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Lavender Feminized Seeds

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With a beautiful purple color and sweet, spicy scent, Lavender marijuana seeds are known for their relaxing benefits that leave you not so much sleepy as clear-headed and supremely physically chill.

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With such a recognizable name such as Lavender, one can only assume this marijuana strain will take after the gorgeous, sweet-smelling flower. In the beauty world, the flower lavender is used to promote calmness, relaxation, and sweet dreams. It’s used as an essential oil, carrier oil, and is found in plenty of personal products, from face masks to soaps.

Lavender marijuana seeds are not all that different from the flower. In terms of coloration, the Lavender marijuana strain is best recognized for its purple tips. It smells just as sweet as the flower with a hint of spice. You may have heard the term Lavender Kush before, which is just another name for the same strain. And while Lavender is praised for its relaxing effects, this strain will not make you feel sleepy or drowsy. Instead, it will allow your muscles to sink into your seat, clear the mind, and promote easier breathing. You’ll be walking on cloud nine in so time.

As a pure indica, Lavender is a great strain for those suffering from high levels of stress and chronic stress. If you want to feel relaxed and calm without the worry of nodding off to sleep accidentally, give Lavander marijuana seeds a try!

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Additional information


Original Kush

Cannabis Species



60% Indica/40% Sativa

Flowering Time

60-70 days



CBD Level

Moderate (3-10%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 300g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 250 gr

To Treat

Depression, Insomnia, Pain


Earthy, Flowery, Herbal

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






52 reviews for Lavender Feminized Seeds

  1. Elaine McGinnis (verified owner)

    I have always kept a garden, even when I was young, so including lavender MJ in the garden was a no-brainer for me. I bought 10 seeds online, they were quick to ship, especially since I am already in California, and was able to soak the seeds the day they arrived (this speeds up germination). Very proud of my work on these plants, they grew to over 5′ tall and produced nearly 100 G per plant, all very fresh and aromatic.

  2. MysticWarden (verified owner)

    Just like the sweet and scintillating flower, Lavender MJ will put you at ease thanks to its sweet and floral taste and aroma. Plus, you will pick up on some spicy notes for a bit of complexity. Since it leaves you so relaxed, you’ll want to save this one for close to bedtime.

  3. Lysistrata Lopez (verified owner)

    Delicious MJ for a low price and a good yield and it tastes like lavender and makes gorgeous lemon bars. Sign me up please! 5/5 for Pacific!

  4. A Salim (verified owner)

    All of the seeds germinated successfully, and the resulting plants have beautiful purple coloration and a sweet, spicy scent. The relaxing effects of this strain are incredible, leaving me clear-headed and physically relaxed without feeling sleepy. It’s perfect for relieving stress and chronic pain.

  5. Kody Mcmahon (verified owner)

    The buds are dense and beautiful, and the high it gives is pure bliss. It’s like a gentle wave of relaxation washing over you, leaving you feeling happy and content. Smoking Lavender is a treat for the senses, with its earthy and floral taste. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced grower, you’ll have a great time cultivating this lovely strain.

  6. Fletcher Mathews (verified owner)

    Loving the lavender weed from pacific! This MJ is tight and fresh, helps me chill out, even after I had to deal with my boss, who is a real pain by the way, but the job pays well so I stick around.
    Good working with Pacific, a lot of fun and a great company. I’ll definitely be returning for more MJ.

  7. Graham Andrade (verified owner)

    Purple color and the scent of lavender. An easy summer grow with some exceptional yield. I love just holding this flower in my hands and taking a deeeeeep inhale. Ahhh refreshing!!

  8. Melissa Sanchez (verified owner)

    Original Kush has some of the best seeds I have ever grown. Despite the smaller yield size I got on these, the high was excellent, hard-hitting long-lasting, and great tasting. Would recommend it to any one that likes strong hybrids

  9. GalaxyGoliath19 (verified owner)

    Lavender has a very nice strong body high and a nice light cerebral buzz, quite an enjoyable smoking experience this strain is quite unique overall. The seeds took a bit of work to sprout and grow but I did get a full germination and some good yields from these plants. Overall for the high quality of the strain I would say this was definitely worth growing.

