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G13 Diesel Feminized Seeds

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G13 Diesel marijuana will fuel your day with a burst of energy and creative focus. The 50/50 hybrid boasts a strudy structure and reliable yield – an excellent choice for gardeners of every experience level.

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While the aroma of diesel may be something to be acquired, one doesn’t need to appreciate the fuel’s bouquet in order to appreciate G13 Diesel marijuana, a 50/50 hybrid that starts with a bang and ends with pure bliss.

Within minutes of the first puff, G13 Diesel marijuana provides a surge of energy that you’ll feel from head to toe. This euphoric rush brings with it creativity and focus, ideal for tackling the tasks of the day. Coming in at over 20% THC, this hybrid is on the stronger side and it should be used in moderation, lest its indica genetics take over. The relaxing and uplifting effects of G13 Diesel make it an excellent contender in the medical community.

Benefiting from thick stems and sturdy branches, the hefty buds of G13 Diesel marijuana seeds pose little challenge to home growers, particularly when cultivated indoors where one has complete control. With a relatively short flowering period – between 8 and 9 weeks – G13 Diesel is a reliable strain, producing around 10 to 12 ounces of pungent bud come harvest time.

Additional information


DNA Crew

Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Energetic, Euphoric, Happy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 350g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 350 gr

To Treat

Appetite, Pain, Stress


Citrus, Diesel, Sweet

Plant Sex


Flowering Type






Skill Level


11 reviews for G13 Diesel Feminized Seeds

  1. 2StellarStarfish (verified owner)

    G13 Diesel Feminized Seeds is a potent hybrid strain that offers a burst of energy and creative focus. With its sturdy structure and reliable yield, it is suitable for growers of all experience levels. This strain has a strong aroma of diesel fuel, but its effects make up for it.

  2. Jaylen Villanueva (verified owner)

    G13 Diesel by DNA Crew is an absolute powerhouse. The citrus and diesel flavors are incredibly smooth and the high is pure bliss. It’s a relatively easy strain to cultivate and the yields are impressive. Whether you need a little energy boost or want to kick back and relax, G13 Diesel has got you covered.

  3. Scott Hardin (verified owner)

    Great experience growing this seed! Amazing smell and high yield with no problems, perfect 3/3 seeds germinated with amazing shipping speed. The high is functional and energizing, followed by euphoric. No paranoia and got lots of seeds. As a first-time grower, it was a fun and successful experience. Would definitely buy from here again.

  4. Thaddeus Christensen (verified owner)

    This might not be your first choice when perusing Pacific’s outrageously large online selection….but I say keep an eye on it. G13 is really your classic indica that grows and matures in 10 weeks or so and produces hundreds of tiny flower….I am really impressed by the yields, usually about 100 G per plant….and I’ve walked away with over 500 G before. Store it in my cellar in a ball jar away from the light and it stays fresh for a long time. Much more reliable and high qual than the dispensary stuff, but I definitely appreciate it.

  5. GrowerGoddess (verified owner)

    Gets me so dang high I cannot handle it! That’s why I am very conservative when it comes to smoking MJ. I always just take 1-2 puffs at a time, and never push it past that point. I am a lightweight…ok you can laugh at me, but I think it’s economical! Definitely one of my fave choices on the planet….such a great choice!!!

  6. Naomi Khan (verified owner)

    Hey friends, I am just writing in to say how amazing this weed has been. I never thought weed could have therapeutic value, but G13 has done wonders for my anxiety and my mood in general. I no longer have trouble getting out of bed in the morning, and I definitely have a great wake and bake experience!!

    I may not be the world’s greatest grower but I am very excited to have it in my yard!! It’s just so much fun :))

  7. Jaime Brown (verified owner)

    Sweet weed with a deeply earthy experience that brings me closer to earth mother Gaia! Thank you for this beautiful plant, manifesting itself in my life! Everything happens for a reason, and i believe I got myself into weed growing to heal a deep wound within my soul. I find MJ cultivation deeply fulfilling and peaceful. No matter who you are, and from what background, you can find peace in growing high quality MJ from Pacific.

  8. PotPriestess (verified owner)

    Definitely an easy-growing strain, great for newer growers looking to get started. I got a really nice high that hit me with a happy boost on my outlook and I found myself extra energetic overall. Great for anyone looking to get a daytime smoke in.

  9. Gene Moore (verified owner)

    Got a lot of great weed from growing this strain and I am very happy with the experience overall. The yield was solid and has lasted me a long time, while this was not difficult to grow and I managed to get some great buds from it. The high hits strong and gives some great energetic happy energy to it.

  10. FindingScared (verified owner)

    Oh my! G13 diesel is a wonderous and tasty strain with an incredible yield. It is extremely pungent, it stunk up the entire kitchen and living room, so be sure you’re prepared to vent the smell at least once a day. Still though, I love to garden and work with plants, you’ll see some marble sized nugs forming at about 10 weeks. Harvest at 12 weeks or risk your flower going to seed.

  11. Kelsie Lindsey (verified owner)

    This pungent, potent weed reminds me of my days living in NYC. I used to love smoking east coast weed, but hey, west coast is the best coast and I wanted to change my scenery. Growing with Pacific is a great way to get involved in your own little weed op. Great for personal stashes and sharing with friends.

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