The use of marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes continues to gain steam across North America, and so has the industry supporting it. On the heels of the legalization of the ability to consume cannabis comes the growing desire of proponents – both those with medical cards and those without – to cultivate their own cannabinoid-rich gardens for personal use, which is why Pacific Seed Bank comes in such handy!

With cannabis dispensaries as ubiquitous as Starbucks, would-be growers are able to purchase marijuana seeds from the “dealer next door”, so to speak, but the case can be made that spending your hard-earned dollars and cents on seeds curated by a seed bank is a better investment in both the long and short term.

Pacific Seed Bank


You wouldn’t buy a car from the corner store, and you should put the same kind of care and concern into the purchase of your marijuana seeds as you would your next automobile. When you want the best, you go to the experts. Reputable and reliable seed banks take the time and effort to research marijuana seed breeders and strains with meticulous attention to detail. They know the ins and outs of each strain they stock, from its unique characteristics to the kind of medium in which it will thrive. Seed banks like Pacific Seed Bank are dedicated to providing their customers top-level quality products and services and employ highly-knowledgeable experts to anticipate your needs and questions before you even realized you had any.

Selection at Pacific Seed Bank

A brick-and-mortar dispensary, like Pacific Seed Bank, or head shop would have a hard time competing with an online marijuana seed bank that can offer hundreds of different marijuana seed strains all in one easy-to-access place. When you shop with an online seed bank, you aren’t limited to what can fit inside a display case. Seed banks have a reach that is far and wide, tapping top-level cannabis breeders and brands so they can provide their clients with the best quality marijuana money can buy. 

There are literally hundreds of marijuana strains on the market, some of which take advantage of the plant’s psychoactive chemicals, others that are bred with clinical applications in mind, and more still that represent the cream of the crop, flavors, and aromas that are cherry-picked from the best of the best to leave fans wondering if their consuming cannabis at all. Experiment with something new or sample your favorite strain from a variety of different breeders – the cannabis world is your oyster when you buy marijuana seeds from a seed bank.

Pacific Seed Bank


An online seed bank, like Pacific Seed Bank, is only as good as the product and service it provides. No one is going to continue shopping with or leave a positive review for a company that always sends duds or packages never arrive. Not only should a seed bank prove that its staff is well-educated in marijuana cultivation best practices, but they must also consistently provide customers with reliable service and high-quality seeds that germinate and produce healthy, strong plants and a good return on their investment.


Marijuana seed banks are competing on a world stage, a fact that keeps top-notch businesses on their toes. In order to attract – and keep – loyal clients, shops need to offer consistently exceptional service and products. Companies like Pacific Seed Bank are constantly evaluating their processes, from the seeds they choose to their shipping methods, to guarantee customers are satisfied with every purchase.

Pacific Seed Bank

Reviews of Pacific Seed Bank

When you want to know a little bit more about a specific marijuana seed strain or a vendor’s shipping practices, the best place to search is marijuana forums and review sites. Why? These are often unsolicited responses from happy customers who want to share their experiences with others. Don’t believe it? Try it out for yourself: Peruse the selection of marijuana seed breeders and marijuana seed strains available from the experts at Pacific Seed Bank, where you’ll find one of the finest selections of 100% feminized seeds in the country.

Our company is comprised of seed-savvy horticulturalists, medical professionals, and business professionals who have spent decades researching the best strains available, and compiled them in one place – we’ve done the leg work, but that was easy. Your job? Choosing whether to go with an old favorite from a new breeder or that unique strain you’ve been dying to try. Whatever you decide, you know you’re getting the best of the best from Pacific Seed Bank, and there’s always more where that came from.

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    Set me up to sell wholesale in Oklahoma for y’all. No one’s selling seeds retail in stores

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