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New Glue Feminized Seeds

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With out-of-this-world THC content, New Glue marijuana will leave users totally relaxed, happy, and wanting more.

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You might have been looking for one of the most potent strains on the market today, and congratulations on finding it!  New Glue marijuana comes in at a staggering 27% to 31% THC content and acts just as fast as you can say its name!  This hybrid has two great parents, Sister Glue and Original Glue, with a pungent fragrance and indica dominant genes, you’ll love every puff!  This weed will tackle the mind and body, and send you into deep relaxation, and begging for more!

What are the effects of New Glue marijuana?

  • Relaxation
  • Happiness
  • Sleepiness
  • Arousal


Upon the initial inhale of New Glue marijuana, the sativa side effects will greet you first, feeling an initial head rush. Happiness will ensue after the cerebral high, leaving all worries and negative thoughts behind, as you can’t stop smiling! We do recommend smoking this near the kitchen because your appetite will be screaming at you, so calorie counters beware! 


Now, this is where New Glue marijuana gets interesting for you: If taken in moderation, this can turn into a natural aphrodisiac, so make sure your partner is nearby!  If taken too much, you might skip the foreplay altogether or just skip everything altogether and go straight to sleep! If you can control the amount you take, this is a good weed to take in the daytime, but take too much and you will be sleeping like a baby!


What are the therapeutic benefits of New Glue marijuana?

New Glue marijuana seeds are not just for recreational smokers, but the medical benefits can sometimes outweigh just taking it for pleasure. It’s almost impossible not to be happy after a few puffs, and it also reduces stress, so the positives just keep on coming! Patients also love it for its ability to increase their appetite, along with those who suffer from insomnia and long dream (pun intended) of a good slumber!


What does New Glue marijuana taste like?

If you’re new to the cannabis scene, you’re probably curious as to what New Glue marijuana can possibly taste like! The inhale will be unpleasant for those who are not used to it, as if you just picked it from the ground and ate it. However, the exhale will leave you wanting more as you will experience a taste of fresh fruit!


How do I grow New Glue marijuana seeds?

Newbie growers beware of growing New Glue marijuana seeds, as we would love for you to tackle this, it might be best for the seasoned veteran. These seeds are not readily available, so growers need to know how to handle growing from a clone. This weed responds well to the Sea of Green method and Hydroponics, and you need to be watching it like a hawk because it’s susceptible to pests and diseases. 


What do New Glue marijuana plants look like?

New Glue marijuana plants are bush in structure and green in color, with dense clusters of buds covered in trichomes. They have the ability to grow tall, but can also be trained to be shorter, which makes them interesting. The leaves are dark green and have a glossy appearance. The buds are usually purple or blue, depending on the cultivation. 


When to harvest your New Glue marijuana plants

If you are growing indoors, your New Glue marijuana seeds should be ready in about 7 to 9 weeks, and growers should expect 10 to 12 ounces of bud. If grown outdoors, the yield should be slightly higher with a minimum expectation of 12 ounces of bud, and it should flower around the end of September. 


Similar marijuana strains to New Glue

  1. Afgoo is another potent strain with high THC.
  2. Death Star also benefits people with mood disorders.
  3. G13 also has the ability to leave you with a smile. 

Additional information


Grow Labs

Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Happy, Tingly

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 300g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 300 gr

To Treat

Insomnia, Pain, Stress


Diesel, Earthy, Sour

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






45 reviews for New Glue Feminized Seeds

  1. Rosalie Hensley (verified owner)

    Pacific Seed Bank definitely knows how to deliver a great buying experience. Ordering my New Glue seeds was a breeze, the shipping was fast, and the packaging was discreet and secure. And the best part? No dead seeds! Can’t wait to start growing.

  2. Guy Hilton (verified owner)

    Como experto en cultivo, siempre tengo altas expectativas para las cepas que elijo cultivar. La New Glue no me decepcionó en absoluto. La planta creció de manera vigorosa y produjo cogollos cubiertos de tricomas que eran un placer para los ojos. Además, el efecto de esta cepa es simplemente increíble.

  3. Jared Glenn (verified owner)

    As an experienced grower, I must say that New Glue from PSB is an absolute joy to cultivate. The plants grew vigorously and responded well to the Sea of Green method. The dense clusters of buds were covered in thick trichomes, resulting in a beautiful and potent harvest. And let me tell you, the high is incredible! The initial head rush followed by a wave of relaxation and happiness is just what I needed.

  4. Dana Guzman (verified owner)

    My experience buying New Glue seeds from Pacific Seed Bank was fantastic. The ordering process was seamless, the shipping was quick, and the packaging was great. I was thrilled to find no dead seeds. Can’t wait to see this strain in action!

