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If the Ambrosia strain were a book and you were judging it by its cover, you’d definitely be impressed! When planted, Ambrosia marijuana seeds feel like a vacation for the senses. The calming aroma of Ambrosia is largely thanks to lavender notes mixed with pineapple and pine. Lavender, as an essential oil, is a great relaxer that helps soothe you off to sleep. The same can be said with this sativa-leaning hybrid. It gives you just enough energy to get you through the day while calming all muscles, joints, and nerves.

When smoked during the day, Ambrosia won’t make you feel groggy or tired.  Medical consumers love this strain for its ability to melt away muscle aches. Smoking Ambrosia is like taking your body for a vacation where there are no worries.

But where did Ambrosia marijuana seeds get their name? The word Ambrosia refers to something that is delicious to smell and eat. It originates from Greek and Roman mythology, meaning “food of the gods.” The smell of lavender and pineapple will fill your space and you’ll be hooked for life. This strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors and reaches an average height of 4 to 5 feet. Growers love this strain because it only needs 7 to 8 weeks of harvesting indoors. You can quick results with the Ambrosia plant.

Description: Ambrosia is delightful to the senses thanks to its pineapple and lavender aroma.

Additional information


Mendocino Farms

Cannabis Species

Indica/Sativa Hybrid


40% Sativa/60% Indica

Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Creative, Euphoric, Focused

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 450g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 500 gr

To Treat

Depression, Pain


Flowery, Fruity, Herbal

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






50 reviews for Ambrosia Feminized Seeds

  1. Chloe W. (verified owner)

    Makes my whole body feel light and smiley. Gives me a great buzz and keeps my eyes feeling all bright and exciting. Happy day to all who grow this weed, ambrosia is a beautiful yellow and green color with the smell of flower and chamomile and skunk. You will NOT be disappointed, especially at these prices!

  2. Ivy P. (verified owner)

    As Ambrosia grows, you’ll immediately be hit with a sweet aroma that puts all of your senses on alert. You’ll be able to experience the aroma, taste, and pungency as soon as you start smoking this MJ. You’ll experience sweet pineapple with earthy notes of pine and even some hints of lavender. There’s something for everybody.

  3. Carly Buchanan (verified owner)

    They say ambrosia is the nectar of the gods, and this I can understand after growing/smoking ambrosia MJ seeds from Pacific.
    Buying online has made this WHOLE process so much easier and more streamlined. The seeds arrive within 7 days and are ready to grow on arrival.
    My yield was between 400-500 G between 3 plants, I fertilized regularly which led to some pretty impressive nugs. They were large, sometimes as large as my hand. I am a big fan, definitely hope for more.

  4. Brandon Ball (verified owner)

    Feel like this has really helped with my adhd. Smoking this has helped me relax more and focus better. First time purchasing from PSB and i was surprised how hardy the packaging container was. They definitely thought out how to secure the package. Had my plants ready to harvest withint 8 weeks and despite one of my seeds not germinating i still had a good experience overall

  5. Judith Campbell (verified owner)

    Ambrosia has this great fruity herbal taste to it which has me absolutely hooked to this strain. The high is very euphoria-inducing and gives a gently long trip to enjoy for hours on end. Perfect for a light smoke that won’t tire you out.

  6. Susan G (verified owner)

    This high was very light and not too overpowering which gives a nice buzz. Great if you are looking for something to not send you into couchlock. The yields are solid and well worth the effort in growing.

  7. FarmingFlourish (verified owner)

    I get extremely stoned when I smoke ambrosia. I love LOVE working with Pacific seeds. Thier products are HIGH quality and they always ship out wicked fast, even to Calagry Canada. Good weed and a fresh harvest makes for a great fall/winter. Loving my life!!

