Popular Germination Methods

 There are a few steps between getting from marijuana seed to plant, the first being essential to guaranteeing a top-quality product useful for both medical and recreational purposes: Germination.

 Staring with the superior quality marijuana seeds (wondering where to buy them? Shop online with Pacific Seed Bank for a wide selection of top notch strains, deliverable direct to your front door), germinating your cannabis seeds can take as little as two, to upwards of seven days (and sometimes a little longer), and while it’s one of the most important stages of your marijuana plant’s life cycle, it’s ultimately the easiest, as long as you’re patient.


Quick Start Marijuana Seed Germination Method

Beginner, intermediate, or master; any level of marijuana gardener can get their garden growing with this quick and easy germination method that involves items you most likely already have lying around the house: water, paper towel and a plant.

  1. Drop your little marijuana seeds in a glass of filtered or distilled water. If they don’t sink to the bottom of the glass on their own, tap them gently. Let them sit for 12-18 hours.
  2. After 18 hours, pour the contents of the glass onto a paper towel lined plate, draining off excess water. The paper towel should be reasonably damp but not sopping wet. Cover the seeds with another wet towel.
  3. Place the plate in a warm, dark place where the conditions will remain for a duration of 5-7 days. Check the plate regularly to make sure the towel stays damp and if the seeds have developed a taproot.
  4. Once the taproot has reached about ¼ to ¾ inches long, you can carefully (without touching the seed with your bare hands) transfer to your grow medium.

Other Methods to Germinate Your Seeds

 Soil Germination Method

 Tried and trusted by countless growers over the years, the soil germination method (or “regular” method) takes longer than the paper towel method, but doesn’t require transferring the plant to a separate medium for growth . All you need is a mix of high-quality potting mix with compost. You should also to do a little research on your particular seed strain to determine whether the soil should remain moist throughout the grow process or if watering is only necessary until the seedling pops up. This kind of information should be listed on the back of the seed package but if it isn’t you should be able to find info online.

  1. Combine 2/3 quality potting soil with 1/3 compost.
  2. Place your cannabis seeds on the top and cover with a light layer of soil
  3. Gently pat down the soil so the top layer is slightly compact and the seeds won’t move around
  4. Water the soil occasionally, if required
  5. Once your seedlings have broken the surface, which can take up to 3 weeks, you can focus on getting your plant from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage

Rockwool Germination Method

Often used for insulation to reduce noise and prevent the growth of mold, rockwool is a popular medium for intermediate and advanced growers, but not beyond the scope for newbies. Find it online or visit a local garden center or nursery for a plant-grade rockwool product already prepped for the germination process. (NB: Bare in mind that some rockwool cubes come pre-made with holes for the seeds. If yours doesn’t have holes, you can make a small hole in the center of the cube with a toothpick or a knife.)

  1. Start by soaking your rockwool cubes in water for a few hours or longer.
  2. Drop your seed into the center hole and press it down to the bottom.
  3. Put the rockwool cubes in a window ledge where they will receive a decent amount of light.
  4. Check your cubes regularly for a taproot. Once the seed has developed a root that is between ¼ and ¾ inches long, you can carefully separate the seedling from the rockwool and transfer to your grow method. Make sure not to touch the seed or root with bare hands.

 The rockwool method is ideally suited for a hydroponics grow system where it can be repurposed throughout the process, as it can sometimes be difficult to separate the seedling from the rockwool without causing damage to the delicate little soon-to-be plant.

Important: Until the rockwool has been soaked in water for awhile, try not to breathe in the fumes given off by the product, as they can be harmful.

popular-ways-to-germinate-cannabis-seedsThe Pacific Seed Bank Germination Guarantee

 Pacific Seed Bank offers one of the most comprehensive Germination Guarantees on the market. Although we’re confident that we are offering our valued customers some of the highest quality seeds available, all of which have been tried and tested to give you a germination rate of at least 90% (two-seed minimum*), we understand that sometimes external factors can affect your seeds and influence their viability. As long as you follow the method outlined in our detailed germination guide, your purchase is eligible for our 90% Gemination Guarantee*.


*While our ultimate goal is to leave our customers feeling happy and satisfied with their Pacific Seed Bank purchase, we cannot replace single failed seeds. Our Germination Guarantee pertains to two (2) or more non-viable marijuana seeds that still meet the less than 90% germination requirement (i.e. if only 8/10 of your seeds germinate, this equates to an 80% success rate and is eligible for our guarantee, where if 23/25 germinate, this is a 92% success rate and technically not eligible for our guarantee.)  


**Seeds that have been germinated using one of the two alternative methods outlined above will not be eligible for our Germination Guarantee.