Celebrating 4/20 in a Global Pandemic

Can you believe it’s already that time again? Today marks 4/20 in the year 2021, almost twelve months since the majority of the United States went into a COVID-induced lockdown. Needless to say, things are different this year even as many of us get vaccinated. Is it still possible to celebrate 4/20? Probably not like […]

Marijuana Advocates

Marijuana Advocates You Need to Know About

In certain states, the legalization of marijuana may feel like an upward battle — but whatever you do, don’t stop pushing for positive change. It’s coming. It’s slowly but surely making its way across all 50 states, and it’s largely due to the growing number of marijuana advocates in the public space.

Vaping Illness

Vaping Illness: Is Vaping Really Healthier Than Smoking?

Vaping illness — it sounds pretty frightening, right? Technically, this condition is called e-cigarette or vaping product use-associated lung injury (EVALI, for short). EVALI was so named after the tracking of cases of severe lung problems in people who vape began. There are thousands of individuals who have had lung damage requiring hospital treatment after […]

Cannabis Lube

The Lowdown on Cannabis Lube

There’s a new use for cannabis that is rapidly becoming all the rage—it’s known as “weed lube” and, as its name suggests, it’s a sexual lubricant that contains THC and/or CBD. Let’s take a closer look at just how this product might enhance intimate experiences as well as any side effects or issues that need […]

Weed Gifts

7 Weed Gifts For The Dedicated Stoner

New year, same stoner. There are some great weed gifts circulating the internet right about now for the most important smokers and tokers in your life. If there’s one thing 2020 taught us, it’s how to appreciate the good people in our inner circle. Nothing says, “I care about you” like a weed cookbook. Or […]

Yoga Practitioner

Marijuana For The Un-Chill Yoga Practitioner

With too much time on our hands and too many thoughts on our minds, yoga has emerged as one of the most popular at-home workouts during the pandemic. Being a yoga practitioner comes in many forms. To some of us, the calm and peaceful practice comes naturally. To others, myself included, it benefits from marijuana […]

Marijuana Infusions

Making Your Own Marijuana Infusions At Home

So, you’re thinking about creating your own marijuana infusions and are wondering just how complicated the process might be. Though it sounds like a fair amount of work, it’s actually not that difficult to make your own infusions at home after you do a bit of leg work mentally. That’s right—the most difficult part of […]

Stages of Edibles

We Break Down The 5 Stages of Edibles

If you spend enough time on Instagram or Reddit, you might have seen the ever-so-accurate “5 Stages of Edibles” meme circulating around. Yes, it’s hilarious, but it’s also true for many first-time edible eaters. Edibles are an entirely different experience from smoking marijuana even if you consider yourself a high-tolerance individual. Let’s break down the […]