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White Widow Feminized Seeds – Original Harvest Seeds

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A crowd-pleaser for years, White Widow marijuana seeds deliver the same great effects you’ll recognize from your top bud supplier. Pain and stress fade into the background, while creativity surges alongside euphoria. This hybrid is worth a try.

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Let’s be honest, is there anything better than a classic? White Widow marijuana seeds are one of the world’s best-recognized strains, and it’s easy to understand why so many people love it across the globe. It’s nearly impossible to walk into any dispensary or shop via any online seed bank without seeing White Widow on the roster. In fact, it’s been found inside every Dutch coffee shop since its birth in the 1990s.


White Widow is considered a hybrid strain, meaning its a blend of sativa and indica chemical compounds. You really get the best of both worlds with this one. With just the smallest amount, you’ll feel a powerful yet calming rush or euphoria come over you. This feeling can only be described as heaven on Earth. Hybrid strains are popular for their relaxing yet stimulating properties. With White Widow, you can still be the life of the party with engaging conversations while feeling like you’re walking on a cloud.


Regardless of your surroundings, White Widow can help take your natural state of mind to the next level. At a party, for example, White Widow can tap into your creativity and increase engagement. You’ll never feel “too high” to talk to friends or say hello to a cute stranger. At home, however, White Widow has the power to make you sink into your couch without completely putting you to sleep so you can stay up and watch as many movies as you’d like. White Widow pairs perfectly with Netflix and chill.

Ready to take things to the next level? Buy White Widow marijuana seeds today!

Additional information


Original Harvest Seeds

Cannabis Species



60% Sativa / 40% Indica

Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Creative, Euphoric, Uplifting

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 500g/m²

Yield Outdoors

500-600 g/plant

To Treat

Depression, Pain, Stress


Citrus, Earthy, Pine

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type





Medium, Short

37 reviews for White Widow Feminized Seeds – Original Harvest Seeds

  1. Esha K (verified owner)

    White Widow Feminized Seeds are a must-have for cannabis enthusiasts looking for the perfect balance of relaxation and creativity. This hybrid strain delivers a powerful rush of euphoria, making it ideal for parties or a cozy night in. With low THC levels and uplifting effects, White Widow is the go-to strain for pain relief, stress reduction, and an overall enjoyable experience.

  2. Jolly Giraffe (verified owner)

    I found White Widow’s body high and great for dealing with my stress with its euphoric effects and great earthy taste. This seed’s plant grew quite large and ended up providing me with a ton of weed to smoke, was worth my time in growing.

  3. ElectricPhoenix (verified owner)

    With White Widow I find my pains and stresses dissolve away in its pine aromas. A very uplifting and light high that is a great way to end off any day with. Overall this seed was easy to grow and easy to care for, along with not taking too long in order to grow.

  4. BudBarron420 (verified owner)

    White Widow is one of my favorite strains for its well-rounded effects. The balanced high is both relaxing and uplifting, making it perfect for relieving stress and pain. The body high is also really pleasant. Plus, it’s super easy to grow, making it a must-have for any home grower.

  5. Jamaal Ahmad (verified owner)

    White widow has a little something for everyone. It’s got that bright, sativa-leaning high and a very relaxing body stone feeling that comes with it. Have you tried growing indoors? You don’t need a greenhouse to get your seeds up and running. I literally grew indoors in my very own home. Fresh-smelling weed is unlike anything else. I really think you will appreciate it. It’s made a huge difference in my day, like it’s given me a ton of energy and made depression a thing of the past.

  6. Edie K. (verified owner)

    Happy Halloween everyone. Just writing in to say that my weed harvest this past month has been the best ever. Our summer was crazy hot and dry in the west, and while it was miserable for wildfires, it was great for weed! I got a BIG harvest, bigger than the last few years, and definitely a win for my garden!

