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Northern Lights Feminized Seeds

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Get relaxed and happy with the classic favorite, Northern Lights marijuana seeds. With moderate yields and a sweet, earthy taste, Northern Lights is a great indica option that’s sure to impress anyone who tries it.

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Regardless its descriptors, Northern Lights remains one of the most famous marijuana strains of all time, adored for its resinous buds, short flowering period, and overall resilience. A hybrid combination of landrace Afghani and Thai strains, it has also become the cornerstone of many other well-known breeds since its conception in 1985.

Redolent of the woods with hints of sweet, sweet candy, Northern Lights provides the kind of effect you expect from a classic indica, with a euphoria that settles throughout the body, bringing with it dreamy relaxation that lets you feel comfortably lazy. Many patients, past and present, have sought out Northern Lights feminized marijuana seeds to cope with stress, worries so that they can feel relaxed and free, especially at the end of the day.

Rather on the short side, Northern Lights is a relatively easy growing strain, and indoors gardeners can expect the often purple-hued buds to yield up to 650 grams per plant, after around two months of flowering.

Light up your night with Northern Lights feminized marijuana seeds – order now!

Additional information


Original Harvest Seeds

Cannabis Species



80% Indica / 20% Sativa

Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Happy, Relaxing

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 550g/m²

Yield Outdoors

550-650 g/plant

To Treat

Insomnia, Pain, Stress


Earthy, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






52 reviews for Northern Lights Feminized Seeds

  1. Tyler M. (verified owner)

    Northern Lights is the perfect strain to help you feel relaxed and euphoric. The high is amazing and long-lasting, so you’ll definitely feel it for a while. On top of all that, it’s super easy to grow and flowers quickly within 2 months. Plus, you’ll get a massive yield of around 600 grams per plant.

  2. J. Hamilton (verified owner)

    One of the best things I love about Pacific Seed Bank is how they offer several pack sizes. Whether you need a few seeds or need a larger amount, they provide everything you need. Additionally, they have some of the best prices I’ve seen anywhere, so if you’re looking for a great deal, PSB is the way to go.

  3. Dee Atwood (verified owner)

    Great choice, hits fast and gives me a great relacing buzz, makes me feel very grounded in my body and pretty high overall. Just happy I can finally order my own seeds online and have them delivered to me….it’s an easy sell especially for these low prices and great results. Fresh bud and very good smoking with friends or just at home in front of the tube. Makes me sleepy and slightly hallucinate 🙂

  4. Grayson Mullins (verified owner)

    i wanna try it again i didnt have a good run with it mostly due to my fault bc the light wasnt to great for its placement today 9/20/23 is curing day i got little over 2 ounces mildew whipped out alot of it i caught early on but the bud i got from it is amazing and smells amazing super excited to try it i also i got free alien rock candy seeds which i worked on for weeks and weeks LSTing it now its producing atleast a pound of dry bud so proud of my self wish i could have worked with the Northern Light alot more im planning to next year and ill leave another review after i grow it again

  5. A Kim (verified owner)

    The high it provided was so euphoric and relaxing, perfect for unwinding after a long day. The indica dominance gave me a wonderful body high that melted away my stress and pain. The plants were medium-sized and grew beautifully during my experience. The earthy and sweet taste added to the overall enjoyment.

  6. Nylah Cox (verified owner)

    I have always wanted to see the northern lights. They are so beautiful in pictures. I smoke this weed cause it gives me very light auditory and visual hallucinations….and I can ALMOST see the northern lights from my balcony….I think lol.
    Of course, being a Cali gorwer means you have access to the best seeds in the whole USA. They ship quickly and are from our brothers and sisters up in Humboldt. Great choice for new growers too. An excellent investment, and just plain fun 🙂

  7. Evangeline Knight (verified owner)

    An absolutely beautiful looking flower, just sits in my hand like a child of GOD! Don’t mean to be dramatic, just happy I finally got to cultivate my own pot! It’s been a dream of mine for soooo many years but I never knew were to obtain the seed! The seeds are great! Their so easy to germinate too, especially if you soak them (which I always do). Big wins for a small price, now that’s what I call a deal in 2023!

