How to Pick the Best Marijuana Seeds

 “If you substitute marijuana for tobacco and alcohol, you’ll add eight to 24 years to your life.” – Jack Herer

 Now that marijuana has made its way into the mainstream, growing top quality pot is no longer relegated to the shadows. You want to produce top quality cannabis for personal use? Start with top quality marijuana seeds.


How to Choose the Right Marijuana Seeds

 Whether you’re after a little rest and relaxation or powerful medication to treat one of many conditions, there are so many reasons to turn to marijuana for its recreational and therapeutic qualities. Growing your own will mean that you’ve got convenient access to some of the most potent, all-natural alternatives available.

 When it comes time to put in an order, do you know what you’re looking for? There are a few things to consider:

  • What Type Do You Want? Of the three variations of cannabis, only two are regularly used for consumption. Indica strains provide a “couch-lock” high that can dull pain and bring on sleep. Sativa strains are cheer-y and uplifting, good for boosting creativity and moods.
  • Where Are You Going to Grow It? Are you growing indoors or out*? Some seeds are better suited to indoor environments than outdoor (i.e. stocky indicas) but in general, a gardener can have ultimate control over an indoor set-up.
  • How Much Space Do You Have? Marijuana plants can grow pretty large, and indoor gardeners may want to consider auto-flowering strains which flower at a certain point in the plants development, or indicas which have been known to be better suited to small space growing.
  • Do You Really Know What You’re Doing? Although weed grows like, well, a weed, to get healthy and resin-rich buds you have to put in some extra work. Feminized and auto-flowering marijuana seeds take some of the guesswork out of planting, which can be a boon for any level of grower.

*Planting marijuana on public property is frowned upon, and while some states have made special allowances for ganja, the right to privately plant marijuana gardens outdoors is not legal in all jurisdictions. Be sure of the rules and regulations for outdoor growing in your area before taking advantage of your natural resources.

Good Marijuana Seeds Vs. Bad

 There’s really no way of knowing whether a marijuana seed is going to develop into a healthy plant, but you can tell whether your seeds are good or bad before you even germinate them.

  • What Color is It? Your seed should be dark brown and can have either stripes or splotches of varying shades, along with a waxy coating. Pale or green seeds are too young to plant.
  • Is its Shell Hard? A healthy seed will have a strong shell. Press the seed between your fingers – if you can easily crush it, it wouldn’t have germinated anyway.
  • Does it Float? If you drop your cannabis seeds into a glass of water, do they float or sink? If they don’t sink, they’re no good. With this method, you’ll need to be ready to germinate your seeds immediately since you won’t be able to successfully dry and preserve them after the fact.

Regular Vs. Feminized Marijuana Seedspicking-the-best-cannabis-seeds

 Not everybody knows this, but there are both male and female marijuana plants. The female plants produce the buds you want to harvest for their trichome-covered flowers, where male plants produce pollen sacks that can fertilize your fems.

 If you order regular seeds, there’s a 50/50 chance that your order is going to contain male seeds, which could impact your investment. Feminized seeds, on the other hand, are specifically bred to contain no male chromosomes, only producing resinous feminized plants.

Why You Should Grow Your Own Marijuana ­

 We could put on a song and dance about how harvesting your own marijuana is a satisfying experience or that everybody’s doing it (of course, not everybody is doing it, but a lot of people are) but the crux of the matter is growing marijuana for personal use makes dollars and scents. Or terpenes. That’s a pun for a whole different article.

 People from all walks of life are actively learning about how introducing cannabis into their daily routine can be beneficial on so many levels, and thanks to a host of new scientific research, governing officials are becoming more accepting of the idea of weed, granting the right for patients in certain jurisdictions to cultivate their own marijuana gardens for private use.

 When it comes to something as important as medication, you want to be confident in its origin. What better way to trust the source than to be the source? Not only that, growing weed at home can be remarkably cost effective, with many gardeners developing tricks and techniques to maximize their investment on a single crop.  

guide-on-picking-marijuana-seedsBuy Marijuana Seeds Online

 In the days before the Internet was our go-to source for shopping for anything from clothing to groceries and beyond, buying marijuana seeds was a bit of a crap shoot, especially if you had little to no experience with the industry. Lest we forget, the days of worrying over whether the black-market cannabis seed vendor you ordered with was legitimate are not that far gone. And while the world wide web is still home to dealers who are less than “above board”, patients now have options.

 How do you know if a seed shop is right for you? The Internet has levelled the playing field so to speak – the good guys have websites that double as comprehensive resources for gardeners, and seed shoppers are more than willing – happy, even – to share their experiences with fellow growers. An honest review is a customer’s bread and butter.

 Shopping online for marijuana seeds is easy and convenient. The right shop for you will carry all the strains you love and many more in one place, with a quick check out process and efficient shipping. How can you beat door-to-door delivery of high-quality genetics?

Questions? Concerns? Your go-to brand will provide easy access to friendly customer service staff who will get back to you with the answers you’re looking for.

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