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California Orange Autoflowering Seeds

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Fruity fresh like a burst of California sunshine, California Orange autoflowering marijuana seeds are easy to grow and easy to smoke. With 15% THC, you’ll enjoy deep relaxation and clear-headed euphoria with this sweet tasting strain.

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Few cannabis strains have developed the kind of reputation and staying power as California Orange, a classic that dates back to at least the 1980s. A classic 50/50 split hybrid with 15% THC, the sweet citrus scent calls to mind the rows and rows of orange fields or a fresh squeezed glass of juice.

Aside from its refreshing aroma, California Orange is known for providing an uplifting, clear-headed high, though it can drift into relaxation (thanks to the indica) if a heavier hand is used when dosing. Coming on fast but not overwhelming, Cali-O (as it is sometimes known) can level even the hottest head. Not long after your first hit, the cerebral effects will kick in, offering a heightened focus and clarity of mind.

California Orange also proves itself useful for patients struggling with mental health concerns, offering a soothing effect on the mind and calming the body. The sativa-driven energy boost may contribute to helping you feel relaxed.

California Orange autoflowering marijuana seeds thrive indoors where their environment can be carefully monitored. Plants can reach towering heights, up to six feet tall in some cases, and display tight buds and a leafy structure. A little knowledge on stress training will go a long way to improve the quality and quantity of your eventual yield, which you’ll be able to harvest after between 50-60 days of flowering.

Enjoy a little California Orange in the morning, noon, or night – order California Orange autoflowering marijuana seeds now!

Additional information


Coastal Genetics

Cannabis Species



50% Indica/50% Sativa

Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 350g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 400 gr

To Treat

Depression, worries


Fruity, Sweet, Tropical

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






35 reviews for California Orange Autoflowering Seeds

  1. Awais M. (verified owner)

    Totes delicious bro. Fat nugs that smell like oranges. Get high, go surfing, repeat.

  2. Tazmin Xiong (verified owner)

    California orange is what keeps me smiling all afternoon long. The seeds are nice and about the size of a small marble. They look great growing in any garden, and do well despite the difficulty it takes to grow mj. Have been a grower for many years, and I was really excited to have finally found this seed in my mailbox. Fast shipping and good times!

  3. Pharrell Driscoll (verified owner)

    I am a cali native man, been here since the 60s, before it was crazy expensive to live in LA. I wanted to grow this weed for many years, could never find it until now. Pacific has the most extensive seed collection I’ve ever witnessed, and I always buy from them. I get the autoflower seeds cause you’re basically guaranteed a yield. Never had an issue and am a customer for life now!

  4. Vladimir Barrett (verified owner)

    Some seriously citrusy weed with a hella nice buzz that keeps me feeling light and happy throughout the afternoon. I usually only smoke on weekends cause I am a school teacher during the week. It’s better to stay sober during the week. Pacific has a nice selection, I was unsure which to choose and customer service gave some great recs. I am a new customer and will be back for sure!

  5. Amani Muir (verified owner)

    Fresh and fruity, this weed is bound to make you smile, no matter what time of day you are smoking. I finally got my indoor grow space up and running and it’s looking just fantastic. I loved ordering through this website, helps me manage my stress levels, keeps me feeling chill and euphoric during the stressful work week!

  6. Donell Plant (verified owner)

    California orange is the key to life itself. Easy online ordering and all the sunshine in the world make this flower a MUST-have for your backyard garden cause the smell itself makes you feel like you’re in control of your own destiny!!! I mean it!!!

  7. Santiago Hanna (verified owner)

    Tastes like Tangerines!!! I love smoking this and then taking a loooong walk through LA and enjoying all the warm weather, the palm trees, and the neon lights. Ordering online is the way to go, it’s a nice buy and it’s pretty affordable, makes for a great backyard grow, especially in the warm weather of Cali. What have you got to lose???

  8. 93hcv92 (verified owner)

    Get ready for an extremely chill evening….smoking California orange is something I look forward to all day long, mostly for its bright cistruy flavor and its long-lasting sativa effects that are perfect for chilling out or even going out on the town. Excellent buy for the price and relatively easy to grow too!

  9. sin city efc (verified owner)

    I never thought I’d be buying my own weed seeds online, but the times have changed and I am very happy with my purchase 🙂 The seeds are small and very easy to lose so be sure to keep good track of them. Other than that, absolutely stunning grow, beautiful plants that get really tall, and also smell like orange with a very invigorating high!

  10. Chef Boy R.D. (verified owner)

    California is my favorite state and orange is my favorite fruit….so why not combine the two into this delectable strain! A great vibe, truly, and a delicious smelling weed. It has all kinds of warm buzzy effects that make for a great smoke. I highly recommend you try it for yourself. It’s an easy grow!