  8. Adriana Rivera (verified owner)

    Northern Lights Feminized Seeds are a top-notch choice for both growing and smoking. With an 80% Indica dominance, this strain offers a delightful and relaxing high. The seeds are reliable, as all of mine germinated successfully. The sweet and earthy taste of Northern Lights is truly enjoyable, and it’s known to bring feelings of euphoria and dreamy relaxation.

  9. TendToThrive (verified owner)

    Ypu’ll definitely be IMPRESSED by these northern lights seeds from PSB. Even if you’ve grown this weed in the past, you’ll enjoy working with these seeds a little bit more. Trust me, they are fresh, they are easy to grow, and the price is right my dudes!
    500 G is a LOT of pot to get from 5 plants….It’s a TON of weed, more than I have ever possessed in my life. But that ain’t gonna stop me from trying to break my harvest record lol

  10. Savannah J (verified owner)

    I am blown away by the amazing body high that comes from Northern Lights. This strain has been helping my anxiety and was easy to grow with large yields. In just 2 months, I had such a high-quality harvest. I highly recommend giving this strain a try.

  11. Ryan Andrews (verified owner)

    Ohhhh yes! Get your MJ seeds right here. Northern lights is a fast-growing, excellent marijuana for dealing with your daily stressors. The nug comes out very tight, sticky, frosty, and minty fresh! Perfect for smoking at night to relax, unwind, and have an amazing night’s sleep. Just follow the growing advice on this website for the best results!

  12. Maya Parry (verified owner)

    This weed was an excellent investment. I really enjoyed ordering online, growing the seeds at home, watching them flourish, then finally harvesting my beautiful nugs. The colors were bright and vibrant, the flower nice and tight. It looks almost like a professional grew it, and it certainly gets me super stoned. I like smoking this before going to work or a BORING social engagement, makes it a whole lot easier to get through lol.

  13. Eric Wallis (verified owner)

    This delicious, fresh, and INTENSE nug is a classic that’s been enjoyed by millions of weed smokers every year. NOW you can take it home and grow for yourself. Fresh to death, and honestly if you are looking to save money…..this is the way to do it. DONT give up your weed habit cause of inflation, instead, just grow for yourself and save GOBS of cashhhhh!

  14. Farzana Bell (verified owner)

    If you are new to weed, maybe take a strain that’s lower THC. Northern lights is best for experienced growers….those who have done indoor and outdoor growing in the past and know a thing or two about the plants. I am not an expert, just a hobbyist. Very pleased by the sweet smell and taste of this weed. These seeds are excellent, they look good, and germinate well. They also ship nice and quick. Real nice buy, I highly recommend it!!

  15. Eiliyah Lane (verified owner)

    Face it, you need weed! And why would you smoke something that’s second best?? No, you invest in your garden and you appreciate high quality nug. Northern Lights from pacific is one of my all-time favorites, and the results are always impressive and amazing!!! Get yourself some of this pot and you’ll see how easy it really is!!

  16. Aiesha Wall (verified owner)

    MY northern lights are some of the prettiest in the west. Ever seen trichomes this defined and colorful? You haven’t. Nobody grows northern lights like I do. It’s a specialty of mine. Plus I ONLY use Pacific Seeds for their superior genetics and germination!!

  17. Lia Levine (verified owner)

    It’s a marvel. I love watching weed grow. So delightful and colorful and fragrant. This strain is quite sour, but definitely gives me a good energy. Helps me stay focused you know?

  18. Saba Soto (verified owner)

    This is some sweeet marijuana! I love how surreal and dreamy this pot can be. It’s the perfect hybrid that will satisfy any grower. It’s even pretty easy to grow, but it can be difficult to germinate, especially if you don’t soak the seeds overnight. Been doing this for years and Pacific ranks as some of the best weed I have grown to date.

  19. Vernon Bond (verified owner)

    Northern lights reminds me of when I used to live in Canada and I would see the real northern lights late at night above my cabin. This strain gives me some trippy mind effects that make it seem like I am hallucinating slightly. It’s very surreal and relaxing, helps me let go of the day. Bought this strain online and got it delivered in just 5 days!!

