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Chronic Autoflowering Seeds

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Chronic delivers fast-acting effects to the brain and body. Your mind will race with positive thoughts and good vibes at first, followed by deep relaxation and fatigue second.

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Chronic is a well-loved, well-balanced, sativa-leaning strain that’s praised for its THC and CBD combo. Those looking for a more medical strain are going to love Chronic marijuana seeds. The CBD levels in this strain range from 1% to 13%, making this an ideal choice for pain and inflammation relief. The THC levels in Chronic range from 10% and 20%. Consumers who don’t want to feel too high in the middle of the day, but still want to experience full body relief, can do will with Chronic in the house.


The sativa side of Chronic immediately wakes up the brain to boost clarify, focus, and creativity. It’s no wonder so many people love smoking this stuff during the day, particularity before work. Chronic is also known to naturally lift your spirits and improve your overall mood. Under the influence of Chronic, your mind will be buzzing with positive thoughts and ideas — perfect for brainstorming your next project. Chronic gives you the motivation to go about your day in a good mood. Meanwhile, its indica effects soothe the body and alleviate all signs of pain and discomfort.

The Chronic experience comes in two waves. The first is the indica, followed by the sativa. Chronic marijuana seeds are a classic choice in the medical community for their ability to help with insomnia, a lack of appetite, and the after-effects related to chemotherapy. Chronic plants can be grown both indoors and outdoors, and flower between 9 to 10 weeks.

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Additional information


Norcal Farms

Cannabis Species



50% Sativa/50% Indica

Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Focused, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 500g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 600 gr

To Treat



Herbal, Pine, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex

Auto-flowering Feminized

Flowering Type






37 reviews for Chronic Autoflowering Seeds

  1. ThunderSoul (verified owner)

    Nobody can go wrong with Chronic, we already know that, but it’s even better when you order from PSB. They make the entire process so simple and streamlined. I was able to read over the description and get all the pertinent info. The site also has detailed guides that provides some of the best tips I’ve ever come across. You don’t have to look all over the internet to get the info you needed.

  2. SerenitySeeker14 (verified owner)

    I recently smoked Chronic Autoflowering strain and man, I loved the high! It gave me an amazing combination of mental clarity and deep relaxation. The plants I grew from these seeds had great yields and full germination. The effects were euphoric, focused, and uplifted, perfect for brainstorming and creative projects.

  3. MisterMisfire (verified owner)

    This hybrid strain gave me a great balance of euphoria and focus, making it perfect for daytime use. Pacific’s customer service was extremely helpful in recommending this strain, and the fast shipping made the experience even better. The herbal and pine taste was a great bonus. Overall, a great strain and great experience purchasing from Pacific.

  4. Ayman Melia (verified owner)

    A very strong-flavored weed that hits all the right spots. I smoke it every day (I am a dedicated stoner), but I prefer growing outdoors in the springtime. Sometimes these plants can be extra sensitive when it comes to cultivation and germination, but they’re no different than simply growing a tomato or other summer veggies. Excellent taste and flavor that makes me really high every time I smoke it. Very exciting!

  5. Kiera Barclay (verified owner)

    Woah dude, this weed is NEXT LEVEL! I am so happy to buy my weed online. Not only is it easy, it is fast! My seeds were in my mailbox within days. I soaked them in water for 48 hrs then put them in the ground. It really helped with germination! My plants are looking great. They have a lot of color and smell. They seem to be very healthy!!

  6. Abdullahi Blake (verified owner)

    Need some fast-acting pain relief? Try this out! Chronic is a potent (pungent) strain you may have trouble finding anywhere on the internet. Pacific ALWAYS has high-quality seeds. I’m pretty stoked about it, but who knows, my nosy neighbors might just try to shut this whole thing down.

  7. Zach Read (verified owner)

    Chronic is what’s missing from your life. This dank weed has all the smells and flavors the rainbow! It hits nice and slow, great for smoking in the afternoon or early evening for some long relaxation. Not great for productivity, I do wish my yield was a little larger, but ultimately the weed itself is remarkably high quality.

  8. Luisa Holmes (verified owner)

    Relived my back and neck pain almost right away! A truly magnificent strain, gives me a LOT of energy, and keeps me from getting depressed. Lucky enough to have a large greenhouse so I can get a LOT of growing done all season long. Pretty exciting considering I don’t have much else going on after my surgery….thanks Pacific!

  9. Darien Kidd (verified owner)

    I suffer from extremely difficult migraines and few medications really do the trick. Smoking chronic definitely helps take the edge off, and it puts me in a more relaxed state so I don’t have to suffer so much. I like buying weed online, I find it both easy and convenient. The shipping times are always fast, and the germination rate is always high. I suggest you give this a try, cause you are most likely to succeed with autoflowering seeds.

  10. Mujtaba Johnston (verified owner)

    The chronic. Nuff said.

