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Blue Kush Autoflowering Seeds

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Blue Kush jumpstarts the brain to boost creativity, alertness, and overall stimulation. 

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Typically, most strains under the Kush umbrella make you feel relaxed, sleepy, and stoned. But forget about all that with Blue Kush marijuana seeds! This hybrid strain is one of the few Kush family members that delivers a strong and fast energetic kick to both the mind and body. Say goodbye to low energy with Blue Kush in the mix. This sativa-like strain has a THC content of 20% on average, but other labs have found it to be as low as 13% on occasion.


Blue Kush is a happy strain that kickstarts your brain in the morning, leaving you motivated, determined, and positive. This strain is better as a daytime smoke as it boosts brain function. You may feel extra creative, inspired, focused, and concentrated. There’s no better combination for work or school!

Growers can immediately recognize Blue Kush plants for their blue and purple buds and that signature blueberry smell. Its buds grow in small clusters that look like pieces of popcorn. During the growing process (and just before the flowering time), consider exposing your plants to colder temperatures to shock them. This is the best way to achieve that visually stunning pigmentation that’s rare to marijuana plants. You can’t beat that blue and purple combination with Blue Kush marijuana seeds.

Additional information


Norcal Farms

Cannabis Species



50% Sativa/50% Indica

Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Moderate (3-10%)

Feels Like

Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 450g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 500 gr

To Treat

Depression, Insomnia


Citrus, Pine, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex

Auto-flowering Feminized

Flowering Type






36 reviews for Blue Kush Autoflowering Seeds

  1. StealthBlitz (verified owner)

    How can you go wrong with a Kush? You can’t and Blue Kush is no exceptional. As a well-rounded balance, you get the sativa and indica effects that you love that will stimulate you as well as keep you alert and enhance your creativeness. You’ll feel relaxed but never sedated or chill. Unlike other Kush strains, your mind and body will feel energetic.

  2. Arctic5Armadillo (verified owner)

    The high was amazing, giving me a boost of energy and creativity that lasted throughout the day. The plants grew beautifully and had a full germination, making me a very happy grower. If you’re looking for a strain that uplifts your mood, Blue Kush is the way to go!

  3. GreenGravity82 (verified owner)

    Pacific’s customer service was top-notch and their shipping was lightning-fast. All seeds sprouted and germinated successfully, and their blog provided great information. It’s an easy strain to grow, making it perfect for growers of all skill levels.

  4. Lloyd Britton (verified owner)

    Some dank and delicious herb for your Sunday afternoon! Blue kush has all the right flavors and the best tasting NUGS! If you’re obsessed with NUGs, then definitely buy somma this weed for a great time and a good grow in your home garden!!

  5. Suzanne Wilks (verified owner)

    The blue kush weed reminds me of the ocean. It’s a tall, gorgeous plant with beautiful blue flowers! I really like how nicely it feels just floating around in my brain. Makes me feel like I can relax again 🙂 I buy weed online and get it shipped to my apartment. Never had a bad experience with Pacific Seed Bank. Their products are great news for all home growers 🙂

  6. Eesha Lucero (verified owner)

    Maybe you are a fan of kush but have never tried blue kush. This weed is bright, sunny, and powerful. I highly suggest you smoke this weed in the afternoon for some extra energy or relaxation. There isn’t much to report on the growing process, but it’s a very exciting hobby, keeping me in an active state for many hours at a time.

  7. Axl Whyte (verified owner)

    It really is BLUE! I was absolutely thrilled to see this plant grow into something tall and amazing. It has been a great addition to my life, gives me a nice head buzz and often just puts a smile on my face. Growing this weed does take a bit of time, but ultimately it is well worth it, especially with the money it saves you in the long run.

  8. Johanna Davila (verified owner)

    Big Blue Kush makes a HUGE difference in my mood. My heart feels lighter, happier, and more productive. This strain is absolutely gorgeous, looks great in the ground, and gets to be quite tall! I even smoke it when I am at work! Feel like it makes me more productive haha. Great ideas coming from Pacific, they have the best seeds and best prices around!

  9. Phebe Cleveland (verified owner)

    Man I love Blue Kush, this strain is definitely a good buy for me. It helps me mange my stress and keeps me focused on getting work done. I also love growing in a BIG pot on my patio. It’s nearly as tall as me and it smells just great. These blue colors are something to marvel!!

  10. Alton Decker (verified owner)

    Blue kush is amazing and very fresh, it’s so blue and so beautiful it’s like a work of art. I love kush strains, they’re so damned chill. They grow so well in these cooler norther climates. Gotta keep buying more seeds cause I just keep growing em and smoking em. No regrets man. Gonna get Pacific Seed logo tattooed on my arm!

