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Super Sour Diesel Feminized Seeds

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Are you ready to supercharge your marijuana experience? If you, Super Sour Diesel marijuana seeds are exactly what you need to put that extra pep in your step. This sativa is highly energizing, motivating, and relaxing.

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Sour Diesel Seeds

Ready to supercharge your marijuana experience? Look no further than Super Sour Diesel marijuana seeds. This powerful strain holds its ‘super’ name for a reason — and now’s your chance to buy some seeds and find out why. Super Sour Diesel belongs to the sativa family, which means users can expect a sudden jolt of happiness, motivation, and inspiration to the brain.

Super Sour Diesel will literally supercharge your day when smoked in the morning. A little bit of this sativa is all you may need to replace your usual cup of coffee. Super Sour Diesel is a highly energizing strain that can help get your body moving. It can help you reach new levels at the office, the gym, and social gatherings.

And did we mention it’s also a highly medical strain? Super Sour Diesel marijuana seeds have the added benefits of stress and pain relief. It’s no wonder that so many users turn to this sativa after the gym. The increase in energy can help you crush your session, followed my sore muscle relief afterward. This strain comes with 24% THC and smells of diesel. The effects of Super Sour Diesel are said to be long-lasting, so there’s no need to re-smoke in the middle of your day.

Additional information


Dutchman Seeds

Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

65-75 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Happy, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 300g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 350 gr

To Treat

Depression, Stress


Diesel, Herbal, Skunky

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






8 reviews for Super Sour Diesel Feminized Seeds

  1. Armani Hahn (verified owner)

    Been a great season so far. My plants are nearly waist height, and they are thirsty little buggers! Buying online made the whole process so much easier! After choosing the strain of my choice, the seeds shipped out quickly and efficiently. I think I got them in less than a week? Really helps to live in California already, this company is basically in my backyard and I am familiar with a lot of the farms from where they source their seed!

  2. tool2eeQuahm (verified owner)

    Lovr that there’s strain of pot out there that just get stronger and stronger. I think super sour D is one of those strains. How do they keep making it stronger??? It’s amazing! Buying online is a treat, with fast shipping and reliable germination, I always know I am getting a quality product from Pacific without any issues. Plus their customer service is always around to help!!

  3. Tyrone Berg (verified owner)

    Sour diesel is a classic strain, and an easy grow, that will bring smiles and mental health to your life. Hopefully you’ll get a BIG yield just like me, hovering between 500-600 G. I am SET for the season!

  4. Killian Traynor (verified owner)

    Sour diesel is just one of those classic strains that is good anytime of day. What makes this SUPER is probably the size of the nugs, the incredible buzz, and the very pungent diesel smell. It does indeed feel like the “flavor blasted goldfish” of sour diesel weed haha. Doesn’t that just mean it’s really good??

  5. Miyah Booth (verified owner)

    When they say sour, they mean SOUR! This weed practically makes your mouth implode and your sinuses burn up! But it’s actually quite relaxing, helps with stress, depression, even good creative thinking! Don’t skip out on this delightful grow, even if you’re a beginner, you’re bound to have good results. Powerful vibes!!

  6. Harun Miranda (verified owner)

    LOL this weed is flavor blasted! It’s as sour as they come, and bright and uplifting. Has a STRONG diesel smell, tends to make me feel a little tired, so I usually just smoke it at night when I am watching TV. I worked on growing this with my wife. I think it brought us closer together lol. Great purchase, absolutely worth the effort.

  7. Ferne Robins (verified owner)

    Sour diesel is a bad decision…it hits me in the skull like a bag of bricks and makes me hungry. I am a cranky old man on sour diesel. And I don’t care how GOOD the seeds were, even though I got a lot of flower. It’s just too Dank FOR MY OLD BONES!!!

  8. Indiana Ray (verified owner)

    You thought Sour Diesel was Sour, well just you wait! Smoking this weed is like sucking on a warhead candy. It’s sooooo sour, and it hits me soooo good. Yum this is an excellent buy. I even enjoyed growing it and I don’t even care for gardening. It was an excellent experience nonetheless. I got nearly 500 grams of pot!

    Ordering online with PSB is easy and the weed is great. What have you got to lose?

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