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Frida Feminized Seeds

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Named for Frida Kahlo, this high CBD strain will provide medicinal and recreational users alike with a soothing and relaxing high that will ease stresses.

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This strong CBD (12%) cannabis strain is actually named after Friday Kahlo herself (no unibrow included!). While Frida does contain some THC (1%), it is primarily recommended for use in managing medical conditions.

It’s pretty rare for recreational cannabis users to choose Frida as their top strain of choice, but with its minimal THC content, this strain does provide some definite relaxation right off the bat. Much like gazing at one of Frida Kahlo’s works of art, this strain will provide a euphoric and calming feeling. 

Frida’s high CBD levels can be a great help for people who are dealing with insomnia and inflammatory issues. The strain’s body buzz can ease muscles that are injured or aching or even relieve headaches. Frida will also soothe your anxieties and stresses by boosting your mood. However, you don’t have to be suffering from any of these issues in order to enjoy what Friday has to offer: a relaxed and calm high that leaves you feeling elevated and not weighed down by any problem.

Additional information


CBD Depot

Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

High (10%+)

Feels Like

Creative, Relaxed, Sleepy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 400g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 400 gr

To Treat

Joint pain, Pain, Stress


Citrus, Peppery, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






36 reviews for Frida Feminized Seeds

  1. Dennis Harrison (verified owner)

    Perfect for usage in the evenings were Frida Feminized Seeds. The high CBD level calmed and relaxed me, and the sweet, earthy flavor was pleasant. Grown easily, the plants yielded well. Highly suggested for anxiety and stress management.

  2. Agnes Hughs (verified owner)

    Excellent for maintaining productivity and focus throughout the day. The energizing, clear-headed high was ideal for dealing with daily stress. The plants were sturdy and produced a large number of buds. The citrus and pine flavors were refreshing.

  3. Latoya Crane (verified owner)

    The Frida seedlings had a beautiful dark green color and a uniform growth pattern. The leaves were broad and lush, showing strong early development.

  4. Kristine Lambert (verified owner)

    The invigorating and clear-headed high enabled me to remain calm and focused throughout the day. The plants were easy to grow and produced an abundance of buds. The lemony-herbal flavor was refreshing and delightful.

  5. Lou McLean (verified owner)

    These seeds germinated very well, and the plants look robust. I’m excited to see how they turn out as they continue to grow

  6. Marc Pittman (verified owner)

    These are now my go-to choice for pain relief. The high CBD levels in these seeds are very effective. The seeds germinated quickly and the plants grew strong and healthy.

  7. Delia Walker (verified owner)

    Frida Feminized Seeds were ideal for evening use. The sweet, earthy flavor was delightful, and the high CBD concentration gave a soothing and relaxing effect. The plants were easy to establish and yielded a high yield. Highly recommended for reducing stress and anxiety.

  8. Gary Stuart (verified owner)

    The seeds sprouted quickly and grew into healthy plants. The CBD levels in the plants were impressive, making them ideal for therapeutic use. I was pleased with the germination rate and the overall quality of the plants produced from these seeds.

  9. Genevieve Horn (verified owner)

    I was very happy with how well these seeds germinated. All of them sprouted in no time, and the seedlings looked really strong. This has been a great experience for a beginner like me.

  10. Pauline Pittman (verified owner)

    The plants developed dense buds with a rich, chocolatey aroma. The uplifting and euphoric effects were great for boosting creativity and motivation. The unique flavor made it a favorite for daytime use.

  11. Edna Bartlett (verified owner)

    Frida Feminized Seeds offered a great harmony between mental clarity and relaxation. Easy to grow, the plants yielded well. The flavor was wonderful—sweet and earthy—and the high CBD level relieved my worry and stress. Strongly advised to use at night.

  12. Nancy Richer (verified owner)

    Perfect for medicinal use, whenever I feel some aches, I like this one to make everything so much better. It is high on CBD and low on THC, so you don’t have to worry about THC effects. Instead, enjoy the CBD to do its thing!

  13. Arthur Walsh (verified owner)

    Growing CBD seeds was a breeze. The plants were strong and gave a good crop. The effects were calm and pleasant, ideal for resting after a long day. The sweet, fruity flavor was a delightful surprise, which improved the overall experience.

  14. Willard Thomas (verified owner)

    The germination process was smooth and successful. The seeds sprouted uniformly, and the young plants were vigorous and healthy.

  15. Victoria Hurst (verified owner)

    The sweet, candy-like perfume was appealing, and the high CBD concentration had a calming and soothing effect. The plants were vigorous and produced abundantly. This strain is ideal for folks who want a delicious and relaxing experience.

  16. Ida Maddox (verified owner)

    These seeds were easy to germinate and had a high success rate. The seedlings were vibrant and robust, making for a great start to my growing journey.