  11. Abdur Wong (verified owner)

    So you wanna be smoking the chronic huh? Do you have what it takes? I know I do. This has to be some of the most powerful and intense weed out on the market. I grow it big and tall, lots of fertilizer for some time and then some of the most beautiful results you’ll ever see! So amazing and awesome!!!

  12. Maksymilian Pittman (verified owner)

    God I sure do love Chronic weed. This strain has been wit me since I lived in Brooklyn. Now a west coaster, I am living the dream by growing my own. It’s not too difficult and doesn’t take more than 6 months. Once you harvest you’ll realize it was worth doing this all along. Has been a great experience for me overall and some high quality nug.

  13. Amiya Lu (verified owner)

    Chronic is pretty alright in my book! I got this weed delivered straight to my apartment, it looks pretty stellar here in the beautiful sunshine, and it helps me relax and sleep like nothing else! Ordering online is easy and it’s very effective, makes for saving a LOT of money at the dispensary, well worth the trip man!

  14. Tj Marin (verified owner)

    One of the best things about chronic is how fast it delivers. You take one hit of this stuff and 10 seconds later you are in dreamland. Makes for a great purchase, excellent energy and vibes. Hopefully gonna keep smoking this when I am older, but for now, I just grow in my backyard, cause nobody on this campus is gonna care!!

  15. Zainab Kirk (verified owner)

    Chronic isn’t just chronic….it’s THE Chronic, the famous weed that rappers all over the world love to write about. If you grow it for yourself, you’ll see why. These fluffy nugs wait for no one, and they sure do taste amazing, very fast growing, hardly could keep up! But an absolute gem when it’s done growing, looks great and smells awesome too!

  16. Suleman Martin (verified owner)

    Yep, this is the chronic that Dr. Dre is rapping about and it’s definitely the stuff you are going to want to grow in your backyard. Ordering online is suuuper easy and really fast delivery makes this an excellent choice for any aspiring weed grower. You will not be disappointed with this strain and think you should try it out!

  17. Christopher Pinto (verified owner)

    Good auto grow chronic! They all came out a little short but a powerful strain nonetheless. Grown indoors, soil and another in hydro and they all came out very well. Smells sweet and good smoke!

  18. Kaden Sargent (verified owner)

    This is the stuff you used to dream about in high school. It’s very mild but gets you VERY high and you need to watch out!!! Ordered online and it shipped out very quickly. I am pretty amazed how this turned out too, got a pretty nice little yield and didn’t even have to try very hard. You’ll like it too!!

  19. schoolhouse rock (verified owner)

    This chronic strain is the best in the west. I live in Los Angeles and it’s hard to find good growing space. I had to use my porch to get my plants started, looks pretty good out there right now, the leaves are all bright green and the flowers are starting to bud. I love that I can grow here all year round, it’s been good!

  20. 5654344 (verified owner)

    chronic is where the magic happens…all kinds of great vibes from this nugg….i smoke it every day….right before work or before I go to bed too. It is pretty relaxing but makes my mind spin in all sorts of colorful directions…maybe the best weed in the universe??? I love ordering from Pacific, they ship out so fast!!!

  21. @rollingpapersareus (verified owner)

    Get back your flow in life when you smoke the chronic. It’s the easiest most relaxing way to get high. I really enjoyed growing it myself, had a great experience ordering online with Pacific and had everything shipped right to my door. Beautiful bud at a beautiful price!

  22. Steven Kissling (verified owner)

    Pass the chronic and let’s get high together! I am very pleased with this weed. It’s a very enjoyable strain to take care of in your garden, it makes for a nice even buzz, makes my head feel like it’s in a cloud, and my body floating in a pool of water. I am very relaxed writing this review. I look forward to growing more!

  23. Quesadillas (verified owner)

    Chronic is the stuff Dr. Dre used to smoke…yeah you know I’m old school…but it’s damned good weed…and pretty dang easy to grow…makes good nug in about 5 months…good for growing in a big pot…I live on the west side no real garden space so have to get creative. Well worth it!

  24. non-essential :/ (verified owner)

    You all know this strain, it’s you high beyond all reason and makes you feel hella goofy. It’s a party strain, perfect for going out on a Friday night, feeling lit from the sativa buzz and all the great sour flavors. It’s definitely a good buy, especially online, and real easy to grow indoors if you have space. So nice to have at home and smoke every night! It’s always Friday with chronic!

  25. Grant Thomas (verified owner)

    When you need to get wicked stoned and don’t have all the time in the world, then turn to the chronic for some fast acting, mind bending, stoner fun! I grew this in my basement, got a nice, clean yield, excellent quality, sticky and dank just like the good lord intended. Probably harvested nearly 500 g from these plants and am smoking on the dilly! Good buy from Pacific. I’ll be back for more!

  26. Biggy (verified owner)

    I used to listen to the Dr. Dre album when I was a kid and never really knew what he was talking about, but then I became an adult and totally became a stoner lol. Super happy to see that they have Chronic on this website, and I ordered myself 5 seeds cause I plan on saving some for later, but the 2 seeds I germinated gave me a great yield. Very pungent and intense on the nose, but it’s a nice mild buzz on the brain. Excellent buy for sure, I highly recommend!