  5. Adam Glass (verified owner)

    The plants displayed a strong resistance to pests and diseases, which made the cultivation process smooth and hassle-free. The yields were impressive, and the buds were beautifully coated in trichomes. When it comes to the high, brace yourself for an uplifted mood and deep relaxation. This strain has become a favorite in my collection!

  6. Larry Bishop (verified owner)

    Pacific Seed Bank’s New Glue seeds are a must-try! The purchasing experience was seamless, and the seeds arrived quickly and securely packaged. Zero dead seeds, and they all germinated flawlessly. Watching these plants grow was a joy, and the effects of the final product were absolutely incredible.

  7. Sheri Parrish (verified owner)

    I couldn’t be happier with my experience growing New Glue from PSB. The plants thrived under my care and rewarded me with an abundance of top-quality buds. The taste is unique, with hints of fresh fruit on the exhale. As for the high, it hits fast and leaves you in a state of pure bliss. I highly recommend this strain to both growers and enthusiasts looking for a potent and flavorful experience.

  8. Lucinda Harrison (verified owner)

    I’ve been growing New Glue for a while now, and it never fails to impress me. The plants are vigorous and resilient, making them suitable for growers of all levels. The high from New Glue is simply amazing. It brings about a sense of deep relaxation, melting away any stress or tension. The euphoria that accompanies it is a delightful bonus. If you’re looking for a strain that delivers a potent and enjoyable high, New Glue is the way to go.

  9. Annie Cowan (verified owner)

    New Glue from PSB exceeded my expectations as a grower. Its bushy structure and dense buds made for a visually striking plant. The high THC content ensures a powerful and long-lasting high that melts away stress and induces deep relaxation. The taste may take some getting used to, but the exhale delivers a pleasant fruity flavor. This strain has definitely earned a spot in my garden.

  10. Clint Orozco (verified owner)

    Si eres un cultivador experimentado que busca una cepa emocionante, ¡no busques más que la New Glue! Cultivar esta variedad fue una experiencia increíblemente satisfactoria. La planta creció vigorosamente y se adaptó bien al método Súper Cropping, lo que permitió maximizar la producción de cogollos.

  11. Frank Hayes (verified owner)

    I recently bought New Glue seeds and I can’t recommend Pacific Seed Bank enough. The buying process was simple and the shipping was super quick. The packaging was great, and there were no dead seeds. Excited to start growing

  12. Peter Nichols (verified owner)

    Como cultivador experimentado, puedo decir con confianza que la cepa New Glue es una de mis favoritas para cultivar. Su genética domina el predominio de indica y su alta concentración de THC garantizan una experiencia de colocón relajante y eufórica. Además, la planta es resistente a las plagas y enfermedades, lo que la convierte en una opción ideal para cultivadores experimentados que buscan un cultivo sin complicaciones.

  13. Alfonso Larson (verified owner)

    New Glue from Pacific Seed Bank exceeded my expectations! The buying process was a breeze, and the seeds arrived promptly and well-packaged. Not a single dead seed in sight! This strain is a grower’s dream – it thrived under my care and produced some amazing buds.

  14. Kevin McConnell (verified owner)

    Como cultivador experimentado, puedo decir sin duda que la cepa New Glue es una maravilla para cultivar. Su estructura compacta y sus atractivas hojas verdes la convierten en una planta hermosa de contemplar. Además, su alta concentración de THC ofrece un efecto increíblemente relajante y eufórico.

  15. Paula Cline (verified owner)

    Pacific Seed Bank made buying New Glue seeds a breeze. From the easy online ordering to the fast shipping and secure packaging, everything was top-notch. And best of all, no dead seeds! Can’t wait to see these babies thrive.

  16. Kent Fry (verified owner)

    I am so impressed with my purchase of New Glue seeds from Pacific Seed Bank. The buying process was easy, the shipping was fast and the packaging was excellent. Plus, no dead seeds! Can’t wait to get my garden started with these beauties.

  17. Irene Walls (verified owner)

    Cultivar la variedad New Glue ha sido una experiencia increíble para mí como cultivador. Estas plantas son resistentes y fáciles de manejar, lo cual es genial para aquellos que llevamos tiempo en el mundo del cultivo. Los cogollos son exquisitos y la cantidad de tricomas que producen es asombrosa. El efecto de New Glue es magnífico, proporcionando una relajación profunda y una sensación de felicidad que dura horas. ¡Recomendaría esta cepa a cualquier cultivador experimentado que busque una experiencia de cultivo excepcional!

