Marijuana Etiquette

Sharing is caring, right? The beauty of marijuana is that it can be enjoyed solo in front of the TV for a Netflix-and-Chill Day, or it can take the form of a party drug and liven up any situation. On the days when you’re feeling slightly more social and in the sharing mood, wouldn’t it be nice to know the proper forms of marijuana etiquette? 

No one likes a rude party pooper. It’s like when you wanted to bring cupcakes to class in elementary school and your mom told you that you had to share with everyone — not just your best friends. It’s the same with gum, too. As soon as one person gets a stick, be prepared to shell out more. It would be mean to say no.

The Life Of The Party

Before we get into the dos and don’ts of social smoking, let’s pick out some of the best party strains. Imagine it’s a Friday night and you’re headed to a house party with your friends. The parents are out of town, so you better believe alcohol and marijuana are involved. Your buddy asks you to bring some weed to enjoy on the back patio — but which strain should you choose? Typically, you’d reach for something that makes you more awake, chatty, and energetic, possibly more lovey-dovey, too.

  • Chocolope — the all-around party strain
  • Tangie — best for cocktail parties
  • White Russian — best for dinner parties
  • Blue Diesel — best for happy hours
  • Banana Kush — best for potlucks

Notice that all of these strains are either hybrids or a pure sativa. Most indicas are too mellow for social gatherings, as they can make you sleepy or too focused on food that you’ll hang out in the kitchen all night instead of the bar or club.


The Dos And Don’ts Of Social Smoking

  1. Do bring your own to share. If the invitation says BYOM (Bring Your Own Marijuana), then do so. No one likes a moocher. It’s always nice when everyone contributes and throws their own strain of choice into the mix. Imagine showing up to a potluck without any food while chowing down on everyone else’s dish. #RUDE
  2. Don’t pressure someone into smoking. Just because weed is being passed around at a party, doesn’t mean everyone is partaking. If you see a good-looking stranger, or even if it’s your best friend, never pressure them to do something they don’t want to. You’ll be able to tell instantly if marijuana sounds like a good idea to them. You’ll see it on their face within seconds.
  3. Do remove the seeds and stems. All it takes is a few extra minutes to clean up the flower or bud that you’re bringing to the party. Seeds and stems have no place in rolling papers, bongs, and pipes…so get them outta’ there! We hate to say this, but people judge based on appearances. You want guests to say, “Damn, that looks dank!”
  4. Don’t pretend to be a marijuana genius. People can spot a fake from a mile away, and there’s a fine line between coming across confident versus arrogant. For example, if you don’t know how to properly roll a joint, just say so! Don’t know the differences between Fire OG and White Fire OG? Now’s an opportunity to learn more — take it! There’s no harm in asking questions.
  5. Do admit when you’re sick. Okay, this is a big one. Most employees feel extremely guilty about missing work due to an illness, but the truth is, your boss would rather you stay home. Making other employees sick is only going to worsen the situation. Please, please, please don’t partake in shared joints if you have any level of illness. Yes, that means “just a cold,” too!
  6. Don’t hog it. “Puff, puff, pass” is the end-all marijuana etiquette form you should follow. When all else fails, keep moving that joint/pipe/bong around. People will forgive a seedy stash as long as they feel the effects. With joints, people usually take one or two hits before passing it to the next person. Three is still okay, but four is too much! Give someone else a turn.

But What About Vaping?respecting-others-with-cannabis

We’ve talked a lot about bongs, pipes, and joints already…but there’s one more method we need to touch on. Ironically, it’s the most polarizing. It’s vaping. Some smokers see vapers as pretentious, stuck up, and snobby. Hell, Ranker listed a whole 25 reasons as to why vapers are so annoying. “They think they’re being healthy,” “they can’t stop vaping around children,” and their “dumb vaping lingo” are just some of the points.

  • Don’t vape anywhere you wouldn’t smoke
  • Don’t blow clouds in people’s faces
  • Learn when to turn off your vape
  • Don’t vape around children and animals

Trust us, it’s really not that hard to have proper marijuana etiquette — no matter how you choose to consume. Those around you will thank you for having such impeccable marijuana manners. Remember, there are still places where it’s illegal to smoke marijuana. Not just states, but actual locations like the park, a parking lot, and near a school or church. Keep the smoking to your private property. There’s no need to subject others to your habits. So, with that, let’s light up the world with marijuana etiquette!