  11. Cellardoor (verified owner)

    California orange is as good as it gets….bright and light and perfect for depression, especially living up here in the cloudy PNW! We all need a beautiful strain to help us relax and get us ready to take on the day. I smoke this in the morning with my waffles, and you know what? It puts me in an excellent mood! Can’t complain, truly!

  12. GB Elliot (verified owner)

    If you want a nice citrusy buzz that keeps the demons away, then go for this strain! It’s a great backyard grow and an excellent gardening project. Make sure you stake your plants cause these babies get really tall and make some gorgeous bud. I love the strong orange smell that comes from the flower when I take a whiff. It always puts me in a good mood!

  13. stacy white (verified owner)

    What’s better than a California orange? We all need a little bit of citrus flavor to brighten up our days, and this weed really does the trick. Ever since quarantine happened, I’ve been smoking this weed like every day lol. It’s pretty hazy and chill and uplifting. Gives me a great vibe, and helps me with feeling stir crazy when I am locked in the house. I am really glad I grew this over the summer!

  14. Sunny (verified owner)

    Pack yourself a fresh bowl of this citrus flavored weed, and it is guaranteed to brighten up your mood and bring a smile to your face. It’s a great greenhouse grow, offers some serious mental health benefits too, like increased focus and creativity, and a boost of motivation. It produces these tight purple and pink flowers after about 4 months, and it just smells like an orange grove in my backyard now haha. Such a fun experiment, definitely worth the effort!

  15. White House (verified owner)

    Wow my plants look so pretty out in the backyard!!! I am so glad I just took a leap and ordered some pot seeds from Pacific. These babies shipped out here fast and I germinated them indoors using the paper towel method. Yowza! It’s such a great hobby and investment of time, I can’t believe how fast they grew, they make my whoooole yard smell like oranges! I’ll have to write another review when I finally get a chance to harvest, so far so good, so many beautiful colors!

  16. Blues (verified owner)

    A nice and easy smoke, not too high a THC content so I never get so stoned I can’t function. I do enjoy a nice toke before getting to work or maybe right when I get off. It’s pretty uplifting, very light and buzzy and tastes kinda citrusy. Definitely puts me in a good mood and helps me battle my depression. Hoping I can get an indoor grow space set up in the next few years, cause I really think this stuff will do well out there. I am stoked for the future!

  17. leapyrbby (verified owner)

    This brings me back to my days living in LA. It’s a delicious citrus blend of weed, perfect for those long drives or long hikes in the woods. It’ gives me great vibes, makes me feel super happy and bubbly and awake! It was really easy to grow too, pretty straightforward, makes my house smell like oranges, but that’s a pretty great thing if you ask me! It’s definitely worth the longer growing period, and it has been great for my depression.

  18. Pandora Mcalister (verified owner)

    This is such a beautiful weed! I grew it in my backyard and it has so many colors! Greens and purples and oranges and blues, wow! So nice to smoke this in the evening to help me unwind from work. Tastes super fresh, like a bowl of oranges, and it gives me a great mood boost without making me wired. Love this weed, will buy again!

  19. Alex Hudson (verified owner)

    Like chilling out in an orange grove in California, this weed is definitely the way to go if you’re a new grower. It’s super easy to germ the seeds and get them growing in your backyard, just give them a lot of sunlight. I’ve really enjoyed the orange smell and flavor, has been great for my mood and depression, plus the high is not overwhelming.

  20. Bobby C. (verified owner)

    Soooooo many good things to say about this weed. If you’re ever feeling down or blue, this weed will get you right back on your feet. The smell of it alone does the trick! It’s a cross between skunk and delicious citrus orange, you can’t go wrong with that! How’s about the fast growing time and heavy yield? I absolutely love this stuff, and will definitely grow it again!

  21. Will G. (verified owner)

    This is one of those strains that I would recommend micro-dosing. Play around with it a little and see how you like it. Cali Orange has some really interesting hybrid qualities, depending on how much you smoke. I just like to take a single toke and I find it does some amazing things for focusing my mind and giving me a sense of calm. Take a few more hits and you get the fully body experience. Really interesting stuff!

  22. Hailey M. (verified owner)

    Cannabis that speaks to it’s namesake simply by aesthetic – deep purple, resin coated, sticky colas that spark memories after I spark up. Remarkable yield for a short flowering period indoors.

    I’ve noticed that smoking less leads to a very clearheaded and euphoric high, but when I smoke more of it it feels more physical and I tend to melt into the couch. Not in a “oh shit I’m too high way,” but in an incredibly relaxed, stoney manner. The slightly lower thc content makes it puffable for hours on end.
PSB’s customer service is excellent and they happily answered all my questions before I placed my order.

  23. Savannah S. (verified owner)

    My friend recently asked where to buy mj from and I told him to go with Pacific Seeds. Here’s why: they have a top quality product and stand behind their weed. There’s also a fantastic selection, can’t wait to try more. Love the citrus smell of Cali-O and love how it clears my mind so well. It even calms my aches and pains too. I’m making smoking Cali-O a nearly daily habit.