  18. Caitlin Hodges (verified owner)

    I’m a big fan of Pacific Seed Bank’s New Glue seeds! Buying and receiving the seeds was a breeze, with fast and discreet shipping. The packaging was excellent, ensuring all the seeds were safe and sound.

  19. Cassandra Cook (verified owner)

    Growing New Glue from PSB was a true delight. The plants responded well to my growing techniques, and the yields were more than satisfactory. The high is a perfect balance between relaxation and happiness, making it ideal for unwinding after a long day. The taste may be an acquired one, but the exhale reveals a delightful fruity flavor.

  20. Samantha Frederick (verified owner)

    Como un apasionado del cultivo de marihuana, puedo decir que el New Glue es una cepa excepcional. Su crecimiento vigoroso y su resistencia a enfermedades y plagas hacen que sea una delicia cultivarla. Los cogollos son de gran tamaño y densidad, cubiertos de tricomas brillantes. El efecto es realmente impresionante, una combinación perfecta de relajación profunda y euforia. ¡Si eres un cultivador experimentado, definitivamente debes probar el New Glue!

  21. Raymond Nash (verified owner)

    Como un cultivador experimentado, puedo decir que New Glue es una de las mejores cepas que he tenido el placer de cultivar. El crecimiento vigoroso y la resistencia a las enfermedades son destacables. Los cogollos son hermosos, densos y pegajosos, lo cual indica una excelente calidad. El efecto es potente y relajante, pero aún permite mantener la claridad mental.

  22. Elaine Brown (verified owner)

    El New Glue es una cepa que todo cultivador experimentado debería probar al menos una vez. El proceso de cultivo ha sido muy gratificante para mí, ya que estas plantas son fuertes y responden bien a las técnicas de entrenamiento. Los cogollos son impresionantes en términos de tamaño y densidad, y su alto contenido de tricomas proporciona una experiencia de alta calidad.

  23. Lucille Carlson (verified owner)

    Growing New Glue has been a rewarding experience for me as a seasoned grower. The plants respond well to training methods, allowing me to shape them according to my preference. The high from New Glue is a perfect balance of relaxation and happiness. It uplifts my mood while still providing a deep sense of calmness. The potency of this strain is truly impressive, always leaving me satisfied.

  24. Jen Morrow (verified owner)

    As an experienced grower, I must say that New Glue from Pacific Seed Bank is a dream to cultivate. The plants grew vigorously and produced dense, resinous buds. The high THC content provided a powerful and long-lasting high that left me feeling relaxed and euphoric.

  25. Santiago Holmes (verified owner)

    As an experienced grower, I have to say that New Glue from PSB is an absolute delight to cultivate. The plants grew tall and bushy, producing dense clusters of trichome-covered buds. The Sea of Green method worked wonders for maximizing yields.

  26. Felix Gillespie (verified owner)

    My experience with Pacific Seed Bank’s New Glue seeds was nothing short of fantastic. The ordering process was simple, and the seeds arrived quickly and in perfect condition. The packaging was discreet, and the seeds sprouted with ease. The effects of this strain are out of this world.

  27. Shelby Singleton (verified owner)

    Pacific Seed Bank knows how to deliver quality, and their New Glue seeds are no exception. The ordering process was straightforward, and the shipping was surprisingly fast. The seeds came in discreet packaging and were in perfect condition. Growing this strain was a breeze, and the results were outstanding.

  28. Young Lane (verified owner)

    Wow, just wow! New Glue from Pacific Seed Bank is a game-changer. The whole buying experience was hassle-free, and the seeds arrived in no time. The packaging was top-notch, ensuring all the seeds were in perfect condition. I’m blown away by the incredible effects of this strain. It’s a must-try for any cannabis enthusiast!

  29. Polly Parish (verified owner)

    Growing New Glue from Pacific Seed Bank was a rewarding experience. The plants displayed excellent resilience and produced abundant, trichome-covered buds. The high THC content delivered a deeply relaxing and enjoyable high, ideal for unwinding after a busy day. The therapeutic benefits, such as stress relief and improved sleep, were an added bonus.

  30. Preston Cantrell (verified owner)

    New Glue from Pacific Seed Bank exceeded all my expectations as a grower. The plants flourished with minimal effort, showcasing dense and resinous buds. The high THC levels provided a euphoric and uplifting experience, perfect for socializing or creative endeavors.

  31. Adrienne Hodges (verified owner)

    Just received my New Glue seeds from Pacific Seed Bank and I couldn’t be happier. The purchase was smooth, the shipping was fast, and the packaging was discreet. Not a single dead seed in the bunch.