  11. Kye Nunez (verified owner)

    I have been fascinated with the idea of growing marijuana for a long time. It’s been a great experience for me, and I am thrilled to have more of it in my life. I am really really happy with the results, it’s just powerful stuff, gives me a great head buzz and helps me manage my stress. I also love that blue-green color, just like the ocean…amazing!!

  12. Cillian Burton (verified owner)

    If you really love kush strains, this one should top your list of ones to try. It’s pretty uplifting and makes me smile every time. I burn through this weed pretty quick so I always have some seeds on hand. I like to order online so I can get my seeds delivered quickly, they look pretty great in my little greenhouse area, and they smell pretty fantastic too!

  13. Jeanette Finney (verified owner)

    Sweet smelling and sour tasting, this blue and green-eyed beauty is bound to offer you all the effects of a good grow and some you may not expect. My general anxiety has decreased and my sense of aliveness and happiness has gotten much better. I feel like it’s unnoficial depression medication. Has been a good buy for me overall!

  14. Erica Norris (verified owner)

    Never seen a sexier weed in my life, has all the brightest greens with trace of orange and deep blues, so exciting. This was my first time growing, was convinced by my friend to try it out, got pretty stoned right after I harvested and dried it haha, very fresh and tasty! Also weighed it out, and you won’t believe it I got nearly 600 grams!!

  15. Magnus Benton (verified owner)

    Blue kush is a wonderful strain, does some great stuff for my brain and also for my body. I smoke it to relieve stress, and just enjoy getting high in general. Bought this weed online, was very convenient and looks amazing. I got very stoned first time I smoked it, nearly passed out! One hit will do ya for this stroooong weed 🙂

  16. William Alford (verified owner)

    I love this weed, it’s sooo nice and relaxing and it helps me deal with my stress like nothing else. I ordered my seeds online and they shipped out right away, I am very pleased with the results as well, just cause I Loooooove getting a big yield from this strain and smoking it all night long, so good 🙂

  17. lazydogllc (verified owner)

    Work hard every day, can’t help but feel pretty special when I come home to my own marijuana plants…they’re like my little babies. Pretty excited for this next adventure, gave myself a great big loan to buy out a greenhouse and start growing weed in it. Definitely gonna buy from Pacific, they have the best seeds in town, maybe in all the USA!

  18. firenugs (verified owner)

    You won’t find a great strain like this almost anywhere in Canada, that’s why I love Pacific, cause they ship all over BC. I live right outside Vancouver, and find I do my best weed growing in the basement or in a greenhouse. Always get a big yield from this stuff, a great product overall and a very tasty relaxing bud.

  19. Tork (verified owner)

    Blue kush is my go-to after a stressful day at work. Honestly working from home has been difficult, and I am missing the office. I smoke after the shift is over to remind my brain that HEY there’s other things in the world besides work!!! Great buy from Pacific and fast delivery when you order online 🙂

  20. Niche Nack (verified owner)

    I aint gonna crush on ya, but I will kush with ya, and I like the smell and taste of this weed. Like I totally invite you to eat some brownies and chill in my garden cause it’s an amazing place. I ordered 30 different seed varieties, cause I am RICH and I don’t care about what I do. So I bought nearly 30 varieites and this was my totes fave lol!

  21. Cupcake! (verified owner)

    One of the more interesting strains out there…I definitely enjoy growing it, it’s always a challenge…makes for a great backyard grow…pretty impressive with all the flower on it after 4 months…excellent grow for the ages you know? And it’s an indica that’ll make you want to konk out!

  22. Wrestle Mania (verified owner)

    Blue kush is a dream come true…it’s tried and true as well…I grew it in the backyard next to my American flag….it grew super tall and very bushy…I got nearly 800 grams of pure blue kush…the most relaxing weed on earth and it keeps for a very long time. Good buy from the guys over at PSB!

  23. peddle-pusher (verified owner)

    It’s time again for some dank weed reviews. This one gives a shout out to blue kush, one of the best strains on this site. Perfect for stress and depression, and the colors of this bud are just oh so fantastic. Beautiful flowers form after just 4 months of growing, a super easy growing prolific strain that smells like the woods. It’s the best strain to share with friends and watch a movie!

  24. James Bergeron (verified owner)

    I swear there are like a million different kush strains out there, but this one my friends, is absolutely THE best. Not only was it easy to order online with Pacific, the seeds germinated PERFECTLY and grew exceptionally well in my large garden. I got a very generous yield after only 4 months of growing, and then after I hung this up to dry, it was smokeapalooza over here! I’m taking bong rips and smoking blunts and I LOVE those sweet indica vibes!

