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Blueberry CBD Feminized Seeds

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If you love blueberry weed but you’re off the THC for awhile, pick up Blueberry CBD marijuana seeds. Pain and stress will run for the hills in the face of this fruity strain that’s good to grow indoors and out.

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While Blueberry marijuana seeds are already highly sought after for their clinical applications, our CBD-rich alternative to this popular recreational strain boosts the therapeutic strengths of the traditional indica variety.

As sweet and fruity as its name suggests, Blueberry CBD is all about boosting the mood, but more importantly, although it has a equal ratio of THC: CBD, the psychoactive side effects are balanced out by the non-hallucinogenic cannabinoid to provide a euphoric high without any intoxication. You can see why patients from across the globe might find this strain so attractive.

A cross between Afghani, Thai, and Purple Thai strains, our feminized Blueberry CBD marijuana seeds are geared more towards the Intermediate grower with a little experience. The plants tend to reach a medium height when grown indoors and can yield up to an impressive 500 grams of flower per square meter.

Sample the sweetness of Blueberry CBD – order your marijuana seeds now!

Additional information


Original Harvest Seeds

Cannabis Species



80% Indica / 20% Sativa

Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

High (10%+)



Feels Like

Calming, Happy, Relaxing

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 500g/m²

Yield Outdoors

550-650 g/plant

To Treat

Insomnia, Pain, Stress


Blueberry, Fruity

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






45 reviews for Blueberry CBD Feminized Seeds

  1. C. Williams (verified owner)

    If you love the traditional Blueberry strain, the CBD version is amplified because you don’t get all the potency from THC. Instead, you get a nice, mellow feeling that’s perfect to boost your mood and get rid of all those icky aches and pains. The seeds germinated with ease and all fully bloomed, so I got a nice, healthy yield.

  2. DarkSeeker (verified owner)

    When it comes to flavor and aroma, Blueberry can’t be beaten. It truly smells fresh, fruity, and sweet. With the big dose of CBD, it’s perfect as a medical-grade strain and especially useful to alleviate pain and stress. While I love it for medicinal purposes, I also use it for a little recreational relaxation. Gotta love a 2-for-1 strain!!

  3. Cathy Hickey (verified owner)

    Blueberry MJ is the bomb, and then when you add a healthy dose of CBD to the mix, things are REALLY looking up! I bought 10 seeds last season and grew them 2 at a time throughout the year. Indoors and outdoor growing to see which got best results….not gonna lie, indoor growing is really where it’s at, and it produces some very impressive, sizeable nugs in about 10 weeks. Baby, I am living the dream!

  4. Casey Rios (verified owner)

    Blueberry CBD from Original Harvest Seeds was a pleasure to grow. All of my seeds germinated successfully and the plant grew beautifully with a fruity aroma throughout the whole process. The calming and relaxing effects of this strain were exactly what I was looking for to help with my insomnia and stress.

  5. Pankaj Gupta (verified owner)

    Not only did the plants grow beautifully with full germination, but the high was something special. It provided a euphoric feeling without any intoxication, and the sweet and fruity flavor was a treat for my taste buds. If you’re looking for a strain that offers both therapeutic benefits and a great smoking experience, I highly recommend trying Blueberry CBD.

  6. Amari Horn (verified owner)

    Fast and reliable shipping on all my orders. Great purchasing online, really arrived quickly right to my door. I soaked my seeds before germinating, and they sprouted so quick! This is such a useful trick. I learned a lot of useful tricks on the blog. Read all about weed cultivation, learned a thing or two about increasing my yields….love the availability of sweet MJ seeds at the click of a button. So convenient!

  7. FarmingFervor (verified owner)

    Extremely relaxing…..I am so thankful for this incredible weed. It has done soooo much for my arthritis pain, and even helps me sleep at night. Buying online is the WAY TO GO! The selection is bonkers, and if you ever get lost, customer service is here to help!
    Buying 10 seeds was the perfect amount. I was able to grow in my own backyard, and I cultivated 10 HUGE plants, cured the flower, and am smoking a huge 600 G supply for months. I won’t have to return to the dispensary till next year and that alone is a great feeling!

  8. Amaya Sheppard (verified owner)

    I suffer from some serious migraines that send me spinning. Before I was smoking CBD, my body would tense up and my head was ringing with pain. I have no idea why, but when I take a few hits of the CBD weed, I feel a whole lot better. It doesn’t cure the problem necessarily, but it does a good job keeping me relaxed and that lessens the pain…..
    I also liked the growing process. It was involved but rewarding. I got about 100 G per plant, very fresh….covered in crystals!

