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Lemon Drop Autoflowering Seeds

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Sweet like candy, Auto Lemon Drop marijuana seeds produce tall plants, dense nugs, and the kind of flavors that will keep you coming back for more. With up to 23% THC, medical and recreational users a like will enjoy the fruits of their labor after about 7-8 weeks flowering.

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Auto Lemon Drop Ld

Do you have a sweet tooth? You might after you try Autoflowering Lemon Drop marijuana – of course, this kind of treat is slightly better for your diet. With effects that speak to sativa-dominance, Auto Lemon Drop is a hybrid cannabis strain that brings the happy.

Thought to be a 60/40 split, the cerebral effects of Auto Lemon Drop cannabis are immediately noticeable, but that may have something to do with this strains ability to produce up to 23% THC. Popular among both recreational and medical users, expect to feel giggly and relaxed – a perfect combination for social gatherings or just winding down the evening at home.

Curious whether the fragrance and flavor live up to the name? You’ll have to see for yourself, but it’s widely known that Auto Lemon Drop is fruity and tangy, with sweet tropical and citrus notes that taste like candy.

If all medicine tasted like Auto Lemon Drop, you would never forget to take it, which could be one of the reasons its so popular among patients looking to relieve muscle spasms, stress, or just improve appetite.

The addition of ruderalis genetics make Auto Lemon Drop marijuana seeds slightly easier to grow, but it’s still considered a strain better suited to those growers with intermediate experience gardening with cannabis. Indoor or out, attention must be paid to ensure the hybrid reaches its peak height of around six feet. It will take roughly 7-8 weeks of flowering before you can harvest these mouth-wateringly delicious buds.

Additional information


Mendocino Farms

Cannabis Species



40% Indica/60% Sativa

Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Focused, Happy, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 300g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 350 gr

To Treat

Depression, Headache


Citrus, Earthy, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex

Auto-flowering Feminized

Flowering Type






66 reviews for Lemon Drop Autoflowering Seeds

  1. Liz Robinson (verified owner)

    A nice sweet and sticky weed with some really beautiful buds….tastes great and gives me a nice headbuzz…..happy as I can be, thanks for the great gardening materials. The blogs are packed with great growing information. You really can’t pass up these deals, they’re the best online prices anywhere and they ship anywhere in the USA….even to remote Oregon

  2. J. Ward (verified owner)

    Perfect for recreational and medicinal use, Lemon Drop is a favorite among everybody because it does it all. Thanks to a high 23% potency, you’ll feel relaxed, happy, and full of giggles. Luckily, you won’t have to wait to long because this MJ flowers in as few as 7-8 weeks, so get ready for a delightfully delicious and sweet treat!

  3. Zen4Zodiac (verified owner)

    Growing and smoking Lemon Drop Autoflowering Seeds was a delightful experience. All my seeds successfully germinated, and the plants grew tall with dense nugs. The flavor of the buds was like candy, with sweet tropical and citrus notes. The effects were uplifting and relaxing, perfect for social gatherings or winding down.

  4. Randall Ho (verified owner)

    Lemon Drop is a delightful strain to grow. The high is uplifting and happy, making it perfect for daytime smoking. The taste is a pleasant blend of citrus and sweetness. The plants are easy to cultivate and produce a good yield indoors.

  5. Isolde Bellamy (verified owner)

    Dense frosty nugs with a lemon icing flavor….gives me one heck of a head rush, really ups my creativity and my energies.
    Grew it with a friend. We both went to school together for agriculture. Tends to work out pretty well when we work together.
    Buying online has saved us a ton of time, and I’m really just super happy to have fresh weed again. It really does make a difference.

  6. Dahlia Collier (verified owner)

    Fresh, lemony, and dank! This MJ has a skunky aroma and tastes like a fresh lemon. SOURRRR!
    Big yields and a great growth profile…feeling really good about this MJ!
    Pacific has a massive online selection, definitely keeps me interested with new strains popping up every month!
    Customer service has been great too, helping me navigate the site and choose the mj that’s right for me!!

  7. IndicaIberian420 (verified owner)

    This strain was very enjoyable, it gives a focused high that fills me with good happy energy. I really like how it mentally stimulates me but also gives a light body buzz that is not too strong or overwhelming, great for staying productive and active.

