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The Truth Feminized Seeds

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The Truth marijuana strain carries both indica and sativa-like effects. The first wave feels positive, energetic, and social, while the second wave leans on the side of sedation and relaxation. It’s used to combat mood disorders.

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You know the saying, “The truth will set you free?” That’s what you can expect from The Truth marijuana seeds. In the marijuana community, the combination of relaxation and happiness is hard to beat. It can also be challenging to find a strain that delivers both sativa-like and indica-like effects. Fortunately for you, Pacific Seed Bank has the hookup to The Truth marijuana seeds for the ultimate well-rounded experience.


The effects of The Truth work in waves. The high tide of this sativa strain feels energetic, inspiring, and creative. The low tide has somewhat of an opposite effect — relaxing, soothing, and somewhat lazy. The initial punch of The Truth is positive and enlightening… like your brain just grew butterfly wings and fluttered off into the sunset. You may be extra chatty, social, and engaging amongst others.


The low tide of The Truth, however, carries more indica-like characteristics. The energy and buzz of The Truth is rarely overpowering or overwhelming as there’s a deep relaxing side to this strain, too. It’s no wonder The Truth is used to combat worries and other mood-related conditions. The final stages of The Truth lean toward the sedative side.

Additional information


DNA Crew

Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

65-75 days



CBD Level

Moderate (3-10%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 350g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 400 gr

To Treat

Headaches, Pain, Stress


Citrus, Earthy, Pine

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






16 reviews for The Truth Feminized Seeds

  1. Jadyn Wolfe (verified owner)

    Been a fan of this seed company for a while. They shipped out to Fresno when I was just getting started over there. Now I buy from them every spring for my small commercial grow op. Great rates and wholesale pricing. The Truth has become a favorite of my dispensary buyers….usually someone wants it on the shelves and I can’t say no!

  2. MysticScribe (verified owner)

    The Truth comes in two waves – and you’ll love both of them! The first wave will have you feeling sociable, positive, and energetic. When that second wave hits, the relaxation and sedation will smack you upside the head!! It also comes in handy when you’re dealing with some bothersome aches. I suggest just keeping it handy!!

  3. Nikolai Petrov (verified owner)

    Need a strain that delivers both relaxation and happiness? Look no further than The Truth Feminized Seeds. With sativa-like energy and indica-like relaxation, this strain will take you on a blissful journey. It’s perfect for mood disorders and stress. Get the ultimate well-rounded experience with The Truth.

  4. Ryleigh May (verified owner)

    This weed makes for an excellent afternoon or evening smoke. It’s a powerful, sedating indica that relieves muscle tension and relaxes the mind.
    If you need help sleeping or are feeling too stressed The Truth shall set you free. I was somehow able to score over 500 G from just 3 plants, and the freshness of this weed is just amazing. Buying online next time around too, easiest way to get seeds delivered to your door.

  5. BlazingPhoenix (verified owner)

    The Truth has quite a few layers to its high, from boosting you up and making you active to winding you down and letting you rest. It’s a great choice for ending the day with some chores and then resting up. Although growing it did give me some difficulties, so I would suggest new growers potentially avoid this one.

  6. Mackenzie L (verified owner)

    The Truth has some nice smooth-hitting highs to it, is long-lasting, and feels pretty good for medicinal usage. The amount of weed from this is pretty good as well, got a lot of buds from this. I also was impressed how all my seed germinated perfectly.

  7. WeedWarrior88 (verified owner)

    The Truth is a great strain for those looking to feel euphoric and happy. It helped me relieve stress, and even headaches. The taste is really nice with some hints of citrus, earthy, and pine. Overall, this strain is a great choice for anyone who wants a relaxed and enjoyable high.

  8. Paul M. (verified owner)

    This MJ looks like little popcorn kernels! It’s also got a light, buttery taste and a great buzz. Time to hit the movies 🙂

  9. Braydon Tang (verified owner)

    WOW! The Truth is definitely a great purchase. It’s a good seed, usually germinated within 1-2 weeks….it’s so cute when it’s nice and small, then it grows in size and gets to be so massive! I love growing outdoors. I can brag to all my neighbors (who also love weed) and we can share a bowl together at harvest time!

  10. Macie Arellano (verified owner)

    I used to suffer from extreme ADD, but with some real medication and some homegrown weed, especially The Truth strain of mj, I am much more in control of my body and my symptoms. Buying onling with Pacific was exactly as I’d hoped it would be….easy!

    Next harvest is right around the corner. Right now, the bud is looking gorgeous!

  11. Rayhan Tanner (verified owner)

    The yellow fuzzy nugs of The Truth seem somewhat….unreal! But fear not, this weed simply DOES NOT LIE. It is as yellow as the sky is blue. Plus it tastes nice and sweet and earthy. I was able to cultivate in my backyard. The results have been fantastic, they just need a lot of sun and water to be happy. Give it a try.

  12. Nathanael Lawson (verified owner)

    Good for your social life. Easy smoking and a mellow high. Never too much or overpowering. Does NOT make me paranoid or jittery and is good for smoking in the afternoon! I am thrilled to finally have my backyard garden set up and looking amazing!!! This weed grew like a charm back there, like it was meant to be there. Thanks pacific!

  13. Aiden Patel (verified owner)

    A fresh hybrid weed that helps with stress, depression, and anxiety. I enjoy smoking after work, or sometimes enjoy sneaking in a puff or two during the afternoon. Usually adds a nice glow to my afternoon, and usually does not make me too tired. I feel pretty excited to have this MJ growing in the yard….it’s pretty tall, healthier than expected. Feeling pretty good about it, but still have a lot to learn. Thankfully there’s a lot of great info on the blogs section. I learn a lot from this great website and really feel a part of the community.

  14. Eilish Bevan (verified owner)

    This weed has a pretty lofty name, and it definitely tends to make my inhibitions disappear. I really do spill the TRUTH when I smoke this weed. Having great convos with my friends and family! Easy grow for someone who has done this before, but if you’re a newbie, these fuzzy nugs might be a little hard for you to produce.

  15. Winifred Mcneill (verified owner)

    Used to have some serious mood swings as a result of my past relationships. I decided to grow some marijuana to help bring me back to baseline. NICE looking strain, has a lot of colors and aromas, is quite light and crumbles like a fine dust when it’s time to smoke!!

  16. Yousef House (verified owner)

    If a perfect hybrid exists, it is The Truth. A semi-religious name for a very spiritual weed. I love smoking this mj and then going to yoga class or just meditating on my own. I find growing in the garden to be a therapeutic way to keep active and productive, especially in the summer heat. I bought 5 seeds online and they shipped out really quick. Definitely excited about this strain, will absolutely buy more of it!!!

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