For the longest time, The Netherlands, specifically Amsterdam, reigned supreme with marijuana cafes on every corner. A place where locals and tourists alike could gather to smoke or fill their stomachs with weed-induced treats. It only took like, one hundred years, but North America is finally catching up! There’s competition in the air now for the world’s best marijuana cafes. Let’s find out where some of the best marijuana cafes are and the do’s and dont’s of each one.

Marijuana Cafes

Club Ned In Colorado

Of course, gorgeous Colorado makes this list. It’s got mountains, craft beer, and marijuana for days. It would almost be rude to come to the Mile-High state and not enter a marijuana cafe. Colorado’s first marijuana cafe, Club Ned, prides itself on being a “club with altitude” — meaning it’s only for pot smokers. The owners’ idea is to have a small, intimate space where people can enjoy each other’s company. Not in the mood to be social? No problem! Club Ned has quiet corners where you can just sit and chill.

Garden Lounge In Vancouver

We haven’t forgotten about you, dear Canadians. The next time you’re in Vancouver, stop by the Garden Lounge for smoke or snack. There are several Garden Lounges across the city, so you may end up having one right in your neighborhood. For only a $2 cover charge, you can enjoy a smoking circle, an outdoor vapor area (as long as weather permits), an arcade area. That’s right, you can play arcade games without little kids running around to distract you. Garden Lounge has a highly spiritual place where customers feel like something bigger, part of a larger puzzle.

Marijuana Cafes

Vapor Central In Toronto

On the other side of Canada, you’ll find the much-loved Vapor Central, right in the heart of downtown Toronto. The lounge has developed quite a devoted following. It only costs $5 per person to get in — but you could also choose a weekly, monthly, or yearly membership. The schedule at Vapor Central includes a “weedy Wednesday” and “cannabis comedy hour.” There’s something new going on almost every day of the week, so you’ll never get bored! You may, however, leave the place laughing your face off.

The Coffee Joint In Colorado

We’re not biased when it comes to Colorado or Denver, but it is one of the only states that have legalized marijuana cafes as of 2019. Rest assured, the rest of America is taking notes and making changes. The Coffee Joint differs from the others on this list in the sense that you cannot actually buy marijuana here — but it is attached to a dispensary. Instead, The Coffee Joint aims to be a “Starbucks on steroids.” You can sip your morning coffee and walk right next door to buy marijuana. Talk about major convenience!

Marijuana Cafes

Lowell Farms In California

Arguably the most famous marijuana cafe in the world right now, Lowell Farms is situated right in the heart of Los Angeles. It’s marketed as the first “real” marijuana cafe in America. Here’s how it works: you sit down and order off a menu the same way you would at a regular restaurant. But instead of selecting wine, you’ll have marijuana offerings. You cannot drink alcohol inside Lowell Farms. Trust us, you don’t want to mix THC and alcohol. It usually doesn’t end well. Instead, order a sandwich, a lemonade, and your favorite strain. You can even roll your joints yourself!

Great, now we’ve made ourselves hungry, thirsty, and in the mood for an “elevated” experience. Don’t worry if none of these marijuana cafes popped up in your home state. As we speak, more and more marijuana is in the works throughout North America.

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