  8. Emery Frey (verified owner)

    Lemony fresh lemon drop weed is like smoking a lemon drop candy and getting really high off these bright sticky nugs. Fresh sativa energy all day. I smoke before and after work and I love the feelings. I am open-minded, creative, positive energy, more sociable…you name it! Gonna buy again and again until I am no longer on this earth. Fast delivery anywhere in the USA!

  9. Raj Quintana (verified owner)

    Hokay! Lemon drop is the sativa heavy weed you have been searching for.
    Bright, colorful nugs! I love the flavor! It tastes like lemon pie!
    Absolutely beautiful marijuana, has been a joy to work with in the garden.
    Super convenient shipping and online ordering. Going to make a huge world of difference!

  10. Kira Mcdonnell (verified owner)

    I knew I needed a sativa strain for my yard. Nothing is better than a cup of coffee in the morning and a HUGE bong rip of lemon drop to really put things in perspective. It’s a nice, lively, lemony strain with just a hint of sweetness. It helps me stay focused, motivated, and in a positive mood throughout the day. Best part it…there’s no crash! I can stay smoking all through the afternoon.

  11. Jaden Walker (verified owner)

    The sourest and lemoniest weed that has ever graced the west coast. Nothing takes care of anxiety and fatigue like a few puffs of the lemon drop. Usually when I am stressing out about work, it’s time for a quick lap around the block for some self-reflection and a few puffs of marijuana. Treat yourself to this strain. You won’t be disappointed!

  12. Carl Tomlinson (verified owner)

    That’s some FRESH lemon drop, tastes like an icee at the baseball game or the zoo. When I wake up and am feeling groggy, and coffee is not cutting it, then it’s time for a bong rip or 2 of lemon drop to wake me up. Goes great with my morning tea. And it’s pretty easy in the garden, usually cooperates with my soil….and my spirit 🙂

  13. Samera Pham (verified owner)

    Lemon drop is pretty nice looking stuff. It’s really bright green with streaks of orange and these bright yellow pistils, like a beautiful flower!! Got my seeds delivered and had them shipped directly to my apartment! It was so easy it was literally just amazing to do all by myself.

  14. Deen Shah (verified owner)

    Once you run out of this bright, sticky weed, you’ll be lampooning for more! I got 5 seeds online, had them shipped to my place, and they grew beautifully without any issue. I am lucky to have a greenhouse, makes growing marijuana SO much easier when you can control the environment. I’ll certainly want to purchase more in the future!

  15. Thierry Rhodes (verified owner)

    Lemon drop is both sweet and sour, and it lasts for hours. Perfect for smoking at work, especially if you work in the grocery industry LOL. The citrus flavor wakes me up, and the sour taste makes my senses alert. I got 600 grams of fresh pot from my grow, and I think you will too!!

  16. Conor Finney (verified owner)

    Feeling down, depressed, or moody? This is the perfect strain for having a good time without feeling tired. I liked growing this weed anyway, it was fun to have a reason to weed my garden and prune my little mj babies. They look so cute.

  17. Benny Hussain (verified owner)

    What could be better than some lemon drop weed with a great flavor and a powerful citrus smell? Pacific has an Amazing collection of seeds, they look amazing when they’re growing out back. They took me 6 months from start to finish, but definitely made for a great summer project, really proud of these seeds. They’re so cute.

  18. Harun Lester (verified owner)

    Wild nights and chilled out dayzzzz. These lemon drop seeds might just blow your mind. Be patient though cause it takes a while to germinate. It’s alllright by me though, cause nothing looks better in your basement or backyard than some sweet lemony homegrown sativa weed! Bought online, was looking for AGES for a site like this. Perfect pricing and BIG yields. Do not sleep on it!

  19. Harlow Greaves (verified owner)

    Get your lemon drop weed right here at Pacific. Nowhere will you find these seeds at a better price and better deal. I am thrilled at how beautifully my seeds grew in the backyard and so happy with how they smell just like a fresh-squeezed glass of lemonade. So refreshing and uplifting every time!!

  20. Daisy Ramos (verified owner)

    Lemony fresh!! This weed is right on the money, easy to grow, big harvests, and some fresh as HELL lemon flavored weed that gets me smiling every time. I KNOW you’ll love this weed, cause it’s easy to grow no matter where you live, plus it just smells like a lemon tree, and who doesn’t love citrus???

