Remember the first time someone offered you a hit of marijuana? It’s that awkward moment where you either have to accept (come on, we’ve all succumbed to peer pressure at least once in our lives) or decline and possibly face the consequences of looking “uncool.” There were so many unwritten rules in high school it was hard to keep up. 

But let’s say you were that kid who said yes, liked it, and gradually made marijuana use a part of your daily life. How do you tell the parents? Your friends? Your grandmother who probably thinks marijuana is the devil’s work? Here are some tips on how to come clean about marijuana use.


What are feminized marijuana seeds?

Marijuana reproduces like most other plant life – the female plants are pollinated by males, which causes them to produce seeds along with their resin-covered flowers. While this natural process is undoubtedly beautiful, seed production can hinder the development of the kind of bud that breeders, both professional and recreational, are most interested in. Feminized marijuana seeds will guarantee, come harvest time, your hard work and dedication will be rewarded with a crop full of bushy, seed-free ladies.

What is a feminized marijuana seed?

Feminized marijuana seeds are what they sound like – seeds that have been altered to produce feminized plants. Consider this like playing god on a marijuana level. The process is not simple – time consuming, it involves dousing your seeds with a solution of colloidal silver. This concoction alters the DNA of the seed, removing any genetics that might foster a male plant.

The addition of chemicals may seem counterintuitive when the goal is to grow organic and pesticide free pot plants, but colloidal silver is safe for human consumption, and, in fact, is an integral part of certain new age health regimes.


Why should I buy feminized marijuana seeds?

Ultimately, the answer to this question is: do you want to save yourself some time? Who doesn’t? In the past, growing marijuana could often be considered a crapshoot, especially if you were just picking the seeds out of your shake, or were dealing with orders from unscrupulous dealers on the black web. Not knowing whether you were planting a female or male seed meant you had to wait until the flowering stage kicked off – there’s weeks of work between vegetative and flowering, hours of light adding to your electricity bill, not to mention the set up cost.

Imagine the feeling when you walk into your garden only to find that two of the five plants you germinated are female, and because of their proximity to males, they’re now producing seeds! This might seem like a minor annoyance, but for a plant to produce seeds it has to direct some of its energy into that process, taking away from how much it can funnel into the buds (where you want it to be).

Is there a special trick to planting feminized marijuana seeds?

The one thing differentiating feminized cannabis seeds from “regular” seeds is the fact that they have been treated to guarantee they will produce female plants, removing the concern that you may end up with male plants come harvest time.

Treat these precious seeds as you would any, starting, of course, with a successful germination process, like our simple paper towel method. There are other ways to germinate seeds, but this quick method requires little more than patience to ensure your seeds develop into seedlings ready to transfer to an appropriate growing medium.

How long does it take feminized seeds to grow?what-are-feminized-marijuana

Planting feminized marijuana seeds cuts down on the worry that you’ll end up with a crop of boys or girls full of seeds, but unless these seeds have also been cross-bred with a ruderalis strain to take advantage of the Autoflowering genetics (which allow the plant to switch from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage without the change in light schedule), they will need the time specified in the growing description.

Buy feminized marijuana seeds online

We’re a long way from complete marijuana freedom across North America but gone are the days of waiting and worrying about the quality and authenticity of your cannabis seeds, or whether they’d even arrive at all. Shopping online for pot seeds gives you a access to a range of different strains at higher qualities, and the convenience of planning your ganja garden from the comfort of your home and have them delivered to your doorstep. What more could you ask for?

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