marijuana for a hangover

Can Marijuana Help Curb A Hangover?

Are you currently experiencing nausea? How about a headache? Dizziness? Disorientation? Think about your answer for a second. Then, we want you to think about the night before and whether alcohol was part of the equation. If so, you might have a hangover. This is the time when you promise yourself that you’ll never drink […]

marijuana high

The 7 Factors That Could Affect Your Marijuana High

Spoiler alert — no two marijuana experiences are the same. Kinda like snowflakes and fingerprints. Not only does the journey differ from person to person, but it also varies within the individual. You could smoke Granddaddy Purple (available seeds on our site) a million times and never have the *exact* same trip, for better or […]

NFL players smoke weed

You’ll Never Guess Which NFL Players Smoke Weed

It’s a scientific fact that smoking marijuana is the best pre-workout ritual. Okay, that’s not exactly true, but if you’ve ever hit the pipe or bong before a yoga or spinning class, you know the feeling we’re talking about. This sense of calm, motivation and empowerment comes over you to push your muscles harder than […]

Pacific Seed Bank

Why Should I Buy From A Seed Bank Like Pacific Seed Bank?

The use of marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes continues to gain steam across North America, and so has the industry supporting it. On the heels of the legalization of the ability to consume cannabis comes the growing desire of proponents – both those with medical cards and those without – to cultivate their own […]

Relaxing Strains

Going on Vacation? Pack These 5 Relaxing Strains

Whether you are going to some faraway tropical destination, winter wonderland, or simply enjoying some staycation time, nothing says kicking back like indulging in some good relaxing strains when all you have to do is exactly what you want to. As such, I wanted to share five recommendations for your much-needed and well-deserved time off […]