  7. Jasleen Haines (verified owner)

    So are you totally stoked for some new mj seeds in your life? Well get even more excited cause this Pacific seed bank packet might just change your life. I think you ought to try this for yourself, and definitely let it be worth your time too. Cause that sun feel real good on this neck and that dirt brings life to these fingers. Weed is so wholesome!

  8. Nasir Reyes (verified owner)

    When I heard there was white widow to be purchased online, I got very excited and bought some right away. My favorite strain of all time. They help with stress and depression, and damn does it taste good! Nothing is better than FRESH marijuana straght from the plant, it’s unlike anything you’ll find at the dispensary!!

  9. Hannah Walker (verified owner)

    Whether you’re new to the weed world or you are just plain excited to be growing again, white widow is a classic that you don’t wanna sleep on. It’s a nice vibe every time, and it helps with stress and depression really nicely. I like it’s smooooth flavor, especially if you roll a fat blunt with it. I know my weed is the best in town, better even than the dispensary!!

  10. Louisa Russell (verified owner)

    White widow is gonna make your head spin…It’s been a good buy ever since I started growing it way back in the 70s, but hey, now I am a home gardener, and things are a little different, easier for certain! Obviously going to buy more online with Pacific Seed Bank, these people are truly great and they know EVERYTHING about marijuana 🙂

  11. Beck Montes (verified owner)

    White widow is pretty radical and awesome and helps with stress and depression. I worked really hard to get my little grow space set up…looks pretty freaking awesome now! Super legit. I broke my plantings into two, and let me tell ya, this weed is looking pretty fly, happy as can be, will never have this much weed again!

  12. sherae1661@yahoo.com (verified owner)

    Second year ordering with pacific. Last year ordered the Kush WW. Sprouted one seed. Tried to sprout the other two this year they were both duds! Another strain I ordered last year sprouted just fine this year! So… I needed new WW seeds and because it was a year, pacific wouldn’t make it good. Decided to order O.H. this time. Now I’m in wait mode!! Pacific received my $$ over a week ago but not shipped out seeds as of yet! Frustrating…this plant will be behind my others. I read a review from someone who said this WW is a good one. Looking forward to finding out if it better than last years. Three stars because of last years seed and my wait time this year!!

  13. Doris Higgs (verified owner)

    Get all smacked around during the work day, looking forward to a fat bowl of the white widow when I get home…You ever seen such a MASSIVE online collection of marijuana? Bet you haven’t cause this type of delivery doesn’t exist anywhere in Canada. Feeling great about my buy, makes me so relaxed I just can’t stand it!

  14. Lauren Klein (verified owner)

    White widow is pretty fantastic. You can read all the reviews above if you need the proof. We are all very excited about this weed. Can you tell? I am definitely a fan of this strain, gets me where I wanna be, and it helps me manage all my pain and stress throughout the day. Very exciting stuff though, and my very first time growing weed, how awesome!!!

  15. Tahmina Halliday (verified owner)

    Everytime I have a party at my house, I bring out some of my homegrown white fire, and everybody loves it…I am sooooo happy about having this strain in my life…it makes me cry sometimes cause I step back and realize how beautiful it all is. I love ordering online with Pacific, their seeds ship out soooo fast!!! I am truly blessed y’all!!

  16. Eloise brown (verified owner)

    Well, if there’s one weed in this world that is sure to get you stoned and never give you a bad buzz, it’s the white widow. I have been a huge fan of this strain for a long time now. I worked really hard to grow this on my own, followed all the instructions, and I did really well in the end! I am VERY excited to smoke this tonight!!!

  17. jack snow (verified owner)

    The white widow weed is seriously fantastic and it’s not even that hard to grow. Got a BIG yield from my grow, and it made for an amazing harvest that seriously made my life better. The nugs are beautiful, so colorful, and the smell is really sour and potent. I am very excited for my next batch!