  21. Daisie Bird (verified owner)

    Lemon is a really great flavor to mix with weed. It’s very chill and it helps me with stress and depression. Pacific has a GREAT online ordering platform. I was able to choose 3 strains with no problems at all. They even shipped to my house quickly, and are already growing in my garden. I feel SUPER lucky I found this site by chance!!!

  22. Alysia Pennington (verified owner)

    Lemon drop is preeeetttty nice and sour and it gives me a nice ringing head buzz to deal with the stress of living in a major city! I think ordering seeds online is the future of the weed world and is definitely worth getting in on now before it gets too crazy. I LOVE marijuana and this is gonna be my next project for sure!!

  23. Caden Denton (verified owner)

    I love the sweet and sour taste of lemon, a very refreshing buy, mostly cause it smells great, and it’s an easy addition to any garden. I bring it all into my greenhouse and start it right away, it’s always a good start in the spring, and it looks pretty awesome. It’s a very tall plant, and a nice smelling vibe. Definitely made a good buy for the price.

  24. Stacie Kaufman (verified owner)

    I swear you can smell this stuff all the way up the block. Pretty amazing, looks great and smells pretty amazing too. Ordered it online and it shipped out a lot faster than expected…it seems to be enjoying my backyard, living it up in the sun and fresh soil I put in my garden bed. Very clean weed, very smokeable and great to share with friends!

  25. Christian Callaghan (verified owner)

    Drop a little bit of this into your morning routine and you’ll be set for a very good day! Get your lemon drop seeds online from Pacific and you’ll see that things work out great if you just care for these seeds like the little babies that they are! Show them love and they will show you love as well. I really enjoy the smoke flavor and sativa vibes!

  26. Olive Parry (verified owner)

    Lemon is like soooo exciting and nice and it hits very hard, it’s all kinds of sweet and it tastes pretty great. I like the smells, oh the smells! They fill my heart with song, make my mind feel light and free, and it helps with stress soooo nicely, omg, I feel so fortunate, definitely gonna buy some more and do it again!!!

  27. Aniyah Gaines (verified owner)

    Yummm lemon drop is soooo tasty and it helps me deal with my arthritis pain and depression! I definitely wanna keep buying online it’s really convenient, and I love the way it helps me saty positive and energized throughout the day. I am sooooo happy now that I am growing my own weed!

  28. Elmer Pena (verified owner)

    Lemon drop is the king of all the weeds out there, it helps with stress and depression and a very nice weed for putting that much-needed smile on your face. I love the way this tastes and feels, and I totally enjoyed growing it for sure. Definitely gonna keep growing more, and I will absolutely try for more marijuana in the future!

  29. Annabell Clifford (verified owner)

    Lemon is the best flavor to infuse with weed…it’s so bright and encouraging, and it always puts a smile on my face. I bought 5 seeds and I am growing them all at once and they look super cuuuuute!!

  30. Hywel Carver (verified owner)

    Lemon OG is a pretty amazing strain, and it’s gonna get you feeling good no matter who you are or what you want out of life. I actually like to cook mine down into butter and make some amazing lemon cookies. Trust me, this stuff is pretty amazing, and I think you’re gonna love it too!!

  31. colby daniels (verified owner)

    OMG I love this marijuana, it helps with all kinds of stress and it keeps me feeling fresh! This is the dopest dope around, very easy to grow and makes the backyard smell like a lemon grove. Not only that, but there’s literally a ton of flower on every plant! Gotta get more of these bodacious pot seeds baby!

  32. Evie Smith (verified owner)

    Get yourself a nice little dose of lemon drop to take the edge off. Ordered this stuff online and it shipped right to my doorstep. WOW! My dad and I actually grew this together, he’s a real smoker too, that’s where I got it from. Pretty great buy for the price and fantastic results!!

  33. overdrive99 (verified owner)

    Lemon is a wowza strain with some serious mental health benefits that make me feel like I am living my best life. A gorgeous strain, very green and yellow and tall and bushy, but pretty remarkable for it’s height cause it produces like a TON of flower, and I was just filling up jar after jar of fresh lemon weed!