  8. Iris Mendez (verified owner)

    The nectar of the gods now available to the common man! I love growing my own fresh herb, it’s been an uplifting an enlightening experience! Buying online is cheap, quick, and easy. The seeds ship out super quickly and they germinate a lot easier than expected. Not to mention the great growing advice you get from following the blogs!

  9. InfinityInfiltrator44 (verified owner)

    Ambrosia seeds from Pacific Seed Bank. I was happy with the fast growth rate and easy-care for these plants. The taste was a nice mix of flowery, fruity, and herbal flavors. Overall, highly recommended for those looking for a fast-growing, effective strain.

  10. Carla Lin (verified owner)

    It doesn’t take an expert to grow the best weed on the planet, all it takes is a little soil, water, and sunshine…..oh, and Pacific Seeds!!!

    I got 10 seeds delivered to my home. They were in the mailbox 7 days after ordering. A very pleasant conversation with customer service team led me to my selection. They knew EXACTLY how to help me. I am very pleased!

    It was a 10-12 week grow, and my flower was looking FRESH to DEATH! I snipped snipped snipped all the little nugs from my plant and have cured them in my garage. They are so nice and JUICY!

  11. Charlize Sims (verified owner)

    Been smoking this weed for decades but this was my first time growing. Excellent experience, followed all the grow tips on this site for max yields and success. Got some HUGE fluffy nugs covered in hairs top to bottom. Looks healthier and richer than anything you can buy at the store, and I can guarantee you this will save you money since you’re harvesting so much!!

  12. Patricia Holcomb (verified owner)

    If you like sweet weed with a hint of sour flavor than try ambrosia. This strain is definitely meant for intermediate skill growers and beyond. It requires a sunny, well-lit area of your home, or a greenhouse setting, to get this plant to reach its full potential. I highly recommend buying 10 seeds to start and growing them slowly. It’s a long process but very worthwhile. Do NOT get discouraged, just keep at it and you’ll see success.

  13. Leoni Farmer (verified owner)

    The nectar of the gods is now growable in your backyard. I was personally very thrilled to see these little seeds germinate so quickly. They grew tall and bushy and eventually very productive. It made me want to start my own weed company!! But for now, I am just gonna keep growing for myself.

  14. Yolanda Dupont (verified owner)

    Dang this weed is SWEET! hits super nice and slow, and gives me a nice lightheaded buzz that lasts for HOURS! Breaks my heart that NONE of my local dispensaries carry it, but Pacific always has it in stock! Do yourself a favor and buy this weed!

  15. Dilara Mathews (verified owner)

    This might just be the nectar of the gods, it smells and tastes sweet like honey and offers up an extraordinary high that lasts for HOURS! I really enjoy smoking this weed right at the beginning of my day to create an atmosphere of love and acceptance. My life comes to ME and I am a more spiritual person as a result.

  16. Geraldine Valdez (verified owner)

    If you like soft, subtle marijuana, then ambrosia is the perfect choice. 3/3 seeds germinated, scored about 600 grams. Very fresh, sticky, and aromatic. I think it’s best smoked at night, to help me relax 🙂

  17. Alys Rodriquez (verified owner)

    Ambrosia is weed for those who are obsessed with high-quality nug. Got this stuff delivered FAST through the Pacific seeds website, and was THRILLED to have some of my own nug in the backyard nearly 5 months later. Ambrosia is a patient grow, and it’s nugs are dense and yellow and good for smoking. You will have to buy more once you try it!!

  18. Suman Carney (verified owner)

    If you like sweet-flavored indicas, ambrosia is like luxury. A delicate and subtle strain that helps with pain and anxiety. Great for new growers and veterans alike. I’m amazed I could order online and have my seeds shipped to me in a week!

  19. Andrew Box (verified owner)

    Well worth your time even if you are a casual grower and don’t want to spend hours a day working in the garden. I have had no issues starting or growing these seeds, honestly they look better every day, and they certainly smell good too. Have had nothing but great luck with Pacific seeds, their quality is unmatched…and so is the price.