  10. PoeticPhoenix (verified owner)

    This body high will wash away your pains with its euphoric waves. The strain is easy enough to grow and gives some nice herbal flavors. Yield wise it is also very large. Great for any type of growers.

  11. Ariel Rocha (verified owner)

    Lovely fragrance….I like to use this flower and distill it into teas and tinctures. Very much smells like the herb and has a light, lovely buzz that’s not tiresome or too strong. Just right!

  12. Avery Benton (verified owner)

    Plants got too tall and had to stake them retroactively, wasn’t able to manage temperatures in the greenhouse and the plants shot up and got leggy, went to seed early. Learned a lot of hard lessons this grow. Product was still quality, will buy again, try again next season.

  13. Baxter Byrne (verified owner)

    This weed makes me physically relaxed. My brain stays nice and clear, but my body becomes a stone. Heavy handed indica no doubt, but if that’s your thing, Lavender has a dreamy smell and an easy high. Good for us older folks who still enjoy a joint now and then!

  14. Nikolas Michael (verified owner)

    Blends nicely with my other veggies and herbs….a sweet and relaxing treat at the end of the day. No more difficult than growing tomatoes. Requires similar outdoor/indoor conditions.

  15. Nida Maxwell (verified owner)

    Looking to add a new flavor to your HERB garden?? Lavender is the perfect choice for medicinal users who appreciate a good grow. This strain looks amazing, very tall and bushy with some bright purple and pink flowers right before harvest. You can expect to walk away with hundreds of Gs of fresh, smokeable weed that smells exactly like lavender and is great for pain relief!!

  16. Mariyah Fellows (verified owner)

    This purple lavender flower is easily confused with its herbaceous cousin. The mary jane is very fresh smelling, with a light skunky smell that is obscured by the lavender aroma. A sweet, almost bitter taste to the smoke, but a mellow, laid-back high that helps with stress!

  17. Jaya Dalby (verified owner)

    Breaks my heart everytime my stash runs low. I am pretty happy to just have marijuana in my backyard. I am something of a recluse since the pandemic. It’s been a stressful time, and I prefer to just stay indoors these days and work on my plants. No doubt this weed is perfect for me, it keeps me occupied.

  18. Diane Smyth (verified owner)

    Whether you’re a big fan of lavender or not there is something to love about this weed. It’s a delicious taste, of course, and has a very relaxing herbal buzz! Perfect for getting work done, reading a book, or just relaxing overall! Haven’t had any problems with growing, these seeds seem to have VERY promising genetics!!

  19. Mara Giles (verified owner)

    Well, I got 3 seeds and 2 of them germinated, so not bad. Got the two weed plants to grow pretty nicely, turned into tall and beautiful marijuana plants, taller than me. They look great in a greenhouse, and really respond well to this fish emulsion I have been using. I’ll buy some more to make myself happy, and cause it’s so cheeeeeaaaappppp!

  20. Tyrique Rawlings (verified owner)

    I may be old, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy smoking a joint every now and again. I find it helps me with loneliness and depression, and since I have been gardening all my life, I find marijuana quite an enjoyable plant to grow! Lavender especially is a great buy, especially for the price, and it smells like my favorite herb, can you guess which one?

  21. Anastazja Nava (verified owner)

    So subtle, and so filled with relaxing aromas, it’s like soaking in a hot bath after a long day….

    Bought 5 seeds online. Shipping was fast and reliable. I could track my package the entire way.

    Put these guys in the ground about a month ago, and just starting to see buds form 🙂

  22. Francesco Buxton (verified owner)

    I really like lavender weed. I live in Aberdeen WA, a very depressing place, and growing weed is absolutely a pastime for me. I like that I can order seeds online and have them shipped right to my location, even though I am remote. I got 5 seeds and grew them all. They look great and I can’t wait to smoke them.