  34. jackie smith (verified owner)

    Lemon drop is nice and easy….very good for when you’re all stressed out from your day at the office, even if you work from home just like everyone else at this point lol. Ordered online, and this stuff just showed up right at my door, in one week! Got to growing right away and soon my basement smelled like a lemon drop factory!!!

  35. Grass Trimmer (verified owner)

    The lemon drop strain is probably the best depression medicine I have ever had. It works better than the pills and is waaaay less addicitve. I am pretty stoked to have this bud growing outdoors…makes the backyard smell like a lemon grove…has all the best sativa qualities too…nice and buzzy. Will buy more!

  36. @tumblingin (verified owner)

    Lemony fresh! I am a huge stoner, so it was definitely the right decision for me to grow my own weed…a truly magnificent strain with lovely citrus flavor…saved me a ton of money too! Got a nice harvest and my backyard smelled like a lemon grove…well worth the money. I will def buy from Pacific again!

  37. Cedar (verified owner)

    I never liked those weeds that make you feel slow and sluggish…I prefer weeds that make me feel happy and creative and joyful. That’s why I went for lemon drop mj, perfect for sativa lovers like me, and the taste is just amazing!!! It’s so sweet and very light, and of course, it’s super lemony! This strain is sure to brighten your day!

  38. John Latton (verified owner)

    Lemon is really the best flavor in the world, both tart and sweet, and it helps tremendously with stress and depression. We all need a little relief right now, and I truly hope we can all take the time to grow some marijuana in our backyards. It’s a great distraction from the chaos of the world and I highly recommend you trying it out!

  39. Tent-grower (verified owner)

    Haze is an excellent strain for dealing with stress and fatigue….gives me an extra mood boost in the middle of the day when I need it most…it does tend to cloud my mind though, which is okay I guess, cause all I am doing is flipping burgers. Give it a try and see what you can grow, you will be pleasantly surprised!

  40. Shiny Leaves (verified owner)

    It’s got some lemony goodness to it that makes all the sad and gray days turn to blue skies and sunshine. it’s sour and sweet and it makes amazing baked goods! Such a prolific strain, very easy to grow, and absolutely fantastic indoors. My whole house smells like lemon!

  41. Ball Jars (verified owner)

    Lemon drop is boss! It makes for a great daily smoking strain, and it helps tremendously with depression and anxiety. Who doesn’t love that sweet delicious smell of candied lemon? It’s all I need for a midday pick me up, to help me concentrate at work or go for a jog! It’s an easy grow, barely had to manage it at all! Cant wait to grow more!

  42. candycrush (verified owner)

    Lemon lemon lemon DRrrrrop! Yes, it’s just so delicious and uplifting. Do you need some hardcore relaxation that will always put a smile on your face? A good weed for walking the dog or jogging in the park. It’s easy to grow, anyone can do it, and it makes for a good project if you’re super bored, which we all are right now! So don’t hold back, get yourself like 5 seeds from Pacific toooooodaaaayyyy!

  43. shay1298 (verified owner)

    Don’t forget to grow this weed indoors. It’s an excellent indoor grow with a HUGE yield and, of course, the vast lemony flavor that perks up my senses and makes me wanna party! It definitely tastes like candy, and it’s pretty fun to grow. I only got 3 seeds from Pacific, but they did really well and produces more weed than I can smoke. Perfect for long drives through the mountains, having a joint pre-rolled is a must for this weed. You will not regret buying this!

  44. marie78 (verified owner)

    Lemonheads used to be my favorite candy. I really like the way this stuff brightens up my mood and improves my energy levels. I like the taste and smell of course, it’s sweet like candy and has a wonderfully citrusy vibe. I dig the grow as well, pretty straightforward and nice, and offers up a decent yield if you know what you’re doing. Not particularly great before bed cause it’ll keep you up all night, but if you’ve got some time in the afternoon, light up a bowl and you’ll be happy you did!

  45. hilo side (verified owner)

    This weed is sweet, sour and uplifting. It is great for stress, depression, anxiety…you name it. It’s kinda like smoking lemon candy, and it’s got a nice lemony aftertaste too. Fun for growing indoors, makes your whole basement smell fresh and clean. Plus it’s a nice sized harvest, I got maybe 200 grams per plant? I dried them out and finally have a nice stash to draw from, especially in the AM when I am feeling really tired. Good news overall, definitely gonna buy again!