  18. SpiderMonkey (verified owner)

    White widow is a very enjoyable strain…it’s super powerful and also really relaxing…I smoke it in the evening to help maintain my level of chill lol. My friends and I all sit around in a circle and smoke this MJ and talk about our jobs and whatever. I have the best friends, going all the way back to high school, but this makes it even better!

  19. John Litter (verified owner)

    White widow is a strong mental buzz, makes for a nice earthy strain, better than even the stuff you can find in the store. It’s a good buy for those who are looking for a weed that zaps you back from depression or anxiety. It’s a nice addition to my evening routine, and makes watching TV soooo much better 🙂

  20. bigbigol’trees (verified owner)

    Get yourself out of that rut with white widow. This stuff is a shock to the senses. Its sour flavor really fills the mind with bright colors and positive thinking. Feel like I could run a marathon on this stuff. I get hella stoned and just chill on the back porch or the front lawn. Love smoking this on a sunny day! This was so much fun to grow. I’ll def be back for more!

  21. Lomilomi Salmon (verified owner)

    White widow is all about taking a step back and reflecting on life…it’s super powerful but also introspective. I love the taste and smell of this weed and can’t wait to grow more. Got me a nice yield, maybe 500 grams from 3 plants and all of it is super strong and delicious. Gets me really high too, which I guess is the goal. Definitely worth the effort to grow your own!

  22. 50sents (verified owner)

    Don’t fool yourself, even the most seasoned stoner can get heavy buzzed off this strain. It’s a whopper, but a good grow, especially if you’ve got a greenhouse. I got 3 seeds delivered from pacific, easy online ordering and very reliable germination. I have a little indoor grow space and these did surprisingly well in pots. I got nearly 5 oz of weed, way more than I was expecting. Great for nighttime head rushes and bad movies. Check it out!

  23. davis nelson (verified owner)

    This is one powerful strain, it’s a great way to relax but don’t expect to get any work done. I appreciate the ease of ordering online and the commitment to quality. The grow was pretty easy too. I got some serious nugs off these plants and I plan to plant my last seeds in the backyard to see how they do out there. The nug is bright green and it gets me to relax super easily. I can finally unwind after work, which is great. I love this stuff and will be back for more!

  24. Rainbow Room (verified owner)

    Who doesn’t love white widow marijuana seeds? I got these as a gift for my sister and she totally lost it when she unwrapped her gift last Xmas. Now I get to reap the benefits hehehe. She gives me a lot of her fresh, yellowish green nugs and they taste amazing and get me very stoned. I didn’t even have to do any of the work. See how giving works? You always get something in return. Take this if you’re feeling stressed!

  25. banananutbrain (verified owner)

    Strong weed. Definitely packs a punch, but never brings me down. I like the strong sour taste and the way it makes my mind race. Very creative and uplifting high. Super fun grow as well. Got my seeds delivered from PSB, great fast delivery service, and I am super excited about how this turned out. I got like 500 g per plant, and I am now super rich in MJ! Highly recommend this stuff! Definitely worth the buy!

  26. Drew M (verified owner)

    I looooove painting on this stuff, it’s remarkably easy to grow and then when you finally get around to smoking it it becomes your best friend, gives me all kind of a wild creative ideas that just keep spinning for hours. I am very happy this all worked out super well for me. First time grower here, and definitely worthwhile, cause I feel a lot better about my energy problems and will definitely be back on top in no time!

  27. doglover395 (verified owner)

    A surprisingly strong strain of mj, this stuff can knock you off your feet and take your breath away…literally! It’s a bit of a difficult grow, but nothing a few years of experience can’t tackle. I got these babies to germ using the paper towel method and wow they just too right off. Pungent weed, very powerful buzz too, so one puff and you’ll be good for ages!

  28. Morgan N. (verified owner)

    Kiss your stress goodbye with this amazing weed. I grew this in my backyard and got some serious results, beautiful nugs the size of my fist with a cherry on top you know? Love the smell, it’s so strong and smells like the forest, which makes me want to go hiking, so dope! I ordered my seeds online with PSB and had them shipped right to my door, they grew perfectly! Hooray!