  23. Thomas Mayer (verified owner)

    You Have to love this strain cause it never lets you down. The sweet flavors are more exciting than eating cherry pie or ice cream, even at the same time! It’s so sweet and smooth and delicious. I can’t believe It’s taken me this long to start growing my own mj, and I will never go back now. It’s been a real game changer, and a lot of fun!

  24. Meshach Milbrath (verified owner)

    Ordered lavender kush sent my money order received blue cookies for free. Lavender kush ended up being a true hermaphrodite growing day sack balls everywhere below buds and down nodes. Next to it is the blue cookies all fem but short and not impressive. No balls so far on the blue cookies but no wonder the “lavender” grew so tall so fast. True hermaphrodite seed not my growing condition. The “lavender” smells like STRAIGHT CHEEEESE. CHEESE strain nowhere near lavender. Please stay away from pacific seed bank for I lost 3 months of my time to a true herm had to trash her today. Will not be returning ever. I don’t want free seeds from them probably bunk genetics don’t believe what they’re selling you. The farm companies they say it comes from hf don’t exist the other half say PSB aren’t their providers. Fake seed bank

    All these reviews just sound fake
    “Tending my garden feels.great, smells like lavender” no it’s cheese

  25. Hari Richmond (verified owner)

    Lavender is pretty chill, looks and tastes pretty amazing, but also it kees me feeling pretty relaxed at a hard time in my life. I like growing marijuana in my garden, working the soil is good for my joints, makes me feel a little less lonely. Plus the lavender scent will not offend the neighbors!

  26. Harriette Golden (verified owner)

    I love lavender weed, it’s got all the best flavor, and it tastes no different than the herb that everybody loves!! Easy to buy online, and it ships right to my home which is awesome. I love the convenience of Pacific, they have such an amazing selection, but I like this strain in particular and it helps me with my joint pain. Good buy!

  27. Joanne Kennedy (verified owner)

    This was all kinds of good for my mental state, looks awesome under these purple grow lights, it’s like super chill and beautiful, and it smells pretty rad. I like the vibes all around, and man I can just smoke this for hours, it tastes all sweet like lavender and it’s like perfect for taking a bubble bath which is awesome!

  28. Nahla Marriott (verified owner)

    Lavender is soooo nice and tasty and it looks pretty rad in my garden. The smell helps it blend in with the other herbs and spices in the backyard, pretty great for just growing this weed right where you want it. I am definitely gonna buy more from pacific cause their weed seeds are the best in Canada. Always a reliable grow!

  29. Johnathan Roberson (verified owner)

    Mmmm I am just dreaming of more lavender weed, this stuff has been an absolute dream for me. I smoke it and then I get soooo stoned that I just can’t believe how stoned I really am. It grows just like a garden herb, and it makes me smile on soooo many levels, plus it smells like lavender, how nice!

  30. Grace Stevens (verified owner)

    It’s the best addition to my herb garden since the acutal lavender plant! Great buy from Pacific, they ship out their seeds so fast I completely forgot I had ordered them haha! I love smoking weed but don’t care for the strong pungent taste. I wanted a strain that was relaxing and had a floral aroma, and what better than lavender!?

  31. poppercn (verified owner)

    Gotta love this relaxing strain, it’s been sooo good for my stress levels you wouldn’t even believe. I ordered my seeds online, right from this website, and had them delivered, and when it was time to smoke this weed, it was like I was harvesting my own lavender plant. It did a great job in the backyard, and it smells pretty dang amazing!

  32. turnyourlightsdownlow (verified owner)

    Lavender is a wowza strain that makes the world feel like a beautiful place, plus it smells and tastes like lavender so your neighbors won’t suspect a thing! FAST DELIVERY!!!!

