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Looking for the best marijuana seeds online? We have all the high-quality, feminized, and generally awesome strains you need to make the most of it. What are you waiting for – get your grow on!







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We carry only the best genetics from the most renowned breeders and farmers.

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Over 150 strains to choose from. With the industry’s best germination guarantee!

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We’ll ship to wherever you are! Quick, discreet delivery all around the world.

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The Best Marijuana Seeds Online

You might get a bit of a head rush when you see our vast selection of really awesome marijuana seed strains in USA or Canada! We’ve set out to be your one-stop-weed-seed-shop, and that means stocking up on every strain you might ever be so inclined to put in soil (or coco, or whatever).

Because everyone knows size (er – quantity) isn’t everything, we’re also eager for you to know (like that irritating “one-up” friend we all have) we bring in only the best: fully and reliably feminized marijuana seeds that have been tested for authentic genetics. So, yeah, you’re getting what you ordered – quickly, discreetly, and fresh as can be. And PS: we hand-package all your orders, so you can rest assured someone with a discerning eye has always scanned those seeds before you get them. If you do happen to get a couple of duds (hey, we’re only spectacular, astonishing, charming humans, after all), you’re covered by our super-savvy Germination Guarantee – so don’t sweat it.

The Best Marijuana Seed Brands

Feminized Marijuana Seeds Delivered to Your Door

Autoflowering seeds grow faster than other variants while high CBD seeds are bred to help deal with medical symptoms. Whichever one you pick know that we have a germination guarantee. Feminization might have started out as a dicey process, but decades of research, tweaking, and technological advancements have made this method fairly foolproof (at least for the pros). No longer do feminized marijuana seeds turn into duds or hermaphroditic plants – there’s a 99% success rate with our seeds, which means you’re guaranteed to get hardy female marijuana plants that will give you an impressive amount of bud at harvest. Trust us: we’re going to take good care of you.

Best Selling Marijuana Seed Brands

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What Others Say About Us

A Happy Demeanor Goes A Long Way

“I’m no stranger to shopping for marijuana seeds from online seed banks. My biggest complaint so far about most of them has been crappy customer service. I had low expectations heading into Pacific Seed Bank from my past experiences, but I was amazed to find the complete opposite. I needed help picking the right marijuana seeds on their website and was pleasantly surprised at how friendly and warm their customer service was. It just goes to show that a happy demeanor goes a long way, even if it is happening online.”

Maddison R.

Two Thumbs Up For Super Fast Shipping!

“God, I love this place. I’m the kind of person who gets seriously anxious when a package doesn’t arrive right on time. I suffer a lot from worrying, which is why I turned to Pacific Seed Bank in the first place. Their seeds really helped me out! I needed my seeds to arrive in the mail before I big test and I was so nervous they’d be late. But actually, they arrived two days early! So I was able to try out the seeds beforehand to make sure I picked the right ones.”

Holly T.

My Seeds Arrived In The Mail In Less Than A Week

“A lot of online seed banks say they offer free shipping, but from my experience, every place I’ve shopped had a 2 or 3 week wait time. It’s frustrating not being able to smoke or get the relief you need. I was blown away by how fast Pacific Seed Bank carried out my order. My seeds arrived in the mail in less than a week. I didn’t have to leave the house or drive anywhere to get them! And, they also arrived in perfect condition. Thanks so much!”

Henrietta W.

Pacific Seed Bank Saved My Friend’s Trip

“I had friends coming in from out of town (a state where marijuana is completely illegal) and they were so stoked about smoking up for the first time in a LONG time. Since you can’t buy weed in Tennessee, I went ahead and ordered a lot of seeds from Pacific Seed Bank for them to enjoy while they’re here. Pacific Seed Bank’s fast shipping literally saved their trip! If they had taken as long as other seed banks, my friends would have missed the delivery window.”

Justin D.