  20. Harlen Burrows (verified owner)

    I find this to be a mellow and uplifting strain. It’s one of the few mj strains I will smoke during the day. Have been feeling really good about it too mostly cause it relaxes me and keeps me alert. I have had success smoking it at work, on my break, and remaining productive throughout the day. I’ll buy more though cause I am running out!!

  21. Dexter Marquez (verified owner)

    Ambrosia is a wicked nice strain, it’s nice and sweet and also a pretty mellow high, one of my favorites for that reason alone! I ordered my seeds online and had them in my mailbox in a flash! It’s soooo easy to grow weed, you’d really be surprised, and it makes for a nice hobby if you got nothing going on this summer 🙂

  22. Griffin Weir (verified owner)

    Ambrosia weed is pretty righteous, it’s like sweet and smooth and makes me feel like a Greek God sitting on Mt. Olympus. Pretty happy with this strain though, the vibe is intense and the body feels so much more relaxed after you smoke it. I got a VERY nice yield from this weed, and I promise I will keep on buying from this website!

  23. Abby Clayton (verified owner)

    This weed has its own glow to it, it like makes you feel like a GOD. I ordered 5 seeds from this website and had them shipped to my place here in Washington. We have great summers here for growing marijuana, and I ended up with a pretty extensive yield, which I am very proud of. I will definitely keep buying weed!!!

  24. Amal Pham (verified owner)

    Yesss, sweet nectar….good vibes all around, smells amazing, looks amazing too. I am such a weed fanatic and this strain makes me real keen on dressing sharp and going out on the down….gotta love life…it’s so bright and colorful (the weed I mean), the color of gold and stars, will you buy some?

  25. Fearne Bonilla (verified owner)

    I love ambrosia weed, it’s a good time every time, and it smells so sweet that I can just dream about it for hours, a very nice time. I mean, it can be a bit of a challenge to grow, but ultimately, it comes together pretty nicely, and it gave me like 300 grams? Not too shabby for a newb like me!

  26. jerkhouse80 (verified owner)

    Ambrosia is a beautiful flower, it’s golden and green colored, absolutely stunning and eye-catching, all the rage in the friend group, my buddies love coming over and smoking this with me, and we all get baked and watch reality TV, cause it’s pretty fun, and everything is fine, definitely a good buy!

  27. Erika Owen (verified owner)

    One of the more adaptable weeds out there, helps me tremendously with pain and stress. I ordered online and had it delivered to my apartment. It’s great cause you can basically grow it anywhere, and it smells kinda like lavender so your neighbors wont mind! Very impressive yield too for such a compact little plant. Well worth the time. It’s sooooo good!

  28. Wolfman Jack (verified owner)

    The nectar of the gods….truly a delectable strain, good for stress and relaxation, really takes the edge off and makes life feel so much better! It’s even easy to grow, with a little patience and skill, you can get this strain to produce upwards of 500 grams per plant! That’s impressive in so many ways! I highly recommend this strain!

  29. Lumber Jack (verified owner)

    Sweet and sour and very easy to smoke…it’s super smooth and makes for a great blunt. I totally ordered this weed on a whim when I was drunk one night and just decided to grow it, I mean why not? Great buy from PSB cause I am a terrible gardener and somehow was able to make this grow. Turned into a big, tall and bushy monster with all kinds of dank herb. Such a great buy!

  30. @googleit (verified owner)

    It’s a strong and earthy flavor, worthy of the gods on Mt. Olympus! I smoked this weed for the first time since harvesting yesterday and can’t believe how delicious it is. Great buy from PSB. I used to grow weed waaaay back in the day, but now that I have some time on my hands, I decided to get into it again and still got it! Excellent quality stuff, will buy more!