  20. Malik Bautista (verified owner)

    A great medium-size plant that will fit nicely in any garden! Easy online ordering and quick germination. Put this weed right into the ground once it was a few inches tall. It took to the nutrient-rich soil perfectly. Feeling pretty excited about my grow. It’s getting to be about the size of me now!! Excited for what looks to be a great yield!

  21. Beatriz Cottrell (verified owner)

    If you’re feeling like things are stalling and you need a new hobby, this is a great way to go. It’s a very reliable grow, no matter where you decide to do it. I luckily have a nice large grow area in my garage, and I have had a very productive season with a big yield and some fire nug. Love it!!

  22. Falak Mcdougall (verified owner)

    Gimme that northern lights weed. It’s some seriously dank stuff, and it makes my head feel all dizzy and happy. I smoke a FAT bowl and then I draw fruit for hours cause IN love with the curves. Gets me where I wanna be. Never lets me down, like my stupid ex girlfriend!!!

  23. Andrew Wooten (verified owner)

    The northern lights are probably the most beautiful natural phenomenon I have ever encountered. I wanted a weed that was SO strong it would make me hallucinate those eerie colors, and I am so happy that this strain does just that! BUT you have to be very diligent about growing it, it’s a little challenging, so maybe start with some auto-flowering seeds first if you’re new!

  24. Ralphie Winter (verified owner)

    I always look for the strains that are gonna truly send me to another plane of existence. I think the northern lights transports me all the way to Mars and back…which is pretty great. It wasn’t too hard to grow…just make sure you keep your seedlings warm and give them plenty of water and sun, this is a sun-loving plant for certain and it’s well worth the effort!

  25. Ivie Flower (verified owner)

    This is some bomb-ass weed. Kicks my butt into high gear. Smells absolutely fantastic. Has a great buzz to it as well. I smoke it almost every night to help with stress. Relieves some of my arthritis pain and gives me a nice cool buzz. Definitely gonna buy some more 🙂

  26. Nancy Larson (verified owner)

    Get on board with this marijuana…it’s so smelly and powerful…almost makes me pass right out when I smoke too much, I get blazed and then ride the waves on the OR coast with a surfboard and wetsuit. Have definitely learned the art of surfing and find it really fun with my homegrown herb.

  27. Jordon Douglas (verified owner)

    I am soooo happy about this weed, like it’s super chill and nice and always gives me the buzz I need. I worked really hard to get this stuff goin in the greenhouse, watered it every day and treated it like my baby, and just 5 months down the road, it came together beautifully and made some very fine flower, I smoke all the dang day long!!!

  28. Zachary Hughes (verified owner)

    I tried buying weed seeds from a local distributor, but they didn’t even germinate! That’s wack yo! NOT WOWEE! That’s ok though, I ordered online and got my pot seeds in the mail, like a boss! Grew them out back, and WOWEE they became so tall I couldn’t reach the top without a step ladder LOL. I can’t wait to buy from pacific again!

  29. demo remo11 (verified owner)

    Northern lights is everyone’s favorite. It’s great for smoking around a fire and just chilling hardcore with your bros. I am very excited to be smoking this marijuana, it’s an absolute gem and it makes for a solid indoor grow, but germination can be tricky, so follow the paper towel method to make sure your seeds sprout! Smells like the woods!!

  30. Brandon Dole (verified owner)

    Never thought I’d grow my own weed, turns out I am pretty good at it….I ordered online and wow they showed up so fast….good buy from a good company 🙂 Got some nice buzz and has a good smell….very sour and wakens up your mind….kind of psychedelic….new to me but fun and I wanna share with everyone!

  31. JM Boyd (verified owner)

    You wanna be a baller? You wanna have game at the club? Ride with some Northern lights OG to feel like you got grills and spinners. Makes me feel like a real gangsta, my pockets smell like weed and my eyes are hella red. I got my girl to grow this weed for me, turned out pretty spectacular, highly recommend ordering online.