Helpful Customer Service

“Sometimes I feel like an idiot as marijuana dispensaries. I’m looking around the store feeling totally clueless. Or, I feel like the person in charge is too cool to talk to me. I’m kind of new to smoking marijuana (my doctor prescribed it two months ago for my chronic back stress) so I had no idea what to expect from Pacific Seed Bank. I had no idea what seeds to choose but the woman online was so quick to lend a helping hand. She walked me through the benefits of each seed and gave me a quick breakdown.”

Susan C.

Marijuana Seeds For Sale

All right, we must have convinced you by now (after all, you made it all the way to the bottom of a really wordy introduction – you’re either in or really bored). What are you waiting for? Order feminized marijuana seeds right now, and within days you’ll have some cute little pot seeds delivered to your doorstep, just begging to be germinated, cultivated, and used to make you feel totally awesome. Get your grow on with Pacific Seed Bank marijuana seeds!

What Experts Say on CBD for Your Pets

Clearly, THC is a no-go for pets. But what about CBD? The proof is in the pudding at Cornell University, where dogs given CBD showed a “clinically significant reduction in discomfort and an increase in activity.” It’s promising, but there isn’t a lot of scientific research prior to 2018. Without that research, “the American Veterinary Medical Association can’t state that vets are allowed to even discuss cannabis as a possible recommended medication without risking their medical license,” according to Forbes.

Here at Pacific Seed Bank, we’re already eager to help our customers make the most of their feminized, premium, always-fresh marijuana seeds — we just don’t know any other way! Whether you’re looking for some germination tips or wondering about the best strain to order, either a friendly customer service rep or a browse through our informative site is all you’ll need to really get that grow on the road! Cultivate your own healing plants and expand your mind at the same time — what could be better than that?

marijuana seeds germination guarantee

Fresh Marijuana Seeds – Germination Guaranteed

If you are lucky enough to live in one of the 17 states that allows home cultivation, then have we got a bargain for you! Not only are our marijuana seeds reasonably priced, they are all backed by a really cool 90% germination guarantee.

What does that mean, exactly? Well, germination is the process during which your marijuana seeds go from the dormant, “dried” state they were in when they got to you, to awake, alert, and ready to grow copious amounts of bud for your pleasure.

Germination makes this transition happen. There are lots of different ways to germinate weed seeds, but because we can’t come by and watch you as work (we ran that by a sample group and it was determined “too creepy”), we recommend one tried-and-true method used by growers all over the world. What’s that mean for you? Just that you need to use our suggested Water Cup and Paper Towel method – which is easy, quick, and doesn’t require any fancy tools – in order to be covered by our Guarantee. Don’t worry – we promise this is a good method. Some growers have taproots in just two days!

Using this method, your seeds should sprout. If they don’t, we can still help you out. Here’s how the “90% Germination Guarantee” works:

If you buy 3 seeds and only 1 sprouts, we’ll send you new seeds! If you buy 10 seeds and only 8 sprout (an 80% success rate), we’ll send you new seeds! Basically, this guarantee keeps your investment safe.

Is there a catch? We’re really sorry but we just can’t replace plants that fail after germination. It’s simply impossible for us to know what the little seeds went through after they sprouted taproots. We’re not saying you didn’t do all you can, but we just can’t guarantee anything beyond germination.

It’s important to remember that you’re growing all-natural products, here. That means duds and potentially failed plants are a possibility. We wish we could promise you every single seed will give you tons of delicious bud a few months later, but it’s just not possible.

marijuana seeds delivered to your door

Marijuana Seeds Delivered Right To Your Door

Sure, you can buy marijuana seeds at your local dispensary, but what if they don’t carry the strain you’re looking for or – even worse – you see that empty rack taunting you, basically screaming “haha, someone else beat you to the last pack”? Now you’ve traipsed all the way there only to be disappointed. At Pacific Seed Bank, that just won’t happen! Our pot seeds are all right there in front of you, on your computer monitor or your smartphone. We do everything in our power to keep our digital shelves stocked, and if we do happen to run low, all you’ve wasted is a couple KB of data and you still have dozens of strains to choose from.

Placing your order with us is ridiculously easy.