  31. john dow (verified owner)

    I really can’t say enough good things about this weed. I LOVE the flavor, so sweet! It’s got a great body buzz that makes me feel like a Greek God watching other the world below. It was easy to grow and didn’t take too long either. I really liked how PSB helped me get started and ended up with nearly 800 grams of nug in such a short span of time. Great investment!

  32. Gibson (verified owner)

    There’s a reason this is names after the drink of the gods, it’s just that good! It’s got an amazing floral flavor, kinda reminds me of chamomile tea, and the buzz is very mellow and relaxed, feels like time is just slowing down, one second at a time, and there’s more time to relax and be happy. I liked the grow, I am not an expert but I think it went pretty well, got a nice yield, and I only needed to buy 3 seeds to last me a very long time. I am very satisfied with my buy!

  33. Lawndart (verified owner)

    One of the more flavorful strains of mj I have ever smoked. It’s like a full melange of flavor from tropical fruity notes to earthy pine and it just gives your mind the vacation it deserves! Yes, this grow can be a little fickle, so maybe not the best pick for newbies, but if you’ve got the experience I say go for it! This weed does really well indoors, takes around 4 months to flower and I got a pretty decent yield, maybe a little smaller than I was hoping but not bad. I’ll definitely be back for more!

  34. Pip Kinglsey (verified owner)

    I like this stuff a lot, it never makes me tired but definitely helps me relax. This is a hard thing to find in MJ which so often makes me want to just pass out. Great weekend strain, your friends will love the sweet earthy flavor, it’s truly intoxicating! I had my girlfriend help me grow this stuff, she’s really good in the garden, and it is something special to have around the house, something to look forward to after work!

  35. Chris Summers (verified owner)

    They say it’s the nectar of the gods, and I can’t disagree! This was my first time growing weed and I am really happy with how things turned out. I ordered online of course and the seeds showed up rather quick and I just got them germinating right away!!! They all popped without issue and now I have a ton of weed. It’s really relaxing, a smooth mellow high that helps with stress. It tastes kinda sweet also, a real treat!

  36. Nora W (verified owner)

    Ambrosia…the weed of the gods, fantastic stuff really and very easy to grow. Gave me no issues along the way, and offered me tons of weed! It’s a very relaxing high, very chilled out and decent, good for swimming or chilling out on a boat or something of the variety. Happy as can be with this stuff and will definitely buy again!

  37. Theodore A. (verified owner)

    A nicely balanced hybrid that brings together the best of both worlds. I love smoking this in the afternoon, makes for a great way to unwind after work and helps me stay positive while I am alone. Has a sweet taste, almost like honey, and has bright yellow trichomes. It’s so great to share with friends and makes for a fun time no matter when you smoke it!

  38. Kathy M. (verified owner)

    My friends were always after me about where to get cannabis seeds. I finally revealed my secret: Pacific Seeds! The seeds have awesome germination rates and I like the discreet, fast delivery. Ordering online is very easy, too.

    Ambrosia is my heart, I love it so. Easy indoor grow that is fast!! (Speed is clearly impotatnt to me all the time, ha ha.) The smell of ambrosia is one of the best – like a lavender dream! Ambrosia will calm you and then kiss you good night. A lovely, unforgettable kind of mj!

  39. Paula R. (verified owner)

    This weed really is the food of the gods, it’s so sweet and sour and delicious, and it gets me sooooo high! I had so much fun growing it in my backyard, I have an amazing garden it’s so pretty! I got a nice harvest in just like 4 months and now I smoke this weed like every day OMG it’s amazing and is super great for stress and anxiety. I will definitely be back for more!!!!

  40. Carli Z. (verified owner)

    I’ve tried a lot of different weed strains for my depression, and this is easily one of the best. It’s such a great medical strain because I can still think pretty clearly while I’m on it, it just makes me feel happier and less stressed out. Plus it makes my house smell nice! Happy to now know where to buy these seeds.