  17. Adam Welch (verified owner)

    I was really happy with how quickly the seeds germinated. The plants look robust and healthy. This has been a great growing experience so far.

  18. Isabell Mejia (verified owner)

    Frida from Pacific Seeds was a joy to grow! The plants grew strong and healthy, with a great germination rate. Pacific’s customer service was so helpful and shipping was fast. The taste of Frida is citrusy, peppery, and sweet.

  19. Diane Martinez (verified owner)

    Frida Feminized Marijuana Seeds delivered a smooth germination process for me. The seeds sprouted without any issues and developed into healthy plants. I am satisfied with the overall quality of these seeds and would confidently recommend them to others.

  20. Callum Blanchard (verified owner)

    Fresh Frida weed is exactly what the doctor ordered!
    High in THC and grows pretty quickly. I love the vibes and the intense smell and taste.
    I spend at least 30 min in my garden every day, and I treat these plants like my babies. They are always happy to see me!

  21. Young Campos (verified owner)

    Frida seeds germinated efficiently, with a high success rate. The young plants were healthy and vigorous, promising a good yield.

  22. Erick Jensen (verified owner)

    Frida Feminized Seeds offered a great harmony between mental clarity and relaxation. Easy to grow, the plants yielded well. The flavor was wonderful—sweet and earthy—and the high CBD level relieved my worry and stress. Strongly advised to use at night.

  23. Carl Lord (verified owner)

    These seeds lived up to their name! Germinating them was a breeze, and they grew into healthy seedlings. I felt quite relaxed watching them flourish.

  24. Luca Ferri (verified owner)

    Frida Feminized Seeds offer a high CBD strain named after Frida Kahlo for both medicinal and recreational use. With its minimal THC content, it provides a relaxing and calming high, easing stresses. It is particularly beneficial for managing insomnia and inflammatory issues.

  25. Adrienne Merrill (verified owner)

    The citrusy, lemon aroma was invigorating, and the energetic high was perfect for daytime use. The plants were sturdy and yielded well, making it a favorite for staying productive and happy.

  26. Micheal Nash (verified owner)

    Frida seedlings emerged with a bright green hue and healthy leaf structure. The stems were sturdy, and the overall appearance was very vigorous.

  27. Robbie Schmidt (verified owner)

    The invigorating, clear-headed high enabled me to be productive and focused. The plants were strong and provided a large crop. The citrus and pine aromas were invigorating, making it a popular choice for dealing with daily stress.

  28. Tamara Ham (verified owner)

    The germination rate for Frida seeds was impressive, with nearly all seeds sprouting quickly. The seedlings were robust and showed strong early growth.

  29. Kamari Cordova (verified owner)

    Easily one of the better strains I have grown in years. This fresh, earthy hybrid is great for new and old growers alike, especially those who like growing outdoors!

  30. CosmicKnight56 (verified owner)

    This deep relaxing high has been great for uplifting me from my problems, I feel like I am able to unwind from all my problems after smoking this and it leads to a great high for me. Easily something I can smoke every day without ever getting bored of this high.

  31. CultivateCaretaker (verified owner)

    Makes me feel light and free, very creative and fresh. I always enjoy a good Frida smoke session before painting or before reading poetry. It helps me get into the right mindset lol. Purchased 10 seeds online, got them delivered to my home….very fast and convenient. Just a perfect flavor when it’s all done. A little sleepy and a little buzzy. Perfect for a fall day.

  32. F. Garrett (verified owner)

    Say goodnight to your aches and say hello to your creative side! This nug is delicious and fresh, and it smells like a pine forest. Not sure why it’s named after Frida Khalo, but perhaps she was a weed smoker as well? I used to live and grow weed in Mexico…it’s different than over here, they have their own ways of making it work. But yeah, it’s been good so far, just getting used to the southern California lifestyle 🙂

  33. Kelise Findlay (verified owner)

    Finally! A weed with some strong flavors and a great amount of CBD to help with stress!

    I am a weed grower in Oregon and I love Pacific seed bank!

  34. Amandeep White (verified owner)

    A highly creative strain that boosts focus and commitment to work. It’s done WONDERS for my ADHD.

  35. Rea Patterson (verified owner)

    Nothing like smoking a bowl of Frida and getting paint on the canvas. I bought 10 seeds online….had them shipped to my home in Oregon. Somehow I was able to grow on my own PORCH in some large planters. The plants do get quite large, but they are absolutely gorgeous. I am so thrilled I FINALLY have some fresh weed in my arsenal!

  36. Fahad Dalby (verified owner)

    Nice to know there is such a strong cbd strain on the market, and named after my favorite painter! Frida is JUST what you need on a FRIDAY! Helps with stress, depression, anxiety, and usually gets me in the mood for some weekend fun. Took about 6 months in the garden, a slow and patient grow. Worth the wait!!

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