  27. Watchdog (verified owner)

    Smoking that chronic makes me feel like an OG, but that wouldn’t be the right strain of pot lol! Not to worry, this weed gets you plenty screwed up in the mind if you’re taking huge rips from the bong like me. I love growing weed, have been a grower since college and I am pretty stoked about how it turns out. These seeds are def high quality, PSB never shorts me on incredible seeds and selection, their online selection is HUGE and this weed in particular makes me feel amazing!!!!

  28. Adam bede (verified owner)

    Love this weed, it’s an excellent hybrid, has that classic skunky smell and flavor, and gets you super stoned. I love the chilled out vibes from this stuff, and definitely am into the way it helps with stress. I got 3 plants growing in the backyard, they did pretty well all things considered. I got a nice yield, maybe 500 g per plant, so now I am SET for the winter. Happy as I could be with this stuff!

  29. Chi Strader (verified owner)

    This is definitely a throw back, but I got this weed cause I love the Dr. Dre album by the same title. Yeah this stuff is the real deal! Amazing stuff, really fun to grow and look at. The trichomes are huge and tall and very deep green.The buzz starts out strong on the sativa then settles into an indica body high and always helps me sleep 🙂

  30. Waldo Lozano (verified owner)

    You’re gonna love smoking the chronic. It’s so dank and delicious and has vibes for days yall! Very easy to grow but it does smell strong so be careful about neighbors. You’ll love getting stoned off the chronic though, it’ll knock you off your feet for sure, so get ready!

  31. Lorenzo C. (verified owner)

    Yeah been smoking that chronic! This is some seriously good weed, like I love this stuff, gets me super high and is always a good time. PSB has a great online selection, so hard to choose just one variety, settled on this one cause I want that chronic yo! Fun to grow, did it in my basement and got great results, will totally be back for more!

  32. Iris H. (verified owner)

    Wow this weed is like a roller coaster! It starts by rocketing you into space, giving you a great head buzz and has you floating in outer space for a while, then you coast back down to earth and are ready for a nap LOL! Pretty pungent stuff, so keep that in mind if growing indoors, but I happen to enjoy the smell, like pine trees and earth, reminds me of the woods. First time buyer with Pacific but I was really impressed by their selection and will definitely be back for more!

  33. Angelo H. (verified owner)

    All my friends rave about chronic marijuana, so I decided to give growing it a try. It was a good indoor grow and took well to my hydroponic system. Got good yield too, about 450 grams. Anyway, I was so curious what the big deal about chronic was … and now I get it! The high is really fun and euphoric, a nice, positive buzzy feeling! I guess this strain is a hybrid of sativa and indica, but all I felt was the fun, uplifting sativa. ? THis would be great to use to encourage motivation to work on big projects …. In fact, I’m going to use it next time I got some yard work to tackle. It’ll definitely make me whistle while I work!

  34. Marianne R. (verified owner)

    Chronic is, well, realllllly chronic! They hit the nail on the head with this one. Moderate THC levels make it really great to puff on all day but coupled with CBD in decent quantities make for a very relaxing overall smoke. 50-50 split too so it’s fine for either morning or night. I read that it prefers a hydro setup indoors but it did just fine with soil with only the slightest impact in yield quantity (hit just over 450 grams average per plant). I’m incredibly happy with this purchase, one of the best decisions I’ve made in some time!

  35. Ray Z. (verified owner)

    Oh Man! This stuff is seriously amazing! I mean first of all you can’t go wrong with a name like Chronic, cause that’s what everyone’s trying to smoke right!? But seriously, when I ordered online I was think it’d take forever to get my seeds but they showed up in no time! I grew them in my basement, and this stuff is pretty darn pungent so make sure your roomies are cool with weed in the house Ha! I smoke this all day every day, I get high before work, before I go to the gym, and right before I head out for the night. This stuff keeps me going for hours and doesn’t tire me out. Great buy!!!

  36. greenthumb78 (verified owner)

    Talk about literal. Wanna grow some chronic? Here’s some right here. I got an absolutely phenomenal yield. Kinda wasn’t expecting it. But then again, it seems like every strain I order from Pacific gets me a pretty good harvest, so I don’t know why I was surprised. I live in Washington where you can get seeds just about anywhere, but I’m only buying from Pacific now and harvests like this one is why.

  37. Janessa P. (verified owner)

    I like to smoke weed to improve my normally irritable af mood. So far I really really like chronic. Haha, that would be “chronic” the strain, though yes, I like chronic in general. LOL. Good shipping. Really liked the discreet labeling. 4 out of 5 seeds germinated so I’m pretty happy there. I’ve seen a lot of people say that all of their seeds germinated, and I haven’t had that yet but I’m willing to order again and see if I can get a full batch.

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