  33. Val Smith (verified owner)

    I love taking care of marijuana plants, they are my best friends! I got such a nice yield from my 3 seeds, and it only took about 5 months to grow. Makes for an excellent de-stressing strain, I always smoke this in the evenings, cause it has such a mild floral flavor, and it’s good for making tea!

  34. Keep Calm and… (verified owner)

    Lavender is a lovely strain with some strong aromatic benefits and the ability to soothe sore muscles and relieve stress. I personally enjoy this quite a lot and love how it just blends right into my garden. Gives me hope that I can be good at gardening after all! Perfect for smoking when you get home after work at night…makes for an excellent strain for baking too. I highly recommend it!

  35. Hi Neighbors! (verified owner)

    Who doesn’t love the smell of lavender? Absolutely incredible herb when it comes to cooking or for aromatherapy, but did you know it comes as a weed as well? I didn’t! I was so excited when I came across this strain on pacific. I HAD to buy some, so I got 3 seeds and just started planting them like anything else. The grow guide on this site was very helpful and I am extremely impressed with how it turned out. I got a great little yield and smoke it all day long!

  36. jamescharles (verified owner)

    Can you really beat the sweet taste of lavender?. It’s so healthy and relaxing and delicious, plus it makes for a great weed! I love how well these plants did in my garden, they truly flourished among all the other herbs and spices back there. I will certainly grow more of this weed, but maybe just one plant at a time, my yield was SO high I couldn’t hardly smoke it all, so then I needed to give some away…oh well no matter, the high is very relaxing and great for stress!

  37. ImOnYourHeels (verified owner)

    This weed kinda tastes like spicy lavender. That’s an amazing combination if you’ve never considered it! It’s a great summer garden grow, and I really love the way this stuff just mixes in with the other amazing plants in my garden. It’s kind of like an herb itself, it can work in your cooking even if you get it right! I just like to smoke it though, a few puffs gets me feeling good, nice and relaxed, happy about life, even a little creative. I’m pretty excited to have this in my home!

  38. Brian Charter (verified owner)

    The aroma from this weed makes my whole garden smell lovely, it blends so nicely with the smell of sage and rosemary and it is really a lovely weed for smoking as well. I like to pack a small bowl and take a few puffs out on the porch once I am finished with the days work. Feeling much better about my back pain and general depression. Helps me with headaches and sleep too. I think it’s a very worthy purchase and recommend it to anyone who loves gardening!

  39. beatred (verified owner)

    Just like another herb in the backyard, this weed has an absolutely lovely lavender scent! It’s perfect for baking and nice to distill into oils and other delicious items. Very simple grow, I barely had to take care of it, and it fills my garden with lovely scents and had a beautiful appearance. Big tall bushy plants, what a dream!

  40. Da Real Jamil (verified owner)

    This weed grows great in my garden. It’s a very aromatic strain and it does very well in an outdoor setting, plus it looks beautiful. I don’t smoke much, but this is a nice and mellow buzz, nothing overpowering and very helpful for joint pain and inflammation. A quality purchase.

  41. Bernard Cruz (verified owner)

    Perfect for any backyard garden! This stuff is almost like a mix between the herb and some dank weed. It’s got a great floral smell and taste and gives you the perfect buzz for gardening work or a light hike. I also like to make this into butter and have weed lavender butter for the best cookies in town! Love this stuff!

  42. Xu W. (verified owner)

    I’m a dude who likes things like trucks and baseball and lifting weights … but I love lavender mj!! My gf makes fun of me and says I have a secret feminine side she didn’t know about. ? I have major anxiety in my life and nothing calms me down quite like sweet lavender! The smell is seriously the best, sweet and calming with just the littlest edge of spice. It takes my anxiety far away. Not a bad grow, if you grow indoor, expect a pretty decent yield.

  43. Byron B. (verified owner)

    My favorite thing to do is smoke some weed before I meditate. It just deepens my experience and helps me achieve perfect zen vibes. So far lavender has been a great companion this way, and despite the slightly smaller yield I get from this strain, it’s still at the top of my list of seeds i like to order. Pacific is up there too — my seeds are always fresh and the shipping is fast.