  32. @ifyoubuildit (verified owner)

    Northern lights is all about letting go and having a great time. This is the ultimate stress killer and makes me feel really relaxed and creative. I can’t believe how quickly they grew in the backyard, 4 months really just flew by and life is good! I smoke this weed every day to feel less stressed out about everything going on, I am so glad to live in a warm climate!

  33. taco tuesday (verified owner)

    This is a great strain for daytime use if you do it in small amounts. Once you smoke too much you’ll be too high to work and will want to nap. That being said, if you smoke it at night you will instantly be relaxed and all the stress of your day will melt way. I LOVE the funky flavor and the smooth smoke. Its a mellow buzz but it sneaks up on ya so be careful 😉 I highly recommend this stuff, well worth the grow and the price!

  34. Sidehustle (verified owner)

    One heck of a strain, very good for my anxiety and stress, but definitely makes me a little cranky and lazy if I smoke too much, which isn’t so bad if you just wanna chill at home by yourself. I like rolling a joint and smoking this weed right before bed. Makes me fall right to sleep and have amazing dreams, excellent green color and very intoxicating smells. It’s not the easiest strain to grow, but it produces a lot! I will definitely be back for more!

  35. Terra Cotta (verified owner)

    One of my all time favorites….who hasn’t had good memories with this weed? I used to grow my own weed in college, but this stuff is a whole other level of awesome…Ordering through PSB was simple and fast, gave me great results out in the backyard with minimal effort, but I love to care for my little weed plants, so it was pretty fun for me…I got a pretty nice yield, maybe a little smallish, but very fresh and high quality and the buzz mis super relaxing. Great buy!

  36. Ashley Graham (verified owner)

    A total classic! I really love this weed, and It’s been my go-to strain for so many years now! I grew it in my basement, cause I get some killer yields there, I am super stoked about my success at this venture. I feel like I could grow weed for my whole neighborhood. Either weay the buzz is super relaxing, but also sends my mind into a really trippy place, and I feel wicked stoned for like hours. It does NOT help me sleep, but definitely helps with creativity.

  37. Ashley Seaver (verified owner)

    I am a long-time weed smoker, but believe it or not, I’ve never grown my own weed! Had some great success with this stuff, and am really proud of myself for growing all this weed without any help! The germination guide was good though, and it did help get the seeds going, which was relieving, but after that it was all me! Great yield! And the buzz from this stuff was intense and uplifting. I’ll definitely grow again!

  38. freddy wiggins (verified owner)

    This is a great backyard grow, got a super nice yield off just 3 plants and have been smoking it on the daily. Has been great for my stress and depression. I feel much better now that I am smoking this stuff. I really enjoy the flavors and the buzz, it’s kinda trippy too. It’s been a nice time, I’ll definitely buy again!

  39. Daniela B. (verified owner)

    Good all around strain of mary jane. I loved the grow, it was a lot faster than I was expecting, and the plant looks super green like it was from outer space. It’s a really trippy high, gives me tracers and makes me feel like I am tripping on LSD. It’s incredible stuff, and has been great for healing and depression. I love smoking in the evenings!

  40. Kenya V. (verified owner)

    When my sister was diagnosed with clinical depression, I wondered if medical marijuana might be able to help her. I started growing northern lights and it does improve her situation: she gets an uplifted, brighter feeling after smoking. I use it too cuz I got stress in my life that northern lights helps ease and lessen. Growing this was pretty easy and it helps that the plants are hardy. Good indoor grow for sure as the plants don’t grow too tall or wide.

  41. Giovanna Q. (verified owner)

    Dank herb. Love this stuff for sure. Ordered my seeds online and got them shipped to my door, put them in the backyard and BOOM they got tall and all bushy like, Good weed to smoke with your friends, will get everyone laughing for sure.

  42. Leanne W. (verified owner)

    First time ordering online and I’m glad I chose these seeds and especially glad I got them from here. 650 grams a plant is nothing to scoff at especially since I grow weed just for personal use. Two month flowering time like they said. Really good indica too, that classic hazy feel that keeps me relaxed as soon as I light up.

