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Tangerine Kush Feminized Seeds

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A delicious citrus taste and the gift of both mental and physical relaxation are just a couple of reasons why cannabis fans appreciate Tangerine Kush.

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With a bold citrus taste, Tangerine Kush is popular among cannabis users for the relaxing and dream-like high that it provides. Indica fans who still want to be able to be productive are particularly enamored with Tangerine Kush, whose THC content falls in the moderate range.

Unlike with some other indicas, users of Tangerine Kush won’t have to wait too long for the high to set in. Usually beginning with some mental stimulation and fast-moving thorughts, some Tangerine Kush users also experience pressure in the eye region and a burst of creativity. After a while, though, the mental energy that users feel transitions into a body high that can relieve tension both in the body and the mind.

Additional information


Advanced Genetics

Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 500g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 600 gr

To Treat

Insomnia, Pain, Stress


Citrus, Spicy, Sweet

Plant Sex


Flowering Type






Skill Level


13 reviews for Tangerine Kush Feminized Seeds

  1. Basil Mendoza (verified owner)

    I am happy to have this MJ growing in my yard….it’s about 4′ tall at the moment and growing even bigger. The sweet flavors are all the rage, and the vibes are intense! I smoke it almost every day just to chill out my anxiety. I love working with Pacific cause they always have the best-growing advice. Such a win for my garden, even the neighbors wanna try lol

  2. Sariah Frost (verified owner)

    Gives me those buzzy citrusy vibes every time. I think my favorite thing about this weed is that is grows fast and stays fresh for a LONG time. I am just jealous I never had a chance to grow this out in Cali (Used to live in the Bay Area) and it’s cool they ship from the west coast to NYC where I live now and grow in a bucket by my window lol

  3. Deandre Bradley (verified owner)

    A citrusy treat that stimulates both the mind and body….10/10!

  4. Rachel S. (verified owner)

    Ooooo I love tangerine kush. This MJ is one of my all-time favorites and it helps with stress and anxiety. It’s a smooth grow, especially indoors, needs some very hot temps and it just thrives. Great to watch this plant succeed. Never had a problem with these seeds!

  5. 7EternalEclipse (verified owner)

    Tangerine Kush Feminized Seeds bring a burst of citrus flavor and a relaxing high to cannabis enthusiasts. This strain is loved by those seeking a productive indica experience, as it offers both mental stimulation and a soothing body high. Tangerine Kush is a perfect choice for those looking to unwind and find peace of mind.

  6. Willie Riddle (verified owner)

    Uplifting and euphoric, Tangerine Kush is a classic everyone should grow for themselves.
    The flower develops in tight clusters and is covered in crystals. It’s the most beautiful weed I have ever seen.
    The buzz is light and fun. It’s great for a summer afternoon, or a sunset smoke. I also take a few tokes before surfing!
    Cali grower for life!

  7. YellowYaksha (verified owner)

    Tangerine has a nice high to it with some nice citrus tastes on it, really smooth hitting and the high lasts quite long. I would say this was not difficult to grow and I ended up growing a good amount of weed from it.

  8. Jeremiah Dodson (verified owner)

    You are never going to find citrus flavor as fresh as this! 500 G of the lightest, brightest, fluffiest nugs I have ever smoked!

  9. SativaSlayer88 (verified owner)

    I recently tried Tangerine Kush and was pleasantly surprised by its unique spicy and citrus flavors. The high was great for relieving my stress and insomnia and left me feeling happy and relaxed. All of Pacific Seed Bank’s seeds have been top quality and their customer service and blog have been incredibly helpful.

  10. Harper Wright (verified owner)

    Makes my whole body feel light and tingly….I love the orangey smell and taste…has a bright, euphoric high, a lot like other sativas I have tried. Not difficult to grow, just time consuming….Took me about (ummmm) 12 weeks? I am just guessing, either way it was fun. Really got me excited about weed again, and about ordering my seeds online.

  11. Edwin O. (verified owner)

    Some dank weed for an exceptional price. Great product and arrived exactly as advertised. I think a lot of these seeds come from overstock which is why they’re so cheap, but they come from reputable farms in Northern California.

  12. Mikaela O’Neill (verified owner)

    You feeling fruity? Juicy? Tangy? Tangerine Kush is the BOMB! It’s super fresh and helps with stress. Has that uplifting sativa energy that lasts all afternoon long and helps me stave off a nap! Buy your weed online right here and expect great results. Beautiful!

  13. Emily Oakley (verified owner)

    This weed is warm and hazy and sweet just like a summer day! It was super easy to order online, and also very affordable! Great weed, too! It took about 9 weeks to reach flowering and I got about 600 Grams across 3 plants. I cut down the whole plant and just hung it in my basement to cure the weed. It’s smokeable now and SUPER fresh!

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