  9. Viola Bradshaw (verified owner)

    Oh boy! I Love this CBD strain cause it helps me deal with stress and pain without getting me too stoned to function. I guess I am something of a productive stoner. I like smoking and getting work done or going to the gym. VERY tasty and fruitful buds. Can’t wait for the next harvest, it’ll be here in a matter of weeks. Pacific has great products!!

  10. Koa Odonnell (verified owner)

    Dank and delicious, the color of fresh berries. A sour taste that leaves you feeling buzzy and relaxed. The THC content is pretty low. Doesn’t make it difficult to smoke during the day. In fact, I feel much more relaxed. I am more productive, and usually pretty chill. Purple CBD nugs are my new favorite thing.

  11. Dilara White (verified owner)

    Man! I never knew I loved weed this MUCH! Now I am very excited to purchase more mj from Pacific. Their Cali-based growers provide the HIGHEST quality seeds at such an affordable rate. It’s the site meant working-class growers!

  12. Nieve Freeman (verified owner)

    CBD is beautiful, it’s a great modern-day cure for pain and anxiety, especially when it tastes like fresh blueberries. Real easy growing my mj plant indoors, nice and compact and fragrant. I LOOOOVE weed!

  13. Momina Dowling (verified owner)

    I got pretty lucky and came into some money, so I decided to spend it all on Marijuana seeds from Pacifc! My plants were as tall as me, gave me a wild and serious headrush and made me wanna play some dang music! I’ll definitely purchase more. Have been VERY successful in the past!!

  14. Abigail Mcmanus (verified owner)

    Blueberry is LIFE! This strain is a great combo of THC and CBD, and it’s great for managing my stress headaches. Haven’t had many problems since I started growing, the plants are looking strong, healthy, and very green. I just can’y wait to harvest I am ticking off the days. I expect a solid yield given the flower that’s currently developing on the plant. Stay healthy little guys!!!

  15. Rico Mcmillan (verified owner)

    Pink nugs and blueberry pleasure, that’s all I got say.

  16. LERRRROY (verified owner)

    CBD strains are an excellent way to relax at the end of a hard day. The high is quite subtle, and the majority of effects are felt in the body. The body is feeling much better these days. After my surgery I had a lot of joint inflammation, and I decided to grow some CBD to help with symptoms. Has been a great investment of time, and definitely offers me something to do in all this heat!

  17. Kishan Lugo (verified owner)

    My body aches all the time, and I am very into the idea of relieving my pain naturally. CBD is the BEST way to limit pain and stress, and it gives me a great buzz right along with it. Feels great to have this on my back patio, growing in a GIANT pot, and it’s a wonderful addition to any garden. Order yours online today!

  18. Jaspal Ewing (verified owner)

    Blueberry CBD is a good vibe every time, it’s a nice way to unwind and relax at the end of a looooong day. I hope I can finally get an indoor grow space set up in my backyard, but I haven’t had a chance to make the purchases i need :(. I’ll definitely buy more from Pacific though, it really looks excellent!!

  19. Alessandro Humphrey (verified owner)

    Blueberry CBD is choice for those of us who suffer from chonic back pain and anxiety. I find this weed does pretty well after a hard day of work, smells good, looks pretty rocking too. I’ll def keep this weed going for months on end. I just harvested my second batch, looks great! Probably got nearly 400 grams of this sticky purple dank!

  20. Owen884 (verified owner)

    Mmm This weed is so relaxing and nostalgic, makes me think of my mom’s blueberry pie sitting on the windowsill. It’s an absolute gem every time cause it grows so nicely. Nice and compact can grow it nearly anywhere with sunlight, and it yields so nicely you’d think Christmas came early this year, but it didnt.

  21. Kacie Pearson (verified owner)

    Blueberry CBD is the way to go….it’s soooo nice and mild and it has a wonderful blueberry taste. YUMMMM. I grew it out of sheer boredom….quarantine is getting to me y’all! Pretty excited though for this next harvest, gonna share it with my friends and see how they like CBD weed. I am a weed fiend!!!

  22. Sarah Wallace (verified owner)

    This weed was a real sure fire success story on my end. Got a BIG yield too, was really surprised to see this stuff thriving in my backyard garden, a real treat. Definitely gonna keep buying from Pacific, they have great seeds and never let me down. Love the taste and smell too, cause you will never find me complaining about dank sticky herb smelling up the house!!!

  23. Dave Wolf (verified owner)

    I was always intrigued by CBD but never had an opportunity to buy…this was my chance! I finally have my own place in the suburbs and things are looking really good. Ordering online is so fast and simple and I just can’t wait to get the ball rolling on my next batch. I think it will do remarkably well!

  24. John Hamilton (verified owner)

    If only eating blueberries could get you stoned. I really like this strain cause it’s as close to that as you can get. Really beautiful bud off these plants and super pinkish purple in color with the taste of fresh berries in the summertime. Great buy for the price and the CBD makes it a really mellow high that’s easy to handle!