First, pick your marijuana seeds. Browse descriptions and characteristics to figure out the best strain for what ails ya, or use our filters to narrow it down fast. Once you’ve found the strain with your name on it, just choose a seed count (3 or 5 for the newbie gardener or sampling Sally, 10 or 25 for the die-hards and single-strain super fans). Click Buy Now.

At the checkout, tell us how to find you (we promise only a package will arrive, not a full entourage of weed-happy employees). We keep all this private stuff on a secure server and we pinky-swear never to pass it along to anyone.

That’s seriously all there is to it. Complete your order and, in as little as 2 minutes, you’ve placed your order from start to finish. Kick back, put your feet up, and wait for your marijuana seeds to arrive. (You might have to go to work for a couple days in between – your call, we aren’t your mother.)

A reminder from your friendly neighborhood seed bank: marijuana seeds can be purchased anywhere in the US, but you can’t legally grow them everywhere. We sell our products as “novelty souvenirs”, and it’s up to you to make sure you’re following the rules in your home state or city. Be cool, guys.

Buy Cannabis Seeds Online

Fruity cannabis seeds are one of our customers’ favorites. Have you given Pineapple cannabis seeds a shot yet? It may not be as infamous as its sister strain or even have a movie starring Seth Rogan and James Franco named after it, but Pineapple Autoflowering marijuana seeds are the stuff of legends. Intensely tropical, as the name suggests, Pineapple came about from tinkering with ERSB, and features headier notes of pineapple and diesel. Interestingly enough, even the buds of this plant take on a shape similar to its namesake fruit, and its euphoric high will deliver you to a happy place – maybe on a beach somewhere with a pina colada in hand?

Obama Kush Feminized Seeds

Buy Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Speaking of investment, choosing feminized marijuana seeds rather than the plain ol’ version is another way to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth. Why? Allow us to get biological for a minute.

Regular (unfeminized) weed seeds are seeds harvested from regular female plants that were fertilized by male plants. Some of these seeds will be male, and some female, because both male and female chromosomes were involved in their creation. That means, on average, half the marijuana seeds you plant will be males and half will be females.

If you’ve browsed other seed stores, you might have noticed that regular marijuana seeds are cheaper than feminized seeds, and that’s precisely because you’ll get some male and some female plants, which isn’t appealing to many gardeners.

You see, it’s the female plants that develop the buds or flowers you harvest as medicine, not the males. In fact, male plants ruin the quality and potency of the female flowers if left to pollinate, and you’ll have to weed them when they’re old enough to sex, but before they mature. In other words, if you buy 10 regular marijuana seeds, it’s possible you’ll have only 5 or fewer harvestable plants, plus a number of empty spaces where your males used to be.

The solution? Feminized pot seeds! Made using female plants that are encouraged to fertilize themselves (that’s right, marijuana has that awesome ability), feminized marijuana seeds bred today are 99% guaranteed to grow into female plants. So, if you buy 10 feminized marijuana seeds, you’ll harvest 10 plants full of beautiful, healing flowers.

The moral of the story? Unless you want to cultivate your own seeds, buy feminized marijuana seeds from Pacific Seed Bank!

Customer Success Story

I would like to thank you and the crew at Pacific Seed Bank for the excellent seeds and great service! Our small family owned farm here in New Mexico participates in our state medical and recreational cannabis program. And has been purchasing seeds from Pacific Seed Bank for a couple of seasons with great success. This will be our third growing season with Pacific Seed Bank.

The plants do very well in an outdoor setting with living soil conditions and direct sunlight. In fact, our Jack Herer and Panama Red won 1st and 2nd place in Madrid’s first annual cannabis cup!

And we’ve also been nominated for Best Cannabis Grower by local dispensaries and their customers.

We are very excited to continue growing seeds from Pacific Seed Bank, and we can’t wait to see how this season’s Acapulco Gold and Columbian Gold turn out!

-Connie Mayhew

Managing Member of Mayhew’s Homegrown Cannabis

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