  44. Kwame N. (verified owner)

    If there ever was an ornamental strain of mj, this would be it. This plant makes a lovely addition to my little victory garden, and it hardly even smells like pot, mostly like lavender, which is quite lovely. I don’t usually smoke weed because I don’t like the effects it has on my lungs, so I harvested my plants and made some delicious weed lavender butter and made some cookies which I like to munch on in the afternoon and evening. It’s so very relaxing and subtle. The perfect weed for someone like me who doesn’t feel the need to get stoned all the time.

  45. Brooklyn M. (verified owner)

    Great pot from the USA. Since cannabis became legal in California I’ve been trying out all kinds of strains. I’ve found I have to be careful with indica strains because they can put me right to sleep. Not the case with lovely lavender – it made me relax but did not put me to sleep. It made me chill and all worries fade from my mind. Great buy from PSB!

  46. Edward F. (verified owner)

    Such a sweet-smelling plant, no more need for expensive plug-ins. Love growing this Lavender strain as it significantly decreased my stress levels. My order came very quickly, within seven business days, considering I live in a small town in Ohio. Will order again and will tell my friends about PSB so they can stop mooching off my stash.

  47. West Y (verified owner)

    Calming, just like the flower. I smoked this while sitting in an espom salt bath with lavender essential oils and had the BEST. EXPERIENCE. OF. MY. LIFE. I’m an athlete and I deal with A TON of muscle pain. This kept the spasms at bay and helped me hang out and just recover all nice and chill like. The grow was just as chill, nothing to heavy to the grow, but then again I’ve got a pretty regular set up and I’ve been at this awhile. Might be a little bit challenging for the beginner gardner but hell, give it a try! Can’t go wrong with this strain. Awesome buy!

  48. Alisha B. (verified owner)

    Keep some visine around cuz Lavender will make your eyes red af. Other than that, I can’t find anything wrong with this weed. This strain is going in my top ten for sure. I got an awesome yield from a textbook grow. But I know that had a large part due to the perfect seeds I got delivered to my door. Don’t buy online from anyone else. Pacific has the best seeds anywhere and they always germinate.

  49. Nina T. (verified owner)

    I own a small dispensary southern Oregon. Along with all strains of weed, I grow my own herbs and spices and make teas! Lavender mj is the perfect middle ground for my business. It is an easy backyard grow with a manageable yield, plus it smells lovely! I sell this to customers who suffer from depression or pain, and to those who just enjoy the soothing scent of lavender. A great bedtime strain, perfect for those who can’t sleep at night and need some help to unwind. A great addition to my selection!

  50. Terry K. (verified owner)

    I’ve gotten kind of rough periods since I was young, it’s like my abdomen feels like its in knots and I feel so clenched down there. Marijuana is great for relaxing me – both in mind and body and, during those times of the month, lavender mj is great for providing special relaxation for that part of my body. The smell makes it easy to take – it’s not just a lavender smell but kind of a general floral smell that is GOOD. Really grateful to have lavender marijuana at my disposal – without it, I’d probably be taking a lot more sick days at work.

  51. Jodi K. (verified owner)

    Extra beautiful flowers on this weed, nice and purple just like the description. Smoking is very calm and relaxing which I attribute to it’s very sweet and floral flavor and heavy indica. Pretty modest yield but it was really easy to grow inside and the buds are so nice that it doesn’t seem like a big deal. About 9 weeks flowering time so it wasn’t tooo long for an indica heavy plant. I’d definitely recommend this for insomnia or anybody who wants a calm lull to sleep.

  52. Jamal J. (verified owner)

    This weed smells lovely and is actually very strong in THC, it’ll get you very high but in the most pleasant way possible. It’s very easy to grow and is a great addition to your backyard garden. I definitely recommend if you’re into growing herbs in your garden as well, this will blend right in! PSB was amazing, had great customer service and stellar seeds!

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