  46. Potted Plants (verified owner)

    If you ever need a midday refresher, then you’ll totally dig this stuff. It’s a wonderful, aromatic strain with all the best elements of a sativa mixed with the best background elements of a lemon-scented sativa. I love smoking this after work, gives me a little boost of energy, puts me in a great mood, and offers me some excellent relaxation benefits. My depression is much more relaxed, and I am less likely to suffer anxiety attacks. Definitely worth giving it a try!

  47. jasmine (verified owner)

    Love these lemon strains, they always pick me up when I am feeling down. I enjoyed the grow as well, it was really easy and fun, and it made for some great marijuana, very dense and healthy, sticky fresh DANK herb! I probably got around 400 g from my one plant? It’s more than I can smoke and will last me for a long time. Talk about a money saver! It’s also a nice sativa, feels very uplifting and liberating. I always enjoy smoking this bud.

  48. Sugar (verified owner)

    Sweet like candy with a hint of sour citrus taste, this weed really cures the sadness of a rainy day. Great summer growing, did really well out in the side yard, had to fence it in to keep the rats and raccoons away, but otherwise was a very easy grow. Excellent yield and very fresh. It’s sticky and bright green, packs well into a spliff. I smoke in the afternoons usually, gets me super stoned and I feel great about getting my work done. Much more focused and creative than if I didn’t smoke!

  49. sandra oni (verified owner)

    Life is tough during the winter here in the PNW. The days are long and grey, the rain never stops…that’s why I turn to this weed when I need a little pick me up. It’s got a lovely lemon flavor that tastes sweet when you smoke it, so it’s like candy! The buzz is truly intoxicating, gets me very stoned and helps a lot with my depression. Plus, I loved growing it, it’s been a great experience for me to learn how. Will definitely be back for more!

  50. germaine (verified owner)

    I baked some of this weed into butter to make this delicious lemon butter for cookies! Seriously these are the best cookies I have ever had in my life, they taste amazing and also get me really really high! It’s good for brightening up our mood, fighting depression and handling any social anxiety. It’s an easy grow too, so what are you waiting for? Try it out today!!!

  51. james smith (verified owner)

    This weed is better than candy, it’s got a great flavor that really delivers. Perfect for new growers, this weed is really easy to manage and care for. Got my seeds online with PSB and they delivered super fast. It’s amazing how easy it all was, and I am super happy with the results. Great for smoking in the afternoon to avoid a crash!

  52. Isabelle Mater (verified owner)

    Sweet and sour and all around delicious! This weed has been great for my depression and anxiety, cause that lemon scent perks me right up! It’s actually good in the afternoon to avoid the post-lunch crash. I enjoyed the growing of it as well, it’s remarkably easy to do and it produces a ton of nug! The growing time is a bit long, but it’s worth it, trust me 🙂 Great buy!

  53. Judson Bond (verified owner)

    If you ever need your sweet tooth taken care of, this weed will do just that. It’s sweet and sour just like the candy and has a very happy buzz to it, makes you wanna dance or listen to music or take a long bike ride. Have been growing this weed for years but first time with PSB, no problems to report and an above avg. yield too! A great buy for sure!

  54. Alex Munroe (verified owner)

    This weed is great if you’ve got depression or anxiety problems. I have used mj to help cope with depression for a while but this was my first time growing myself. Excellent seeds, they germinated quickly and grew very tall with dense lemony nugs. I smoke in the evening or afternoon to help me relax and focus on my work after work haha. Good stuff!

  55. Clarissa P. (verified owner)

    Back when I was drinking, a lemon drop was one of my go-to cocktail drinks. I loved that sour-sweet taste, with a suger-dusted rim. Now that I don’t drink anymore, and instead have chronic pain in my shoulders and back (not a fair tradeoff at all!) I use lemon drop mj to help manage the pain. And it’s wonderful. Good taste, good smell, good, pain-relieving feeling from this mj. Very happy that I have access to a drug that will (legally) help me live a better life.

