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Mars OG Feminized Seeds – Willits Family Farm

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Go for Mars OG marijuana seeds the next time you have trouble falling alseep or working up an appetite. This indica-dominant hybrid relaxes the mind and body but still leaves you clear-headed and focused.

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Do you ever wonder what it’s like to float in space? Imagine for a second that you could experience a zero-gravity body float on the moon. That’s what it’s like to smoke Mars OG marijuana seeds. The body buzz of this indica-dominant hybrid is next level. The high of Mars OG leaves you feeling relaxed, calm, and zen from head to toe. A wave of serenity and peacefulness washes over you as your brain and body settle into a slower pace.


Mars OG is mild and gentle enough to keep couchlock at bay. Just because it’s an effective indica, that doesn’t mean you’ll be entirely braindead or a total space cadet. Mars OG actually keeps your brain and mind engaged throughout the relaxing experience. This means you’ll be able to think clearly, hold conversations with others, and be able to remember details of the task at hand. Mars OG can boost focus and concentration, making it a great daytime smoke.


Everyone can enjoy the medical and recreational benefits of Mars OG marijuana seeds. With moderate THC levels, the high of this strain is rarely overpowering or overwhelming. Mars OG is not known to cause any negative side effects, such as paranoia and worries. You may want to choose Mars OG the next time you have trouble falling asleep.

Additional information



Cannabis Species



80% Indica/20% Sativa

Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 450g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 500 gr

To Treat

Insomnia, Lack of Appetite, Stress


Pine, Sweet, Woody

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






12 reviews for Mars OG Feminized Seeds – Willits Family Farm

  1. 7SunsetSailor (verified owner)

    Growing and smoking Mars OG Feminized Seeds has been a great experience. All of my seeds germinated successfully, producing healthy and vigorous plants. The indica-dominant hybrid strain has a mild and gentle high, leaving me relaxed and focused without being completely couch-locked.

  2. Thandiwe Mbatha (verified owner)

    Mars OG by Willits is an impressive indica strain with a good high. It provides a body high that leaves you feeling happy, relaxed, and sleepy. Growing these plants was a great experience with a moderate skill level required.

  3. SkunkSchrödinger82 (verified owner)

    I’m really happy I tried this strain out, it had a powerful and euphoric high that hit me nicely. Grew a few plants and had a lot of buds that will last me a long time. I also appreciate Pacific Seed Bank’s fast delivery, I had my order delivered within just a few days.

  4. Joyce H. (verified owner)

    We may make it to Mars in my lifetime! I am very excited for space exploration, but I am not terribly good at dealing with SUPER HEAVY Gs!! So, instead, I smoke this weed everyday to send me into orbit 🙂 A fresh and funky hybrid that’s good for those aches and pains, but never makes me too groggy to function. I like weed that keeps me in the middle, the line between harsh vibes and weak tea hehe

  5. Eboni Akhtar (verified owner)

    This is some outta this world MJ from an amazing online company! Great seed selection, every one of them is a winner. It’s great for stress, depression, or anxiety, and usually, it’s pretty adaptive in the garden. Buying online is super easy and fast, and also very cheap! Great customer service team, always willing to help!

  6. Cassius Heaton (verified owner)

    Big fluffy nugs! All 5 of my seeds germinated quickly and grew vigorously in the garden. I am in LOVE with Pacific online, great selection, fast shipping, and seriously the lowest prices on the net!

  7. Abdulrahman Hardy (verified owner)

    Gotta have some Mars OG to have a good time. This earthy and delicious strain has a lot of great energy for an afternoon smoke. It keeps the fatigue away, clears the mind, and tastes like a sweet jolly rancher. Very earthy, though, so it may not be for everyone….either way, great energy. I love buying online with Pacific, their selection is great, and they really want to help out. I am so thrilled to have this weed in my yard, you won’t even believe how big it is!!

  8. Boyd Dyer (verified owner)

    Dunno about you, but I hate cooking at home after a long day. But when I smoke Mars OG, my appetite grows out of control! I get the munchies so hard I am literally infused with the energy to cook my own food! What a victory!! Buying online is simple and very fast. Don’t pass up this opportunity. Pacific has some of the best seeds in the nation, and at such an affordable price!!

  9. Christian Holcomb (verified owner)

    Excellent strain for insomnia and anxiety. Pure indica kush makes this an easy grow with excellent mental health benefits!

  10. Aleeza Cope (verified owner)

    If you are ready to take a trip to mars, then why not stock up on these delicious seeds. I bought mine online. They were fast to ship and germinated quickly. If it wasn’t for the growing advice on this site I don’t know how successful I would have been. Was able to walk away with over 400 grams of fresh pot!

  11. Emer Jenkins (verified owner)

    Not the best weed for smoking at your desk. I learned that one the hard way LOL. This weed gets me heavy and tired, usually my go-to when I have trouble sleeping at night. Great when I’m cooking too cause it helps me work up an appetite! Smells delicious too, kind of like vanilla frosting. Yummm!

  12. Milan Steele (verified owner)

    Gonna send this ship straight to Mars. I gotta say, I am really excited for the prospect of getting my own greenhouse put together, and I think I will have an excellent yield when I do. The smell is fantastic, so earthy and sweet, and the taste is funky and wild. Really sends my mind into outer space, lots of great creative thoughts and artistic inspiration 🙂

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