  25. Weed Tea! (verified owner)

    Get yourself some of this weed as fast as you can! It’s the best you can buy for someone new to weed who really needs CBD to relax and help with sleep and depression. Such an excellent grow, so fulfilling and just has so much potential. I love buying this stuff and I love Pacific cause they always have the best seeds. Can’t wait!

  26. @not18 (verified owner)

    Blueberry CBD is truly a treat meant for the best of us. It’s an easy grow but makes for a great hobby during quarantine days. I highly recommend giving it a try and seeing what you come up with. I ordered online, got my 3 seeds delivered in the mail, 2 of 3 germinated, dunno what happened to the 3rd? Either way, got 2 really beautiful plants, they are tall and pink and green, perfect for smoking at night to deal with back pain and anxiety!

  27. measure twice (verified owner)

    Probably the prettiest weed in the whole wide world. I absolutely love its bright pink colors and green leaves. I feel like this plant is from another planet entirely, and I am an alien visitor. It definitely tastes like blueberry, however, and it helps a lot with stress, anxiety, depression and ADD symptoms. I feel a nice wave of euphoria wash over me, and I usually just play the bass or watch some TV. It’s an excellent buy 🙂

  28. cocoloco (verified owner)

    This weed puts me right to sleep. It’s very relaxing, smells like blueberries and fills the house with a pleasant fresh mj smell. I use it for insomnia, which has been a problem in my life for a while, smoking this helps me relax my brain, destress a little bit, and finally get some rest, I feel really fortunate to have the growing space in the backyard, beautiful plants, and excellent flower!

  29. Ellen Clarkson (verified owner)

    I have been suffering from chronic pain symptoms for years, and I decided I would grow my own CBD to manage symptoms. I have a nice garden in the backyard where I planted my seeds. They took very well to the soil and actually grew quite tall. I ended up with over 1000 g of flower when I was finished. I smoke usually in the evenings to help with my pain, and really enjoy the blueberry flavor!

  30. Gene Salinas (verified owner)

    OH MY GOD! This weed is a godsend. I have been a medical marijuana patient for years, but this was my first time growing. It’s been a real joy to have this stuff in my garden, it grows super well with my other plants and it offers up a nice yield for one person. I love the smell, it’s very much like fresh berries and very intoxicating. It’s been great for mt chronic pain symptoms.

  31. Lindsay K. (verified owner)

    If you have stress and insomnia like me, this is the place to be. PSB has an incredible selection of CBD varieties and this strain happens to be my favorite. The grow was easy and straightforward with a lot of benefits to having this in your backyard! It really does smell and taste like blueberries, so if you’re a fan like me, you’ll LOOOOOVE this weed. Has been great for my headaches and helps me sleep at night. Give it a try!

  32. Lila F. (verified owner)

    I’ve grown this mj indoors a couple of times and I’ve been really happy with how much weed these plants produce. I’m love blueberry so this time when I get my seeds I’m going to plant them outside and see how much weed I get then. This strain is one of my favorites for high CBD and low THC. I smoke for medical reasons and so I tend to stick with the CBD varieties. I keep coming back to blueberry because its just a good high all around. Excited to see what an outdoor grow yields.

  33. Quinn Y. (verified owner)

    This strain is an excellent bang for your buck. After ordering online with PSB the seeds shipped out in no time and I got all 5 of them to pop, wow! They grew into beautiful plants with bright greenish blue nugs that really smell like fresh berries! I got around 500 grams per plant growing indoors and I am SET for a long time! Very helpful for my aches and pains, also for my migraines, doesn’t get you baked but keeps you buzzed. A nice night time strain for sure 🙂

  34. Gabby H. (verified owner)

    Well I’m pretty new to MJ and some of the stronger strains intimidate me, so I thought a CBD heave strain would be the perfect way to start. Delivery with pacific was fast and simple and growing was surprisingly fun!! I was really surprised how beautiful the flowers were, they looked and even smelled like blueberries! Smoking this was a summertime treat, and luckily the high was just mild enough to be very pleasant and not overpowering. Happy I bought this strain and will keep growing weed in the future!!

  35. Lucas R. (verified owner)

    Oh hell yes. I love me some Blueberry but it was messing with me smoking every day. This is like Blueberry Lite. I get the nice body effects without getting all dopey don’t cha know. 3 cheers for CBD cannabis seed delivery from PSB!

  36. Quincy R. (verified owner)

    This plant looks like a god-danged blueberry bush from afar – its colas are nice and bunchy and dense which make for a fantastic harvest. I haven’t grown much cbd geared weed before but I really like the shorter flowering time of this variety when compared to its yield.