  56. Lori R. (verified owner)

    Oh my gosh, this is the feel-good weed of all time! I laughed my ass off after smoking Lemon Drop. I hadn’t smoked it before and decided to grow a couple plants just based on the description. I’m so glad I did! My sister and I spent the afternoon dying from laughter all because of this mj. If you need a pick-me-up this strain is for you. Quality seeds as always from Pacific. Best place to buy from for sure!

  57. Elena F. (verified owner)

    Literally better than candy, this weed will satisfy even the hangriest sweet tooth! Ordering from PSB was easy as could be, they have an amazing online selection and offer a ton of choices to suit all tastes. The best part was how easy it was to grow, and I am a terrible gardener LOL! I got like 300 g per plant and love a nice hit of this in the evening to elevate my mood and help me relax. Great stuff!

  58. Chantal S. (verified owner)

    You KNOW I need my pick me up in the morning, and sometimes coffee just doesn’t cut it you know? That’s when I break out this sweet treat and take a few tokes before heading to work in the AM. The sweet lemon smell gives me very positive vibes, and I feel extremely happy all through the morning. Every work day is like climbing a hill, and the lemon drop helps make the uphill climb in the AM much easier to handle LOL. I also liked how easy it was to grow, such a treat to have around!

  59. Daryl M. (verified owner)

    Lemon Drops segued from being the all time best candy from when I was a kid to being some of the all time best weed for me as a more grown up kid. I grew it indoors with scrog and it definitely was growing its way up to about six feet before it started to stretch through the screen and not take up too much room. Pretty basic yield but that’s what I figured I’d get with an AF plant and I’m happy with it. Real nice and happy high!

  60. Vicki P. (verified owner)

    Like a lemon drop in tree form! Marijuana plant grew tall (just over six feet) so be prepared to make room!

    Very happy with this wonderful, sweet strain – growing it was not hard and the seeds clearly were sound. My boyfriend and I like to use this when we want to get weird and happy and lemon drop never disappoints. Best seeds in the USA in my opinion, excited to buy more.

  61. Chris P. (verified owner)

    I light up my Lemon Drop strain joint once I get home from the office, but before I go in to my kids. It helps me to wash away the day’s stress so I can be fully present to listen to their little problems. It took about eight weeks for the plant to fully grow in my greenhouse, but now I’m reaping the benefits. My order came quickly and in a discrete package, so my nosey neighbours have no idea.

  62. Spencer W. (verified owner)

    I’ve smoked weed for 15 years now for medical reasons, and lemon drop is one of the best strains I’ve found for muscle pain. I hate painkillers and I don’t want to be dependant on scary opiods, which is why weed has been so helpful for me. If you’re dealing with long term chronic pain, THIS is the answer. I’m so grateful I can grow my own medicine at home so I know where it comes from. Great stuff!

  63. Jack H. (verified owner)

    The perfect beginner’s strain! Such an easy backyard grow in the sunlight and nearly 300 G of weed to call my own! Smoking it is like taking a trip to the candy store, I immediately feel happier AND more relaxed. A great “anytime” weed that has so many uplifting qualities I couldn’t possibly list all of them right here. Helps me with my appetite, and makes me just a very sociable person, which is SO great for an introvert like myself. PSB is doing some seriously amazing things!

  64. Katie F. (verified owner)

    Good experience from Pacific Seeds: my order was easily placed online and the delivery was pretty fast. I had been confused about where to buy cannabis seeds from, but I don’t feel that way anymore. Pacific Seeds is awesome!

    Only giving this three stars because lemon drop is too sweet. It’s like candy! I’m sensitive to sweetness, so I guess I should have done more research on this before I went to buy it. My friend loved it though, so I gave all my lemon drop weed to her. I should charge her next time!

  65. Keaton P. (verified owner)

    If you’ve got depression this is a great strain to help with symptoms. Have been suffering from depression for years, and really needed this to feel okay about my life, I smoke this weed before I go to work and it helps me feel ok about everything, makes the job better, even makes my performance better! Easy to grow and smells like a lemon grove!

  66. Mavis M. (verified owner)

    This weed is better than dessert! It’s tangy and sweet and really helps you feel great with an energy boost and a euphoria that lasts for hours! I grew in my backyard and had some great success, pretty easy to cultivate, only lost one plant along the way, and got nearly 400 grams per plant! WOW! PSB has an amazing selection, I’ll definitely be back for more!

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