  29. Kody W. (verified owner)

    I was really pleased with my 500 grams of yield on this plant while growing outdoors! I’m still relatively new to growing (esp. outside) so anything above 400 gs I consider a win. Pacific is the best online dispensary I’ve dealt with so far; their service was very professional and delivery was super fast! They even delivered internationally for a not-outrageous price so I predict that I will buy more seeds from them.

  30. Angelique G. (verified owner)

    Definitely a classic weed with a classic buzz, something you’ll turn to over and over again! This was my first time growing mj and found this to be a lot of fun, plus I had great results with around 1000 grams from my 3 plants in total! Ordered online with PSB and got some amazing delicious bud that smells skunky and fresh. I can’t wait to buy more!

  31. Orlando R. (verified owner)

    This is the shiz, ya’ll! I’ve grown this strain a couple times sourced from a few different outfits. I think this one is my favorite. I contacted Pacific to try and understand the difference in seeds depending on where they come from. They were really helpful and after ordering this one I think I found the best one that I like. It’s a good buy and the grow was easier than ever. Thanks you guys!

  32. Nathan G (verified owner)

    What can I say about White Widow that we don’t already know? This is a classic strain of cannabis that is sure to please literally anyone. It really is the perfect balance of sativa and indica. Relaxing, euphoric high that is felt throughout the body. It’s legendary reputation is well-earned. This is a go-to strain for me that’s a pure joy to grow every time. Good experience ordering from Pacific. Shipping went smoothly and the seeds were packed very well. Best place to buy seeds in my opinion.

  33. Georgia N. (verified owner)

    Such an uplifting strain of weed. Happy I ordered online with pacific and will definitely do so again! Grew in the basement (first time) and got some really delicious nug! Tall plants with some dense white crystals yum yum! Bringing this stuff to parties is always a hit, and even smoking at home alone can be really enjoyable. I never feel too out of it on this weed, very balanced and mild in the right way. It’s a classic for a reason! Will buy again!!

  34. Ryan O. (verified owner)

    All hail the Queen! When I started growing my own cannabis, I knew I wanted to include some WW in my operation. I babyed White Widow mj while growing like the beautiful queen she is – I probably gave her more attention than she needed, actually! She seemed to need good circulation and and not much trimming – it’s good I didn’t trim her leaves more, or I may not have had much mj to enjoy. Now I am enjoying White Widow mj and she is superb. Beautiful relaxation and smooth delivery to my brain. Ah! Best weed, best price, gonna order more white widow again.

  35. Robin T. (verified owner)

    I can never decide which i like more — sativa or indica. After talking with folks at Pacific I know now that I don’t have to choose 😉 I can have both! White Widow relaxes me like i’m on a cloud or somethin. At the same time my brain is somehow workin too. I have interesting creative thoughts *while* relaxing on the couch. My brother and I solved world peace last night while smoking White Widow so i think its workin pretty good.

  36. Derrick W. (verified owner)

    I really need an extra boost in the mornings to get me going and white widow has be crucial in my morning wake up routine. THEN, when I get home, I smoke some more and I have like a whole new wind of energy that takes me into the night. Growing was a pretty easy process, and the plants got pretty tall. Glad I did an outdoor grow, but it may have affected my yield? Either way, got a solid amount of weed and have been chilling on this on the daily. A great buy!

  37. Holly W. (verified owner)

    The white widow has been a staple smoke of mine for many years and I wanted to try growing mj so this was my first attempt. Was really impressed at the selection on Pacific’s website and knew this was the place to buy pot seeds for the future! Seeds shipped out super fast and the grow time was impressively short with a great yield and that classic white and green nugs to call my own. Offers a nice heady buzz that keeps me alert and focused for hours at a time. Can’t wait to buy more!

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