, and spicy notes.

When to harvest these Medium Height Plants

Godfather OG marijuana plants typically flower within 8-9 weeks when grown indoors under optimal conditions. Outdoor growers can expect to harvest around mid-October, depending on the local climate. Timing is crucial for harvesting cannabis, as premature or delayed harvest can impact potency and yield. Godfather OG’s buds will swell and trichomes will turn milky white when ready for harvest. Observing these changes will help ensure you reap a robust, potent yield from this potent strain.

Similar marijuana strains to Godfather OG

  1. OG Kush: A classic strain known for its stress-relieving properties and high THC content, similar to Godfather OG.
  2. Tahoe OG: This strain offers strong body effects and a pungent aroma, much like Godfather OG.
  3. SFV OG: San Fernando Valley OG has similar calming effects and a complex flavor profile, combining pine, lemon, and earthy notes.
  4. Larry OG: A member of the OG family, Larry OG shares the physical relaxation and euphoric effects common to Godfather OG.
  5. XXX OG: This strain is noted for its potent sedative effects and high THC content, mirroring the features of Godfather OG.

Additional information


DNA Crew

Cannabis Species

Indica/Sativa Hybrid

Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Relaxed, Sleepy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 450g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 550 gr

To Treat

Insomnia, Pain, Stress


Pine, Sweet, Woody

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






16 reviews for Godfather OG Feminized Seeds

  1. J. Bennett (verified owner)

    Godfather OG is going to take you on an unimaginable high that you’re going to enjoy every moment of that takes you on a true journey. It’s not only potent but warm and comforting, kind of like a nice, tight hug enveloping you. It’s also great for relieving aches and makes my body feel so much better afterward.

  2. Rex Johnson (verified owner)

    Whoa! I said to each hit!! Pacific seed Is got it going on. My 4th grow caused me to be very patient this time. Must flush 3 weeks, then I did 48 hrs of darkness even though 1 week of darkness is the requirement. All 5 germinated. 1 turnout to be a auto flower and harvest a little over 2 mths.
    If you want ‘the out-of-body- experience this strain will definitely get you there. Thank-you pacificseed

  3. Zaid Robinson (verified owner)

    This strain is like smoking a smooth jazz melody. The high is powerful, enveloping you in a warm and comforting haze. It’s perfect for insomnia and stress. The taste is a delightful blend of pine, sweetness, and a hint of woody notes. It’s easy to grow, making it a great choice for beginners and experienced growers alike.

  4. Julie Perry (verified owner)

    Did not take too long to grow, this strain was quite unique and refreshing. A nice perfectly balanced high that had me mellowed out nicely for my evenings. Really happy how Pacific took care of this order, will be continuing to order this seed for a while.

  5. Ishaq F (verified owner)

    Godfather OG Feminized Seeds from Pacific Seed Bank are a must-have for cannabis enthusiasts. With THC levels reaching up to 34%, this indica-dominant strain is known for its potent effects and complex flavors. It offers profound relaxation, making it ideal for stress relief and insomnia. The plants have a medium height and produce large, dense buds covered in crystal trichomes.

  6. Kristin Huber (verified owner)

    The THC on this is absolutely bonkers. If you’re looking for an easy-to-grow seed that’ll get you ripped this should absolutely be on your radar. Took me 8 weeks of growing to end up with a masterfully amazing tasting sweet weed. Great for smoking on the weekends if you wanna be high all day.

  7. SkunkScholar710 (verified owner)

    An Indica forward strain with a nice body high, Godfather OG was well worth growing and I really liked how much weed I got from my plants. The body high has helped me lots in relaxing after work and just enjoying my nights.

  8. Magnus S. (verified owner)

    So much love for Godfather OG. This indica weed is perfect for when you’re feeling tired, anxious, and outta luck. Definitely buy your weed online, it will most definitely make a difference. Cutting out the middle man is a huge benefit of ordering online, You are guaranteed a fresh and growable product. It definitely takes some skill and patience, but not too much that even the most basic grower couldn’t walk away with a decent yield!

  9. Abiha Lozano (verified owner)

    Heavy stoney high, great for getting lost on the couch. I love smoking it at night, watching an old Horror movie…and then falling asleep….it’s pretty alright!
    Buying 10 seeds was a little over the top….but now I have enough seed to last me a few seasons. I hope it stays fresh. Germ was great this time around…5/5 seeds popped!

  10. Minnie Berger (verified owner)

    Yum Yum, I love godfather OG. I also love that I was able to order my seeds online. It’s made things just so much easier!! They ship directly to Canada, which is hard to find. Most seed banks are USA based, but I am that one lucky Canadian boy who gets my weed shipped directly from California, the weed motherland!

  11. Ariella Roth (verified owner)

    Takes time and effort to grow great weed. Even if you’re an expert, you need to be patient and persistent to make the best weed possible. I had some great success with growing this marijuana, but that’s probably because I do it for a living. Try it for yourself and you’ll be surprised how well you do, just be sure to dedicate the time it takes to make the best weed possible 🙂

  12. Kobie Barrow (verified owner)

    This plant produced tiny little BB flowers that were perfect for crumbling up and putting into your bowls. I have literally SO much Gofdather OG I dunno what to do with it all haha! Been a fun experience though, and the results were much more impressive than expected. I may have a green thumb after all 😉

  13. Ari Macgregor (verified owner)

    One of the more unique strains of mj I have found is the Godfather OG. It has some bright colors, like red and yellow and blue, and it hits so nicely, it’s like a bath inside your mind. Perfect for those lazy sundays where you just wanna watch football with the BOYZ!

  14. Kathy William (verified owner)

    OMG I love this weed!!! Godfather OG is the perfect BLUNT. It burns nice and slow, gives me a great little head buzz and lasts for hours!

  15. Benjamin Bradford (verified owner)

    Godfather was my favorite movie growing up….was looking for a strain that would help me with muscle pains, and also help me get all spacey and relaxed before bed. Buying online was easy and shipping was fast. Not the world’s best gardener but got all my seeds to germinate. Had a sizeable yield off 3 of my plants, nearing 8 oz. in total, with lovely colorful trichomes and some dense sticky nug. Highly recommend!

  16. Good Lemon (verified owner)

    I have grown 10 different strains to date . This stain has the strangest flowers and also the largest flower cola’s. Out of one 3 foot tall plant I harvested 10 oz of buds. The flowers were the size of my fore arms. The plant did not seem very sticky or have a strong smell.
    Also the flowers did not look at all like the ones shown on this website. Presently they are curing in Mason Jars . I have not tried the stain yet. . Will keep you posted — Hopefully it is potent like they advertised

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