  32. Pablo Key (verified owner)

    ¡Me encanta cultivar la cepa de New Glue! Como cultivador experimentado, disfruto mucho de los desafíos que presenta esta variedad. Las plantas crecen hermosas y robustas, con cogollos densos y llenos de tricomas. Además, el sabor frutal al exhalar es simplemente delicioso. El efecto de New Glue es perfectamente equilibrado, brindando una relajación profunda pero sin dejar de lado la felicidad y la claridad mental. ¡Definitivamente recomendaría esta cepa a otros cultivadores experimentados!

  33. Colleen Shields (verified owner)

    I can’t get enough of New Glue from Pacific Seed Bank! As a seasoned grower, I appreciate the robust genetics and impressive yields this strain offers. The high THC content produced a blissful and relaxing experience, melting away any tension or worries. The therapeutic benefits, such as appetite stimulation and enhanced mood, were a welcome bonus. New Glue is definitely a top choice for both growers and enthusiasts!

  34. Miguel Andrade (verified owner)

    Growing New Glue from Pacific Seed Bank was an absolute pleasure. The plants displayed impressive vigor and resilience throughout the entire growth cycle. The high THC content delivered a potent and uplifting high, perfect for unwinding after a long day. The therapeutic benefits, including stress relief and improved sleep, were definitely noticeable. Overall, a top-notch strain that I will continue to grow.

  35. Joseph Michael (verified owner)

    I absolutely love growing the New Glue strain! The plants are robust and resilient, making them a joy to cultivate. The yields are impressive, and the dense clusters of buds are coated in a thick layer of trichomes, which makes for a beautiful sight. The high from New Glue is incredibly relaxing, melting away any stress or tension. It’s a fantastic strain to unwind with at the end of a long day.

  36. Latoya Jennings (verified owner)

    I’m beyond impressed with Pacific Seed Bank’s New Glue seeds. The purchase process was smooth and easy, and the shipping was super quick. The seeds arrived in discreet packaging, and every single one sprouted beautifully. This strain is a head-turner with its mind-blowing effects. Definitely a must-have for any marijuana lover!

  37. Cherie McDonald (verified owner)

    Just finished my first grow of New Glue from Pacific Seed Bank, and I couldn’t be happier! Buying the seeds was a breeze, and the shipping was lightning fast. The packaging was discreet and secure, and all the seeds arrived healthy and ready to go. Not a single dead seed in the bunch!

  38. Nebula9Navigator (verified owner)

    Growing and smoking New Glue marijuana has been an incredible experience. All my seeds germinated successfully, and the plants grew beautifully with dense clusters of trichome-covered buds. The taste was a bit earthy on the inhale, but the exhale was a burst of fruity goodness.

  39. Leandro Maddox (verified owner)

    New glue is definitely earning of its namesake….these flowers are sticky! The deep green nug is sealed sticky trichomes, and it rolls into the most perfect blunts you have ever smoked.
    I grow indoors, but everyone is different and has a preference. I like that I can control my plants better, as well as their environment. Takes a lot of pressure off my shoulders, and usually makes some fine-lookin’ weed!

  40. TwilightTrekker80 (verified owner)

    The high it gave me was euphoric and tingly, leaving me feeling happy and relaxed. The plants I grew were medium-sized and sturdy, making the growing experience enjoyable. The taste of this strain is diesel, earthy, and sour, which I found quite enjoyable.

  41. Albert Mclean (verified owner)

    Hey friends, just writing in to say thank you for the amazing marijuana seeds! New Glue is an old favorite and I have JUST started having a chance to grow my own. So exciting! The flower comes out dense, colorful, covered in a ridiculous amount of trichomes….so yeah top notch stuffff.

  42. Danielle Lambert (verified owner)

    The problem I have with this strain is how easy it is to get addicted to this high. Super relaxing and easy to fall into a routine with this, with its excellent sour taste and earthy diesel aromas this strain is dangerously good. Be warned if you have an addictive personality!

  43. Isabella Silva (verified owner)

    New glue is real sticky and nice….it’s fresh and pungent and skunky…I absolutely adore it. I’m planning to purchase new seeds again to re-up my supply. It’s quickly become one of my favorite weeds, and it hits soooo smooooth! Yummy and amazing, New Glue is the perfect choice for your home garden, even if you’re new to growing!

  44. Mischievous Monkey (verified owner)

    This strain is a dream come true for heavy smokers looking for a euphoric and happy high. I was blown away by how fast the plants grew and how high their THC content was. The tingling and relaxing effects made for a great end to a long day. I can’t recommend New Glue enough.

  45. Brain Fart (verified owner)

    Found this New Glue strain of seeds to grow very quickly, the seeds only took a little under 2 months to flower and the high was potent and euphoric. Was overall very happy with this purchase from the quality weed I got to the excellent shipping from Pacific Seed Bank.

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