  24. Ellen D. (verified owner)

    Oh oh Cali-O! This weed is the best, hands down, for people like me who can’t handle heavy thc dosing. This is a really mellow experience that’s super relaxing and definitely helpful for anxiety and depression and stuff. It was pretty easy to grow indoors but I had to trim regularly to keep the plant size down a little because it was getting too tall. A+ for both smokeability and growability!

  25. Alex R. (verified owner)

    SoCal native here, and a big fan of this strain. I’ve been a backyard grower for years but first time with Pacific. Happy with online ordering and FAST delivery! The grow was exceptional as well, some of the finest weed I’ve ever cultivated if I do so say so myself…Knew I had a winner from the second I packed the bong and hit this herb on my back porch. Kept me feeling peppy and enjoying the beautiful California sunshine. Even smells and tastes good too. Brings me back, man. Happy days!

  26. Nancy D. (verified owner)

    Well you really can’t beat the classic Cali-O! It’s like smoking a glass of OJ and you can’t beat that clean, even high. I CANT STAND being stuck on the couch, so this strain really hits the spot cause it keeps me relaxed but also moving about. Look, I won’t lie to you, my work life is STRESSFUL so a nice bowl of this stuff in the morning , right alongside breakfast, gets me up and going and keeps the stress at bay. Give it whirl if you’re a working girl like me. Thanks Pacific!

  27. Jazmyne R (verified owner)

    This strain lifts my cloud of depression so efficiently. I was pleasantly surprised and will list the Cali-O among my favorites. My plants were easy to grow and flowered in no time. I grow outdoors and will have to wait until spring to start another round of these babies, but I got such a decent yield from them that I’m not running out anytime soon. Seeds were top quality! The high starts you off with the feel-good vibes and finishes off with soothing, relaxing overtones. Giving this weed 5 stars for easability on the grow and satisfaction with the high!

  28. Stephen Rolo (verified owner)

    For my first try at growing, I ordered something I was familiar with. I gotta say—the stuff I’ve been seeing in the dispensaries is just kind of old and dry. This was as fresh as you can get. The buzz is classic. Euphoria squared. About to order something else from Pacific, some Jack Herer (another fave).

  29. Drew E. (verified owner)

    Lucky enough to have a grow space in my basement where I can tend to my plants daily. This is an excellent indoor grow, and with proper environment produce a solid yield (I usually hover between 300-400 G) and provides for an excellent pick-me-up. Balanced between Indica/sativa, I find the sativa properties more prominent and helpful with energy and concentration. Smells and tastes tropical and fruity. A great buy!

  30. Theo Y. (verified owner)

    We get pretty good sunlight where I’m at in the southern part of Georgia so I planted these seeds out back in the garden and damn if they didn’t sprout and grow into some fine-looking plants. My wife and I call this one our happy weed. It smokes real smooth and takes the edge off right away. Better than a case of PBR for sure. If you like good strong marijuana you’re bound to like this one.

  31. Josh E. (verified owner)

    California Orange is the weed of my memories, a total blast from the past to get you blasted. Definitely need some space for this strain because it grows, but it’s worth it if you incorporate a little stress training and topping into the plant’s regimen. Kinda lower on the thc side which makes it really nice for long sessions with friends! Definitely a bright and clear high, like any California day.

  32. sweetthang9787 (verified owner)

    Customer service here is awesome! I had some questions about this strain and was pleasantly surprised at how informative they were. Just one of the many reasons I love ordering seeds from this site. Ordered California Orange (again) because it’s just the best. Great high that lifts your mood and helps you focus. Really calms my ADD right down. All of my seeds popped and my plants grew so f’in fast.

  33. Heath N. (verified owner)

    If you’re wondering where to buy cannabis seeds from, may I suggest Pacific Seeds? They have such an awesome selection of pot and the delivery is fast.

    California orange has a great smell that is citrusy and sweet, but the THC level for me is a little low. I need something that really gives me a rush to the head. I’ll go back to Blueberry Headband and will order those seeds from PSB. I’ll keep on coming back to Pacific Seeds, so happy with my experience wth them.

  34. Salina M. (verified owner)

    I might live in Canada but I can still feel like I’m in sunny california with this delicious weed. I like the body high you get from this mj. It feels good all over and I think I get some good creativity going when I smoke it. Cali Orange puts me in a good mood to which is pretty great. I thought these plants were pretty easy to grow. I would buy them again. Recommend to beginners because you get a lot of weed and you don’t have to know a lot.

  35. Ernesto K. (verified owner)

    SoCal native so wanted to give this strain a go, very easy to cultivate and grow, and has an impressive yield. I smoke mostly for mood issues like depression and an anxiety. The sweet citrus taste and smell of this weed helps lift me up and makes me feel happy! It’s a great strain for weekends or small gatherings as well, and all your friends will soon be asking for more!

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