  25. Loud Talker (verified owner)

    I love the blue kush strain. Everything about this stuff blows my mind. I found it very easy to grow, and I am not much of a grower, so that’s really saying something! I got my seeds delivered right to my door. They showed up in this really cool glass packaging which is great for storage. The weed itself is really fresh, and it smells amazing, and it helps me with stress and anxiety and puts me in a great mood. I will definitely grow again!

  26. Strainhunter (verified owner)

    Like all kush strains, this weed is really easy to grow and produces a TON of nug. This weed will hold you over for the entire winter without question. All you need is 3 seeds and you’re set for hibernation! Blue Kush is a great starter strain, does really well indoors and comes up strong and aromatic. Keeps pretty well too if you store it properly. I got a nice yield but maybe I can do better next time? I’ll definitely be back to find out. Great buy!

  27. Lilly Bart (verified owner)

    Gah, If i could just do college all over again I’d be growing my own weed from day 1! Nothing is better than fresh, homegrown herb, especially this stuff, it’s super easy to cultivate, has a relatively short growth period and the flower is really high quality. I am pretty impressed with how much this plant produced, easily over 400 g per plant, and it’s got this great pine smell to it, like the forest. Perfect for chilling out with friends!

  28. France Motter (verified owner)

    Kush strains are definitely my favorite to grow, they’re so simple to take care of and always produce a ton of nug! This is no exception, wonderfully green and blue plant that offers the most chilled out buzz you can imagine. It’s nice when you’re feeling stressed or anxious or even depressed because this weed will really help those symptoms, and with the price it’s a win-win!

  29. Robert Eaton (verified owner)

    A nice happy euphoric weed, it’s intense but not too intense. Great for smoking at home when you’re just chilling on the couch. Also easy to grow like a lot of kush strains, and it gives off a great yield. I smoke usually with my girlfriend when we watch movies and it has helped me a lot with sleep!

  30. Arthur A. (verified owner)

    This is an amazing strain of mj, I love sharing with my friends and family, everybody seems to love it! I love gardening so this was a great choice for me, it fit well in the backyard and gave off a ton of bud, so I am feeling easy breezy and super stoned! It’s definitely an evening strain, cause it makes you a little foggy and tired, but also great for stress and sleep!

  31. David C. (verified owner)

    Nice to see a kush weed that doesn’t keep it so mellow. Definitely good for morning time because it wakes me tf up. REally good yield for an indoor auto plant and it flowered super fast. Buds are really nice and dense and the leaves are super blue and it smells really good so I love having this plant inside! Good bit of cbd too to keep the body nice and relaxed while my mind keeps going!

  32. Kayleigh J. (verified owner)

    A nice easy strain, like a stroll in the park, with lovely earthy flavors that offers a slight uplifting and relaxing high. You’ll feel like you’re riding on a cloud, just floating above life, with a beautiful blue filter over everything, so peaceful and relaxing. Growing was pretty easy too, didn’t take too long to see my little buds forming and got to harvest like 400 grams which is super solid. So happy with my purchase, I’ll definitely be back for more!

  33. Kiara L. (verified owner)

    Love it love it love it. SUCH AN EASY GROW. Are you a newbie gardener? Not sure what to buy? Get Blue Kush. Everyone loves kush and so will you. The plants stay nice and short which is great for indoor grows. Would do great outdoors also. I got a great yield without hardly doing anything. And Pacific is the SHIT for getting you good seeds that will def germinate. Can’t recommend this enough. Awesome strain. Awesome place to buy seeds from.

  34. Naomi M. (verified owner)

    It can be confusing where to get marijuana seeds online so I was really pleased to come across Pacific Seeds. Love their germination guarantee and love that placing an order with them is so easy. Planning on buying more seeds from Pacific in the future!
    Blue Kush is a special marijuana strain. It doesn’t have the “kushy” chill affect of other kush strains. Instead, it really revs me up and gets me going! It also calms my bad anxiety I sometimes get, without giving me couch lock or making me feel too “stoned.” It’s blue kush mj all the way home for me!

  35. Juan C. (verified owner)

    A nice easy strain for any beginner stoner, including me. I’ve never grown weed and am a first time buyer with PSB. Ordering online was SO simple and the seeds were in the mail before I knew it. I am no stranger to gardening, but mj is new, so I tried my hand at it and got a really solid yield! was relieved this stuff smelled a lot like berries and wasn’t crazy skunky. The buzz was really nice and relaxing, I mean I can’t think of a better weed to smoke all through the day, seriously uplifting with overall great vibes!

  36. Shamar N. (verified owner)

    I hadn’t seen this strain of kush before so I had to give it a try. Seeds came quick in the mail and they looked great. All 3 germinated and sprouted in no time. Now I’ve got some happy plants and I’m looking forward to trying this weed. I love the autoflowering varieties cuase they flower fast and I don’t like waiting. Hope this is a good one.

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