    The smoking portion is phenomenal, like PSB says psychoactive effects are kind of counterbalanced by the high levels of cbd and they couldn’t be more correct – it provides for a very relaxing and pain-relieving experience without too much of a head trip.

    Easy ordering experience from psb too, thank you.

  37. Sergio K. (verified owner)

    Always been a big fan of the regular Blueberry variety but I think I like the CBD version even more. Bud was purple and smelled amazing. Got all the euphoria and sense of well being that comes with smoking weed without feeling like I was too high or something. Had to work for it a little with the grow but very satisfied with my yield. This is for sure good medicine and I’d highly recommend to anyone dealing with chronic pain.

  38. Juanita B. (verified owner)

    Most of my friends use cannabis for fun, but I need mary jane for medical reasons. Blueberry CBD has become one of my favorities. The taste is so fruity – picture the best blueberry pie you’ve ever had! Although blueberry mj treats my pain, the cannaboid doesn’t give me an intoxicated high so I can still go about my normal, every day business, which is just what I would want from any medicine. THis does take some finesse to grow, glad I had a friend to help me out a few times when the plants looked like they needed help. Thanks, Barry!

  39. Dill M. (verified owner)

    The constant pain in my legs makes life difficult so I thank God for Blueberry CBD pot. The high is wonderful but I don’t feel giddy or foggy-headed. I’m also thankful for being able to order this online – again, the pain in my legs makes leaving the house difficult at times. Glad especially that they deliver to my town in Canada. Thank you, PSB, I plan to order more seeds soon.

  40. Joanne P. (verified owner)

    Delivery from Pacific was fast and easy. This bud turned out really nice. I’m a big fan of pot with high CBD, which definitely describes this bud. It lightens my disposition without making me too stoney. It makes me really mellow, almost blissfully so. Slept soundly thanks to Blueberry — it was like taking an Ambient without the nasty side-effects. I’m kind of a lightweight, so I don’t like strains that have really overpowering highs. This strain is just right. The equal ratio of THC and CBD works well for me, and is good for my anxiety.

    For growing be sure you’ve already got a good setup and some well-established experience. Wouldn’t tackle this one as a beginner. I only gave it four stars because I wasn’t wild about the earthy aftertaste. Some people like that, though. And I wouldn’t discount this strain merely because of that. It grew pretty well and yielded a lot of pot. All in all a good experience growing and smoking. I’d for sure grow some Blueberry again.

  41. Cole R. (verified owner)

    I read all this stuff about the Miracle of CBD – it’s in gummies and lotions and pet shampoo and God knows what else. Having been a pot smoker since I was 16, I was more than familiar with the effects of marijuana. The stronger the better, in my book. Anyway, I’ve grown my own weed for about two years now and thought what the heck, I’ll try something on the high-CBD low-THC end of the spectrum. The growing was uneventful and relatively brief. The effects are…interesting. There’s some small psychoactive component, but it’s mostly a sense of physical relaxation and well-being. I’d recommend it for novice smokers and people who want a good CBD-heavy cannabis.

  42. lmk3821 (verified owner)

    Extremely relaxing strain of weed, the perfect balance between THC and CBD properties that really help with stress and anxiety as well as any aches and pains you might be experiencing. Such a treat to have around the house, this weed smells like a blueberry bush with a hint of earthy pine, plus the plant itself looks amazing! All of my friends and neighbors are impressed with my growing abilities, but they don’t know how easy it actually was. Let’s keep that a secret:)

  43. Shiela Y. (verified owner)

    You know, I’ve had a bit of trouble finding Blueberry CBD seeds. Seems like I can get the bud and oil from just about anywhere, but when it comes to seeds, I hardly ever see it. Or if I do, it’s sold out! Pacific is starting become my go-to because they seem to have the strains that other people don’t. I live in the PNW so I could buy local (and I try to), but ordering online has so far delivered the best seeds.

  44. Jacob L. (verified owner)

    I usually like pot with a high THC – I really like the euphoria and blissful feeling that just sends me to another level. But, I’ve gotten a little too crazy with it lately, so thought I’d try growing something a little more mellow. Growing this was a bit of a challenge (thank God for my coworker who helped me out with some air flow and light issues). The Blueberry CBD was such a good experience, I may not go back to the high THC weeds again; I felt high but not fog-headed. And the taste is sweet and fruity. Awesome, gimme more blueberry! 🙂

  45. Kathryn F. (verified owner)

    This weed is blue if it was green it’d be fine but it’s blue and I’m high… to the tune of that one song that everyone knows. Really good smell and taste and the high is very relaxing. Great pain relief from the high CBD levels! Some topping required if you’re growing indoors because it gets a bit tall. Definitely worth it though, I got a heavy yield and I’m very pleased with the quality of this weed for sure.

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