  43. lilbuddy0902 (verified owner)

    I have arthritis and I thought this strain worked really well for pain relief. My joints weren’t as stiff and I was able to forget the pain for a little while which is an absolute gift. In only two months I harvested some very beautiful plants and was pleasantly surprised with my yield. For only five plants I did really well. I gravitate toward strains that offer some kind of pain relief so I’m sure I’ll be growing Northern Lights again. Fast shipping!

  44. Mercy T (verified owner)

    I was reluctant to buy seeds online but honestly its the best way. I got to peruse PSB’s awesome selection from the privacy of my own home and the order came right to my house … what a timesaver.
    I love Northern Lights so much!! When I use it, the weed’s effect goes all the way through my body, thru my toes and even to the end of my fingertips. I feel so relaxed and calm. Its especially good for the nights I can’t get to sleep, it sends me right off to neverneverland with a nice, gentle feeling.

  45. Sophia C. (verified owner)

    Very beautiful purple hued buds. Grew this lady indoors with ease. 8 weeks to flower with a hefty yield. Read this is an easy weed strain to grow indoors and I read right, I’d suggest ordering this to anybody whose looking to get into growing for the first time. Smoking itself is very relaxing and it lulls me to sleep pretty fast which is great because I normally have a lot of trouble getting to bed at a reasonable hour.

  46. Omar P. (verified owner)

    I just harvested some beautiful bud! So excited to try Northern Lights! Really happy with the awesome strains I’ve been finding on this site. Pacific seems to have it dialed in keeping some the old favorites around and some new and different stuff as well. No complaints about the seeds, either. Every order has germinated with no problems. Love this seed service and would highly recommend to beginner and expert gardeners alike!

  47. Will W. (verified owner)

    Really a solid strain. I love to grow the classics and have had much success with Northern Lights over the years. First time ordering online with PSB and the seeds shipped out super FAST!! I grew this stuff in the basement cause I appreciate growing in a controlled environment and always walk away with a solid yield. I don’t mess around, you know? I’m a serious smoker, share this stuff with the friends and they absolutely love it. I’m high as a kite right now even!!! I smoke this stuff and i’m transported right to the woods. Happy times!

  48. Corinne B. (verified owner)

    “Lights out” is what they should call this herb. It makes me so relaxed I tend to fall asleep. Not a daytime weed (for me anyway—but my girlfriend says it makes her introspective and thoughtful). I’m not all that into growing/gardening to be honest, but without a steady marijuana supply I’m learning to enjoy it! Pacific’s seeds are excellent. I’m about to order something new.

  49. Devin Z. (verified owner)

    Northern Lights cannabis is a classic for a reason. A pretty easy grow, especially for a hydroponic set-up. Make sure to keep a steady airflow so the overhead canopy doesn’t get too dense. Once you have that sorted out, the yield of northern lights is fantastic- I got about 630 grams per weed. And the strain itself is a crowd-pleaser: woodsy and sweet, it delivers a euphoria that spreads throughout your entire body. Ahhh. This will be a regular order for me from PSB, it’ll always come back to Northern Lights for me.

  50. Jaylynn E. (verified owner)

    As soon as I hit this, I knew it was an amazing strain. It does everything I was looking for. I was immediately put in a very relaxed and calm state. Such a good high, yet I still feel sort of functional. My mind doesn’t race, I feel serene and like I just have a really good sense of well-being. This has got to be one of the best indicas out there in my opinion. If you want something that isn’t too strong, I’d recommend this one.

  51. Eliza V. (verified owner)

    Super classic. Awesome. Nothing but good things to say about this mj. Also really happy with Pacific. You guys are really consistent which has so far been hard to find in the weed business. Maybe as things get more legal throughout the USA more companies will figure out how to get good seeds to their customers. But for now Pacific is where it’s at. Thanks!

  52. Gary F. (verified owner)

    This weed is trippy as hell! I was so amazed at the look of these plants, so bright and green, and the nugs are so delicious and smell like the forest! Very dreamy buzz, great for just chilling and watching a movie or listening to some tunes. I can’t think of a better weed to unwind with, it’s like a warm blanket at the end of a long cold day! PSB has great seeds!

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