  41. Harry J. (verified owner)

    Ambrosia, sweet nectar of the gods! I adore the way this weed smells, really flowery and lavendery and wonderful. I have pretty gnarly ADHD and this stuff keeps me focused without getting too down, it’s got a great balance of Indica and Sativa a little heavier on the Indica to mellow me the f out. I got about 400 grams per plant after a pretty short flower time indoors but that is perfect for me since i only grow for my own use. Easy grow all around.

  42. Layla Z. (verified owner)

    A couple decades of chronic migraines has driven me to try many things, including cannabis. The Ambrosia strain turned out to be a good remedy (for me at least). It’s not the strongest pot I’ve tried, which is a good thing. And since I can’t buy cannabis near me, Pacific Seed Bank is an exellent option.

  43. Alyson T. (verified owner)

    Ooo la la! How I love the Ambrosia! I’ve heard about this one but this is the first time I’m smoking it. This strain definitely chills you out. It’s like a glass of really nice wine. It goes down super smooth and leaves you feeling nicely buzzed. My plants flowered super quick — they only took about 7 weeks. That’s lightning fast in my book. Good buy for sure!

  44. Chris R. (verified owner)

    A great indoor grow! My plants got to be around 5 ft tall AND I walked away with 400 grams! Plus I love that it doesn’t stink up the house, instead it just smells like lavender and pine, so pleasant. I smoke this strain after work, which is usually when I do my creative work, like painting or music, and this weed gives me an extra creative boost! When the buzz wears off, I usually feel pretty sleepy and this weed also helps with relaxation around bedtime. PSB has some seriously good seeds!

  45. Rosalie L. (verified owner)

    Classical studies major so I knew I had to give growing Ambrosia a try! Food of the god’s indeed! This strain really takes the edge off, tastes wonderful and floral and just chills me outtt. I actually smoke this stuff before tests to help me focus and calm my nerves! Growing this was a treat, have a small grow space in my backyard and got some pretty stellar nugs off this plant! Greay buy!

  46. Maria J. (verified owner)

    I’ve come to really depend on sweet ambrosia for medical use – I have chronic pain in my knees that will probably last for the rest of my life. I’m truly thankful that I can order cannabis so easily online now, nothing can beat the effect of a few puffs of ambrosia for my knee pain. The smell is relaxing too – not at all like medicine – and the effect of ambrosia is a wonderful, clear-headed bliss. Great treatment for those who need relief from pain.

  47. Ayanna M. (verified owner)

    I ordered this weed purely for the name! Haha, it sounded beautiful and it is. The aroma is really unique and I never thought I’d leave a review for the smell of a certain strain of mj, but honestly I wish I could make a candle or some incense that smelled just like it. If you’re growing indoors it will make your place smell good, and when you smoke it your whole living room takes on this sort of lavender/sweet aroma that is really pleasant. Love it and I’m totally going to buy another batch!

  48. Scott K. (verified owner)

    I’d recommend growing this strain outdoors if you don’t have a lot of space. My plants got SUPER tall! So obviously also got an amazing yield. Really happy with my crop and wow did these plants smell amazing! The bud smells equally nice, and it tastes good too. Grew this strain for some medical clients. Haven’t heard back from them yet but I will for sure be in touch when I do.

  49. Sarah D. (verified owner)

    This plant grew well indoors and flowered pretty quickly. I’m giving it only three stars becuz I like a more pungent smoke in my weed and this had more of a sweet and light taste. It was powerful though, made my pain go away and didn’t make me feel groggy. I’ve been searching for where to buy cannabis seeds from and Pacific was cool: fast order in the USA and great customer service.

  50. Jon T. (verified owner)

    I have a lot of trouble focusing at work and a lot of sativa dominant weed makes me kind of scatterbrained so I ordered these seeds because they are just slightly heavier on the indica side. Wasn’t an incredibly difficult indoor grow although the plants were on the medium side and I have a smaller space. They have a very nice floral fragrance so if smell is a huge factor for you this is a good choice.

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