Feeling Paranoid? How to Stay Grounded When You’re High as a Kite

Marijuana is the new (old?) coconut oil – it’s been tasked with the ability to treat, and even cure, everything from mild aches and pains to cancer, not to mention the psychedelic trip it can take you on, which makes movies funnier and food taste better. That said, while a lot of folks have turned to this long-standing alternative to treat conditions of the mind like anxiety, stress, depression, and PTSD, where some people find much needed relief, other individuals experience the opposite. Marijuana strains high in THC or simply indulging in too much of a low-cannabinoid strain can result in a condition known to cannabis culture as “greening out”. Paranoia is a common symptom of this. This phenom isn’t just hearsay either – a handful of researchers decided to delve into the concept more deeply, and discovered for a fact that yes, in some patients, cannabinoids enhance worries and negative thoughts. There’s always a (Super) Silver (Haze) lining – even if you happen upon a strain of cannabis that’s stronger than you’re used to, the uncomfortable side effects will eventually fade.

Instances of heightened anxiety or paranoia are just some of the few negative side effects associated with overconsumption of marijuana but there are ways to avoid them, so you can still take advantage of the healing benefits of weed. There are a few things you can think about to mitigate an uncomfortable experience:  


Not All Weed is Created Equal – THC vs CBD

If we only went by popular culture and movies, we’d believe that marijuana is a party drug, but we know better, don’t we? For a good time, recreational consumers turn to cannabis strains higher in THC, the psychoactive compound, but THC has clinical applications; it’s just that medical professionals don’t want to push a product that can make you high, especially to young or elderly patients.

This is where cannabis products high in CBD come in handy – all therapy with none of the hallucinations. CBD will also not heighten paranoia and anxiety, making it a better option for patients and consumers concerned about anxiety.

Of course, not every joint or edible is going to come with a label letting you know if or how much THC is present. So, you’re greening out? You’ll be okay if you remember the following:

  • This too Shall Passtoo-high-with-marijuana
    • It’s easy to get caught up in the idea that the paranoia and discomfort are going to last forever but these feelings of unease and discomfort will pass as soon as the THC has passed through your system. You’re not going crazy, and you aren’t going to die.
  • Start Talking
    • Some people find that social interaction and conversation can help reduce feelings of paranoia rather than exacerbate them. We shouldn’t have to mention that this goes for those situations where you’re partaking with a friend group, rather than enjoying on your own. You could pick up the phone to reach out and touch someone, but ultimately, conversation might help you focus your thoughts on something other than how high you are. Friends might also be able to help talk you through your paranoia, helping you to see that you will be fine before you know it.
  • Distract Yourself
    • As we mentioned above, focusing on something other than how high you are can be a great way to reduce any paranoia you might be experiencing – turn on some music or a TV show and let yourself get lost like you never have before.
  • Take a Quick Shower
    • If possible, hop in the shower. The soothing effects of the warm water and steam have been known to help bring people down from “greening out”.
  • Hydrate
    • A common negative side effect of marijuana use is dry mouth, a glass of water will help fix that, but hydrating will also help you feel better faster. Some people suggest adding a teaspoon or two of sugar to eight ounces of H20, a simple trick that can help counteract the THC.
  • Have a Snack
    • We’re not talking about giving in to a case of the munchies, rather, food is comforting, and it can help move things along more quickly.
    • Apparently, a whiff of black pepper can work wonders, its properties bind to the same receptors in the brain as cannabinoids and can create a calming effect.
  • Homegrown Marijuana
    • There are many positive reasons to grow your own weed, the least of which being you will always know the pot you’re consuming is organic, safe, fresh, and of the highest quality available. At least it will be if you order your marijuana seeds from Pacific Seed Bank. Order top quality genetics from the best breeders around the world now!